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Helping Ordinary Students Get Extraordinary Careers
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Helping Ordinary Students Get Extraordinary Careers


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Understand the inside secrets of management education in India & why only 12% of management graduates are employable, …

Understand the inside secrets of management education in India & why only 12% of management graduates are employable,

Centre For Management shows you an alternative that can help you get a job anywhere in the world!

Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Centre For Management Helping Ordinary Students Get Extraordinary Careers
  • 2. Who Are You? Studying For Bachelors Degree / Diploma Graduate Looking For MBA In India Graduate Looking For MBA Abroad
  • 3. Studying For Bachelors Degree Or Diploma How To Get A High Paying Job After Graduation
  • 4. Why is a high salary important for your first job? ₨0 ₨100,000 ₨200,000 ₨300,000 ₨400,000 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 120000 180000 A starting salary of Rs. 15,000 p.m v/s Rs. 10,000 can give you an Rs. 1,20,000 EXTRA income by the 5th year! (assume 15% increase per year) Your second job salary & position will be based on your first job salary & position. This pattern will continue.
  • 5. How You Currently Plan To Get Your First Job? Depending on college placement cell? Putting your resume on etc.? You are one of thousands looking for same few jobs Best you can get an average, entry level job (Rs.5,000 – Rs. 8,000 p.m.)
  • 6. Why You Will NOT Get A Good Job Your degree does NOT train you for a job Your Professors have never worked in industry. They can only repeat text from outdated textbooks You just have to memorize irrelevant information to pass exams & graduate. All your classmates have the same useless knowledge and are NOT job ready Companies will hire you at a basic salary level until you get enough training & experience to work properly
  • 7. To Get A Better Job You Have To Be Better Than Your Classmates By Graduation You Need: Globally Recognized Certificate Knowledge Required By Industry Experience Working In Industry You Can Get ALL of This in SIX Months!
  • 8. Internationally Recognized, Industry Driven Certificate Courses Certificate in Retail Management Certificate in Financial Management Certificate in Real Estate Management Certificate in Media Management Diploma in IFRS
  • 9. Globally Recognized Certification TWO certificates with ONE Six Month Course: UK Recognized Management Certificate Jointly Given By Association of Business Practitioners (UK) & Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) + Industry Certification from Centre For Management
  • 10. Knowledge Required By Industry Faculty Are All Senior Managers From Top Companies Like Reliance, Shoppers Stop, YES Bank, etc. Deep Industry Knowledge From Experienced Executives Interactive teaching through modern case study methods & live projects
  • 11. Experience Working In Industry 2 month internship guaranteed as part of course Top companies give you real experience Option of continuing in job after internship
  • 12. Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards (UK) 6 month course in IFRS Diploma awarded by Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) All Indian company accounts have to move to IFRS by 2011. Huge demand for IFRS trained accountants Job Placement Assistance
  • 13. Certification in Retail Management 6 Month Course Three Certificates awarded: – Award in Mgt Principles from ABP & ILM (UK) – Cert Retail Skills from Retailers Assn of India – Certificate in Retail Management from CFM 2 Months internship for freshers Job Placement Assistance
  • 14. Certification in Real Estate Management 6 Month Course Two Certificates awarded: – Award in Mgt Principles from ABP & ILM (UK) – Certificate in Real Estate Management from CFM 2 Months internship for freshers Job Placement Assistance
  • 15. Certification in Media Management 6 Month Course Two Certificates awarded: – Award in Mgt Principles from ABP & ILM (UK) – Certificate in Media Management from CFM 2 Months internship for freshers Job Placement Assistance
