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Grades 5-8

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Personification *giving human qualities to objects and animals
  2. 2. Personification helps the reader get a clearer picture of what the author is writing about.
  3. 3. Some examples of personification:
  4. 4. The tree by the river wept under the weight of the storm.
  5. 5. Blades of grass struggled in the sand.
  6. 6. The tired school bus spat out its students.
  7. 7. The insects greeted the warm air with loud chirping.
  8. 8. The mall called out to Emily.
  9. 9. The chicken hurled insults at me!
  10. 10. Our television blinked and then went to sleep in the storm.
  11. 11. Fear knocked on the door.
  12. 12. The flames licked my face.
  13. 13. Our computers are crabby today.
  14. 14. The dusty blanket gave out a cough as it was opened.
  15. 15. The tsunami swallowed everything in its path.
  16. 16. Which is the grumpiest?
  17. 17. Who is in charge?
  18. 18. Which is the wisest?
  19. 19. Your Turn Use personification to bring one of the following to life: •The dentist’s chair... •An ATM machine... •The angry clouds... •An airport metal detector... •The hungry chain saw... •The dense fog...