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Agenda21 - Optimising Paid Search campaigns

Agenda21 - Optimising Paid Search campaigns



Rhys Williams, Founding Partner at agenda21, recently presented at the IAB: World without Search Conference. He spoke about the importance of making sure your search teams and campaigns are focused on ...

Rhys Williams, Founding Partner at agenda21, recently presented at the IAB: World without Search Conference. He spoke about the importance of making sure your search teams and campaigns are focused on optimisation rather than admin, and also how developing Trading Algorithms can improve campaign performance.



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    Agenda21 - Optimising Paid Search campaigns Agenda21 - Optimising Paid Search campaigns Presentation Transcript

    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential PPC – An Agency View Presented at IAB: A World Without Search Rhys Williams, Founding Partner July 19th 2013
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Super search: a media channel like no other ▸ Search is not just a media channel, its becoming influential in almost every decision we make ▸ When was last time you did something important without searching first ? ▸ Check out your personal Google search history - http://www.google.com/history ▸ And no I totally failed to fix the broken rear axel on my bike ! 2
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential That needs to be central to a brands digital eco system ▸ Search needs to sit at the heart of a brands digital eco-system ▸ Its complicated and there is no hiding place for brands or agencies ▸ Management and optimisation requires a new approach from agencies and clients 3
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Its totally transparent ▸ What other media channel allows a client (and PPC managers) to login and see every change made ? ▸ No hiding place for badly managed and run ppc teams ▸ Equally PPC teams can show clients the work they are putting in on an account and the results its delivering ▸ One of the biggest challenges for any PPC team is focussing on the right tasks that add value 4
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential 5 So that means you need a PPC team like no other ▸ 24/7 always on media channel ▸ Understand and adapt quickly to both market and platform developments ▸ Accounts managed and optimised outside of the 9-5 ▸ In-depth understanding of business dynamics and KPIs ▸ Data geeks, traders, planners and communicators ▸ In-depth understanding of tech platforms and custom build ▸ Need to harvest and integrate data into actionable insights Challenge ▸ Dynamic and fast-paced trading environment ▸ Business critical ▸ Requires specialist knowledge ▸ Technical ▸ Data intensive Deliverable
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential What does reacting to market conditions mean in practise ? 6
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Why is operating outside of 9-5 so important ? 7 ▸ You don’t always need someone in the office and make full use of ad scheduling ▸ But you do need the right technology partners ▸ Team process and management is critical ▸ Affiliates have become a lot smarter and will target brands: ▸ Outside of 9-5 (when most people check) ▸ On different devices ▸ Using advanced settings i.e language
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential 8 1+1 should always = 2 ▸ Firstly, get the data collection right: ▸ Review of current data sources ▸ Identify gaps in data and business knowledge ▸ Correct setup of KPIs aligned with business objectives ▸ Secondly, implement more advanced techniques i.e ▸ Segments and custom variables ▸ Assisted conversions ▸ And finally build useful dashboards and alerts to with link to PPC optimisation
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential 9 Hallelujah its raining tech ▸ Bid management technology has always played a key role in PPC optimisation but how much difference does it really make? ▸ Great for organisation and workflow but can generic algorithms give advertisers a competitive advantage ▸ Use in conjunction with custom bid optimisation/rule setting and that means PPC, data and tech working together on PPC campaigns ▸ Historically, agencies (and clients) have not been good at developing tech but this has to change
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Next generation optimisation – Trading Algorithms 10 Client Market Paid CPCs Conversion Rates Impression Share vs. Lost Impression Share Hierarchy of Priorities Market Conditions Trading Algorithms Search Volume (Historic) Search Volume (Predictive) Search CPC Product: Product example 1 Product example 2 Product example 3 Product example 4 Availability Volume Value Margin Frequency
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential 11
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Not just any geek’s ▸ PPC campaigns are administrative heavy and this can mean that less time is spent on optimising accounts ▸ Work flow and process is mission critical but often poorly managed and neglected ▸ At agenda21: ▸ 55% of time spent talking to clients and optimising accounts ▸ 28% of time spent on admin and reporting – working hard to drive this down further with tech/data team ▸ How does your team/agency stack up ? 12
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Getting the right team and structure ▸ Most accounts have grown organically and will have been built, amended and optimised by different teams ▸ Different PPC strategies when combined with staff turnover will have a detrimental effect on performance ▸ Need to build a process to review and restructure accounts (if required) on a regular basis ▸ Agencies have to work harder at keeping PPC team’s engaged and motivated: ▸ Smaller ‘micro-teams’ with senior people actively involved with accounts ▸ Integration with data and tech teams ▸ Need the right client commercials ▸ Efficient process and workflow – not just lip service ▸ Benchmarking and KPIs 13
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Process is good 14 Checklists + Process Daily planning and deliverables Setting milestones Time tracking and reconciliation
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential 15 Search and planning ▸ Having a strategic direction for accounts and a clear communication platform is still important in search marketing and often neglected ▸ Increasingly we are buying audiences and behaviours not just keywords ▸ Keyword paths ▸ Re-targeting ▸ Integration with display ▸ Mobile search ▸ Shopping and Product Listing Ads ▸ Image and video search ▸ Needs planners and clients to think specifically about search environment. Not just day-day tactical.
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Benchmarking PPC performance ▸ No need for expensive and often misleading buying reviews ▸ How relevant is the bought CPT or CPC vs pool for digital media ? ▸ Measure performance directly against the market and your competitors ▸ CPC ▸ CTR ▸ Bounce Rate ▸ Impression share ▸ Device 16
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential Looking to the future ▸ Search is no longer just buying keywords and increasingly its about buying audiences/behaviours. Need strategic direction and media planning. ▸ Your PPC team has to reflect the complexity of the channel and that means binging together all the different skills in the right way ▸ Harvesting the right data and getting it into actionable insights is now vital– don’t die in excel hell ▸ Technology on its own is not the answer and you cannot just “fire and forget” ▸ Increasing requirement to develop bespoke trading algorithms 17
    • © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential © agenda21 2013 – Private & Confidential For more information, please contact Rhys@agenda21digital.com