  • 16. When You Graduate Which Will You Be? Choices Your College Your College Plus Centre For Management Qualification Locally recognized degree Internationally recognized certificate Knowledge Theoretical & outdated Up to date based on industry requirements Experience No work experience 2 months internship Result Average inexperienced fresher Experienced with international qualifications
  • 17. Looking For MBA In India Getting The Best Course For You
  • 18. Difference Between MBA & PGDBM Due to Indian Law: Only Universities (Delhi Univ, Pune Univ etc.) & their affiliated colleges can offer an MBA Mumbai University offers MMS Reputed Private Colleges, like IIMs, Indian School of Business, Symbiosis etc. can only offer PGDBM Most companies consider PGDBM equivalent to MBA for hiring
  • 19. EVERYONE is getting a Management Diploma 15 years ago, being a graduate was enough Today, even a PGDBM is not enough More than 1600 management colleges Everyone vying for the same jobs However, most will not get a good job after their PGDBM
  • 20. Why? Only 23% of management graduates have industry ready skills (Mercer Consulting Survey) This is after spending lakhs on a management course that is supposed to make them industry ready Most companies need to retrain management graduates once they join their organization Industry requires a large range of skills not offered by management institutes
  • 21. Industry Skills Needed Soft skills required - Attitudes * Enthusiasm * Ethics & value system * Inter personal Relationships * Team work * Leadership Creative skills required - Innovation * Lateral Thinking * Creativity * Visualization * Aesthetics Communication skills required - Active Listening * Verbal * Speed Reading * Use of Body Language * Presentation * Communication * Coaching, Mentoring Organizing skills required - Manage Time, Energy, Resources & Risk * Prioritize work * Sort Data/ Object * Identify & analyze alternatives and take Decisions * Predict, Monitor & Control Outcomes Thinking skills required - Systems Thinking * Lateral thinking * Creative thinking Presentation skills required - Language * Logical Flow * Poise/ Body Language * Clarity * Tone & volume * Use of Visuals * Interpersonal skills required - Personal Styles/ profiles * Leadership/ Follower-ship * Trust & Faith * Giving & Taking Feedback Team work skills required - Importance of teams * Purpose * Place * Power * Plan * People * Process * Performance Personal Productivity skills required - Personal Mastery * Time Management * Prioritize * Organize * Details Life long Learning skills required - Learning styles * Learning techniques * Tools Attitudes required - Enthusiasm * Ethics & Integrity * Professionalism
  • 22. Why Can’t Management Colleges Provide The Training Needed? Mumbai University Curriculum has not changed over the years AICTE requires colleges to have full time professors with no industry experience They cannot teach what industry wants because they have no experience in industry “All employers train college students after hiring them. Twenty-five per cent of industry expenditure comprises training for newly hired professionals. This shows that colleges do not make their students fully employable, which is why additional training is required,” - Snehalata Deshmukh, former vice-chancellor of Mumbai University.
  • 23. Some Don’t Want to Change.. Y.C. Halan, former Editor, Financial Express- “Many business schools are run by politicians. Due to political pressure, AICTE has granted recognition to many colleges that do not meet the standards. Many recognized institutions have sub-standard faculties, non-existent libraries, sub-optimal computer facilities and poor industry linkages. Many of them also charge high fees. AICTE has seldom initiated action or withdrawn approvals to such institutions.” Some Management Institutes earn up to Rs. 600 CRORE income per year, tax free!
  • 24. Is AICTE recognition necessary? Some Management Institutes NOT Recognized by AICTE – – Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (Ranked top 10 B school in India, ranked #20 internationally) – S.P. Jain Institute of Management, Mumbai – ICFAI Business School, Mumbai – ITM, Navi Mumbai, etc. Why have reputed management institutes NOT applied for AICTE recognition?
