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Aviation industry

  1. 1. Aviation Scenario in Today’s World With over 3000 jetliners on backlog and over 800 delivered in 2004, all signs indicate that we are just pass the high point of the jetliner “boom” in the classic boom/bust order cycle. But this has been a very unusual boom. For one thing, 2003 was expected to be a recovery year, not a peak year. With well over 650 orders it turned into a peak year although 2004 matched it with over 700 orders. And then to use an overused metaphor it just kept going like an Energizer Bunny—2005 has already passed 2004 in orders within a 7 month period and with major orders from the likes of Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Singapore Airlines and Gulf Air still expected to come, 2005 could well be the peak year for orders placed in Commercial Aviation History. Yet this cycle looks different. Airlines dint really queue up to place orders, rather manufacturing giants Airbus and Boeing pounded the pavement, aggressively selling aircrafts at a discount. In 2003, the leasing companies began to replace actual airlines in the order’s book—about 30% of the backlog now compromises lesser, who are essentially buying planes in the hope that the market will continue to grow. Jetliner pricing has been extremely soft with the list prices of both Boeing and Airbus remaining frozen from 2002-2004, the first time this has happened in a decade. In 2005 both manufacturer’s announced that they are raising list prices but list prices have become irrelevant. Anecdotal evidence suggests rampant discount pricing with rumors of as low prices as 80 million dollars for the Airbus 330s that were bought by North West Airlines which are listed at 240 million a piece. Boeing is not to far behind who sold one of their latest commercial offering the 777-300 ER at a rate 160 million dollars below list price to launch customers Air France. This largely premature and unprofitable upturn will result in future pain. There is terrific glut of narrow bodies arriving in the next few years [450 of those in the Indian market] which will likely result in a market downturn. 1
  2. 2. Two sides of a Large Coin Jetliner manufacturers have spent the last ten years debating the future of air transport. Airbus has maintained that strong passenger and freight growth rates, coupled with geographic concentration and airline alliance trends will mean greater demand for larger aircraft. Boeing by contrast believes that airline demand for flexibility, new airports and markets, plus the availability of new long range aircrafts, will lead to route fragmentation, which implies a move away from very large aircraft. Boeing 787 Dreamliner The 787-8 Dreamliner and 787-9 airplanes will carry 223-259 passengers in tri-class configurations on routes of 8,500 and 8,300 nautical miles (15,700 and 15,400 kilometers) respectively. A third 787 family members, the 787-3 Dreamliner, will accommodate nearly 296 passengers in a two-class configuration and be optimized for routes of 3,500 nautical miles (6,500 km). In addition to bringing big-jet ranges to mid-size airplanes, the 787 will provide airlines with unmatched fuel efficiency, resulting in exceptional environmental performance. The airplane will use 20 percent less fuel for comparable missions than any similarly sized airplane. It will also travel at speeds similar to today's fastest wide bodies, Mach 0.85. Airlines will enjoy approximately 45 percent more cargo revenue capacity. 2
  3. 3. Airbus 380-800 The A380 will carry more passengers over longer distances, allowing for projected passenger growth worldwide and helping to ease an increasingly congested environment. It will achieve this without increasing the number of air traffic movements and without n e g a t i v e l y i m p a c t i n g t h e e n v i r o n m e n t , t h a n k s t o s i g n i f i c a n t l y r e d u c e d n o i s e a n d e m i s s i o n s l e v e l s . T h i s 5 5 5 - s e a t a i r c r a f t w i l l d e l i v e r a n u n p a r a l l e l e d l e v e l o f c o m f o r t w h i l e r e t a i n i n g a l l t h e b e n e f i t s o f c o m m o n a l i t y w i t h A i r b u s ’ o t h e r f l y - b y - w i r e a i r c r a f t F a m i l i e s . From the standpoint of late 2004, the answer remains undecided, but Boeing’s version appears more likely. While 747-400 freighter orders have been strong the backlog for the passenger versions of the current Jumbo jet is 8 aircrafts, a record low. Several key carriers most notably British Airways and United Airlines have converted some 747-400 orders to smaller 777s. While the Asian market is making a strong recovery most Asian carriers are ordering 300 seats 777 and 340s. But Airbus 380 has already received 150+ orders showing the variability of the market and airline needs. The market’s behavior is likely to be an indicator that Asian passenger routes are indeed fragmenting. An analysis of the equipment flown on Pacific routes indicates a trend away from the 747s towards the new mini-jumbos-A340s and 777s and the experience of the North Atlantic market over the last 20 years indicates that the carriers move away from large four engine planes as soon as lower cost equipment is available. In fact several key international airlines, most notably Delta, American, Continental Airlines, no longer have any 747s at all. But then again the major ones still have them and continue to see demand for both Long Range and Large capacity aircraft. Coming to my project on Airline Management, we all know that the words “Airline Management” is too vast a topic and is 3
  4. 4. very difficult to explain to any given individual especially since most of the information is classified. Hence I decided to take into account the physical and visible aspects of Airline Management and to present it an easy to understand manner without making much use of technical jargon, I have decided to take the award winning Virgin Atlantic Airlines to show the effective management frameworks with this Airline’s structure. Thus through Emirates Airline I will show the following management decisions that come into • Criteria for Purchasing Aircraft types • Ensuring the passenger satisfaction through comfortable seating • The various First, Business and Economy class which have become a benchmark for industrial standards • Convenient timings for transit passenger’s—which is their main customer base • Onboard and ground services ensuring they win customer satisfaction before the flight departs • London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport as hub airport • Effective fleet utilization • Future Orders and plans • Marketing and sponsorship and various other activities 4
  5. 5. Virgin Atlantic Airlines:- Virgin Atlantic Airways IATA VS ICAO VIR Call sign VIRGIN Founded 1984 Hubs London Heathrow Airport London Gatwick Airport Focus cities / secondary hubs Manchester International Airport Frequent flyer program Flying Club Member lounge Clubhouse Fleet size 34 Destinations 31 Parent company Virgin Group Headquarters Crawley, England, United Kingdom Key people Richard Branson (Chairman), Steve Ridgway (CEO) Virgin Atlantic Airways usually referred to as Virgin Atlantic, is one of the airlines of Richard Branson's Virgin Group, operating long-haul routes between London and North America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Its main bases are London Heathrow (LHR) and London Gatwick (LGW), with a smaller base at Manchester International Airport (MAN). The company holds a United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority Type A Operating License, it is permitted to carry passengers, cargo and mail on aircraft with 20 or more seats. 5
  6. 6. History:- Richard Branson Sir Richard Branson during the announcement of the Virgin Express airline which would compete with Ryan air and Easy Jet. Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson, sometimes abbreviated as SRB for "Sir Richard Branson" (born 18 July 1950, Shamley Green, Surrey), is a British entrepreneur, best known for his Virgin brand, a banner that encompasses a variety of business organizations. The name Virgin was chosen because a female friend involved in setting down the initial record shop commented that they were all virgins in business and there were no virgins between them. It is estimated that Branson is worth over £3 billion (equivalent to over US$5 billion) according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2006. It is also said that he is starting a new were business but no-one knows what this will be or what it is about. he is also going to the moon on SPECIAL SHUTTLE THAT IS BEING BUILT FOR HIM. Branson formed Virgin Atlantic Airways in 1984, launched Virgin Mobile in 1999, Virgin Blue in Australia in 2000, and later failed in a 2000 bid to handle the National Lottery. In 1997 Branson took what many saw as being one of his riskier business exploits by entering into the railway business. Virgin Trains won the franchises for the former Intercity West Coast and Cross-Country sectors of British Rail. Launched with the usual Branson fanfare with promises of new high-tech tilting trains and enhanced levels of service, Virgin Trains soon ran into problems with the aging rolling stock and crumbling infrastructure it had inherited from BR. The company's reputation was almost irreversibly damaged in the late 1990s as it struggled to make trains reliably run on time while it awaited the modernization of the West Coast Main Line, and the arrival of new rolling stock. Virgin has acquired European short-haul airline Euro Belgian Airlines, renaming it Virgin Express. It also started a national airline based in Nigeria, called Virgin 6
  7. 7. Nigeria. Another airline, Virgin America, is set to launch out of San Francisco in 2007. Branson has also developed a Virgin Cola brand, but is now retreating only to the UK market, and even a Virgin Vodka brand, which has not been an overly successful enterprise. As a consequence of these lack luster performers and perceived obscure accounting practices, the satirical British fortnightly magazine, Private Eye, has been critical of Branson and his companies. (see Private Eye picture caption) After the so-called campaign of "dirty tricks" (see expanded reference in Virgin Atlantic Airways), Branson sued rival airline British Airways for libel in 1992. John King, then-chairman of British Airways, countersued Branson, and the case went to trial in 1993. British Airways, faced with likely defeat, settled the case, giving £500,000 to Branson and a further £110,000 to his airline and had to pay legal fees of up to £3 million. Branson divided his compensation (the so-called BA bonus) among his staff. On September 25, 2004 he announced the signing of a deal under which a new space tourism company, Virgin Galactic, will license the technology behind Space Ship One to take paying passengers into suborbital space. The group plans to make flights available to the public by late 2007 with tickets priced at $200,000. The deal was mostly financed by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and the modern American space engineer & visionary, Burt Rutan. Branson says his success was not planned, and it just happened, he has said that he has 10 secrets to success: 1. You've got to challenge the big ones. 2. Keep it casual. 3. Haggle: everything is negotiable. 4. Have fun working. 5. Do the right things for the brand. 6. Smile for the cameras! 7. Don't lead "sheep", herd "cats". 8. Move like a bullet. 9. Size does matter. 10. Be a common, regular person. Competition with British Airways 7
