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Mobile tablet pres


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mobile tab presentation.

mobile tab presentation.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • \n
  • Mobile Tablet sales are on the rising higher and higher each month. With the introduction of the iPad and tablets following consumers are getting the best of both world in one device-the PC experience with the applications of a smartphone. \n
  • Due to the growing demand of Mobile Tablets, web designers do not have the luxury of just designing for desktop sites. In order to stay competitive they must adapt to the smaller screens and constraints of tablet screens. They must now make links, pictures and graphics clickable by finger and not by mouse, condense advertising opportunities and intergrate mobile applications into their designs. \n
  • \n
  • Like on a desktop browser, not all sites are created equal. Here are some examples of websites that shine on mobile devices.\n
  • The reasons why the sites I just showed are great is because they are not only user friendly, they give the same information and have the same functions as their parent desktop sites. The buttons make them “tapworthy” meaning they are easy to navigate. \n
  • On the opposite side of the spectrum we have sites that aren’t the best. Here are several sites that I have found that don’t do well on tablets.\n
  • Besides not giving the same options as desktop sites, the prior examples take too long to load, have content that can’t be pulled up and media content that won’t download due to the sites needing Flash. \n
  • As consumers crave for more all-in-one devices the popularity of Tablets and similar devices will no longer be a trend, it will be the standard. As more and more people use Tablets to access web it will be vital for a companies success to make sure their sites can be accessed by all. \n
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Mobile TabletsAngela DarityFundamental Of Web Design
    • 2. Mobile Tablets: Popularity Rising “media tablet shipments are predicted to rise to 262.1 million units in 2015 from 17.4 million in 2010. Smartphone shipments will also rise to 1 billion units and beyond in the same year; up from 294.3 million in 2010.” -IHS iSupply“The iPad accounts for 21.8% of U.S. web traffic not coming from computers.” -Retail Insider
    • 3. Tablets Impact on Web Design✤ More Icons, Less Links✤ Simplified Content✤ Minimal Advertisements✤ Intergration with other Mobile Apps
    • 4. How The Web is Adapting.... ✤ HTML5- allows for coding between mobile and PC browsers ✤ Redirection of websites to mobile version ✤ Creation of Mobile Apps that share same information as desktop sites.
    • 5. Sites That Fly...Dropbox Facebook ESPN
    • 6. Why They Fly....✤ Functional, Simple to Use✤ Shares Same Information as Desktop Sites✤ “Tapworthy”
    • 7. Sites That Flop...✤✤ NBA.Com✤ Any site with Flash
    • 8. Why They Flop...✤ Inadequate Browsing Experience Compared to Website✤ Difficult to Navigate✤ No Text Version Available for Tablets Unable to code Flash
    • 9. Reasons to Design for Tablets:✤ Trend to Become Standard: ✤ Consumers more likely to buy Tablets within next 5 years✤ Maintain competitive edge in Marketing business or organization ✤ Ability for brand to reach people “on the go”
    • 10. References:✤ Davis, D. (2011, June 23). Industry Statistics - Nearly 7% of U.S. web traffic comes from mobile and other non-computer devices - Internet Retailer. Industry Strategies for Online Merchants - Internet Retailer. Retrieved July 28, 2011, from comes-mobile-tablets-and-consoles✤ Parr, B. (2010, June 29). 6 Brilliantly Designed Mobile Sites. Social Media News and Web Tips – Mashable – The Social Media Guide. Retrieved July 28, 2011, from brilliant-mobile-sites/✤ Shah, K. (2011, June 29). Smartphone, Tablet Popularity Soars; Single Function Devices Left Behind . Indias Technology News, Analysis, Reviews, Videos, Downloads, Products Comparison on Retrieved July 29, 2011, from tablet-popularity-soars-single-function-devices-left-behind/233092✤ Turnbull C. (n.d.). How the iPad (and Tablets) Are Driving a New Age of Web Design | Webdesigntuts +. In-depth tutorials and articles on web design | Webdesigntuts+. Retrieved July 29, 2011, from
    • 11. References, Photos:✤ All photos are courtesy of Verizon Wireless- Training Department✤ excluding iPad retrieved from