  • 25. A Report By Business Today magazine says: Accreditation procedures followed by AICTE are non-transparent, arbitrary and sometimes dysfunctional Many colleges openly charge AICTE with corruption and bribe taking Faculties at many AICTE recognized technical institutes lack proper qualifications Many AICTE recognized colleges have sub- standard course content with the result that they are unable to meet the skilled manpower requirements of industry
  • 26. What do educationists say about AICTE? “Indian School of Business doesn’t want accreditation from AICTE because it (AICTE) will then start interfering in its course content, batch sizes, student intake, and even the sizes of their buildings.” – Gurucharan Das (respected management guru) “Our destinies are being shaped by people who do not have the remotest idea of education. Everyone at AICTE is busy doing nothing” – S.N Mishra (Dean, MAIT, New Delhi) “AICTE measures quantity, not quality. During inspections, it wants details about things like the size of faculty and classrooms. But what matters to students is the quality of education and AICTE hasn’t done enough in this regard.” – Atul Chauhan (Dean, Amity University) Kapil Sibal (Minister for HRD) has recommended closing down AICTE & has suspended its chairman for taking bribes
  • 27. The Bottom Line Most of the new, high quality management institutes have NOT gone for AICTE recognition AICTE rules prevent innovative curriculum, industry faculty and international tie ups An AICTE recognized college CAN NOT give a high quality management education This is why there are so many unemployable management graduates from AICTE recognized institutes!
  • 28. Your Career Choice If you plan to do a PhD or apply for a government job, then you need to go to an AICTE recognized college. If you want a good job in a well known company, then you should look at the quality of education & faculty provided. Companies hire students based on the quality of training they receive NOT on the government recognition of the college
  • 29. Many Indian Management Diplomas Not Recognized Internationally You may want to work abroad May want to work in multinational More foreign companies entering India Companies prefer global qualifications & global skills Lack of global recognition is why institutes have to depend on PR to get graduates job placement. What about second job?
  • 30. Problems With Existing PGDBM Global Markets – Indian diplomas not recognized Industry Needs – Colleges not providing right skills Is There A Better Way?
  • 31. International Recognition Association of Business Executives (UK) - Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management Recognized by UK Govt & more than 120 other countries including India (thru AIU) Affiliated to 60 top universities in UK, USA, Australia etc. 518 colleges around the world offer this Diploma Now, offered in India for the FIRST TIME
  • 32. Association of Business Executives Post Graduate Diploma In Business Management Internationally Recognized PGDBM Curriculum as per Industry Requirements Taught By Industry Good for jobs in any country in the world including India
  • 33. PGDBM (UK) + MBA (UK) in India 2 Year Course PGDBM awarded by ABE MBA awarded by University of Wales Mix of physical lectures and online learning Flexible timings for working professionals 3 month internship for Freshers
  • 34. More Than 60 Partner Universities Including
  • 35. Industry Driven Syllabus Syllabus created by inputs from international industry Updated every year Taught solely by industry professionals not full time professors Teaching style is interactive and develops industry skills ABE-PGDBM graduates get jobs in Top companies worldwide
  • 36. Work - Study Flexible Timings For Working Professionals All students expected to work or take part in internships provided by us ABE-PGBDM graduates are eligible for the High Skilled Immigrant Program of the UK & can apply for work permits in the UK
  • 37. Some Companies That Have Hired ABE Graduates Internationally
  • 38. Better Job Prospects in India Surveys show that people with foreign diplomas earn up to 37% higher salary than those with Indian diplomas Multinational companies UK/USA offices hire people with ABE Diplomas. Their Indian offices recognize the value as well For any company servicing global clients, employees with global exposure are prefered
