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Simplifying The Cloud Top 10 Questions By SMBs

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Simplifying The Cloud Top 10 Questions By SMBs

  1. 1. Simplifying The Cloud• So much talk about the cloud but what is it? – Simply it is using the internet to access such things as your files, data or email, rather than having them locally on your desktop or laptop.• Why would you want these things to be in The Cloud? – Accessibility from wherever you are and from any devise (desktop, laptop, mobile devise), whenever you want it.
  2. 2. Is The Cloud Really That Simple?• Yes and there is even more benefits for your business to move into the cloud.• With any new shift in the technologies that influence how you run your business, there are also a lot of questions.
  3. 3. Top 10 Questions About Cloud Solutions1. How Do You Back Up Our Data In The Cloud?2. How Secure Is My Data In The Cloud?3. Is Server Redundancy Easier In The Cloud?4. Can I Run My Legacy Applications In The Cloud?5. How Do Cloud Solutions Cut Energy Costs?
  4. 4. 6-10 Top Cloud Questions Continued6. How Can I Access The Cloud?7. How Do I Maintain My IT System In The Cloud?8. When Should My Business Consider Moving into The Cloud?9. Can My Business Do a Partial Cloud Solution or All at Once?10. Is The Cloud Expensive?
  5. 5. 1.How Do You Back Up Our Data In The Cloud?• Backups are frequent and automated. There is no human error element, that for example “Bob” from IT was sick today and no else changed the tapes.• Back-ups are sent digitally offsite to another location. This means your data is better protected against natural and man-made disasters, like hurricanes, fire or theft.• Data/System recovery is much faster. If something were to happen to your data in the cloud, that data can easily be recovered and brought back online
  6. 6. 2. How Secure Is My Data In The Cloud?• Virtualization technology is what makes the cloud run, which is inherently safer than a traditional server environment.• A virtual server can hold 10x as much as a traditional server – Fewer points of entry into your network for malicious intent – Fewer servers to monitor and maintain simplifies security monitoring.• See server redundancy question for additional security benefits
  7. 7. 3. Is Server Redundancy Easier In The Cloud?• What is redundancy? Having a computer system or network device that takes over when the primary unit fails.• Redundancy is built into the virtualization technology itself. – If one system goes down it automatically rolls to a new one.• With the Cloud SMB’s have access to a technology that in the past has been complex and expensive. – Business is up and running 99.9% of the time, equaling minimal loss in revenue or employee productivity.
  8. 8. 4. Can My Legacy Applications Run In The Cloud?• Yes, the cloud actually preserves legacy applications and are ideal candidates to move to The Cloud.• Many legacy applications are built and only run on outdated technology. If a problem or upgrade is needed for the application it is very expensive or impossible to move or upgrade the technology.• By utilizing the application on the virtualized server in the Cloud, it allows it to run efficiently on a new technology platform.
  9. 9. 5. How Do Cloud Solutions Cut Energy Costs?• Virtualization, the technology that runs the cloud is 60% more energy efficient than traditional servers.• Virtualized servers can be at 80% utilization. Versus traditional servers at 25%-30% utilization. Fewer servers are needed = less energy used.• With Hosted Cloud Solutions and eliminating your server, you further reduce your electric bill.
  10. 10. 6. How Can I Access the Cloud?• You can access the cloud anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection and from almost any device.• There are applications that you can install to access multiple clouds.• Being able to access the cloud(s) whenever allows employees to connect to their desktop and applications remotely allowing for better time management.
  11. 11. 7. How Can I Maintain My IT System In the Cloud?• When you use the Sun Digital hosted cloud there are no client maintenance responsibilities.• Cloud solutions use virtualization technology. Sun Digital can monitor, maintain multiple IT systems, deploy security patches, and software updates seamlessly.• Prior to moving over to the cloud most Sun Digital clients spent 1 hour a day maintaining their IT system and sometimes another 2 hours on monthly maintenance. That is 22 hours of and 14% of that IT staff person’s time.• Sun Digitals hosted cloud solution allows faster problem solving and helps your business to run more efficiently.
  12. 12. 8. When Should My Business Consider Moving into the Cloud?• When starting a new company cloud solutions offer an affordable start up with a monthly hosting fee.• When a server or work station reach’s its end of life. Cloud solutions are more affordable than purchasing new equipment.• When your business needs to stabilize expenses. Hosted cloud solutions have flat monthly cost instead of investing in more costly equipment.
  13. 13. 9. Can My Business Do a Partial Cloud Solution or All at Once?• A partial cloud solution, is ideal as technology comes to its end of life.• A partial cloud solutions should be considered when using graphics heavy software programs. These types of programs perform better on the local client machine.• If your business and staff want to try the cloud out prior to going completely into the cloud, a partial cloud solution for email, calendar, and contact systems are great ways to get started.
  14. 14. 10. Is The Cloud Expensive?• With a hosted cloud environment, businesses would be eliminating servers and applications, which eliminates the energy costs to run the systems.• Hosted cloud solutions are priced according to usage.• The cloud has a lower set up cost versus large technology investments for onsite servers.
  15. 15. Summary• There are many benefits to taking your technology into The Cloud – IT Efficiency, Administration, Data Safety and Cutting Operational Costs• Get through the hype and consider a pilot project or application to move into The Cloud• Understand that not every application or system is a good candidate for The Cloud• Choose a technology partner who has experience with multiple Cloud projects and complexities, there is no cookie cutter approach.
  16. 16. Why Is Sun Digital Qualified To Advise On The Cloud?• Information Technology Company Established in 1996.• Working with virtualization and Cloud technologies with its inception into the commercial market.• Wholly owns and operates a completely virtualized data center.• Has an impressive list of references for successfully implemented cloud projects.
  17. 17. How Can You Find Sun Digital?• Website:• Phone: 352.369.9600, toll free 24/7 866.255.9046• Cloud Blog: –• Facebook: – Specialists/252301874791108• Google+: –• Linked In: –