Content Strategy for Designers


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Good content strategy work will have a big impact on your project's success. But not everyone gets to work with a dedicated content-y person – designers are often stuck making content decisions on their own.

But hey man, it's gonna be okay. There's lots that you can borrow from the world of content strategy to get what you need to make better design decisions.

In this presentation, you'll learn how content strategy directly impacts your visual designs, and some tools and techniques to make your work better informed and more efficient.

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Content Strategy for Designers

  1. 1. Content strategy for designers Brought to you by Alaine Mackenzie on January 14, 2014
  2. 2. Hey that’s me Content strategist @yellowpencilweb Occasional Twitter user @alainemack
  3. 3. Today you’ll learn
  4. 4. How to steal from content strategy to make your designs better and your projects more successful
  5. 5. You’ll also learn what is content strategy what happens without it how do I fix it
  6. 6. What is content strategy?
  7. 7. “…the practice of planning content creation, delivery, and governance.” Kristina Halvorson, 
 “The Discipline of Content Strategy”, 
 A List Apart, 2008
  8. 8. Okay but why do I care
  9. 9. Without content strategy You’re just guessing
  10. 10. Without content strategy You don’t know your priorities
  11. 11. Without content strategy You don’t (really) know the brand
  12. 12. Halp, halp!
  13. 13. Your content arsenal Content audit Voice and tone guide Content models Governance plan
  14. 14. Content audit Find the complexity Find the meaning Find the suck
  15. 15. Voice and tone guide Expand on the brand Resolve the gaps
  16. 16. Fun but not childish Clever but not silly Confident but not cocky Smart but not stodgy Cool but not alienating ! ! Kate Kiefer Lee, content strategist at MailChimp:
  17. 17. Content models Define the elements Define their relationships Eliminate ambiguity
  18. 18. Governance plan Prevent future heartbreak
  19. 19. Who will request, create, edit, approve, publish, 
 and maintain this stuff? ! What resources will you need? ! How much effort will it take?
  20. 20. Your content arsenal Content audit Voice and tone guide Content models Governance plan
  21. 21. In sum Don’t design impaired Be an undercover content ninja You can do it
  22. 22. Thanks for comin’ @alainemack
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