  • 39. You can do an MBA only ONCE You can go to one of the other 1600 management institutes & compete for jobs with the other lakhs of graduates OR Talk to us today to explore a better option
  • 40. Looking For an MBA Abroad How You Can Save Almost 50% of The Cost
  • 41. A Foreign MBA Gives You Better job prospects for internationally educated people in India Better job prospects in 120 countries worldwide Ability to work for 2 years in the UK International exposure & network Better quality of education “A foreign university degree could be a significant leg- up for someone who returns to India.” – Outlook Magazine (Jun 28 2010)
  • 42. However, its very Expensive The average tuition fee for a 1 year MBA from a good UK University is £ 12,000 Living costs are roughly another £ 12,000 (including rent, food, books etc.) Total is £ 24,000, almost Rs. 17,00,000
  • 43. Visa Restrictions New UK Visa rules have become very tough Need the FULL amount to cover your education and living expenses in the UK in your bank account (around Rs. 17 Lakh) for at least 3 months before applying Even a written acceptance from a UK University is no guarantee Visa officer can reject you without reason
  • 44. Introducing Association of Business Executives (ABE) UK’s leading examination & qualifications body for management education Partnered with 60 top universities around the world Have 518 affiliated colleges worldwide who offer ABE Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas & PG Diplomas More than 350,000 students each year get ABE qualifications Save almost 50% of the cost of an MBA from a UK University
  • 45. How Does This Work? (Part 1) A UK MBA takes 180 course credits to complete. E.g. if each subject is worth 18 credits, you need to study 10 subjects to get the MBA Study for the ABE Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management in Mumbai Take the exam & get the PG Diploma from ABE directly. This gives you 100-120 credits towards your UK MBA
  • 46. How Does This Work? (Part 2) Enter the UK with your existing ABE PGDBM (you may qualify for a 2 year work permit) Partner UK Universities will complete the balance 60-80 credits in 2-4 months on campus & give you your MBA You can also complete your top up MBA online with 3 Universities
  • 47. Universities Who Will Give you an MBA Brunel University UK Univ of Gloucestershire UK Heriot-Watt University UK (no work experience) University of Hertfordshire, UK University of Portsmouth UK University of Worcester UK Deakin University Australia (no work experience) University of Tasmania, Australia (no work experience) Online from – University of Wales (UK), University of Bradford (UK) & University of Sunderland (UK)
  • 48. ABE has 60 Partner Universities Including
  • 49. Average Cost Savings ABE PGDBM with us – Rs. 1.95 Lakh UK Partner college fees - £ 4,000 (Rs. 2.8 Lakh) Cost of UK stay (4 months) - £ 4,000 (Rs. 2.8 Lakh) Cost of UK MBA via ABE – Rs. 7.55 Lakh. Usual UK MBA cost Rs. 17 Lakh. You save upto Rs. 10 Lakh!
  • 50. Some Examples of Savings With ABE PGDBM University Fees Plus 1 Yr Living Cost Fees Plus Living Cost for ABE PGDBM Graduates Cost Saving De Montfort University Rs. 15,37,000 Rs. 10,94,000 (9 months in UK) Rs. 4,42,000 (Almost 30% saving) University of Coventry Rs.15,15,500 Rs.7,70,000 (5 months in UK) Rs. 7,45,500 (Almost 50% saving) Anglia Ruskin University Rs. 17,15,000 Rs. 6,51,000 (3 months in UK) Rs. 10,64,000 (Almost 63% saving)
  • 51. PGDBM (UK) + MBA (UK) + Internship in UK 2 Year Course (incl 8 months in London) PGDBM awarded by ABE MBA awarded by Coventry University 3 months internship in London Close access to UK Business
  • 52. Visa Issue Solved ABE PGDBM is recognized by UK’s Qualification Certification Authority (QCA) at level 7. This is the SAME as a ‘Masters’ degree It will allow you to stay for one year to work after your MBA, instead of having to return home immediately You need to show you have amount to cover living expenses for three months in your account instead of full one year This will reduce your cost MUCH further to get a student immigration visa
  • 53. Highly Skilled Immigrant (Tier 1) No need for existing employment offer Post Graduate Studies – 75 points English Skills – 10 Points 800 GBP (Rs. 56,000) – 10 Points You will Qualify for the 75 points needed towards your Tier 1 Visa