  8. 8. Virgin has always been a rival of British Airways. In January 1991 the UK Civil Aviation Authority opened the door for Virgin to operate from Heathrow and services were started from July 1991, one of the major causes of the BA "dirty tricks" campaign against Virgin. In 1992 BA's PA director David Burnside published an article in BA News which argued that Branson protestations against British Airways were merely for publicity. Branson sued British Airways for libel. BA settled out of court when its lawyers unearthed evidence of the extraordinary lengths the company went to "kill off" Virgin. BA was faced with a legal bill of up to £3m, damages to Sir Richard of £500,000 and a further £110,000 to his airline. Branson divided his £500,000 amongst his staff in the so-called "BA bonus", each receiving £166. 1993: BA dirty tricks against Virgin cost £3m British Airways has ended one of the most bitter and protracted libel actions in aviation history in a humiliating climb-down. At the High Court Christopher Clarke QC, counsel for BA, apologised "unreservedly" for an alleged "dirty tricks" campaign against Virgin Atlantic. BA also agreed to pay damages of £500,000 to Virgin boss Richard Branson and £110,000 to his airline, as well as incurring legal costs of up to £3m. Counsel for Virgin and Mr Branson, George Carman QC, had told Mr Justice Drake of "distinctly hostile" rumours that had been circulating about his client. The traditional rivalry between the two airlines intensified from July 1991 when Virgin moved the centre of its operations from Heathrow to Gatwick, in direct competition with BA. 'Sharp business practices' By October Mr Branson had accumulated evidence of BA employees poaching Virgin customers and tampering with confidential company files. 8
  9. 9. He also claimed that BA's PR consultant, Brian Basham, had been undermining him and his company's reputation in the City and the press. Mr Branson confronted BA's non-executive directors about these "sharp business practises" in an open letter. They dismissed the allegations and said he was simply seeking publicity. In February 1992, after an investigative report by Thames Television, BA bosses, including chairman Lord King, repeated their claims that Virgin was "securing publicity" in an internal magazine and various letters. These written statements formed the basis of Mr Branson's libel case. BA and Lord King then counter-sued over Mr Branson's original allegations. The counter-claim was also withdrawn today. Virgin Atlantic Airbus A340-300 In the 1990s, Virgin Atlantic jets were painted with the words "No-Way BA/AA" in opposition to the attempted merger between British Airways and American Airlines. In 1997, following British Airways' announcement that it was to remove the Union Jack from its tailfins in favour of world images, Virgin took advantage of the controversy provoked by introducing a union flag design on the winglets of its aircraft, and changed the red dress on the "Scarlet Lady" on the nose of its aircraft to the union flag also, with the tag line "Britain's Flag Carrier" to tongue- in-cheek challenge BA's traditional spot in this role. Relations with British Airways improved considerably (though rivalry continued) with the arrival of Rod Eddington as BA CEO. Eddington replaced Robert Ayling, who was a key player in the dirty tricks affair. 49% of Virgin Atlantic was sold to Singapore Airlines in December 1999 for £600.25 million. In August 2002, Virgin became the first airline to use the Airbus A340-600. Rolls-Royce has won all recent engine competitions for Virgin aircraft; the company's Trent-500's will power the A340s and the Trent 900 will power A380s on order. Flying with Virgin 9
  10. 10. Virgin Atlantic G-VAST leaves from San Francisco. The airline has three classes of service: Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class. Premium Economy provides a separate check-in, a larger seat with more leg room than Economy, and a welcoming glass of champagne. Virgin Atlantic calls its business-class product offering "Upper Class". Upper Class passengers can request complimentary limousine pick-up and drop-off at the airport, and at their destination, although the limousine is not available to those who purchase the cheaper "Z" coded Upper Class fare. At the airport, Upper Class passengers can use Virgin's clubhouse lounge. On board and in the Heathrow and Gatwick clubhouses, passengers can avail themselves of massage services. Unlike some international carriers, Virgin gives free personal amenity kits, including toothbrush, pen, earplugs and eye mask, to passengers in all three classes. Upper Class passengers are now given a paper envelope, with just socks, eyeshades and earplugs in it, other items are available on request, subject to stock. Virgin also pioneered seat-back personal TVs in all classes, and has begun upgrading their aircraft to an Audio/Video on Demand (AVOD) system called V: Port. The V:Port system offers a choice of approximately 50 full length feature films, 60 audio CDs, and around 200 hours of television shows. Also featured are video games, some of which can be played against other passengers. In the second quarter of 2006 Virgin announced that they will launch an updated Premium Economy product with leather seats and a wider seat than British Airways business class offering, Club World. This new design is due to launch in late 2006 or early 2007. Fleet 10
  11. 11. Virgin Atlantic Airways Boeing 747-400 (G-VBIG) (Tinker Belle) taxiing to the take off point at London Heathrow Airport. Virgin Atlantic's Fleet consists of the following as of August 2006: • 5 Airbus A340-300 • 16 Airbus A340-600 (further 10 on order) • 13 Boeing 747-400 • 10 Airbus A380-800 (6 on order) In November 2003 Virgin introduced the Upper Class Suite, which is the longest totally flat bed in Business Class. The Upper Class Suite is now finally fitted on all of Virgin's aircraft. As of July 2006, A340-300 G-VBUS and G-VSUN are on wet- lease to Virgin Nigeria Airways. 747s are used on all routes from Gatwick and Manchester. From Heathrow 747s are used on routes to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston; along with A340s which are used for all other Heathrow routes. G-VRED (to be delivered in October 2006) is said to be the first one with the new Virgin livery. Designation Aircraft Entertainment system G-VAIR (Maiden Tokyo) A340-300 (Suite) ODYSSEY G-VAST (Ladybird) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)ODYSSEY G-VATL (Miss Kitty) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VBIG (Tinker Belle) 747-400 (LHR Suite) V:PORT G-VBLU (Soul Sister) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT 11
  12. 12. G-VEIL (Queen Of The Skies)A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VELD (African Queen) A340-300 (Suite) ODYSSEY G-VFAB (Lady Penelope) 747-400 (LHR Suite) V:PORT G-VFAR (Diana) A340-300 (Suite) ODYSSEY G-VFIT (Dancing Queen) A340-600 (Config. 2) V:PORT G-VFIZ (Bubbles) A340-600 (Config. 2) V:PORT G-VFOX (Silver Lady) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VGAL (Jersey Girl) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)NOVA G-VGAS (Varga Girl) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VGOA (Indian Princess) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VHOL (Jet streamer) A340-300 (Suite) ODYSSEY G-VHOT (Tubular Belle) 747-400 (LHR Suite) V:PORT G-VLIP (Hot Lips) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)NOVA G-VMEG (Mystic Maiden) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VNAP (Sleeping Beauty) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT 12
  13. 13. G-VOGE (Cover Girl) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VROC (Mustang Sally) 747-400 (LHR Suite) V:PORT G-VROM (Barbarella) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)NOVA G-VROS (English Rose) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)NOVA G-VROY (Pretty Woman) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)NOVA G-VSEA (Plane Sailing) A340-300 (Suite) ODYSSEY G-VSHY (Claudia Nine) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VSSH (Sweet Dreamer) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VTOP (Virginia Plain) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)ODYSSEY G-VWIN (Lady Luck) A340-600 (Config. 2) V:PORT G-VWKD (Miss Behavin) A340-600 (Config. 1) V:PORT G-VWOW (Cosmic Girl) 747-400 (LHR Suite) V:PORT G-VXLG (Ruby Tuesday) 747-400 (LGW/MAN Suite)ODYSSEY G-VYOU (Emmeline Heaney) A340-600 (Config. 2) V:PORT The Virgin Atlantic average fleet age is 6.1 years at June 2006. The following aircraft have been in service for Virgin in the past: 13
  14. 14. • G-OUZO (Spirit of Melina) A320-200 - now with MyTravel Airways (G- JOEM) • G-TKYO (Maiden Japan) 747-200 - now with Kalitta Air (N703CK/converted to freighter) • G-VAEL (Maiden Toulouse) A340-300 - recently been painted all white and ferried to Airbus plant, Toulouse. • G-VATH (Hellenic Beauty) A321-200 - now with Turkish Airlines (TC- JME) • G-VBEE (Honey Pie) 747-200 - now with Transaero (VP-BQA) • G-VBUS (Lady in Red) A340-300 - now with Virgin Nigeria Airways • G-VCAT (Wild Thing) 747-200 - now with European Aviation Air Charter (G-CCMA/stored) • G-VFLY (Dragon Lady) A340-300 - now with Finnair (OH-LQA) • G-VGIN (Scarlet Lady) 747-200 - now with Kabo Air (5N-EEE) • G-VIBE (Dancing Queen/later: Spirit of New York) 747-200 - now with Transaero (VP-BQH) • G-VIRG (Maiden Voyager) 747-200 - now with Kabo Air (5N-NNN) • G-VJFK (Boston Belle) 747-200 - now with Kabo Air (5N-PDP) • G-VKID (Sundance Kid/Virgin Sun) A320-200 - now with Iberworld (EC- IMU) • G-VKIS (Sun kissed Girl/Virgin Sun) A321-200 - now with Turkish Airlines (TC-JMF) • G-VLAX (California Girl) 747-200 - now with Kabo Air (5N-PPP) • G-VMED (Mediterranean Maiden) A320-200 - now with AtlasJet (TC- OGF) • G-VMIA (Spirit of Sir Freddie) B747-100 - scrapped • G-VOYG (Shady Lady) 747-200 - scrapped • G-VPUF (High as a Kite) 747-200 - now with Transaero (VP-BQC/stored) • G-VRGN (Maid of Honor) 747-200 - now with Trade winds Airlines (N526UP/converted to freighter) • G-VRUM (Calypso Queen) 747-200 - now with Southern Winds (LV-AZF) • G-VSKY (China Girl) A340-300 - now with BWIA West Indies Airways (9Y-JIL) • G-VSSS (Island Lady) 747-200 - now with Transaero (VP-BQB) • G-VSUN (Rainbow Lady) A340-300 - now with Virgin Nigeria Airways • G-VTAN (Sunshine Girl/Virgin Sun) A320-200 - now with AtlasJet (TC- OGE) • G-VZZZ (Morning Glory) 747-200 - now with Transaero (VP-BQE) 14
