Cloud Sourcing the Business


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This presentation looks at what cloud computing is, what it can do in practice, it's future potential for businesses and some of the pitfalls to be aware of before cloud sourcing a project.

This presentation was given at the Web Directions South conference on 9 October 2009. It was delivered in the business track and was aimed at an audience that were relatively fresh to Cloud Computing or had limited experience.

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  • Introduction Slide
  • Credit: NY Times
  • Attribution: Felipe Skroski
  • Attrribute: Fabio Pinheiro
  • Cloud Sourcing the Business

    1. 1. Cloud Sourcing the Business Web Directions 9/10/2009
    2. 2.
    3. 3. What is Cloud Computing?
    4. 6. Cloud computing is a pay-per-use model for enabling available, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. This cloud model promotes availability and is comprised of five key characteristics, three delivery models, and four deployment models. - NIST Cloud Computing Working Definition
    5. 7. A Network based Service , that is available on demand such that the end consumer considers it not their problem
    6. 8. Where can we find clouds?
    7. 9. Public Clouds
    8. 10. Public clouds [Diagram of services such as EC2, Rackspace Cloud etc sitting out on the Internet and I consume them into my network]
    9. 11. Private Clouds
    10. 12. Private Clouds [Diagram of services provided internally within an organisation]
    11. 14. Hybrid Clouds [Diagram of services such as EC2, Rackspace Cloud etc sitting out on the Internet and I consume them into my network alongside private cloud offerings]
    12. 15. What can cloud computing do?
    13. 16. Service image
    14. 17. (Cloud stack diagram)
    15. 18. Infrastructure as a Service
    16. 19. Infrastructure as a Service (Image – huge rack of servers?)
    17. 20. Amazon Console, Elastic Fox screenshot and Go Grid Console
    18. 22. Using Infrastructure Services
    20. 25. Platform as a Service
    21. 26. (Image of platform)
    22. 28. Software as a Service
    23. 31. Data as a Service
    24. 33. Zappos Map screen shot
    25. 35. Cloud stack image again
    26. 36. The future of cloud computing (image of something futureful)
    27. 37. Manufacturing (mfr image)
    28. 38. Health Services Health image
    29. 39. Start up businesses Business image
    30. 40. Research / Science Research / science image
    31. 41. New Media New media image
    32. 42. New Markets New markets image
    33. 43. Geography Geography image
    34. 44. Warning Warning picture
    35. 45. “everything fails all the time. We lose whole datacenters! Those things happen.” - Werner Vogels, Amazon CTO
    36. 46. Service Level Agreements Picture of contracts?
    37. 47. Data Policies
    38. 49. How safe is your data?
    39. 50. How safe is my uptime?
    40. 51. Do I have any border concerns?
    41. 52. Not sure about pic – some kind of silver lining?
    42. 53. Start conclusion Some kind of disruption chart or upheaval?
    43. 54. Ticking Clock Image of ticking clock
    44. 55. Revolution
    45. 56. $ZERO
    46. 57. The time to be in market will be days and weeks not months or years
    47. 58. Infinite availability The flexibility & scalability of the services available will be virtually INFINITE
    48. 59. What can you do now to get started?
    49. 60. Cost Focussed business
    50. 61. Process Focussed business
    51. 62. Innovation Focussed business
    52. 63. Cloud Sourcing your Business Citrus Logo Andrew Fisher: email: [email_address] Twitter: @ajfisher Web:
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