Open source library management software


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Open source library management software

  1. 1. Ann Marie PipkinTatum PrestonKevin Goff
  2. 2. • Definition of Open Source and Proprietary• Advantages and Disadvantages of both• Open Source Products• Deciding if Open Source is for YOU• Resources
  3. 3. • Open source is a number of things. It is a class of licenses, a culture, a community, and a way of producing and sharing software. It is not to be confused with free software, although the two movements share many objectives.• Proprietary software is not normally distributed as source code but as compiled programs so that one cannot see what the code does. It would normally be only supported by the company that manufactured it which can lead to vendor lockin. --Bob Molyneux in his "An Open Source ILS Glossary."
  4. 4. • Can be customized to fit your needs• If you need support, it is available through the community or through a company• Fast development - “release early, release often”• Cost—its free…well, almost.
  5. 5. • What kind of support are you willing to put up with?• Its free but it may not be cheap
  6. 6. • Supported by the company you buy it from• Turnkey• Support and documentation better• Fewer software problems• A successful model
  7. 7. • “Supported by the company you buy it from (can be bad if it is the only option because of potential vendor lockin.)”• “Slow development cycle which may have difficulty balancing the requirements of various users. For instance, what happens if your vendor will not develop something you require?”• “Some vendors have been bought by firms that dont know the industry and support and development have suffered”
  8. 8. • Evergreen• Koha• OPALS• OpenBiblio• NewGenLib• ILS (LA ILS)• Dspace
  9. 9. “But a migration to a new ILS is a complicated undertaking--whether proprietary or open source--and unexpecteddifficulties, such as costs and support issues, can arise.” -- "Open Source Reality Check.“ by David Rapp
  10. 10. • Created with funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation by LYRASIS Technology Services to help libraries decide if and which open source software is right for them in service to their patrons.• This site has the content and the community to help you with those decisions.
  11. 11. General InformationOpen Source Initiative"An Open Source ILS Glossary" by Bob Molyneux of Open Source Software and Open Data Standards
  12. 12. Open Source SoftwareEvergreen demo site demo demo
  13. 13. Additional InformationOpen Source Software in Libraries Support Tools of Open Source Software Tool Webinar --Moderated by Peter Murray
  14. 14. SlideShareOpen Source Library Management Software by Ann MariePipkin, Tatum Preston, Kevin Goff Source Slide show ( comparison ) to FOSS4LIB"Helping Libraries Decide IF and WHICH Open SourceSoftware is Right for Them."
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