  15. 15. G-VROS English Rose Virgin Atlantic has ordered 6 Airbus A380 aircraft with options on 6 more. The first delivery is expected to enter service in March 2008 and the aircraft will be used on services from London to Hong Kong, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Tokyo. The option of using the A380 on other services, eg Orlando, is being explored (ref: Airliner World, March 2005). Virgin's aircraft are given female names such as "Ladybird", "Island Lady", and "Ruby Tuesday". Many are named after destinations on the Virgin route network, such as "Maiden Tokyo" and "California Girl". Virgin's fleet also has several tongue in cheek registrations, California Girl is G-VLAX, after Los Angeles International. Boston Belle is G-VJFK after Massachusetts' famous son, others include G-VIRG, G-VGIN and G-VXLG for a 747-400 (Ruby Tuesday). G-VYOU has been named in a Virgin Unite eBay auction. The name derives from the homonymous new born child whose parents won the auction. The Virgin livery features a pinup girl near the nose of each aircraft called the "Scarlet Lady". She was originally painted by Alberto Vargas. Carrying a Union Jack in a form reminiscent of British Airways' traditional "speed bird" logo, now she even has her own aircraft registration and name, an Airbus A340-600 registered G-VGAS and named "Varga Girl". G-VAST, a Boeing 747-400 has featured in the BBC's Top Gear television show as a wind source to test the strength of cars in a crosswind. Virgin's Slogans Over the years, Virgin has used many slogans, including: 15
  16. 16. • "Mine's Bigger Than Yours" Written on the back of the Airbus A340-600's because they are the longest passenger aircraft in the world • "4 Engines 4 Long haul" Written on the engines of planes, because all Virgin's planes are quad-jets as opposed to BA's long haul twin-jet Boeing 777's and Boeing 767's • "Avoid The Q" Used to advertise Virgin's London-Hong Kong-Sydney service, the Q being Qantas which also operates the same route, the Q can also be the queue • "Keep Discovering - Until You Find The Best" Used to promote the London-Dubai service, playing with rival airline Emirates' slogan 'Keep Discovering' • "BA can't keep it [Concorde] up!" Written on the back of G-VFOX during June and July of 2003 after British Airways announced it would retire Concorde the following October. • "No Way BA/AA" Used in the late 1990's on several 747-400's to express Branson's displeasure with the proposed British Airways/American Airlines partnership. BA/AA combined held 100% market share on several US-UK routes (i.e. Dallas/Ft. Worth - London), and a market share of more than 50% in several more (i.e. Chicago - London, JFK - London). Others Include: "More experience than the name suggests," "Virgin, seeks travel companion(s)," "Love at first flight," "You never forget your first time," "Extra inches where it counts," "Fly a younger fleet," "One call does it all" and "Hello gorgeous"' 16
  17. 17. Events in 2005 On 15 August 2005, Virgin Atlantic, which flies the Kangaroo route between Sydney, Australia and London, UK via Hong Kong, denied it is in talks with part owner Singapore Airlines about extending its code sharing arrangements from Singapore to Sydney. Virgin Atlantic, 49% owned by Singapore Airlines, began flying between Sydney and the UK via Hong Kong in December 2004. To celebrate the airline's 21st birthday the flying lady was temporarily moved to the back of Boeing 747 to create "Birthday Girl". However, in May 2006, the name "Lady Penelope" once again is painted on the fuselage and the '21 years of flying high' stickers have been removed. Ownership • Virgin Atlantic Airways ownership is split, with Richard Branson's Virgin Group owning 51% of the international carrier, and Singapore Airlines of Singapore owning the other 49%. Other • Virgin Atlantic will play a part in the upcoming James Bond film, Casino Royale. Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic crew, and one of its Airbus A340- 600 aircraft will be part of a scene at Miami International Airport (although the sequence was filmed in Prague). Virgin Group 17
  18. 18. The Virgin Group is a conglomerate using the Virgin brand of British celebrity business tycoon Sir Richard Branson. The core business areas are travel, entertainment and lifestyle, although many others have been entered into. Although Branson retains complete ownership and control of the Virgin Brand, the commercial set up of companies using it is varied and complex. The group is sometimes perceived as a conglomerate, but this is not in fact the case. Each of the companies operating under the Virgin brand are separate entities, with some being wholly owned by Branson, while he holds minority or majority stakes in others. Occasionally, he simply licenses the brand to a company that has purchased a division from him, such as Virgin Radio (now part of SMG plc) and Virgin Music (now part of EMI). With a few exceptions, all of the companies began as wholly owned Virgin subsidiaries. To understand the Virgin structure, it is best to think of Sir Richard as a venture capitalist who unites all of his differing ventures under a single brand name. Virgin Brands (under various ownership) 18
  19. 19. See List of Richard Branson's business ventures • Virgin Atlantic Airways - an international carrier based at London's Heathrow Airport. • The Train Line - UK train booking service. • Virgin Active - a health club chain in South Africa, Italy and the United Kingdom. • Virgin America - a U.S. domestic low-cost airline scheduled for launch in 2006. • Virgin Balloon Flights - a hot-air balloon operator. • Virgin Blue - a low-cost airline in Australia and the South Pacific based in Australia. o Blue Holidays - holiday program of Virgin Blue. o Pacific Blue - a low-cost subsidiary of Virgin Blue based in New Zealand. o Polynesian Blue - a Samoan international low-cost airline. • Virgin Books - publisher, retailer and distributor of books. • Virgin Brides - bridal wear shop in Manchester. • Virgin Cars - a U.K. low-cost car dealership and superstore. • Virgin Cinemas - Sold to UGC. • Virgin Comics - Indian comic book producer. • Virgin Cosmetics - retailer of Virgin Vie cosmetics and jewellery. through internet, direct selling and Virgin Spa stores. • Virgin Digital - online digital music retailer. • Virgin Drinks - manufacturer of soft drinks including Virgin Cola. • Virgin Electronics - formerly Virgin Pulse, consumer electronics. • Virgin Experience Days - corporate and consumer experience events. • Virgin Express - a low-cost European airline. • Virgin Fuel - venture capital firm for investing in petroleum alternatives. • Virgin Galactic - a venture to market and operate commercial space .flights, using spacecraft designed by Scaled Composites. • Virgin Games - online games and gambling. • Virgin Holidays - U.K. travel agency and tour operator for destinations served by Virgin Atlantic. • Virgin Interactive - games distributor now owned by Titus Interactive. • Virgin Jewellery - jewellery arm of Virgin Cosmetics. • Virgin Limited Edition - exclusive hotels. o Kasbah Tamadot - exclusive Moroccan holiday destination o Lady B - luxurious Catamaran available for Caribbean charters o The Lodge - ski lodge o Natirar - private spa located in Somerset County, New Jersey o Necker Island - exclusive island in British Virgin Islands for private hire. o The Roof Gardens and Babylon - 1.5 acres open air gardens, venue, nightclub and restaurant in Kensington, London. 19
  20. 20. o Ulusaba - exclusive game reserve in South Africa. • Virgin Limo bike - passenger bike service in London. • Virgin Limousines - chauffeured limousine service in San Francisco and Northern California. • Virgin Mega stores - CD, DVD and games retailer chain with high-street and online stores. • Virgin Mobile - mobile phone network. • Virgin Money - providers of financial services . o Virgin Credit Card • Virgin Nigeria - international, regional and domestic Nigerian airline. • Virgin Play - a video game promoter, distributor and marketer in Spain. • Virgin Radio - British commercial radio station broadcast on AM, FM. (London only), DAB, internet, Digital TV. Other Virgin radio brands include: o ouï fm - rock radio station in France and Asia o Radio Free Virgin - internet radio broadcaster with over 60 channels. o Virgin Radio Asia - collection of station operating in India and Thailand including Virgin Soft, Hitz, Easy FM and Oui. o Virgin Radio Classic Rock - classic rock station broadcast on DAB, internet and Satellite TV. o Virgin Radio Groove - black music station broadcast on DAB, internet and Satellite TV. o Virgin Radio Xtreme - rock station aimed at teenage males broadcast on DAB, internet and Satellite TV. • Virgin Records - record label now owned by EMI. • Virgin Spa - shop chain retailing Virgin Cosmetics products. • Virgin Trains - a railway operator in the United Kingdom. • Virgin TV - Proposed NTL/Virgin Mobile merged group. (aka Virgin Vision) • Virgin Unite - charitable foundation. • Virgin Vacations - U.S. travel agency. • Virgin Vie - brand of cosmetics and jewellery sold through Virgin Cosmetics. • Virgin Vines - A Californian-based company, created in 2005 and producer of Red and White wines. • Virgin Vision - Proposed NTL/Virgin Mobile merged group. (aka Virgin TV) • Virgin Voucher - staff incentive scheme. • Virgin Ware - clothes brand and retailer. • Virgin Wines - wine brand. • Virgin.net - internet service provider, now owned by NTL. Future services from Virgin.net, Virgin Mobile, NTL and Tele west are likely to be branded Virgin Media. • V2 Records - an independent music label 20
  21. 21. • V Festival - music festival held in the UK over two days in two separate locations o V Festival (North America) a North American variant of the V Festival, begun in 2006 SWOT ANALYSIS 21
  22. 22. Strengths Weakness • Modern Aircraft Fleet • London Heathrow Airport as Hub-Airport. • Support from Virgin Group • EUROPEAN Location. • Effective Transit Schedules. • Benchmarking and Quality In flight Cabin Product. • Strong Market holds of United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, USA, Canada, South America and major European countries. • Not a large local market incase transit strategy fails. • Lack of convenient timings for UK originating and destination passengers. • Lack of narrow body aircraft to effectively serve the competing European cities. Opportunities Threats • Untapped Markets of Asian countries like South America, Russia and Africa. • Emerging and growing transit markets in the Far East, Africa and in Indian Sub continent. • Competition from legacy carriers like British Airways, KLM, Lufthansa on the key UK—Australia sector. • Cost of fuel. • Competition from emerging airlines Ryan Air and Easy jet. • Liberalizing of aviation policies in the strong hold markets of India and Pakistan. • Ever increasing oil prices 22
  23. 23. AIRBUS 340-300:- AIRBUS 340-300:- The A340-200 and 300 are the initial variants of the successful quad engined A340 family of long haul wide bodies. The A340 and closely related A330 were launched in June 1987, with the A340's first flight occurring on October 25 1991 (an A340-300). The A340 entered service with Lufthansa and Air France in March 1993, following JAA certification the previous December. The A340 shares the same flight deck including side stick controllers and EFIS, plus fly by wire, basic airframe, systems, fuselage and wing with the A330 (the flight deck is also common to the A320 series). Power is from four CFM56s, the four engine configuration being more efficient for long range flights (as twins need more power for a given weight for engine out on takeoff performance) and free from ETOPS restrictions. 23
  24. 24. The A340-300 has the same fuselage length as the A330-300, while the shortened A340-200 trades seating capacity for greater range (first flight April 1 1992). The heavier A340-300E is available in 271,000kg (597,450lb) and 275,000kg (606,275lb) max takeoff weights, their typical ranges with 295 passengers are 13,155km (7100nm) and 13,525km (7300nm) respectively. Power for these models is from 152.3kN (34,000lb) CFM56-5C4s (the most powerful CFM56s built). The first A340-300Es were delivered to Singapore Airlines in April 1996. The 275,000kg (606,275lb) max takeoff weight A340-8000 is based on the 200 but has extra fuel in three additional rear cargo hold tanks and offers a 15,000km (8100nm) range with 232 three class passengers (hence the A340- 8000 designation). It too is powered by CFM56-5C4s. One has been built for the Sultan of Brunei. The A340 Family concept is unique: one basic airframe is available in six different configurations, powered by two or four engines. Th e f o u r - e n g i n e A 3 4 0 p r o v i d e s v e r s a t i l i t y o n t h e m o s t d e m a n d i n g l o n g - r a n g e a n d u l t r a - l o n g - r a n g e f l i g h t s . T h e A 3 4 0 F a m i l y i s c o m p o s e d o f s i x j e t l i n e r v e r s i o n s t h a t s h a r e t h e s a m e f u s e l a g e c r o s s - s e c t i o n a n d o f f e r s i g n i f i c a n t c o m m o n a l i t y w i t h t h e o p t i m u m m i x o f o p e r a t i n g c h a r a c t e r i s t i c s i n t e r m s o f a i r c r a f t s i z e , r a n g e a n d e c o n o m i c s . Let us now take a look at Virgin Atlantic Airlines Airbus Fleet in a bit details, referring to the main purchasing criteria by the management team in selecting the following to attract the customer. • Aircraft variants • First class service on board these aircrafts • Business class product on board these aircrafts • Economy cabins in these aircrafts and some other aspects • The market they can fly these particular aircrafts to C r i t e r i a F o r P u r c h a s e D e c i s i o n s 1. Commonality Airbus pioneered the concept of aircraft commonality in its new generation of fly-by-wire jetliners, and the A340 Family brings these advantages to six aircraft with seating capacities of 250 to 475 passengers and operating ranges 24
  25. 25. from regional segments to ultra-long-distance routes. The A340 feature has identical cockpits and has highly similar flying qualities, allowing both aircraft to be operated by a common pool of pilots. In fact, flight crews can transition from the A340 in only one day. The savings in time – which compares to 25 days for a full type rating training course required with competing aircraft – mean lower training costs for airlines and increased crew productivity. Emirates saw this as a great way of reducing costs and saving on hiring extra pilots and they had a great benefit to use the pilots over a range of multi-functional aircraft. 2. Economics The six members of the Airbus A340 wide body Family are essentially the same aircraft that have been adapted to differing requirements for seating capacity and flight length. They all can be flown by the same pilots, maintained by the same support personnel, and their passenger cabins – which use the optimized Airbus 222-inch cross-section – provide maximum flexibility and comfort in all classes of seating. The A340 Family offers airlines the full benefits of commonality over a wide market spectrum, with optimum economic and operational efficiency. The twin-engine A330 is ideally suited to medium- and Extended-range routes, while the four-engine A340 offers unmatched efficiency on long to ultra-long routes 3. Flight Deck 25
  26. 26. The A340 benefit from the advanced Airbus cockpit design, which receives high marks from the thousands of pilots who fly Airbus aircraft daily. Flight decks on both aircraft types are nearly identical. At the heart of the cockpit is the fly-by-wire system pioneered by Airbus. Its digital electronic flight controls improve handling and stability while reducing pilot workload. The A340 side-sticks – which replace the traditional centre- mounted control yokes used for decades on airliners – give optimum control inputs for the fly-by-wire system and create an open, uncluttered cockpit environment for the flight crew. As the same basic cockpit layout is used on the other Airbus fly-by-wire jetliners, it is easy for Emirates pilots to transition, if needed from the A340 to the smaller A320 Family, and, definitely in the future, to the 555-seat A380. 4. Freight The excellent cargo-carrying capabilities of the A340 boost their revenue-earning power on daily operations with Emirates airlines around the world. Thanks to Airbus’ trademark 222-inch fuselage cross-section, the front and rear cargo holds on the A340 accept a full range of under floor cargo containers and pallets. With volume for 60-100 per cent more freight than the largest competing aircraft on the market, the A330/A340 Family’s unrivalled operating economics mean the aircraft can even operate profitable cargo flights without a single passenger on board. 26
  27. 27. SPECIFICATIONS:- AIRCRAFT DIMENSIONS metric imperial Overall length 63.6 m. 208 ft. 10 in. Height 16.85 m. 55 ft. 3 in. Fuselage diameter 5.64 m. 18 ft. 6 in. Maximum cabin width 5.28 m. 17 ft. 4 in. Cabin length 50.35 m. 165 ft. 3 in. Wingspan (geometric) 60.3 m. 197 ft. 10 in. Wing area (reference) 361.6 m2 3,892 ft2 Wing sweep (25% chord) 30 degrees 30 degrees Wheelbase 25.60 m. 84 ft. Wheel track 10.69 m. 35 ft. 1 in. BASIC OPERATING DATA metric imperial Engines four CFM56- 5C4/P four CFM56- 5C4/P Engine thrust range 139-151 kN 31,200- 34,000 lb. slst Typical passenger seating 295 295 Range (w/max. passengers) 13,350 (13,700) km. 7,200 (7,400) nm. Max. operating Mach number (Mmo) 0.86 Mo. 0.86 Mo. 27
  28. 28. Bulk hold volume - Standard/option 19.7 / 13.76 m3 695 / 486 ft3 DESIGN WEIGHTS metric imperial Maximum ramp weight 275.9 (277.4) tonnes 608.3 (611.5) lbs. x 1000 Maximum takeoff weight 275 (276.5) tonnes 606.0 (609.6) lbs. x 1000 Maximum landing weight 190 (192) tonnes 418.9 (423.3) lbs. x 1000 Maximum zero fuel weight 178 (181) tonnes 392.4 (399) lbs. x 1000 Maximum fuel capacity 140,640 (147,850) Liters 37,150 (39,060) US gal. Typical operating weight empty 129.3 (130.2) tonnes 285 (287) lbs. x 1000 Typical volumetric payload 43.5 (41) tonnes 95.9 (90.5) lbs. x 1000 28
  29. 29. CABIN LAYOUT:- In the A340-300 cabin, seat pitch can be adapted in units of one inch. Galleys, lavatories and stowages can be located in different numbers, groupings and locations. In-flight entertainment can be incorporated in the seats or screens mounted on partitions below the overhead stowages. These make for an almost infinite variety of cabin interiors. 29
  30. 30. AIRBUS 340-600:- 30
  31. 31. AIRBUS 340-600:- The 15,740km (8500nm) ultra long range A340-500 and stretched 372 seat A340-600 are new variants of the Airbus A340 family, and are currently the world's longest range airliners. Compared with the A340-300, the A340-600 features a 9.07m (35ft 1in) stretch (5.87m/19ft 3in ahead of the wing and 3.20m/10ft 6in behind), allowing it to seat 372 passengers in a typical three class arrangement. This gives Airbus a true early model 747 replacement and near direct competitor to the 747-400, with similar range, but, Airbus claims, better operating economics (per seat). The A340-500 meanwhile is stretched by only 3.19m (10ft 6in) compared with the A340-300, and so seats 313 in three classes, but it has a massive range of 15,740km (8500nm), which makes it the longest ranging airliner in the world, capable for example of operating Los Angeles-Singapore nonstop. The two new A340 models share a common wing. The wing is based on the A330/A340's but is 1.6m (5.2ft) longer and has a tapered wing box insert, increasing wing area and fuel capacity. Both models feature three fuselage plugs. The other change to the A340 airframe is the use of the A330-200 twin's larger fin and enlarged horizontal area stabilizers. To cope with the increased weights the centre undercarriage main gear is a four wheel bogie, rather than a two wheel unit. Both new A340s have a high degree of commonality with the A330 and other A340 models. They feature Airbus' common two crew flight deck, but with some improvements such as LCD rather than CRT displays and modernized systems. The A340-500 is powered by four 236kN (53,000lb) thrust Rolls-Royce Trent 556 turbofans, and the A340-600 by the 249kN (56,000lb) thrust Trent 556. The commercial launch for the A340-500/600 was at the 1997 Paris Air show, the program's industrial launch was in December that year when Virgin Atlantic ordered eight A340-600s and optioned eight. First flight of the A340-600 was made on April 23, 2001. After a 1600 hour flight test program, certification was received on May 29, 2002. Virgin Atlantic took delivery of its first A340-600 at the 2002 Farnborough International Air show, and began commercial services in August. 31
  32. 32. SPECIFICATIONS:- AIRCRAFT DIMENSIONS metric imperial Overall length 75.3 m. 247 ft. 1 in. Height 17.3 m. 56 ft. 9 in. Fuselage diameter 5.64 m. 18 ft. 6 in. Maximum cabin width 5.28 m. 17 ft. 4 in. Cabin length 60.98 m. 200 ft. 1 in. Wingspan (geometric) 63.45 m. 208 ft. 2 in. Wing area (reference) 439.4 m2 4,729 ft2 Wing sweep (25% chord) 31.1 degrees 31.1 degrees Wheelbase 32.89 m. 107 ft. 11 in. Wheel track 10.69 m. 35 ft. 1 in. BASIC OPERATING DATA metric imperial Engines RR Trent 500 RR Trent 500 Engine thrust range 249 (267) kN 56,000 (60,000) lb. slst Typical passenger seating 380 380 Range (w/max. passengers) 14,360 (14,600) km. 7,750 (7,900) nm. Max. operating Mach number (Mmo) 0.86 Mo. 0.86 Mo. Bulk hold volume - Standard/option 19.7 / 13.76 m3 695 / 486 ft3 DESIGN WEIGHTS metric imperial Maximum ramp weight 369.2 (381.2) tonnes 813.9 (840.4) lbs. x 1000 Maximum takeoff weight 368 (380) tonnes 811.3 (837.8) lbs. x 1000 Maximum landing weight 259 (265) tonnes 571 (584.2) lbs. x 1000 Maximum zero fuel weight 245 (251) 540.1 (553.4) 32
  33. 33. tonnes lbs. x 1000 Maximum fuel capacity 195,881 (204,500) Litres 51,746 (54,023.2) US gal. Typical operating weight empty 177.8 (181.9) tonnes 392.0 (400.9) lbs. x 1000 Typical volumetric payload 55.6 tonnes 122.6 lbs. x 1000 CABIN LAYOUT:- In the A340-600 cabin, seat pitch can be adapted in units of one inch. Galleys, lavatories and stowage’s can be located in different numbers, groupings and locations. In-flight entertainment can be incorporated in the seats or screens mounted on partitions below the overhead stowage’s. These make for an almost infinite variety of cabin interiors. AIRBUS 380:- 33
  34. 34. AIRBUS 380:- The 555 seat, double deck Airbus A380 is the most ambitious civil aircraft program yet. When it enters service in March 2006, the A380 will be the world's largest airliner, easily eclipsing Boeing's 747. Airbus first began studies on a very large 500 seat airliner in the early 1990s. The European manufacturer saw developing a competitor and successor to the Boeing 34
  35. 35. 747 as a strategic play to end Boeing's dominance of the very large airliner market and round out Airbus' product line-up. Airbus began engineering development work on such an aircraft, then designated the A3XX, in June 1994. Airbus studied numerous design configurations for the A3XX and gave serious consideration to a single deck aircraft which would have seated 12 abreast and twin vertical tails. However Airbus settled upon a twin deck configuration, largely because of the significantly lighter structure required. Key design aims include the ability to use existing airport infrastructure with little modifications to the airports, and direct operating costs per seat 15-20% less than those for the 747-400. With 49% more floor space and only 35% more seating than the previous largest aircraft, Airbus is ensuring wider seats and aisles for more passenger comfort. Using the most advanced technologies, the A380 is also designed to have 10-15% more range, lower fuel burn and emissions, and less noise. The A380 features an advanced version of the Airbus common two crew cockpit, with pull-out keyboards for the pilots, extensive use of composite materials such as GLARE (an aluminium/glass fibre composite), and four 302 to 374kN (68,000 to 84,000lb) class Rolls-Royce Trent 900 or Engine Alliance (General Electric/Pratt & Whitney) GP7200 turbofans now under development. Several A380 models are planned: the basic aircraft is the 555 seat A380-800 (launch customer Emirates). The 590 ton MTOW 10,410km (5620nm) A380- 800F freighter will be able to carry a 150 tonne payload and is due to enter service in 2008 (launch customer FedEx). Potential future models will include the shortened, 480 seat A380-700, and the stretched, 656 seat, A380-900. On receipt of the required 50th launch order commitment, the Airbus A3XX was renamed A380 and officially launched on December 19, 2000. In early 2001 the general configuration design was frozen, and metal cutting for the first A380 component occurred on January 23, 2002, at Nantes in France. In 2002 more than 6000 people were working on A380 development. On January 18, 2005, the first Airbus A380 was officially revealed in a lavish ceremony, attended by 5000 invited guests including the French, German, British and Spanish president and prime ministers, representing the countries that invested heavily in the 10-year, €10 billion+ ($13 billion+) aircraft program, and the CEOs of the 14 A380 customers, who had placed firm orders for 149 aircraft by then. The out of sequence A380 designation was chosen as the "8" represents the cross-section of the twin decks. The first flight is scheduled for March 2005, and the entry into commercial service, with Singapore Airlines, is scheduled for March 2006. 35
  36. 36. Apart from the prime contractors in France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Spain, components for the A380 airframe are also manufactured by industral partners in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States. A380 final assembly is taking place in Toulouse, France, with interior fitment in Hamburg, Germany. Major A380 assemblies are transported to Toulouse by ship, barge and road. On July 24, 2000, Emirates became the first customer making a firm order commitment, followed by Air France, International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC), Singapore Airlines, Qantas and Virgin Atlantic. Together these companies completed the 50 orders needed to launch the programme. Later, the following companies also ordered the A380: FedEx (the launch customer for the A380-800F freighter), Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, Korean Air, Malaysia Airlines, Etihad Airways, Thai Airways and UPS. SPECIFICATIONS:- AIRCRAFT DIMENSIONS metric imperial Overall length 73 m. 239 ft. 3 in. Height 24.1 m. 79 ft. 7 in. Fuselage diameter 7.14 m. 23 ft. 5 in. Maximum cabin width Main deck: Main deck: 21 36
  37. 37. 6.58 m. / Upper deck: 5.92 m. ft. 7 in. / Upper deck: 19 ft. 5 in. Cabin length 49.90 m. 163 ft. 8 in. Wingspan (geometric) 79.8 m. 261 ft. 8 in. Wing area (reference) 845 m2 9,100 ft2 Wing sweep (25% chord) 33.5 degrees 33.5 degrees Wheelbase 30.4 m. 99 ft. 8 in. Wheel track 14.3 m. 46 ft. 11 in. BASIC OPERATING DATA metric imperial Engines Trent 900 or GP 7000 Trent 900 or GP 7000 Engine thrust range 311 kN 70,000 lb. slst Typical passenger seating 555 555 Range (w/max. passengers) 15,000 km. 8,000 nm. Max. operating Mach number (Mmo) 0.89 Mo. 0.89 Mo. Bulk hold volume - Standard/option 18.4 m3 650 ft3 DESIGN WEIGHTS metric imperial Maximum ramp weight 562 tonnes 1,239 lbs. x 1000 Maximum takeoff weight 560 tonnes 1,235 lbs. x 1000 Maximum landing weight 386 tonnes 851 lbs. x 1000 Maximum zero fuel weight 361 tonnes 796 lbs. x 1000 Maximum fuel capacity 310,000 Litres 81,890 US gal. Typical operating weight empty 276.8 tonnes 608.4 lbs. x 1000 Typical volumetric payload 66.4 tonnes 145.5 lbs. x 1000 37
  38. 38. CABIN LAYOUT:- The A380’s twin-aisle twin deck passenger cabin offers the long distance traveller a whole new level of comfort. A cabin designed around a large sample of today’s real passengers providing more space regardless of class of ticket, wider seats and aisles. Optional lower deck use for rest areas, 38
  39. 39. business, bar or other amenities can further enhance the A380 travel experience. BOEING 747-400:- 39
  40. 40. BOEING 747-400:- The 747-400 is the latest, longest ranging and best selling model of the 747 family. Boeing launched the 747-400 in October 1985 and the first development aircraft first flew on April 29 1988. US certification (with PW-4000s) was awarded in January 1989. The 747-400 externally resembles the -300, but it is a significantly improved aircraft. Changes include a new, two crew digital flightdeck with six large CRT displays, an increased span wing with winglets (the -400 was the first airliner to introduce winglets), new engines, recontoured wing/fuselage fairing, a new interior, lower basic but increased max takeoff weights, and greater range. Apart from the basic passenger 747-400 model, a number of variants have been offered including the winglet-less 747-400 Domestic optimised for Japanese short haul domestic sectors, the 747-400M Combi passenger/freight model, and the 747-400F Freighter (which combines the 747-200F's fuselage with the -400's wing). 40
  41. 41. The latest model is the 747-400ER, which was launched on November 28, 2000 when Qantas placed an order for 6. The -400ER has the same size as the -400, but has more range or payload capability. The MTOW was increased by 15,870kg (35,000lb) to 412,770kg (910,000lb), giving a further range of 805km (435nm) or a 6800kg (15,000lb) greater payload. The -400ER also features a wholly new cabin interior with larger luggage bins, and several flight deck improvements. The -400ER incorporates the strengthened wing, body, and landing gear of the -400F, plus an auxiliary fuel tank in the forward cargo hold, and an optional second one. Operators who don't need these can remove them both, gaining additional cargo volume. The first 747-400ER was rolled out in June 2002, and flew for the first time on July 31, 2002, and this was the 1308th 747 to fly. A cargo version, the 747-400ERF, followed the standard -400ER, and was launched April 30, 2001 on an order by leasing company ILFC for 5. The first -400ERF is the 1315th 747 built. The -ERF has the same MTOW as the -ER, and this will give an extra range of 970km (525nm), or an extra payload of 9980kg (22,000lb) at MTOW compared with the standard -400F. Shortly before delivery of the first -400ER, Boeing had received orders for 15 ER/ERFs from 5 customers. Various growth 747 models have been studied. The 747-500X and -600X models were dropped in January 1997. Boeing is currently proposing the 747-400XQLR (Quiet Longer Range) to 747-size customers which will offer more range, more quiet, and more features. Boeing 747-400 Converted Freighter 747-400 Converted Freighter Cargo Volume, Main Deck: 20,464 cu ft (579.5 cu m) 30 pallets, 96x125 in (244x318 cm) Volume, Lower Deck: 4,498 cu ft (127.4 cu m) Nine pallets, 96x125 in at 407 cu ft Volume, Bulk Cargo: 835 cu ft Estimated Structural Payload: 41
  42. 42. 250,200 lbs (113,489 kg) Engines maximum thrust Pratt & Whitney 4056 57,100 lb (254.00 kN) Rolls-Royce RB211-524H2-T 59,500 lb (264.67 kN) General Electric CF6-80C2B5F 62,100 lb (276.23 kN) Maximum Fuel Capacity 53,985 U.S. gal (204,349 L) Maximum Takeoff Weight 870,000 lb (394,625 kg) Maximum Range 4,100 nautical miles (7,590 km) Typical city Pairs: Singapore -- Tokyo Honk Kong -- Dubai New York -- Luxembourg Los Angeles -- Frankfurt Typical Cruise Speed at 35,000 feet 0.855 Mach 567 mph (913 km/h) Basic Dimensions Wing Span Overall Length Tail Height 211 ft 5 in (64.4 m) 231 ft 10 in (70.6 m) 63 ft 8 in (19.4 m) Services provided on board these aircraft and other amenities: ECONOMY CLASS FEATURES AND OFFERINGS INDIVIDUAL SEATBACK TV 42
  43. 43. Every seat has its own seatback TV with a choice of channels to keep everyone entertained throughout the flight. We're dedicated to bringing you the very latest movies, comedy, sports, drama and kids shows. On many of our flights each seat also comes with its own video games console with up to 35 games. And, rolling out across the fleet, is the very latest video on-demand, which means you can pause, fast forward or rewind, just like at home. FREE AMENITY KIT Fly with us in Economy and the little surprises start when you get to your seat and check out the free amenity kit. Out of the UK, it’s a trendy little backpack with everything you could want on your flight, including postcards, eyeshades, earplugs, socks and Virgin Vie lip balm. DELICIOUS FOOD AND DRINKS 43
  44. 44. There is such a thing as a free lunch; we offer a free meal and free drinks on all our flights. You can forget the usual jokes about airline food, ours is delicious and with enough notice we can even tailor our catering for some specific dietary requirements that you may have i.e. kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free and Medical Meals. These 'Medical Meals' need to be booked through Special Assistance. KEEPING KIDS HAPPY There's plenty to keep even our youngest passengers entertained throughout the flight, from the contents of their very own goodie bag to the kids shows and games on our in light entertainment. Magazines provided by the airline distributed among the passengers during flight hours for them to read and have a leisure time. Economy cabin There are currently 2 types of seats in use throughout the Economy cabin, although they can be generally be classified as a standard style airline seat with similar width & pitch to major competitors:- 44
  45. 45. Old style Econ seat Kash Installed on every plane that has V: Port, this mainly offered some stylistic improvements over the old style seat (larger IFE screen for V: Port, silver IFE surround, tray table folds in half). NB: There is rumored to be a new style Economy seat entering service with G- VWIN - the next A346 for delivery at the end of Feb 2006. We don't have firm details as yet, but some of the rumored improvements are: lumbar inflatable support for back & seat bottom, more padding and an adjustable headrest. PREMIUM ECONOMY CLASS FEATURES AND OFFERINGS: 45
