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Copyofopensourcesites softwareandpresentationoutlineforslideshowfinal5-10-12
Copyofopensourcesites softwareandpresentationoutlineforslideshowfinal5-10-12
Copyofopensourcesites softwareandpresentationoutlineforslideshowfinal5-10-12
Copyofopensourcesites softwareandpresentationoutlineforslideshowfinal5-10-12
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Copyofopensourcesites softwareandpresentationoutlineforslideshowfinal5-10-12


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  • 1. SECTION 1 of 3: OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE PRESENTATION: OUTLINE OVERVIEW – I. Clarification: Open Source, It is free but it is not just “Freeware”Familiar “Freeware”: tools we know of and useYouTube FaceBook Twitter Picasa Flicker SurveyMonkey BlackboardSome more specific but popular Freeware (file sharing and portability from one computer to another)…. (also Jing, Screener); three similar audio-video screencasting online tutorial creation software, as alternatives toproprietary expensive Captivate and CamtasiaGoggleDocs….office alternative to all the familiar applications of MSOffice: presentation, word processing; – free presentation software as an alternative to 15 years+ use of Microsoft PowerPoint II. DEFINITION: OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE: Free, but also the software LISCENSE IS OPEN and software code is flexible / customizable : Here are Some open source software awareness tips and cautions if you need to download: ● Make sure good pc/mac security program is installed and updated on your computer ● Check what file type you are downloading ● Check what operating system the open source works with Pc Windows, Linux, Apple-Mac Os III. TIME OR NEED FOR OPEN SOURCE OPTIONSWebinar student on Open Source discussion list: “Its a great plus that the open source applications provide source code, but mylibrary doesnt have the time or resources to tinker with the code, so that is not currently a major draw of open source for us”. 2012Webinar Instructor Response: “When I think about the benefits of open source over "free of cost" options the difference that jumpsto mind is the community of developers behind open source. Free of cost sites go away all the time - see Yahoo! products that arebeing cancelled because theyre offered by one organization and if it cant sustain itself they abandon it, but open source always hassomeone to pick up where the others left off.” -Nicole Engard, Infopeople instructor, Practical Open Source For Libraries 2012 IV. SECURITY, COST ADVANTAGES, INCREASED FLEXIBILITY A US Department of Defense memo encourages the use of open source with many reasons “including cost advantages, reduced risk of vendor lock-in, better security, and increased flexibility. It says that the positive aspects of open source software should be given consideration during procurement research. V. TECHNICAL SUPPORT IF NEEDED FOR OPEN SOURCE “One of the greatest barriers facing wide acceptance of open-source software relates to the lack of technical and general support. Open-source companies often combat this by offering support sometimes under a different product name. Acquia provides enterprise-level support for its open-source alternative, Drupal, for instance.” …..Open Source for America raises awareness in the U.S. Government about the benefits of open source software. VI. FURTHER RESOURCES ON OPEN SOURCE AND ITS APPLICATION TO LIBRARIES April 2012 edition of Computers in Libraries, an article entitled "Determining if Open Source Is Right for You". Its a short but informative article that describes how FOSS4LIB can be a useful tool in the decision process for open source A directory website serves as a great example of open source out there for libraries. Alyson Kaye, MLS- OPEN SOURCE 5-8-12SECTION 2 OF 3: LIST OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE ESPECIALLY FOR USE LIBRARIES AND EDUCATION page 1Web Page Creation and Web-content management systems (also known as CMS)* Many say the learning curve for Word press is simpler than Drupal and there are many libraries using it for whole website CMS, not just its original use as a blogging tool. Example libraries:* Libraries and colleges use for websites: Example libraries: Drupal is an open-source content management system -- or CMS—deployments are becoming more commonplace.
