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Virgin atlantic limited

  1. 1.  Virgin Atlantic has a very simple mission. The mission itself has been divided into three parts- To grow a profitable airline. To be an airline in which people love to travel. And where people(employees) love to work.
  2. 2.  Virgin Atlantic is a British airline owned by Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group (51%) and Singapore Airlines (49%). Its headquarters are in Crawley, West Sussex, England, near Gatwick Airport. It operates between the United Kingdom and North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Australia from its bases at Gatwick Airport and London Heathrow Airport using a mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing wide bodied jets. In 2011, Virgin Atlantic carried 5.3 million passengers, making it the eighth largest UK airline based on passenger numbers. In the year to February 2010, the airline made an annual operating loss of £132 million on turnover of £2,357 million.
  3. 3.  Randolph Fields an American-born lawyer, and Alan Hellary, a former chief pilot for Laker Airways, set up British Atlantic Airways as a successor to Laker Airways. Fields met Richard Branson at a party in Central London during which he proposed a business partnership. After protracted and testy negotiations, Fields agreed to a reduced stake of 25% in the airline (renamed Virgin Atlantic) and became first chairman. Following disagreements over operations, Fields agreed to be bought out for an initial sum of £1 million with further payment on Virgins first dividend. As a result of a High Court action, this additional payment was received shortly before Fields death from cancer in 1997.
  4. 4.  On 22 June 1984, Virgin Atlantic operated its inaugural scheduled service between Gatwick and Newark using a leased Boeing 747-200 In 1986, the airline added another Boeing 747 and started a scheduled route from Gatwick to Miami. Additional aircraft were acquired and routes launched from Gatwick later on in the consequent years.
  5. 5. Strengths Opportunities•The dedicated emphasis on •The increasing number ofcustomer service and innovation travelers in the UK is also an•It is headquartered in a country opportunity for Virgin Atlantic.where airline competition is •There might have a push on thetolerated and enhance because market with its latest Heathrowof the deregulation policy. clubhouse. Weaknesses Threats•Lacks transparency unlike other •The emerging consumer mindsetcompanies UK and around the thus it is dangerous to ride airlinesworld. because they are suspectable to•Virgin Atlantic reach only limited terrorist attacts.countries unlike other global •Emergences of new airlines, asairlines. there are newly formed ones using•The company has limited Virgin concepts.destination.
  6. 6.  All Virgin Atlantic aircraft offer personal seat-back televisions that provide entertainment channels. Most aircraft (some 747-400s, one A340-300 and all A340- 600s) have an Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) system called V:Port. The new A330-300 aircraft have a new touch screen AVOD system called JAM.
  7. 7.  Near the nose of each aircraft is a pinup girl carrying a Union flag, designed by British artist Ken White, called Scarlet Lady. Each aircraft has a name, usually feminine, such as Ladybird, Island Lady and Ruby Tuesday, but some are linked to registrations (e.g. G-VFIZ— Bubbles). In 2010, the livery was replaced by a new design, featuring a larger logo and slight changes to the Scarlet Lady. The wingtips, previously carrying the Union flag, were repainted red, with the Virgin logo on the inside facing passengers onboard. The Virgin Atlantic logo was also added to the underside of the
  8. 8. V.A.- Almost 28years old now!Virgin Atlantic bossSir Richard Bransonposes with modelKate Moss on a wingof a jumbo jet atHeathrow Airport onJune 22, 2009 inLondon, England.Virgin Atlanticcelebrating its 25thBirthday
  9. 9.  The London Heathrow Airport has a whole dedicated terminal for the passengers flying with VA. This particular terminal has KIOSK machines which does the quick check in for the fliers and saves time.
  10. 10.  Virgin Atlantic also gives the provision various services for relaxation while the premium price payers can relax before they board the flights. Services like massage, spa can be availed while they passengers enjoy free food and drinks.