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ITC limited

  1. 1. ITC Limited Mohammed Nadeem BIET MBA Programme
  2. 2.  Type Public  Traded as BSE-ITC.NS BSE SENSEX Constituent  Industry Conglomerate  Predecessor W.D & H.O Wills  Founded August 24,1910  Headquarters Kolkata,  Key people Yogesh Chandra Deveshwar  Revenue US$7 billion  Employees 29000(2012)
  3. 3. VISION OF ITC Limited  Sustain ITC position as one of India’s most valuable corporation through world class performance, creating growing value for the Indian economy and the Company’s stakeholders.
  4. 4. MISSION OF ITC Limited  To enhance the wealth generating capablity of the enterprise in a globalising environment, delivering superior and sustainable stakeholder value.
  5. 5. Business strategies ITC Ltd  STRENGTHS:  Market leadership is the one of the biggest strength of the company.  ITC leveraged it traditional businesses to develop new brands for new segments.  WEAKNESS:  Even today, ITC depend on the tobacco business revenues.  Cigarettes account for 49% of company`s turnover and responsible for 82% of revenues.
  6. 6.  OPPORTUNITIES:  FMCG product like Aashirvaad, Bingo, and Sun feast has the increasing growth in the market. This can be good opportunities for the future of ITC.  ITC is moving into new and emerging sectors including IT with supporting business solutions.  THREATS:  Firstly threat is the competition in domestic as well as international market.  So dynamic government policies is also a biggest threat for the ITC
  7. 7. List of products of ITC limited  Cigarettes: Gold flake, Navy cut, Indian kings  Foods: Minto, Sunfeast, Bingo, Yippee etc..  Apparel: Wills Lifestyle and John players  Personal care: Vivel, Hair care and skincare  Stationery: Classmate and Paperkraft  Safety matches and Agarbattus: Mangaldeep
  8. 8. PLC Analysis Of ITC Cigarettes  Analysis of the product life cycle of cigarettes is done in order to determine to which stage cigarettes have reached in India. After analyzing the ITC cigarettes in India it was found that cigarettes are in the maturity stage of their PLC  This is because of the reason that most of the attributes shown by the cigarettes in India are similar to the attributes of a product in maturity stage.
  9. 9. Promotion strategies of ITC Ltd  Pursue world class competitiveness in all businesses and across the entire value chain.  As we talk about the pricing strategy ITC cigarettes using Pricing penetration because of their high name in the market.  ITC cigarettes come up with the differentiated strategy because they come up with differentiated brands.  . In March 2005, ITC stands as a multi-business enterprise, with an impressive market share in almost all the FMCG segment, Hotels, Paperboard and agri-Business sectors
  10. 10. Competitors of ITC Ltd  Golden Tobacco  RTCL Ltd  Godfrey Philips  VTC Industrial Ltd.  Kothari products  Marico  Hindustan Uniliver Limited
  11. 11. Competitive priorities ITC Ltd  1) Quality  2) Speed  3) cost  4) Flexibility
  12. 12. Thank You