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Stylesight Reliance Trends Customer Success Story

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Case Study Rt

  1. 1. customer success storyRELIANCE TRENDS LTD. CHALLENGES • Needed insight into trends to deliver on-trend designs • Wanted to minimize travel without “ compromising research quality • Wanted to accelerate cycle time to simultaneously develop multiple collections Speed is critical in getting from WHY RELIANCE TRENDS inspiration to market. It’s great to CHOSE STYLESIGHT have an experienced guide to save time while providing a continuous ” HIGH-QUALITY CONTENT • Large image library with over 9 million zoomable, flow of information and inputs to high-resolution images, for breadth of coverage • Royalty-free, original vector-based flat sketches, print keep you up to date. — Harshendra Maheshwari, category manager, men’s private label motifs and graphics for accelerating design • Continuous updates with special reports and seasonal analyses for on-trend inputs Reliance Trends is India’s largest fashion retailer with more than 100 apparel specialty stores. The company’s trendy product line offers GLOBAL REACH value-for-money men’s, women’s, and kids’ apparel and accessories. Reliance Trends has earned its reputation for offering the latest, • Runway reports on more than 1,300 runway shows in most popular fashions by quickly bringing new collections to market more than 10 cities around the world to stay updated and staying current with global fashion influences. Members of the • Macro Trend Forecasts with leading indicators from company’s operations, marketing, buying and merchandising, and specific social and cultural perspectives provide unique quality and design teams collaborate to develop multiple seasons’ insight into specific markets lines at the same time. • Monthly retail coverage from more than 10 cities helps inform designers of consumer tastes When Reliance Trends decided to select a forecasting and analysis solution, it chose Stylesight. With the Stylesight subscription, designers ENHANCED PRODUCTIVITY now research trends using the industry’s largest collection of images, reports, analysis, and trend forecast content across all categories. • Ready-made sketches, prints and other tools for the Instant access to rich, deep content from the world’s leading fashion design team increases efficiency scenes saves valuable time that designers would otherwise need for • Training for new people and regular interaction from the travel and searching multiple sources of inspiration while working on Stylesight support team enhances productivity two or more collections. • Access to a global network of Trend Experts and custom Trend Presentations saves time while providing “One of the best things about Stylesight is the library of material, key directions in niche markets for future seasons images, sketches, drawings, and ready-to-use tools,” says Maheshwari. Stylesight helps the team to continuously deliver great designs quickly to match market is the industry-leading global content and technology solution for designed to help analyze and anticipate the ever-changing marketplace,professionals in the style, fashion and design sectors, dedicated to inspiring and Stylesight brings value to designers looking for inspiration and more time to beenabling creativity for its over 40,000 end-users around the world. Combining creative, as well as managers looking for cost savings and ROI.visionary trend forecasting and indispensable analysis with an online workspace Contact us: