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Sales Process Engineering: Marketing Planning and Automation


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Sales Process Engineering is a strategic planning system and toolset. It enables you to engineer a sales & marketing process to match the key stages in the buyers’ process - to mirror exactly how clients want to buy.

You can measure and optimise each progressive stage in your sales & marketing process. Then specify the campaigns, collateral and training that will boost performance and maximise your return on investment.

The planning system targets the key issues that trouble sales and marketing Directors:-

# Sales and marketing alignment: where there are conflicting strategies and tactics between your teams. To ensure a shared understanding of the market and what’s required to create and convert new market opportunity into growth & revenue.
# Sales and marketing process is opaque: Sales Process Engineering enables you to identify and fix problems that arise from the earliest stage of market planning - through to the sales close and retention.
# Metrics: inability to measure and evaluate performance at each key stage in the sales and marketing process. Where are the stats needed daily/ monthly to monitor and manage business development?
# Scalable: no forecasting of return on investment and time-scales. Sales Process Engineering answers such questions as: how and where to invest in sales and marketing in order to scale up the business to generate more revenue and profits?
# Buyer Behaviour: data is required on exactly how decisions are made, by whom and for what reasons during the course of the “buyer’s journey”. Can you sell effectively without knowing why customers buy and what influences them?

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Sales Process Engineering: Marketing Planning and Automation

