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Media coverage's that Youth4work has Got


Published on is a leader in assessments and skill based People Profiling. It is a platform which acts as a marketplace for Talent. With an exponentially growing base of 2.1 Million users from 1500+ locations, 9000+ educational institute profiles, 15,000+ employers advertising more than 60,000 jobs, practice tests for 250+ competitive exams, 1500+ skill certification courses, Youth4work is making a big impact in the way the Talent is Improved and Found across The world

Youth4work has been featured in more than 100 National, International and Regional Newspapers, Channels and Magazines for its initiatives in Talent Assessment and Recruitment Sector. The Prominent ones being The Statesman, The Week, NDTV, CNN IBN, Indian Express, The Tribune, The Pioneer, The Telegraph, Punjab Kesari and Loksabha TV.

We just compiled some of the media coverage that Youth4work has got within a short span of Time.

Have a look at the media coverage and know more about the fastest growing Indian Skill-based Firm.

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Media coverage's that Youth4work has Got

  1. 1. Identify, Improve & Showcase Your Talents Youth4work Media Coverages
  2. 2. 2,024,827+ People 12,317+ Employers 10,376+ Colleges 31,724,875+ Online Test 53,580+ Jobs is a leader in assessments and skill based People Profiling. It is a platform which acts as a marketplace for Talent. With an exponentially growing base of 2.1 Million users from 1500+ locations, 9000+ educational institute profiles, 15,000+ employers advertising more than 60,000 jobs, practice tests for 230+ competitive exams, 1500+ skill certification courses, Youth4work is making a big impact in the way the Talent is Improved and Found across The world
  3. 3. Rachit Jain is the Founder & CEO of a unique talent platform 'Youth4work'. With over 10 years of work experience in technology and management, Rachit has been instrumental in building 'Youth4work' that empowers people to assess and identify their own talents, improve their skills & showcase themselves. Rachit holds a B.Tech in Manufacturing from the National Institute of Foundry & Forge Technology. He began his career in 2006 with Mahindra Automotive in Mumbai where his hard work and leading performance helped him take the lead of a startup venture by Mahindra called Mahindra First Choice Services. Within 2 years, he became the youngest person to manage the team of 100+ people. Besides heading operations of outlets across India, Rachit was responsible for marketing and overall brand building. Though he was climbing the success ladder fast, destiny had some other plans for him. Having an inquisitive nature, Rachit observed that young professionals were allocated responsibilities and portfolios that didn't match their innate strengths. Almost 80% of youth were dissatisfied because they were placed in unsuitable departments. In fact, he also realized that even employers were finding it difficult in hiring the candidates with right talents. This laser focused entrepreneur wanted to prove the world that there is no dearth of talent. But the real problem is Identifying & improving the Talent and then connecting it to the right opportunity. Thus, he left his comfortable and promising corporate career in to chase his dream and bring to table a solution that could help in healthy and optimum utilization of talent. Overcoming many challenges and hurdles, he was able to develop a technology platform that helps comparing as well as improving an individual's personality and skill sets with thousands others and matching him to the requirements of a specific job. Today, standing tall in his early 30's, Rachit has proven to be a man of vision who refused to succumb to the failures. He admires talent and allows his team to be innovative, which makes him the most adorable mentor cum boss. With his leadership, supported by a young and energetic team, a clear road-map for growth, and ongoing dedication to employees, clients, partners, and associates, Youth4work has made its mark and is continuing to cover milestones one after another. Only a driving force like Rachit Jain could take the company to such heights. Besides work, he loves reading sci-fi, outdoor sports and burning calories in the gym whenever he can. Rachit Jain Founder & CEO, Youth4work About Youth4work’s CEO
  4. 4. March2017
  5. 5. July2017
  6. 6. Featured Startup
  7. 7. Related Media Highlights Featured in Startup India this year. Youth4work is a Skill Assessment Platform that went live on Feb 2012 helping the Youth assess and improve their talents. It helped many users to outperformed and be as much profitable as they could be. Future goals to the rescue The Observer of Management Education | August 2017 August2017
  8. 8. The key to skill assessment is Youth4work BW | February 16, 2017 Right Skills, Right Talent Start my Venture April2017 February2017
  9. 9. Featured Tie-Ups
  10. 10. AICTE ties-up with Youth4work Joined hands with All India Council for Technical Education, to facilitate Job and Internship Opportunities along with Skill based Assessments for students of AICTE institutes using our platform. September2017
  11. 11. MEPSC (Skill India)with Youth4work to Youth4work, a talent mapping & acquisition company has signed MoU with Management & Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills Council (MEPSC), an emerging Sector Skills Council committed to create technically and professionally competent workforce and industry professionals for both national and international markets. September2017