  46. 46. BIGGER AND WIDER SEATS WITH 38' INCHES OF SPACE There are currently 3 types of seats in use in the PE cabin: Original On the upper deck of LGW/MAN B744s, 1 LHR B744 (G-VXLG) and on all the A343s. Wash On all the A346's and the LHR B744's where V:Port is fitted (both upper and main deck) - G-VWOW & G-VROC have laptop power installed on these seats. Also on the LGW/MAN B744's on the main deck (although these have smaller screens and have no laptop power point due to the Nova IFE). Echo This brand new soft leather seat is currently being rolled out across the fleet, and can already be found onboard G-VFOX, G-VGOA, G-VEIL, G-VNAP, G-VFIZ and G-VYOU. The new seat combines a 38" seat pitch with a width of 21". It also features a dual position footrest, lumbar support, adjustable headrest with wings, and a redesigned tray table. All seats provide passengers with lap top power. 46
  47. 47. YOUR 35000FT SERVICE • A dedicated cabin means you'll get prompt and attentive service throughout the flight. • A full range of newspapers and a minimum of eight channels on the seatback TV showing the latest movies and a host of great programming. • A video games console on most of our flights and, rolling out across the fleet, our video on demand systems allows you to pause, rewind or fast forward videos. THE UPPER CLASS CABIN FEATURES AND OFFERINGS:- 47
  48. 48. THE UPPER CLASS SUITE Our new Upper Class Suite, with the biggest fully flat bed in business class, is already available for you to try on many of our flights and is rolling out across the rest of our fleet in the near future. Since launch it has been causing quite a stir in the press, the Clubhouse and award ceremonies; so take a look around and see what all the fuss is about. A FULLY FLAT BED AT THE TOUCH OF A BUTTON The Upper Class Suite is the biggest fully flat bed in business class, allowing you to work, relax or sleep in complete comfort. 48
  49. 49. THE AWARD WINNING UPPER CLASS SUITE CABIN Sleep, work, rest or play. Where else could you find a bar at 30,000 feet? Get the Upper Class treatment from the moment you leave your door with complimentary ground transfers, * Drive Thru Check In, * stylish Clubhouses, in flight beauty treatments * and much more. UPPER CLASS SNOOZE PACK We all have our own little comforts that help us get the best possible flight's sleep, but individually our needs are all different. WHAT'S BEEN SAID ABOUT THE SUITE? Our new Upper Class Suite has been receiving a great deal of praise from both passengers and journalists. 49
  50. 50. A NICE LITTLE EARNER Your journey in Upper Class could earn you miles in Flying Club, Virgin Atlantic's frequent flyer programmed. Fancy a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon or swimming in the crystal clear waters of Sir Richard Branson's Caribbean hideaway island? As well as flights there are plenty of other ways to earn miles, from hotels to car rental. UPPER CLASS SUITE CABIN • Sleep - And stretch. At the touch of a button the seat flips over to become the biggest fully flat bed in business. Every seat has aisle access so there's no stepping over your neighbor. • Work - Every Suite is fitted with laptop power access and a large table with plenty of room to spread out or have an informal meeting. • Play - With a multi-directional 10.4" TV screen, you're in your own private cinema. With a huge choice of films, TV programmers and games. • Dine - Order what you want when you want from our Freedom menu, or why not invite a friend to join you for a drink or a snack. • Relax - Put your feet up. Your soft leather seat reclines even for take off and your ottoman also acts as a seat for a guest or for beauty therapy treatments. 50
  51. 51. VIRGIN ATLANTIC operates scheduled services to the following routes around the world:- • Boston • Cape Town • Delhi, • Dubai • Hong Kong • Johannesburg • Lagos • Los Angeles • Miami • Mumbai • New York-JFK • Newark • San Francisco • Shanghai-Pudong • Sydney • Tokyo-Narita • Washington-Dulles • Antigua • Barbados • , Grenada 51
  52. 52. • Havana • Las Vegas • Montego Bay • Mauritius (starts November 2007) • Nassau • Orlando • St Lucia • Tobago OTHER SERVICES VIRGIN FLYING MEMBERSHIP RED TIER FLYING CLUB MEMBERSHIP What are the advantages and benefits of being a Red Tier member of flying club? A: Flying Club red is the first level of membership. Anyone can join by going to www.virgin-atlantic.com. The benefits of red status are naturally quite limited. After all you do not actually have to fly with Virgin to apply! Of course being a member of Flying club means you can earn miles when flying with Virgin Atlantic or their partner airlines, or when you spend with their partner businesses. But there are a few other benefits: 5% off BCP airport parking services at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester. It should be remembered that shopping around may well get you a better car parking price. 52
  53. 53. Up to 10% off Virgin Holidays. Quote your flying club number at the time of booking. You can receive updates on offers and promotions either by e-mail or snail-mail. Access to the flying club section of Virgin Atlantic’s web site. This has a number of special offers, competitions, news stories and allows you to keep track of your miles and Tier points. SILVER TIER FLYING CLUB MEMBERSHIP What are the advantages and benefits of being a Silver Tier member of flying club? A: Once you have earned enough Tier Points you move up to silver status (referred to in V-Flyer as Ag – the chemical symbol for silver) This entitles the member to: A 25% miles bonus when you fly with Virgin on any revenue ticket (which excludes Miles Plus Money). You will receive 25% of the base miles for the flight you take, on top of the normal mileage. Use of Premium Economy check-in on every Virgin Atlantic flight, regardless of your class of travel. Given the queues at the Economy check-in, this can be a significant benefit. Priority wait listing for flights (excluding reward bookings). If the flight you'd like to book is already full, Virgin will bump you up the queue making you one of the first people offered a seat, after gold members. Four complimentary single First Class upgrade vouchers for Gatwick Express and Heathrow Express (two for each service). A useful benefit if you do use the airport express trains, although it is understood that the Gatwick Express will cease service soon. Free membership of Global Assistance - a 24 hour emergency travel and event ticketing service, which provides: ticketing for events, news/sport/weather/stock market updates and assistance for lost passports or lost/stolen money. 10% off all BCP parking services at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester. While this is an increase on the 5% benefit of red membership it is still worthwhile shopping around. 20% discount on long stay airport car parking (standard gate rates) with Parking Express at London Heathrow. Again the warning to shop around applies. 53
  54. 54. Unofficially, being a silver also moves you up the pecking order for operational upgrades. GOLD TIER FLYING CLUB MEMBERSHIP What are the advantages and benefits of being a Gold Tier member of flying club? A: Gold membership (referred to in V-Flyer as Au – the chemical symbol for gold) is the highest level within the flying club. It is at this level that the benefits become really desirable: A 50% miles bonus when you fly with Virgin on any revenue ticket (M+M excluded) you will receive 50% of the base miles for the flight you take on top of the normal mileage. (Until the 1st March 2006 the bonus was 25% of miles) Use of the Upper Class check-in on every Virgin Atlantic flight regardless of your class of travel. A real queue beater. Access to Virgin Clubhouses around the world when flying in any class for you and one guest (although they must be traveling with Virgin Atlantic on the same day) Access to Virgin Atlantic's Revivals lounge when flying into London Heathrow on a 'VS' prefixed ticket (assuming your flight arrives during the revivals opening hours) Fast track through Immigration & Security on departure at London Heathrow and Gatwick with a guest, they must be traveling with Virgin Atlantic on the same day. Ten complimentary single First Class upgrade vouchers for Gatwick Express and Heathrow Express (5 for each service). We understand Gatwick Express will cease service soon. A Family Account, enabling up to six members of your household aged between 2 and 17 years to earn miles on qualifying Virgin Atlantic flights. Any miles they earn will be automatically transferred into your Flying Club Gold account. A supplementary Flying Club Silver Account for someone aged 18 years or over sharing your home address. Whilst they enjoy the benefits of Silver membership, you will be able to spend miles from their account in order to reach rewards more quickly. You can also transfer miles into your Gold Account. Priority boarding and priority baggage handling when a member flies with Virgin Atlantic in any class of travel 54
  55. 55. Increased excess baggage allowance. See Virgin Atlantic’s site for more details Use of the London Heathrow bmi business lounge when traveling on an International flight with bmi. 15% off BCP airport parking services at London Heathrow, London Gatwick and Manchester. Shopping around may still get you a better price. 30% discount on long stay airport car parking (standard gate rates) with Parking Express at Heathrow only. Again do shop around. A guaranteed Economy seat on any Virgin Atlantic flight provided a full fare flight is booked at least 3 days before departure. But remember a full fare Y ticket can be very expensive. Additionally when you renew your Gold membership you will receive One complimentary companion reward ticket on any Virgin Atlantic flight in any class. You must be traveling in the same class, on the same date and the same flight as your companion, and your ticket must be a full fare ticket, i.e. Y,W,S,B or L classes (L is excluded for bookings ex USA) Access to a dedicated “premier team” to deal with all your booking, flying club and general queries. The premier team is contactable by phone or email and the details are supplied when you reach gold level. Of course, as a gold member you are near the top of the pecking order for operational upgrades. Also, your status is known to the cabin crew and often brings little added benefits, such as a glass of bubbly even if you are traveling in economy. But do not expect these benefits as a right! EARNING FLYING CLUB MILES IN HOTELS How can I earn Flying Club Miles while staying in Hotels? A: Flying Club has partnered with several hotel groups around the world, so if you want to earn a little extra mileage, chances are there'll be a partner hotel in the city you're traveling to. The following is a list of current hotel partners:- • Bajan Services The Berkeley, Claridge's, The Connaught Blakes Hotel and the Hempel The Hilton Family of hotels (Hilton, Conrad, Doubletree, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hampton Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton 55