  1. 1. How to cut sales costsHow to cut sales costs…. marketing overhead…. marketing overhead…. & increase revenue and profits…. & increase revenue and profitswithwithSales Process EngineeringSales Process 0044 20 8870 4976 UK
  2. 2. Agenda for ChangeAgenda for ChangeWhen budgets are tight...People & organisations are reluctant to buy...Markets are more competitive than every before.Sales success demands:-1. A systematic, fully integrated sales & marketing process that isaligned with how buyers make real-world buying decisions.2. Then automate the process, to make best use of your existingCRM and on-line media and data sourcesIt starts by designng an end-to end sales &marketing process like this.... (next slide)
  3. 3. Sales Process Engineering:Sales Process Engineering:The Planning SystemThe Planning SystemMarketMarketPlanningPlanningTargetniche market(s)•Identify customerproblem(s)•Differentiate oursolution(s)•Define & prepChannelsAccountAccountPlanningPlanningBuild segmenteddatabase•Map‘Buyer Process’USPs, objections,tipping point•Prep Sales Team:Forms•Differentiated OfferGenerateGenerateAwarenessAwarenessMarcomms to‘worry’candidates•Raiseawareness ofsolution value•Developcomms media& collateral•Engage IntroducersGenerateGenerateLeadsLeadsTrigger candidateresponse•Define 3 pre-qualifyingquestions•Engagementissues & plan•Assign leadsto Sales: Forms•Lead StatusReportSales 1:Sales 1:QualifyQualify& Influence& InfluenceContact lead,qualify,assess needs•Develop salescollateral•Prep supportingreference data•SPE & SPINquestions: FormsSales 2:Sales 2:TheTheSolutionSolutionDevelop& proposesolution•Decision makers,criteria,SWOT•Address the problem –solution gap•Trials,guarantees,small-steps: FormsCRMCRMRetentionRetentionManage customersfor growth•Tiered accounthandling,by value•Referrals,case studies•Schedule reviews•User GroupMeeting
  4. 4. Sales Process Engineering: OverviewSales Process Engineering: Overview• The Goal: systematic optimisation of ROI from your sales & marketingprocess• Demands: alignment, transparency, metrics & scalability in a defined process• Logical: its a process to understand, model and match how ‘buyers buy’• Modules: SPE planning; Buyer Behaviour research, SPE training and CRMintegration, New Business Introductions (Sales leads using LinkedIn)• Compatible with all CRM software. SPE maps to legacy and new systems• Sales Process Engineering is guaranteed, to agreed KPIs and ROI
  5. 5. Problems SolvedProblems SolvedMore revenue and profit: how to identify and develop opportunities, cut waste andmaximise ROI from sales and marketing* Sales and marketing alignment: conflicting strategies and tactics between teams* Understanding the buyer: do you know what is required to create and convert newmarket opportunity into growth & revenue?* Sales and marketing process is opaque: problems arise -- what’s happening at each stage? What’s going wrong and how do you fix it?* Metrics: how to measure and evaluate performance at each key stage- where are the metrics you need?* Scalability: forecasting return on investment and time-scales- how and where to invest to scale up the business?– … & lack of quality sales leads (see SPE BusinessIntroductions)
  6. 6. New Business IntroductionsNew Business IntroductionsGenerate new sales leads & cut costs with the Power of the internet• We generate new B2B sales leads from target markets using LinkedIn and other on-line media. Result: a consistent stream of new leads & revenue, inexpensively• How it works: we research your target markets; profile key buyers and influencers;develop compelling content; and contact prospects, quality and arrange intros• Benefits: works seamlessly in the background. Integrates with and supports yoursales & marketing processes, campaigns and other activities• Low cost, high value. Metrics to measure campaigns, to agreed KPIs.• Uses the power of LinkedIn and on-line resources – without additional web sitechanges or costs for you
  7. 7. Sales Process Engineering: Key benefitsSales Process Engineering: Key benefits• Fully aligns sales and marketing activities based on a new model of buyerbehaviour and understanding of how to influence it• Provides you with a transparent, measurable sales and marketing process• Diagnose and resolve specific sales or marketing problems: whether inbranding, lead generation, conversion rates or ROI issues• Evaluate and measure precisely the sales and marketing tools and mediarequired to meet your customers’ needs for communication and service• Accelerate definition of customer’s problem and solution delivery, toreduce operational costs and improve productivity for you and thecustomer alike.• New leads, more business, at a lower cost
  8. 8. The Buyers’ ProcessThe Buyers’ ProcessHow does theproblem arise?•With whom?Buyer is worriedBuyer is worriedbutbut unawareunawareAcknowledgesAcknowledgesproblemproblemWho isaffected,how, when?•How does theproblemdevelop?Tipping Point:Tipping Point:Recognises need, actsRecognises need, actsWhat happens, towhom and when, thattriggerscustomer to act?•Why delay acting –what are theproblems intaking action?RFI, RFP,RFI, RFP,ContractContractHow/ whowill theyassess thevendors?•What are theselectioncriteria, howweighted?New needsNew needsWhat newneeds canwe satisfy?•Whichprospects canthey introduce?
  9. 9. Process alignmentProcess alignment
  10. 10. Essential Desktop MetricsEssential Desktop MetricsProgramme ROI(Return onInvestment)CompetitorMarket shareTargetcustomersegmentsLeads bysourceLead bystatus: ratiosTop sales rep Leads by media FormsTop 10 deals
  11. 11. Sales Process Engineering:Sales Process Engineering:OverviewOverview1. Review:-• Identify key current issues in your sales & marketing process• Assess application of Sales Process Engineering planning system• Agree required actions2. Diagnosis:-• Evaluate your current sales and marketing challenges and performance• Target ROI, alignment, transparency, metrics and scalability• Agree opportunities, required actions and investment3. Solutions:-• Map the sales & marketing process to meet your objectives• Specify and address key stages in the process to meet challenges• Research Buyers• Review results, benefits, reporting and next actions
  12. 12. Next Stage: Business Process ReviewNext Stage: Business Process ReviewActions:-• Identify key current issues for the business in your sales & marketingprocess• Review current plans & opportunites: assess benefits and KPIsOutcomes:-• Agree and prioritise your key current issues and the actions required inyour sales & marketing process• Documented proposal, timetable, costings and deliverables
  13. 13. Sales Process EngineeringSales Process EngineeringThank you!Further