  • 2. In 2009, the US White House switched its CMS system from a proprietary system to Drupal open-source.* open-source content management system Example library: http://www.alfred.eduIntegrated Library System Example for searching: “Tattoos on the heart” in the 2 below – compare look to commercial ILS*Evergreen Example library:*Koha the first open source ILS since 1999 Example library: Content Management Systems (also known as LCMS) (compare to Blackboard, WebCt, Desire2Learn)ATutor - a web-based Learning Content Management System*Moodle - Learning Content Management System Example: Pathfinders*Library A La Carte Example library:*SubjectsPlus (compare to LibGuides for creating subject pathfinder, database lists, course guides)Example library: click on any subject, especially the e-ref guide bottom right cornerAstronomyCelestia is a 3D astronomy program. The program allows the user to travel through an extensive and accurate universe at any speed, inany direction and at any time in history. (GPL)Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, MAC OS X Educational Activities for Celesta ; NASAsCelestia Exploration ActivityStellarium is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the nakedeye, binoculars or a telescope. (GPL)Foreign LanguagesOpenTeacher is an opensource application that helps you learning a foreign language. Enter a list of words in both a known and aforeign language, and OpenTeacher tests you. (GPL)MathematicsGeoGebra http://www.geogebra.orgGeoGebra is dynamic mathematics software for all levels of education that joins arithmetic, geometry, algebra and calculusExaminationAMC multiple choice tests. Answer sheets are formatted with LaTeX and automated scoring is available from papers scans. (GPL)iTest http://itest.sourceforge.netiTest is a simple program which allows you to take advantage of the best of computerized examination. (GPL)Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, MAC OS X Alyson Kaye, MLS- OPEN SOURCE 5-8-12 SECTION 2 OF 3: LIST OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE ESPECIALLY FOR USE LIBRARIES AND EDUCATION page 2Video PlayerVLC. (open source video player plays type all types) good to know of when Windows Media Player doesn’topen or play the DVD movie you been waiting all week to watch.Graphics/Multimedia creationInkscape an open-source vector graphics editor similar to Adobe Illustrator.Camstudio for video creation
  • 3. Gimp for image creationOffice tools (compare to MSOffice tools-proprietary for a fee; or even GoogleDocs which is freeware, not open source)LibreOffice LibreOffice is the free power-packed Open Source personal productivity suite for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document productionNitro Nitro is a fully-featured note taking application. It sports a clean, minimal interface that makes using theapplication straightforward and intuitive. (BSD)EmailThunderbird Compare to Microsoft’s OutlookWeb BrowsersFirefox (compare to IE or Safari) All studies in the past (at least 5 years) have shown Firefox to be more secureand more stable than IE.Goggle Chrome Reference statisticsLibStats reference statistics collectionWeb AnalyticsPiwik – a web analytics system to track visitors to your website (compare to Google analytics) In August 2009, Piwik was named among the best of open source enterprise in InfoWorlds 2009 Bossie Awards.E-book managerCalibre works with any e-readerCitation and Bibliography Managers*Zotero (compare to EndNote, Refworks, OneNote (which comes with Microsoft office) *Zotero works forboth citation and article saving in all file formats.Survey and Course Evaluation tools*LimeSurvey (compare to, a freeware, some say Survery monkey is easier to uee)*Presentation SoftwareSlideshare http:/// Example (compare to MS PowerPoint or freeware Google documents presentation slideshow software)Unlike in most presentation applications, a Sozi document is not organized as a slideshow, but rather as a posterSECTION 3 OF 3: Open Source Software for Libraries: A Checklist for Evaluating Open Source SoftwareYou can use this checklist to evaluate an Open Source application and compare it to a similar proprietary-fee basedproduct.Open Source Application evaluated: ____________________Compared to: _____________________________ 1. How easy was it to install the application? Did you install to your computer’s hard drive or use a portable app?
  • 4. 2. How easy was it to use the documentation on installing the software?3. How well did the documentation answer your questions on using the software?4. Does the software do what you need? (Depending on the software, expand this to a list of questions about specific tasks you’ll need to complete regularly.)5. How does the Open Source application compare to a similar proprietary application?6. Will you need additional staff or outside support to manage this software? What support is available?7. Do you know any other libraries/organizations that are using this application? What do those libraries/ organizations say about the application?8. What are your impressions of the community developing this Open Source application? Alyson Kaye, MLS Open Source 5-2012