“Creating Culturally-Correct Web Content For Global Audiences”


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“Creating Culturally-Correct Web Content For Global Audiences” was a discussion between Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler, and Maxwell Hoffmann, Director of Multilingual Document Globalization at Globalization Partners International. The two discussed best practices for creating web content. Maxwell provided interesting examples of color, imagery and expression mistakes others have made in the past. Scott and Maxwell also discussed how to determine if content (text and graphics) are both culturally-correct and effective in communicating to an off-shore, global audience. They also talked about how to avoid the most common cultural mistakes that unintentionally alienate the customers you are trying to serve.

Listen to the archived recording: http://bit.ly/ls5nq3

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“Creating Culturally-Correct Web Content For Global Audiences”

  1. 1. hashtag #mindtouch Creating Culturally1:00pm Web Content For PST Audiences April 15, 2011 • • Correct EST / /10:00am PST April 15, 2011 1:00pm EST 10:00am Global Scott Abel interviews Maxwell Hoffmann, Globalization Partners InternationalApril 29, 2011 | 1:00pm EST/10:00am PDT Audio: +1 323.417.4600   Access code: 522-342-883   Webinar ID: 257-009-851System Requirements ~PC: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server | Macintosh: Mac OS® X 10.4.11 (Tiger®) or newer
  2. 2. About Scott Abel aka The Content Wrangler content strategist | publishing expert | magazine columnist social networking choreographer | blogger | mashup artistscottabel@mac.com | 317.409.0839 | thecontentwrangler.com | twitter: @scottabel
  3. 3. the best support sites are powered by mindtouch request a demonstration today info@mindtouch.com | www.mindtouch.com
  4. 4. schedule | submitting questions | accessing the recording technological challenges | twitter hash tag housekeeping: a few things you need to know
  5. 5. April 15, 2011 • • 1:00pm EST / /10:00am leader April 15, 2011 1:00pm EST| thought PST publishing maven 10:00am PST translation and localization expert contact: mhoffmann@globalizationpartners.com
  6. 6. tell us a little aboutglobalization partners international what is it? what do you do there?
  7. 7. what does this image mean to you?what is the significance? do you recognize it?
  8. 8. what is the overarching goal of creating culturally-correct website content for a global audience? goals are part of a content strategy for the web
  9. 9. you mentioned color, can you provide us with some examples of how color is viewed differently around the world red * blue * green * yellow * orange * black * white
  10. 10. how about an example? red (luck/happiness) and yellow (noble) are good colorsin china, while white and black are associated with death how do our color choices impact how people use our web content?
  11. 11. in brazil, purple is the color of mourning,while red is the color of prosperity, strength, happiness how do our color choices impact how people use our web content?
  12. 12. everybody loves dogs, donʼt they? images are often the first thing to attract our attention on a websitewhat are some good and bad examples of image choices
  13. 13. advertisement for toyota prado in chinabe aware of what is in the background of the images you use
  14. 14. you may find that your choice ofimage yield unexpected consequences cultural differences are not limited to text
  15. 15. be cautious not to assign your family values to those of families from other cultureseach culture has its own norms, expectations and values
  16. 16. image selection is important, but so are our choice of wordswhat impact can our selection of words have on reaching our goals?
  17. 17. text often contains alphanumeric characters;do numbers have good and bad connotations?? what numbers are ones to watch out for and why?
  18. 18. westerners would probably not intentionally use this number as an error message it has a religious connotation made famous by hollywood
  19. 19. whatʼs wrong with this address?share a real story of about addresses and culture with us
  20. 20. what are some general cultural valueswe should be aware of when creating web content? www.globalizationpartners.com/resources.asp
  21. 21. April 15, 2011 • • 1:00pm EST / /10:00am PST April 15, 2011 letʼs start with 10:00am PST 1:00pm EST china... collectivism * rules * hierarchy * conformance
  22. 22. how about brazil?looking good * women * value * masculine * collective and family first
  23. 23. what things should we consider when planning layout and spatial orientation on the web? isnʼt good design “good design” after all?
  24. 24. heat maps can help us determine where users click on the pagewe canʼt rely on the psychic power of the designers
  25. 25. consider al jazeerawriting direction influences design placement and use of screen real estate
  26. 26. and then thereʼs al jazeera for western audiences has a very definite similarity to most western news sites
  27. 27. consider yahoo.comwestern layout and design sensibilities and preferences differ
  28. 28. and then thereʼs yahoo.co.jpappears more cluttered to westerners, but not to the japanese
  29. 29. then there is br.yahoo.comthe design is much closer to a western-style yahoo page
  30. 30. what can western content creators do to ensure the text they create is machine readable? Bob R - Boston MA garbage in - garbage out * machine translation * localization
  31. 31. what can a company do to avoid color issues when we donʼt have huge staff or budget? - Diane L, Portland, OR letʼs look at an example
  32. 32. case study: montana world trade centernon-profit * limited budget * targets = russian, spanish, chinese, gulf region
  33. 33. solution: montana world trade center images * text * bi-directional
  34. 34. what do you see as the future of global websites? and what abut mobile? Jessica Y - Long Islanddramatic rise in mobile * devices proliferate * touchscreens * thoughtful layout
  35. 35. what else can we do to prepare a website for a cross-cultural, global audience? Lonnie W - Bloomington, IL internationalization * date formats * unicode * currencies * forms design
  36. 36. Reverse text is obvious when thinking about arabic websites, but what else should we consider? Pete E - Seattle, WA table columns * navigation * interaction * images
  37. 37. weʼre adapting to other cultures on the web. are they also adapting to our style? Bill B - Chicago, IL are these issues changing as more people experience the web?
  38. 38. April 15, 2011 • • 1:00pm EST / /10:00am PSTMaxwell Hoffmann, Globalization Partners International April 15, 2011 1:00pm EST 10:00am PST twitter: GPITranslates blog: blog.globalizationpartners.com contact: mhoffmann@globalizationpartners.com
  39. 39. the best support sites are powered by mindtouch request a demonstration today info@mindtouch.com | www.mindtouch.com
  40. 40. Exceptional Customer 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST April 15, 2011 • • Experiences Start10:00am PST Management April 15, 2011 1:00pm EST / With Terminology Scott Abel interviews Val Swisher, CEO, Content Rules May 13, 2011 * 1pm EDT / 10am PDT