  • 54. To get a UK MBA, here are your choices Without ABE With ABE Cost Rs. 17 Lakh for tuition & living Rs. 7.5 Lakh for tuition & living Visa 1 year student visa with permission to work 20 hrs per week. Chance of rejection 75 points towards Highly Skilled Immigrant program. Less funds needed to show in bank account. Very low chance of rejection
  • 55. Some Questions You May Have
  • 56. Who are ABE & ABP? Assn of Business Executives (ABE) & Assn of Business Practitioners (ABP) are sister concerns established more than 40 years ago They are industry bodies which provide certificates and diplomas recognized by the UK Govt and multinational companies worldwide 60 top universities partner with them & they have 518 accredited colleges
  • 57. Who are ILM? Institute of Leadership & Management (UK) is a non-profit body offering certificates in various management disciplines It has 2000 training centres around the world Members of ILM are top corporate managers around the world All learning linked to work environment
  • 58. Who are IFA (UK)? Institute of Financial Accountants (est. 1916) is the oldest such Accountants body in the world It is part of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) which sets professional standards and regulates accountants around the world. Students & Members come from 80 countries
  • 59. Who are Centre For Management? Promoted by Shahani Family, On the board of 24 colleges in Mumbai like Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, HR College, KC College, MMK College etc. 1st college established in 1950 Related to Dr. Indu Shahani, Sheriff of Mumbai Maya Shahani is globally recognized philanthropist
  • 60. How About Recognition in India? Association of Indian Universities (AIU) is the only body authorized to recognize foreign degrees in India. It says that all degrees recognized in the UK from institutes are recognized in India as per their notification in 2009 As companies worldwide recognize these certificates, its easy to get similar recognition in India from local companies
  • 61. How is Your International Accreditation Different From Others? UK Government Recognition – All ABE, ABP, IFA, ILM etc. certificates & diplomas are recognized by the UK government. These can all be completed in India without going abroad – Other Indian colleges with international tie ups do a ‘twinning’ program where the course needs to be completed abroad to be recognized. Credit Transfer To 60 Universities – 60 top universities worldwide will recognize the courses you’ve taken with us & accept you into their courses with discounted fees and reduced time to complete their degrees – No other Indian college has this facility with their foreign partner If you speak to other ‘internationally recognized’ colleges, please ensure you ask them about these two points
  • 62. Who Are The Industry Faculty? Subhasis Roy (Vice President, Reliance Industries Ltd.) S.K.Sharma (Vice President, YES Bank) Chandrashekar (Vice President, Lyka Labs Ltd.) Santosh Jaiswal (Unit Human Resources Head, Shoppers Stop) Uday Yadkikar (Senior Manager, Caprihans India Ltd.) Bipin M Shah (Sr. Manager, Bharat Petroleum Ltd.) V. Muralidharan (Sr. Manager, Nicholas Piramal India Ltd.) Jagan Narayan (Manager, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India Pvt. Ltd) A. Sridaran (Manager, Reserve Bank of India) R. Rangarajan (General Manager, Reserve Bank of India) Aslam Checkar (Manager, Kotak Mahindra) International Faculty Include: Edgar Hutte (International Retail Industry Expert) Jeremie Horowitz (CEO, Just Beanz) Irina Kholkina (Senior Associate, Parthenon Group) Richard Alderson (Founder, Career Shifters, UK) All of our faculty are senior industry managers who teach our courses full time
  • 63. What Sort Of Jobs Have Your Students Got? Student Name Company Position Swachhnad Shende DHFL Asst. Manager Ms. Neha Surekha Hello Health Services Business Manager Ms. Namrata Kumar Fab India Merchandiser Muhammad Tharadia Accurate Auto Ltd Marketing Manager Pratik Patidar The Mobile Store Associate Duty Manager Most past students have entered at management roles with salaries up to Rs.3 Lakh P.A.
  • 64. What Can You Do Now? Take a Free Career Aptitude Test To Discover What Career You Are Best Suited For Come for one of our seminars to see the quality of faculty we provide Sign up for one of our courses
  • 65. Final Thought “Waiting is a trap. There will always be reasons to wait. The truth is, there are only two things in life, reasons & results. Results are the only things that count!” - Bill Gates (at Age 22)