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Structured content

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  • 1. It’s all about structure!why structured content is increasinglybecoming a necessity, not an option by Scott Abel The Content Wrangler tcworld India, February 21, 2013 Bangalore, India
  • 2. structure...
  • 3. structure...
  • 4. structure...
  • 5. structure...
  • 6. structure...
  • 7. structure...
  • 8. structure...
  • 9. why do we needstructured content? here are nine reasons...
  • 10. assists authorsfacilitates innovation structure formalizes a content model; provides authoring guidance that can help us produce consistently-structured, human- and machine-readable content 1
  • 11. structure can enhance the usability of content, providing visual cues to the user that can lead to increased confidence 2predictibilityaccessibilityscanability
  • 12. structure is the foundation for automatic delivery of content through syndication; provides the predictability required to plan for and repurpose content 3RSS feeds, APIscontent as a servicemobile device apps
  • 13. syndicatedtweet...
  • 14. structure makes it possible for us to efficiently publish to multiple channels, output formats, and devices from a single source or repository of content 4single-sourcingtime-to-marketeliminates waste
  • 15. structure is a critical compent of transactional content; semantically-enriched structured content makes possible the automation of business processes 5e-commercee-governmentlights-out publishing
  • 16. structure makes is possible for us to automatically adapt content and leverage responsive design techniques 6location-awarepurpose-specificdevice-aware
  • 17. structure allows us to leverage the power of content management systems to deliver content dynamically, increasingly, in real-time 7stock tradingemergency infocustomer service
  • 18. structure makes it possible for us to move past ‘persona-ized content’; semantically- enriched structured content is required to provide personalized content 8the right informationto the right people atthe right time in theright format and inthe right language
  • 19. structure facilitates innovative reuse of content in known sets of related information and in sets of information that will meet unknown future needs 9recombining contentin new ways thatarent obviouswhen the contentis created
  • 20. I recently interviewed...Guy Kawasakievangelistangel investorauthor guykawasaki.com The Content Wrangler
  • 21. we talked about... innovators must allow time for the majority to catch up...new ideas take time to filter through The Content Wrangler
  • 22. how much time, exactly? it could take years...in the case of the Macintosh we know if took Apple a couple of decades to reach the adoption rate they have achieved today good ideas that are ahead of their time can take 15-20 years to reach majority adoption The Content Wrangler
  • 23. technologic innovation ismoving faster than ever the time spent deciding whether or not to innovate is getting shorter each year The Content Wrangler
  • 24. how long is too long? 2007 5 years? 2002 10 years? 1992 20? 1987 25? 1982 30? The Content Wrangler
  • 25. this is me 30 years ago 1982 likely, under the influence The Content Wrangler
  • 26. which might seem irrelevant because structured content is a relatively new idea, isn’t it? The Content Wrangler
  • 27. it’s not a new idealong beforeDocBook andDITA and XMLthe PC and the8-track player The Content Wrangler
  • 28. 49 in 1963 ...years ago!STOPSequentialThematicOrganizationof PublicationsI’ll send you a copy! The Content Wrangler
  • 29. topicstwo page spreadSTOPSequentialThematicOrganizationof Publications The Content Wrangler
  • 30. where we are today... let’s take at look at the results of The Content Wrangler Technical Communication Industry Benchmarking Survey The Content Wrangler
  • 31. major challenges... old ideas getting in the way.... our documentation process and tools were designed around the book paradigm; as we move to XML and modular content we are changing both our processes and our tools The Content Wrangler
  • 32. major challenges... lack of governance... we are so busy with minutiae that what we say we do -- and what we actually do -- are two different things The Content Wrangler
  • 33. major challenges... lack of knowledge and experience... we have been trying to make improvements, but frankly, we lack experience, so all we end up doing is encoding old ideas in new tools and processes; it’s like amateur hour here The Content Wrangler
  • 34. do you create documentation for products that are configurable?78.2% yes21.8% no The Content Wrangler
  • 35. do you customize the documentation for products that are configurable?53.2% yes46.8% no The Content Wrangler
  • 36. typical challenges withconfigurable content... manual updating lack of knowledge lack of human resources can’t make our tools work ‘we don’t have the right processes in place, but we know what to do, just not how to do it, exactly...’ The Content Wrangler
  • 37. of the companies reusing content, there is a lot of reuse going on...188 companiesreport between25-50% reuse120 companies reported 60-100% reuse The Content Wrangler
  • 38. typical benefits ofreusable content... getting work done faster change once, change everywhere consistency and quality creates time for innovation ‘we no longer pay people to write the same content over again and again (in various ways) for no good business reason’ The Content Wrangler
  • 39. why should we want tocreate structured content? increases our value makes us more marketable prepares us for other jobs supports growth of profession provides interesting work The Content Wrangler
  • 40. our profession must changewhether we want to or not professions tend to be autonomous they have a high degree of control over their own affairs this is no longer the case in the world of technical writing The Content Wrangler
  • 41. recommended readingRobertGlushkoandTim McGrath The Content Wrangler
  • 42. It’s all about structure!why structured content is increasinglybecoming a necessity, not an option by Scott Abel The Content Wrangler tcworld India, February 21, 2013 Bangalore, India
  • 43. TWITTER: SCOTTABEL LINKEDIN: SCOTTABEL CONTACT The Content WranglerIntelligent content conference.COM www.thecontentwrangler.com scott@thecontentwrangler.com