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Main idea ppt

  1. 1. Main Idea andMain Idea andSupporting DetailsSupporting Details
  2. 2. Main Idea• Every story or paragraph has a main idea.• The main idea tells you what the story isabout.• The main idea maybe the lesson learned ormoral of a story.• The main idea is the most important partof a story or paragraph.
  3. 3. Supporting Details• The supporting details arethe things that describe themain idea.• These supporting detailsmake the main idea stronger.
  4. 4. Read the Passage andChoose the Main Idea• Niagara Falls is one of the most beautifulsights in North America. It is on theNiagara River halfway between LakeOntario and Lake Erie. Niagara Falls islocated on the American and Canadianborder. The American Falls is 167 feethigh. On the Canadian side, the HorseshoeFalls is 161 feet high.
  5. 5. QuestionWhat is the main idea of thepassage?Remember main idea is whatthe story is about.
  6. 6. Answer•Main Idea: NiagaraFalls is one of themost beautiful sightsin North America.
  7. 7. Choose the Main Ideaof this Passage• The Statue of Liberty is visited bythousands of people every year. TheStatue of Liberty is a 151 footstatue of woman holding a book and atorch. It was a gift of friendshipfrom the people of France. It hasbecome the universal symbol forfreedom.
  8. 8. Question• What is the main idea ofthis passage?• What was the passageabout?
  9. 9. AnswerMain Idea:The Statue of Liberty
  10. 10. Find the SupportingDetails in this Passage• The Erie Canal changed the way peoplemoved goods in the 1800’s. The 363 milecanal connected Albany, New York to LakeErie in Buffalo for the first time. Whenthe Canal opened in 1825, building suppliesand goods could be transported quickly andcheaply across New York State. Canalboats pulled by mules carried people andsupplies across New York.
  11. 11. QuestionMain Idea: Lake Erie changed the waypeople moved goods.• What are the supporting details ofthis passage?• Remember supporting detailsdescribe the main idea.
  12. 12. Answer• Supporting Details:• 1-The 363 mile canal connected Albany andNew York for the first time.• 2-The canal boats pulled by mules carriedpeople and supplies across New YorkState.• 3-The canal made a way for goods to betransported cheaply and quickly.
  13. 13. ReviewOur stories would not make sense ifthey did not include a main idea withsupporting details.You will need to be able to select themain idea and the supporting detailsfrom everything you read.
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