  56. 56. Grand Vacations Club, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Scandic Hotels) Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Marco Polo Hotels Millennium & Copthorne Hotels Morgans Hotel Group Orient-Express Hotels Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts Red Carnation Hotels Shangri-La Hotels & Resorts, Traders Hotels Starwood Hotels & Resorts (Four Points Hotels, The Luxury Collection, Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, St Regis, W Hotels, Westin Hotels and Resorts) Summit Hotels & Resorts Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces Twelve Apostles Hotel EARNING FLYING CLUB MILES IN OTHER WAYS What other ways are there to earn Flying Club Miles apart from flights, hotels and cards? A: Flying Club miles can also be earned in the following ways 1. Pre-ordering Retail Therapy You can pre-order Retail Therapy goods for delivery to your seat during your flight. From the UK, call 0870 1903003 (from outside UK, +44 870 1903003) to place your pre-order up to 96 hours before you fly. If you spend over £20, you will earn FC miles at the rate of 10 per £1 spent. Note that the £20 threshold applies per leg and per order - e.g.: if you pre-order 56
  57. 57. £10 of RT for the outbound leg, and £30 for the return leg (or even make 2 separate orders of £10 and £30 for the same flight), you only receive 300 miles because they will be treated as separate orders even if you pay for them at the same time. Also, an important note to make is that the miles only credit to your account the month after the flight you pick the pre-order up on (and if you make an order for both outbound and inbound, they're credited separately) 2. Miles More Friends "Miles More Friends" is Virgin Atlantic's membership referral scheme. All you have to do is introduce your friend(s) to Flying Club by sending them an e-card from the Miles More Friends section of the Virgin Atlantic website (Go to "Frequent Flyer" then "Miles More Friends"). You can nominate up to 10 people and when they each take their first qualifying Virgin Atlantic flight you will earn bonus miles as below: - 3,000 miles if their first round trip is in Economy (Y, B, L and M fare classes) - 7,500 bonus miles if their first round trip is in Premium Economy (W, K, H and S fare classes) - 15,000 bonus miles if their first round trip is in Upper Class (J, D and Z fare classes) NB: Some discounted booking classes, special offers and complimentary upgrades will not qualify for miles. Travel on code share flights and partner airlines will also not qualify for miles. Both legs need to be in a qualifying fare class for the referrer to be eligible for the bonus miles. 3. Car Rental When renting a car with Avis or Hertz, you can earn miles per rental as follows: Special flying club or retail rate: 1000 Corporate or local rates: 500 Note that discounted rates may not qualify for miles 4. Virgin Wines UK delivery only Earn 1000 miles and a £20 discount on your first order of wine bought and 750 miles on every subsequent order of wine (note, miles are earned per order, not per case) 5. Virgin Experience Virgin Experience offers over 60 exciting ways to earn 2 flying club miles per £1 spent when purchasing from their wide range of Experiences 57
  58. 58. 6. Virgin Games High Flyer points can be earned every time members make a bet on any of the games in the Virgin Casino. Points are earned regardless of whether members win or lose and these points can be exchanged to Flying Club miles. 1 High Flyer Point equals 1 Flying Club mile. 7. Virgin Holidays UK members only. A 10% discount will be given on brochure price and 'Mega deals' holidays when booking direct with Virgin Holidays. To make a booking, Flying Club red and silver members call: 0870 066 0833 and Flying Club Gold members call: 0870 066 0899 8. Texaco UK members only. Join the Texaco "We. O.U" Club and earn 1000 miles per 1000 Texaco Stars. " We. O.U" Stars may only be converted to Flying Club miles in multiples of 1000. Flying Club members to call Texaco on 0870 241 4993 to authorize the transfer 9. BAA World Points World Points members can earn 1 point for every £1 spent at a BAA airport, including Heathrow and Gatwick. These points can be exchanged for flying club miles at a ratio of 500 World Points for 500 Flying Club miles. 10. Cunard Cruises originating from Europe and of more than 12 nights will earn 20,000 Flying Club miles. Transatlantic cruises originating from the US will earn 10,000 miles 11. Argyll Business Centers (UK) Meeting Rooms Earn 200 Flying Club miles per hour per Meeting Room booking (capacity 4 delegates) Earn 1,500 Flying Club miles per day per Conference Room booking (capacity 8 delegates) Earn 2,000 Flying Club miles per day per Boardroom booking (capacity 12 delegates) Earn 3,000 Flying Club miles per day per Boardroom booking (capacity 20 delegates) Offices Earn a one-time 'welcome' bonus of 20,000 Flying Club miles on becoming a new Office client with Argyll Business Centers 58
  59. 59. Note, Argyll Business Centers will be leaving Flying Club on 30th April 2006. Final date to claim any missing retrospective miles for meeting/conference room bookings (up to 30th April) is 31st May 2006 12. Babylon Restaurant at the Roof Gardens, London (UK) 10 miles per £1 spent exclusive restaurant and nightclub 13. Bombay Brasserie (UK) Indian Cuisine - 250 miles per booking 14. Premium Membership at the Roof Gardens, London (UK) 5,000 miles when taking out the annual membership 15. Quilon Restaurant (UK) Indian Cuisine - 250 miles per booking 16. Ulusaba Game Reserve (South Africa) Limited Edition by Virgin. Miles earned; 4,500 per person per night when staying in the Rock Rooms at Rock Lodge or Safari Rooms at Safari Lodge 17. FTD.COM (US) 10 miles per US$1 floral arrangements and gift merchandise only 18. Bajan services (Caribbean) 1 mile per BBD$1 (exc VAT). A real estate agent and an exclusive affiliate of Sotheby's specialising in long and short term luxury villa rentals on the west coast of Barbados. 19. Trident Wines (Caribbean) 5 miles per BBD$100. e.g. Spend with Trident Wines and get 5% of your money spent back in miles. VIRGIN ATLANTIC CLUBHOUSES Where do Virgin Atlantic have Clubhouses, how do I gain entry, and what can I expect to see in there? A: Virgin Atlantic have full Clubhouse facilities at the following airports: London Heathrow London Gatwick New York JFK New York Newark Washington DC San Francisco Johannesburg 59
  60. 60. Tokyo Hong Kong Passengers requiring access to the Clubhouse must be flying with Virgin Atlantic on the day of entry. To gain entrance to the Clubhouse the passenger must have one of the following: - an Upper Class boarding card; - a Flying Club Gold card; - a Gold card of selected other airlines' frequent flier programmes; - a UK American Express Centurion card (black card with numbers starting 3742); - a Flying Co. access voucher (London Heathrow & London Gatwick only); - a Virgin Holidays pre-paid clubhouse access voucher (London Heathrow & London Gatwick only) When travel has been booked through Virgin Holidays and is not in Upper Class, vouchers for London Heathrow & London Gatwick Clubhouse access can be pre- booked for the sum of £60 & £35 respectively. Upper Class passengers and Flying Club Gold members can bring a guest into the lounge with them (providing the guest is flying with Virgin Atlantic that day), but entry by any of the other methods mentioned does not entitle guest access. All Clubhouses have a free bar and food service. The larger facilities at London Heathrow & London Gatwick also offer V. Touch beauty treatments and other extras such as games and/or music rooms, libraries, shoe shine and airfield viewing areas. The London Heathrow Clubhouse has recently undergone a major refurbishment, doubling in size and adding new features such as a Deli, Spa pool, observation deck, Sauna and a Tanning salon. London Heathrow Airport (HUB AIRPORT) FOR VIRGIN ATLANTIC Heathrow now has four passenger terminals (numbered 1 to 4) and a cargo terminal. Permission for a fifth passenger terminal (Terminal 5) was granted in November 2001, and construction is now well under way. It is expected to open in 2008, with construction of all satellite buildings completed in 2011. When originally constructed, Heathrow had six runways, arranged in three pairs at different angles, with the passenger terminal in the centre. With growth in the required length for runways, Heathrow now has just two parallel runways running east-west. Runway 23, a short runway for use in strong South-Westerly winds, was recently decommissioned and now forms part of taxiway A. The Department for Transport has issued a 'consultation document' in which one option is the construction of a third parallel east-west runway for frequent use, involving the demolition of local residential areas. Overnight flights into Heathrow are currently restricted by government order, with preference for quieter airliners, but could be eliminated entirely if the government loses its appeal against a recent judgement by the European Court of Human Rights. 60
  61. 61. The airport has been owned and operated by BAA since before its privatisation in 1987. In order to prevent monopoly profits, the amount BAA is allowed to charge airlines to land aeroplanes at Heathrow is heavily regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority. Until 1 April 2003, the annual increase of the cost of landing per passenger was capped at inflation minus 3%. This has meant that landing charges have been falling in absolute terms. The average landing cost per passenger in April 2003 was £6.13, similar to landing charges at Gatwick and Stansted. In order to reflect the fact that Heathrow, as an international hub, is more popular with passengers and airlines, the CAA agreed that BAA will be allowed to increase landing charges at Heathrow by inflation plus 6.5% per year for the next five years. When Terminal 5 opens in 2008, landing charges are expected to be £8.23 per passenger. Landing fee restrictions at Gatwick and Stansted will remain tighter. Whilst the cost of a landing slot is determined by the CAA and BAA, the allocation of landing slots at Heathrow to airlines is carried out by Airport Co- ordination Limited (ACL). ACL is an independent non-profit organisation whose slot allocation programme is governed by British and European law and IATA Worldwide Scheduling Guidelines. ACL is funded by ten British airlines, tourism operators and BAA, which pay the ACL a fee for providing scheduling information. The apparent conflict between the need to provide an independent slot allocation service and serving the interests of the funding airlines is waved away by ACL. LONDON HEATHROW LOUNGE Although the Virgin arrivals lounge at London Heathrow (called Revivals), is the smaller and well known sibling of the Clubhouse departure lounge. Revivals is a more exclusive lounge than the Clubhouse. Whereas you can gain access to the departure lounge as a guest of a Gold card holder, with an Amex Centurion, or in some cases as a premium member of one of Virgin's partner airlines, Revivals is strictly for arriving Upper Class passengers or Gold card holders - no guests. Before you've even entered the lounge, they know you're coming. They like to 61
