Ariel in Trouble


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Case Study Ariel in Trouble

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  • Unilever ad Colgate Palmolive each have three detergent brands to cater to different markets and hence are able to achieve higher shares.
  • Ariel in Trouble

    1. 1. Case studyGroup Members: Husain Karrar Nadir Rahim Wajahat Bukhari Ali Jiwani Salman Kaleem Ahmer Mehdi BRAND MANAGEMENT
    2. 2. Overview – Pakistani MarketTotal market size by volume= 162,211 tonnesTotal market size by value= Rs. 19 billionDetergent Market is growing by 5.7% annually for the past 2 year Companies By Volume By Value Unilever 45,000 8 billion P&G 9,000 2 billion Colgate Palmolive 80,000 8 billion Rest 28,000 1 billion
    3. 3. Continued …….. Brands By Volume By Value Surf 25,000 38 billion Bonus 35,000 21 billion Brite 10,000 16 billion Ariel 6,000 11 billion Express 4,000 5 billion Rin 2,000 3 billion Rest 18,000 5 billionMarket Share By Volume (%) By Value (%) Urban 73 79 Rural 27 21
    4. 4. Where Does Ariel Stands…….?? On price its competing with Surf Excel and Brite 1. Ariel Rs 210 2. Surf Rs 200/kg 3. Brite Rs 170/Kg Rin, Express and Ariel are all going for SEC B ‘karak daar safaidi’ Its going one on one with surf excel as well Surf Excel ‘dadi ek minute’ Ariel ‘Sirf ek dhulai’
    5. 5. Comparative AnalysisFactors Surf Excel ArielLaunch 1960 1998Target market Mothers belonging to SEC A and B+ Housewives belonging to SEC B and B+Price Rs. 200/kg Rs. 210/kgPackaging Blue , pink and orange. Vibrant and Green and white. attractiveConsumer 1) Approach- avoidance attitude of 1) Housewives associate strong pleasantinsight mothers. fragrance with cleanliness 2) Mothers want their kids to 2) Housewives are pulled towards develop, learn and have fun functional benefits 3) But they don’t want dirty clothes to 3) Housewives perceive SKU’s which are reflect on their love for their bigger to have greater quantity of children and their competency as detergent good mothers
    6. 6. Comparative AnalysisFactors Surf Excel ArielBrand Dirt is Good” / “Dagh tu achay hotain Initial positioning: to switch soap userspositioning hain (indirect route to persuasion)Ad Appeal Functional and Emotional Functional and benefitCampaigns 1990 - Tough on stains, soft on hands 2000 - Ariel Maa Campaign 1996 - Jaisa bhi daag ho, surf excel 2008 - Ariel longest kurta ad with Tariq Aziz hai na 2008 - Ariel challenge with Zubeida Tariq 2005 - Dirt is Good 2009 - Ariel Bachat tip with Zubeida tariq 2007 - Games masti 2009 - Garam pani Thanda pani 2009 - Meetha/Khara pani 2010 - Ariel housewives ad 2010 - Dadi ek minute 2011 - Ariel housewives ad 2011 - Tools for school
    7. 7. Comparative AnalysisFactors Surf Excel ArielBrand activation and BTL activities 1) School Campaigns to 1) Blind tests carry out Art/Paint competitions & giving 2) Celebrity endorsements prizes on door-to-door basis e.g. Mr. Faisal Qureshi 2) Fun-oriented activities in amusement parks to 3) Metro cash and carry engage families & giving campaign out gift hampers 3) Games masti 4) Tools for school
    8. 8. Comparative AnalysisFactors Surf Excel ArielPoint of Parity among two Stain removal Stain removalbrandsPackaging & sizes Both the detergents are available in same sizes and packagingBleach Content Comparatively lower Higher content of bleachName Surf is a generic name. Thus Surf has a competitive with time it has become a advantage as it creates generic name for the association in the minds of detergents category consumers
    9. 9. Media SpendBRANDS 2009 (In Millions) 2010 (In Millions)SURF 360 480ARIEL 340 460BRITE 120 160BONUS 90 120
    10. 10. Current Persona of Ariel in Pakistan A chubby middle aged woman Limited budget Travels in a rickshaw or other public transport may be a bike with husband Has two three naughty kids Not modern or stylish Puts her husband and kids before herself Its the question of her pride when it comes to clean clothes of her husband and children
    11. 11. Fundamental Questions Why does Ariel still target the lower segment when it charges a price equal to Surf Excel…? Why are the market shares of Ariel still stagnant when they spend as much as Surf Excel on advertising…?
    12. 12. Points to Ponder A brand should stand for something Ariel’s wrong initial target market:  Soap users (Indirect competitors) and were consistent with it over the years.  Did not look at its direct competitors Ariel is a Premium priced brand, but it caters to lower classes Is under positioned Even though the major chunk of Ariel’s share belongs to Urban Markets , their communication ideas still show housewives belonging to rural markets. AD spend by Ariel is similar to that of Surf Excel, but it failed to increase its market share Position benefits instead of emotional appeal Advertising has no “punch” Surf a generic name, Ariel not a generic name. Surf has more top of the mind recall (law of category)
    13. 13. Proposed Positioning Reducing price not an option So target A and B+ core target- A premium brand that quickly cleans clothes It saves time effort and has high quality cleaning capabilities and aroma Therefore, in ads show a pretty house with well dressed people who want products that save time and effort.
    14. 14. Proposed Persona A middle aged SEC A woman age bracket 30-38 with a kid not necessarily a house wife. She may be a working woman who manages the house along side work. She travels in a car driving herself or with driver and has to maintain a balance between work and family and to her time is money She does not compromise on quality.
    15. 15. Proposed Celebrity PersonaBushra Ansari Nadia HussainHaving her would have If they want to go withthe additional benefits of the working women withlonger commitment young kids they canreliability and take Nadia Hussain asestablished brand well and she fits thebecause she is older proposed persona veryand well known well.
    16. 16. Old & New Persona
    17. 17. Alternate Solution or a New Dilemma?P&G only has Ariel to cater one segment. It should bringmore brands in this category to become the market leaderTide ( Positioned above Ariel)But Tide is a middle tier brand in India and a Top tier brand inUSA and UK.How they will go in Pakistan?