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  • 1. Michael Zin Hist. 141
  • 2.  The background of the movie was a revolution made of guerilla forces between the people and the govt.  The main character, Juan, was taken was from his mother to join the Terrucos, Shining Path, after he discover that his step father Fermin was involved with the with them.  Juan was 11 years old when he was taken to a far off camp to train with the guerrilla forces. There were also other children his age who were even for the revolt.  Juan was trained to make grenades, bombs, how to shoot a rifle, and most of all not to cry (being a man).
  • 3.  The older ranking comrades in the Paloma de camp told Juan that this is his new Papel (cont…) family, for everyone else has suffered the same lost.  He was told to never go home again because it was for the good of his homeland.  Juan was not allowed to escape or else his mother would die, but he did anyways to warn his mother and his home village.  In the end, a big battle scene took place in the village that included Juan mother’s death.  Juan was taken away by the military to an orphanage and was later release when her was a young adult.
  • 4.  The Author, Mario Vargas, became a novelist after lost his the 1990 presidency.  It is an ambitious novel about Peru in the last part of the 20th century.  The novel consist of a mystery of three men whom have disappeared or have presumed murdered.  Lieutenant governor of Andamarca  Retarded Indian caretaker of a vicuna herd in the tourist haven of Pampas Galeras  A disenfranchised albino
  • 5.  The author led us to believe that they could have all been victims of Shining Path terrorist  Who are young Indian terrorists, killing anyone that seems they have a tie with Peru’s white establishment.  Later in the book, new suspects comes in...  Dionisio- wild eye bartender at the local bar  Dona Adriana- wife of Dioisio, a stony face witch who is rumored to practicing pre-Inca rituals of cannibalism