  62. 62. have as much information about their guests as possible to ensure you are looked after while you're in their care. If you have a connecting flight, they'll have already checked for delays or which gate it's going to be at. If you have a limo coming to pick you up, they've sorted it. This microscopic attention to detail is a common theme throughout the services offered. There are some 18 showers in Revivals, all individually decorated and named (such as 'Tutti Frutti' and one even named after a regular customer). Claire admits that they put people in the rooms they think will suit the mood of the customer. Some designs apparently appeal to people from the north of England, and others to American customers. Each shower room is immaculately presented - following Claire's strict rules of presentation. Even down to the angle the shower door should be left open. Once you're in the shower room, you can de-robe, and leave your suit or jacket in the special compartment (dubbed the 'Mr Benn Magic Door'). Housekeeping will then whisk away your clothes while you're showering and run them through a steam-cleaning & pressing machine affectionately called Dolly. You'll also get your shoes shined and all returned to the Magic Door within about 5 minutes. If you need any bits & pieces such as a hairbrush, toothpaste or even a pair of tights - a call through the intercom in the shower room will put you in touch directly with the housekeeping supervisor who will be more than happy to provide whatever you request. In the main lounge, there are a selection of newspapers, television and a business centre with Internet access. On the menu the day I visited the choices included American-style pancakes, Bacon rolls, Boiled egg (with soldiers!) and a large selection of toasted breads. A new addition to the menu is the cult-status sugar- loaded Krispy Kreme donuts. Mmmm. The Virgin Touch salon is also a feature of Revivals, where you can get a shave, facial, foot spa & massage, manicure, eyebrow or make up treatment. On average, Revivals looks after between 120-150 customers per day from 4am in the morning until 1.30pm in the afternoon. Many of us have probably missed the full experience of Revivals, preferring to get home after a long flight. My advice is to give yourself an extra hour or two after your next flight into Heathrow and treat yourself to Virgin's arrival lounge. You'll be surprised how refreshed the whole experience will make you feel. 62
  63. 63. VIRGIN ATLANTIC Route Network and Effective Scheduling 1. HONGKONG-SYDNEY-HONGKONG From Hong Kong (HKG) Departs 19:20 S M T W T F S To Sydney (SYD) Arrives 07:10 Flight No. VS200 Flight arrives 1 day later. 63
  64. 64. From Sydney (SYD) Departs 15:50 S M T W T F S To Hong Kong (HKG) Arrives 22:05 Flight No. VS201 2. LONDON-ANTIGUA-LONDON From London (LGW) Departs 09:0 0 S M T W T F S To Antigua (ANU) Arrives 13:40 Flight No. VS033 Fridays flight will depart 09:30 and arrive 14:10 From Antigua (ANU) Departs 18:30 S M T W T F S To London (LGW) Arrives 06:30 Flight No. VS034 Flight arrives 1 day later. 3. LONDON-BOSTON-LONDON From London (LHR) Departs 15:05 S M T W T F S To Boston (BOS) Arrives 17:30 Flight No. VS011 64
  65. 65. From Boston (BOS) Departs 19:40 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 07:10 Flight No. VS012 Flight arrives 1 day later. 4. LONDON-LAS-VEGAS-LONDON From London (LGW) Departs 10:45 S M T W T F S To Las Vegas (LAS) Arrives 13:3 0 Flight No. VS043 From Las Vegas (LAS) Departs 16:05 S M T W T F S To London (LGW) Arrives 09:55 Flight No. VS044 Flight arrives 1 day later. 5. LONDON-SHANGHAI-LONDON From Shanghai (PVG) Departs 11:45 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 16:05 Flight No. VS251 65
  66. 66. From London (LHR) Departs 14:30 S M T W T F S To Shanghai (PVG) Arrives 09:45 Flight No. VS250 Flight arrives 1 day later. 6. LONDON-DELHI-LONDON From Delhi (DEL) Departs 13:10 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 16:5 5 Flight No. VS301 On Mondays flight departs 13:15 and arrives 17:00 From London (LHR) Departs 21:00 S M T W T F S To Delhi (DEL) Arrives 10:45 Flight No. VS300 Flight arrives 1 day later. 7. LONDON-NASSAU-LONDON 66
  67. 67. From Nassau (NAS) Departs 16:30 S M T W T F S To London (LGW) Arrives 05:30 Flight No. VS062 Flight arrives 1 day later. From London (LGW) Departs 09:30 S M T W T F S To Nassau (NAS) Arrives 13:30 Flight No. VS061 8. LONDON-WASINGTON-LONDON From London (LHR) Departs 12:00 S M T W T F S To Washington (IAD) Arrives 15:25 Flight No. VS021 From Washington (IAD) Departs 19:15 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 07:05 Flight No. VS022 Flight arrives 1 day later. 9. LONDON-TOKYO-LONDON 67
  68. 68. From London (LHR) Departs 13:00 S M T W T F S To Tokyo (NRT) Arrives 10:0 0 Flight No. VS900 Flight arrives 1 day later. From Tokyo (NRT) Departs 12:00 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 15:45 Flight No. VS901 10. LONDON-HAVANA-LONDON From London (LGW) Departs 09:30 S M T W T F S To Havana (HAV) Arrives 15:20 Flight No. VS063 From Havana (HAV) Departs 18:00 S M T W T F S To London (LGW) Arrives 06:45 Flight No. VS064 Flight arrives 1 day later. 68
  69. 69. 11. LONDON-MANCHESTER-LONDON From Manchester (MAN) Departs 10:00 S M T W T F S To Singapore (SIN) Arrives 07:00 Flight No. VS7327 Flight arrives 1 day later. Flight operated by Singapore Airlines TIMETABLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE From Manchester (MAN) Departs 09:55 S M T W T F S To Singapore (SIN) Arrives 08:5 0 Flight No. VS7345 Flight arrives 1 day later. Flight operated by Singapore Airlines TIMETABLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE This flight operates via Zurich From Singapore (SIN) Departs 23:50 S M T W T F S To Manchester (MAN) Arrives 06:2 0 Flight No. VS7328 69
  70. 70. Flight arrives 1 day later. Flight operated by Singapore Airlines TIMETABLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE From Singapore (SIN) Departs 23:50 S M T W T F S To Manchester (MAN) Arrives 08:25 Flight No. VS7346 Flight arrives 1 day later. Flight is operated by Singapore Airlines TIMETABLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE This flight operates via Zurich 12. LONDON-CAPETOWN-LONDON From London (LHR) Departs 20:3 5 S M T W T F S To Cape Town (CPT) Arrives 10:35 Flight No. VS603 Flight arrives 1 day later. From Cape Town (CPT) Departs 22:45 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 09:0 0 Flight No. VS604 Flight arrives 1 day later. Flights on Friday and Saturday depart 10:35 and arrive 08:50 the next day. 13. LONDON-MUMBAI-LONDON From Mumbai (BOM) Departs 14:0 0 S M T W T F S To London (LHR) Arrives 18:35 Flight VS351 70
  71. 71. No. From London (LHR) Departs 21:45 S M T W T F S To Mumbai (BOM) Arrives 12:10 Flight No. VS350 Flight arrives 1 day later. AWARDS WON VIRGIN ATLANTIC VOTED BEST BUSINESS CLASS & PREMIUM ECONOMY AIRLINE AT BUSINESS TRAVELLER AWARDS 2006 Virgin Atlantic today won two of the top categories at the Business Traveler Awards 2006. The airline won the Best Business Class and Best Premium Economy awards. Steve Ridgeway, Chief Executive, Virgin Atlantic, commented: “We are delighted that Business Traveler readers have recognized Virgin Atlantic in this way. These awards show that Virgin Atlantic’s innovative products, in Upper Class and Premium Economy, are the clear favorites for long- haul travelers.” The Upper Class suite is different to anything else flying today. The product has been designed to be separately both the most comfortable bed and the most comfortable seat in the air. Instead of extending from a seat into a bed, Virgin Atlantic’s seat provides the passenger with a luxury leather armchair to relax on which then flips over into a separate bed with a mattress to sleep on. It is a first class product for a business class fare. Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to come up with the concept of a premium economy class. It was first introduced in 1992 and has been imitated by our competitors in recent years. Passengers traveling in Premium Economy benefit from the biggest seat in its class on selected aircraft, a 38” seat pitch, dedicated check in and cabin, priority meal service and priority baggage reclaim. 71
  73. 73. FUTURE PLANS AND INNOVATIONS Aircraft on order, with registrations assigned: • G-VRED (Scarlet Lady - tbc.) A340-600 (Suite) with V:PORT entertainment system. To be delivered in October 2006. • G-VWEB (Surfer Girl - tbc.) A340-600 (Suite) with V:PORT entertainment system. To be delivered in December 2006. • G-VBUG (tba.) A340-600 (Suite) with V:PORT entertainment system. To be delivered in February 2007. • G-VJAM (Lady Marmalade - tbc.) A340-600 (Suite) with V:PORT entertainment system. To be delivered in July 2007. • G-VLUV (Sweetheart - tbc.) A340-600 (Suite) with V:PORT entertainment system. To be delivered in September 2007. • G-VFUN (Party Girl - tbc.) A340-600 (Suite) with V:PORT entertainment system. To be delivered in December 2007. • G-VXXL (Virgin Lady) A380-800. To be delivered in 2008. • VIRGIN ATLANTIC has ordered 10 more AIRBUS 340-600 to add to their fleet. • Virgin ATLANTIC has also ordered 6 more AIRBUS 380 to increase their efficiency of their fleet. 73
  74. 74. Just over half of Virgin's flights leave London from London Heathrow, with the remainder leaving from London Gatwick. There are also daily services from Manchester International Airport to Orlando, and weekly services to Bridgetown and St Lucia (starting 16 November 2006). Virgin flights between the United Kingdom and the United States or the Bahamas bear special names, such as The Trance Atlantic (Miami-Heathrow), The London Shuttle (Boston-Heathrow) or The Rising Star (Los Angeles-Heathrow New Services in 2006 o London-Heathrow to Dubai o London-Gatwick to Montego Bay o Manchester to St Lucia (Starting 16 November 2006) • New Services in 2007 o London-Gatwick to Mauritius (Starting November 2007) o Glasgow to Orlando (Starting 23 June 2007 - Seasonal service) OTHER RECENT CAMPAIGN Virgin Atlantic will play a part in the upcoming James Bond film, Casino Royale. Richard Branson, Virgin Atlantic crew, and one of its Airbus A340-600 aircraft will be part of a scene at Miami International Airport (although the sequence was filmed in Prague). 74
  75. 75. AIRBUS 340-600 CONCLUSION So there it is, finally an insight about some of the many secrets to VIRGIN ATLANTIC success. After all it is through these management frameworks that the team at VIRGIN ATLANTIC has able to put together an award winning airline which customer’s and passengers continue to prefer day and night for service, modern fleet, transit airport of 75
  76. 76. London Heathrow, superior in flight products which are upgraded regularly to increase the Product Life Cycle [PLC] and with the coming aircrafts the thrill to fly the largest passenger aircraft in the world in the Airbus 380. Thus we must thank the management team at VIRGIN ATLANTIC, for putting together such a wonderful airline by keeping passenger preferences in mind and wanting us to fly them everyday. I know I certainly do fly them regularly, but what about you, I bet you cant wait to fly them. BIBLOGRAPHY www.airliners.net/discussions/generalaviation Reports on VIRGIN ATLANTIC airlines future plans and first hand experience from customers who have flown on all classes in VIRGIN ATLANTIC Airlines. Also all pictures are taken from this site with full copyright permission. www.airbus.com 76
  77. 77. Reports and technical specification on 340-300/340-600 family aircraft utilized by Virgin Atlantic Airlines. www.boeing.com Technical data about the Boeing 777 family of aircrafts used by Virgin Atlantic Airlines. www.v-flyer.com Flight schedules and aircraft cabin offerings in all three classes. www.virgin-atlantic.com 77