Effective Deal Prep Management


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Effective Deal Prep Management

  1. 1. solutions intralinks for Deal PreParation Effectively Manage Your Deal Preparation At the start of your process, you and the entire deal team need to be organized and focused. Unstructured information in the form of emails, add files and folders in Bulk overnight CDs, and worse yet, undeliverable or lost communications, will Make information quickly available. Access not facilitate preparing for the deal. Keeping a good folder system on your files on your local and network drives or internal document management system as well as manage network drive or in your mail system is a step in the right direction, but files on your IntraLinks exchange. Create new folders and documents with a single click. Select doesn’t allow you to share critical information with members of your cross- multiple files, or even entire folder structures, and drag and drop them into IntraLinks — right from organizational deal team. It’s a competitive environment for deals and you your desktop.There are no limits on the amount and size of the data you upload. need to be organized and structured early on in your deal process to gain a strategic edge. Deal team exchanges help you get the team up to speed Dynamically index information Make information organized and easy to quickly and keep them focused as well as keep the process on track. find. Easily rearrange folder structures and files rather than deleting them and uploading new files. And, the index numbering automatically You’re accustomed to using IntraLinks® during the due diligence phase. Now it’s time to conduct updates accordingly. your deal preparation with the same level of security, control and efficiency. Gather initial data, col- laborate on information memorandums and management presentations, and assemble and assess access Control, advanced search and filter and Mobile access key company and industry information in one, central, organized location. And, only IntraLinks can assist the entire deal team — from corporate executives, finance and legal professionals, and lines Make sure the right people have access. Rigorous ID and password-protection protocols of business management to investment bankers, financial and legal advisors, and consultants. keep you in control of who has access, with permissioning down to the document level. Stay Organized Control Access Within or across projects — search, filter and identify your contacts and content, including IntraLinks provides a secure location of record With IntraLinks, you determine who has them in your projects. Access and manage for all of the documents pertaining to your access to what documents. Your deal team users and documents via your Blackberry, maximizing productivity. deal, including project timelines, working exchange enables you to share certain group lists, project status reports, due information with a smaller group within the Custom fields and tags diligence picklists and more. Your deal team deal team — for instance, you can share exchange gives you a unified and structured preliminary models and other sensitive Make information contextual and meaningful. With effective data organization, way to share information, instead of the usual information with just the banking team. And the team can find and sort the information it inefficient emails, CDs and overnight mail. because IntraLinks is a fully hosted solution, needs to position the deal effectively. Custom non-essential personnel need not be alerted fields and tags help you identify and organize to the upcoming transaction. information quickly and easily as your project Speed Up the Process grows for increased efficiency for all parties. Quickly and easily upload documents to your deal team exchange using the desktop client tools, Eliminate Firewall Constraints Customer support IntraLinks Designer or File Uploader within the Email bouncebacks due to large file sizes or Have access to round-the-clock service platform. Accelerate all aspects of deal prepara- other firewall issues can introduce unex- and support. IntraLinks’ multi-lingual customer service organization provides tion by ensuring that all communications are pected delays. IntraLinks eliminates these training and ongoing service 24x7x365. quickly and efficiently distributed to the appropri- hassles and ensures that you can get the right ate parties. Post time-sensitive information for information to the right people — right when deal team members to review from wherever they need it. they might be — the office, home or on the road. Monitor Activity IntraLinks enables you to conduct your Preparing to launch a deal is an intense and time- deal preparation with the same level of 1 866 INTRALINKS sensitive task. IntraLinks’ reporting tools enable control, security and effectiveness you you to track team access and review activities New York + 1 212 342 7684 have become accustomed to during to ensure the project stays on schedule. London + 44 (0) 20 7060 0660 the due diligence phase. Hong Kong + 852 3101 7022 www.intralinks.com
  2. 2. Security Service the intralinks Our top priority is to provide you with the Delivering a technology solution to extremely advantage highest level of security, compliance and demanding clients, such as those in financial, auditability for the exchange of your informa- pharmaceutical, biotech and legal industries, IntraLinks® provides tion, avoiding possible risks and exposure requires a tremendous level of dedication and enterprise-class solutions, to your business. Our solutions adhere to unwavering commitment to our customers’ which facilitate the secure, industry-mandated regulatory requirements, success. Offering a full-service approach, we’ll including SAS-70 Level II and ISO 9000 set up and manage your solution so that your compliant and auditable certifications. IntraLinks’ comprehensive team can hit the ground running. And we exchange of critical approach toward security extends across provide global 24/7/365 live support in more information, collaboration our entire solution, including the application, than 140 different languages. and workflow management infrastructure and process. inside and outside the Expertise enterprise. Our on-demand Affordability For more than a decade, we’ve been helping Offering a true turnkey solution, we require no companies around the world exchange their solutions help you organize, additional hardware or software, no expensive critical information. With 750,000+ users manage, share and track training programs and no new demands on across 90,000 organizations around the information, enabling you to your IT resources. With no upfront capital world, we offer solutions based on innovative accelerate your workflow, costs, our Software as a Service (SaaS) best-of-breed technologies along with direct business model provides a budget-friendly, domain knowledge and best practices by optimize your business scalable cost structure that yields returns industry to ensure you get the most value processes and realize new almost immediately and continues through from your IntraLinks solution. profit potential. the long term. Global Easy Implementation At your desk or on your Blackberry, our solution With tens of thousands of implementations is available in multiple languages. And with worldwide, we can get you up and running in thousands of customers worldwide using minutes. Easy integration with your current IntraLinks, you can be assured that we will software and internal systems ensures a manage your business globally. With personnel seamless workflow. And as your business and offices in 16 countries on four continents evolves, our solution enables you to easily and a growing list of leading enterprises around add users, expand your uses and increase the world, IntraLinks offers international reach your volume of information to adapt to your with customized support. ever-changing business needs. Cross-Organizational Transforming the way organizations do business, we’ve created a way for you to collaborate on your mission-critical business projects with experts and colleagues regard- less of their location, inside and outside the company firewall. Enabling you not only to do business more quickly, safely and efficiently but more profitably as well. 1 866 INTRALINKS New York + 1 212 342 7684 London + 44 (0) 20 7060 0660 Hong Kong + 852 3101 7022 www.intralinks.com © 2009 IntraLinks, Inc. All rights reserved. IntraLinks and the IntraLinks logo are registered trademarks of IntraLinks, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. IL-Industry-DEAL PREP-100305