  12. 12. Centro Netec ties-up with Youth4workto Our firm partnered with Centro Netec headquartered in Mexico, the biggest business skills training company in Latin America with offices & operations in Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru and more. Our unique 'yRank' technique which takes into account people's talent with the help of the online talent tests and ranks their performances to help them showcase their skills. We have found a great partner with deep understanding in education and the youth market in multiple countries. June2017
  13. 13. Tie up with IFFCO Yuva IFFCO partners Youth4work to help rural youth find employment IFFCO intends to empower rural youth by not only polishing their employability skills but assisting them in employment using technology, the co-operative said in a statement. IFFCO has partnered with Youth4work to create 'IFFCO YUVA'?—?a platform for rural youth under its Indian Cooperative Digital Platform. April2017
  14. 14. RASCI and TSSC ties up with Youth4work Joined hands with Retailers Association's Skill Council of India (RASCI) and Telecom Sector Skill Council (TSSC), India. The rapidly emerging online platform has entered into Memorandum of Understanding with RASCI and TSSC at Mumbai and Gurgaon respectively. We are now an employment channel partner for RASCI and TSSC, thus certified as well as under-training candidates to get opportunities for employment in organizations and earn for their livelihood. August2016
  15. 15. Atul Bhatnagar, COO of NSDC, joined us as an Advisor Helping youth in self-assessing, improving and showcasing their talent has expressed its happiness in announcing that Mr. Atul Bhatnagar, Ex COO, NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation) as its Advisor. Mr. Atul Bhatnagar, the veteran who needs no introduction, who has recently moved on from the role of COO of NSDC, has joined Youth4work as an Adviser. July2016
  16. 16. How we are helping Youth for Work
  17. 17. Related Media News It is our main object to extremely to understand the needs of each user and making them ready to face the competition by preparing them so that they could perform better than their own expectations. The platform also helps companies engage people with specific skill sets for specific activities as well. Youth4work helps in finding new talents across country September2016
  18. 18. रोज़गार का बेहतर मंच देता है यूथ 4 वकक August2017
  19. 19. Isn't it amazing to have an app to skill you? November2016 January2017
  20. 20. Related Media Highlights: The organization in developing and implementing strategies aimed at expanding its horizons. The vision of the Youth4work and vis well-versed with the growing importance of Skill Assessment. Having a wide variety of responsibilities which led to the setting up of the skill development ecosystem in India. We grow with our every user, we grow with their success. Youth4work and The National Skill Development Corporation (PMKVY) strives to train pan India youths with specific skills with of training partners. July2016
  21. 21. Light Camera Action
  22. 22. Channel Name NewCrop (Powered by NASSCOM) Interview Area Youth4work (office premises) (A-21, Vivek Vihar, Phase-II, Delhi 110095) Reference Link
  23. 23. Channel Name Lok Sabha Television Channel Interview Area Youth4work (office premises) (A-21, Vivek Vihar, Phase-II, Delhi 110095) Reference Link
  24. 24. Some of Our & Case Studies Reports
  25. 25. Related Media Highlights We have surface out many topics which are related with our platform with the recent times in all these years. With the better understanding of the concerned issues, always comes better solutions. Bangalore is a leader in the IT sector July2017 June2017
  26. 26. A pan India survey don by Youth4work to know the top skills in different states of India Maharashtra- Good for Marketing Skills | Karnataka – Good for English Communication Tamil Nadu and UP – Low on self-assessing talents November2016
  27. 27. Regional Media Loves us Too
  28. 28. Related Media Highlights: To reach out to the national audience isn't always enough. In a country like India, pitching your ideas should be in a way it could reach to the hearts of the people. Languages plays an important role in communicating. And regional media is the best way out. With millions of students aspiring to represent India on global platforms via skills, Youth4work ensures students hailing from rural areas to be able to learn and improve the most out of this PMKVY scheme.
  29. 29. Rajasthan Rajasthan Patrika, Jaipur, Jan 13, 2017 | Dainik Bhaskar, Jaipur, Jan 16, 2017 | Evening Post, Jaipur, Jan 12, 2017
  30. 30. Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Express, Ahmedabad, Dec 28, 2016 | Free Press, Ahmedabad, Dec 28, 2016 | Mahanagar Metro, Ahmedabad, Dec 28, 2016
  31. 31. Jharkhand AAJ, Jharkhand, Dec 16, 2017 | New Ispat Mail, Jharkhand, Dec 16, 2017 | Hindustan, Jharkhand, Dec 17, 2016
  32. 32. Bhubaneswar Dunia Khbar, Bhubaneswar, Dec 11, 2016 | Manthan, Bhubaneswar, Dec11, 2016
  33. 33. Utter Pradesh OUR LEADER, JAN 2017 | AAJ, JAN 2017
  34. 34. Kolkata YUT The Eastern Observer, Kolkata | YUT Info India, Kolkata
  35. 35. Pune PUNE EXPRESS, JULY 2016 | PUNE HERALD, JULY 2016 | PUNE MIRRAR, JULY 2016
  36. 36. Bangalore Eenadu Bangalore, June 13, 2016 | Dinamani Bangalore, June 13, 2016
  37. 37. Bhopal Central Chronicle, Bhopal, Dec 7, 2016 | Raj Express, Bhopal, Dec4, 2016
  38. 38. Uttarakhand Uttarkhand Herald, June 28, 2016 | Virarjun, June 28, 2016
  39. 39. Youth4work Growth
  40. 40. 2 million: Crossed milestone, 2 million users Youth4work launched it’s app in Hindi and English on pan Indian August2017
  41. 41. Completed 10 lakh app installs September2017
  42. 42. Thanks to all