National Housing Federation Marketing & Communications Conference March 2011


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Presentation on Writing your Annual Report - Mark Thomas and Steve Smedley

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National Housing Federation Marketing & Communications Conference March 2011

  1. 1. Writing your annual reportBest practiceSteve Smedley and Mark Thomas10 March 2011
  2. 2. Annual report - a key componentof co-regulation• sets out the service offer, including any local offer(s)• a commitment to deliver the offer• underpinned by a “warts and all” self-assessment• an effective transparency and accountability tool • format and performance information tenants need • tenant involvement in its production 2
  3. 3. Annual report - a key componentof co-regulation• > 1000 properties - proportionate approach• due October• share with the TSA• done properly – centre-piece of tenant scrutiny and co-regulation 3
  4. 4. What happened?• “near universal response rate”• 98.3% have published• 99.7% including extensions• TSA has commissioned National Tenant Organisations to explore 2010 submissions from a tenant’s perspective• due soon• will help with 2011 submission 4
  5. 5. Review of regulation - co-regulationeven more important?• compliant with localism and transparency agendas • consumer regulation becomes consumer protection • from bureaucratic to democratic accountability • armchair auditors = tenant scrutiny = reduced regulation • no requirement to cc TSA in to annual report 5
  6. 6. Review of regulation - co-regula-tion even more important?• tenant scrutiny beefed up • agree with tenants the provision of timely, useful information • support & recognise tenant panels • regulator to address serious failures to implement effective scrutiny • new involvement & empowerment standard pending 6
  7. 7. HouseMark’s observations• commitment to co-regulation and improving tenant scrutiny• quality varies – improvement required • self-assessment – more robust & honest, less of a PR stunt • involve tenants in the process • clear articulation of offer & associated standards • reporting performance • the right info in the right format • tenants want cost and performance comparisons to judge VFM • a compelling performance story • more from Mark 7
  8. 8. Our experience• Produced toolkit – 250 enquiries• 12 tenant groups facilitated• 20 reports produced ord ASSo rd AS IAoIo cwT A oIo A wlTr n Sn u IA n An o c T To o T ce uA r l Se TenAnT Involvem A T e n Ap AS Tn cI ATre n An nu rT n uIATI od e p oSS o cw rd A n or l Io o A l r eno rSouwor d ASSo cIAT Ion An rvIcen rdSeporT co offerS nAndA lcAexTernAl vAlIdATIon, peer Ann lo Te TenT k IT Ann uAl We to d or lk IT l k IT n T S To o l n A n TS To o nA nT S To ol kIT Te n T S ToAT e n po rT ToAl re po rT To repo rT To Ten AnT S Too word ASSocIATIon AnnuAl reporT To TenAnTS ToolkIT wor d ASSo cIAT Ion ferenc theras so ci at io n mind that detailed lkIT Ann uAl repo rT To Ten AnT S Too lkIT To e S Ihn TuIdA w e re e is g t includ ch standard e nee cove be borne in an nual re po rt ranc the enT uSIn reports mustiithin eained assuIt alsotheyds to r, It atance worth se reportslook at the ‘Find na nt s Thecg rarly raS sta dould n isadd annual And Sc benchmArkIng having a to te• l ho 3 The nd Aprovidendtoion ,abouting eecifithe importions. of the stand up W on’ss ga what is also odurAmewaoleionfohthte We nwisaardonithetion’s standards, the And ruTIny revIew ocIA ociaer ha meet ing d sp pect s, a coemm inforematrted includbecaus of c ex and Compare Landlords’ section on the th ssition r TSA to ol kit Reports on compliance In re rd howo d to esd po an ood l nee Tr ory finformCt k t ufooyonan orga sa new r stsanda ent made wil is W n re tcomes in e gap ants u be s derst outcom qu bed ou lved any statem un websittiny but potentially controversia e. While, somewhat lly, to ten rkreve’sireen invo se, all need to In ulATThe howeyo a ur ti em wants landlord to So he re to fill th ed r r rg inst thTSA, a simila well as producing r d s s u r ann rt the poons o ha It e, cour where . ual re how tenants Thrdmance and,areto not justagain the y amew daess of at re tory fr engaperfor tail if youvalidto ion, rerds Summar tiny port tenant’s scru st them of the here tor. informationregulais not localis ed it shows TSA r eg s the n on vrm or rform na greport follo ts naga ws As toolk As well it fo mmary cSerfiices ppet to tein theportant e TSup with their own meas being a standard ew SA’s n researchsc into n regula rutinisi st in nts external ththe moda inte th a de nsultef of isely See . e cote, us up nc . king e Stan nse scru wh ere es, and en about how less both locallyisand nationally and not just something of what the TSA aiming to compare against those organisations they t y rm com A’s performanceso im at to th e the T Here is information ba fo n our approp h clie and be th d outcom nts, ria thisfectiv hmare requiree needs to bethe areas Car oach for tak aspire to. performvital is This consultation could take ed on and it better than. They should also place in a variety an nnu la rer l fo 40based ssions wit fpeerTo baewlvleafletceforsp onateinprctations,ects are reporttenademonstrate of ways including survey l o afo on revi ck e en sic informat ap its own e Ten ’saregua t on page rm and d.iscuedanntissti‘loceal seexpesg. antortiecificrex ositivd.asp rmarightpresentednt ngside trends in performance over s and focus groups o on0s.y ers of optrerilev pe Th wil th a a them offers’.op need to be about their ownre ion about th pos e e alo orit y ppearsial of the sttrad orgrd rkcoIt te ation’s 2 We will, adthreaquireumingeach involvement is performancee tobe year periods. continue right the way through an an pr ported on in th t ar lvin red ents fo stand this info e five standa tion is and should arto ewo ndo ex plleofirstrt provid d cin p theirns tha c invo ere tha 0 a them three l five wil rds that Auth orkafor so torypfre mn apForA.ssociamci4“At to sinpoinginagnd pngerswer thanthatan t set out how also need to look to tenan l report production process with ca u g organisation for the cove develo 1,00 ro the annual re g providers . port the annua annual report, providers ousin ulato for n llowingWordorking in so tiserviceesgidandard,fese with fewprioritcuts across eachorganisation a h local level ew l re : f w rt re “H pla produced si n ers in ctor. to local er th ies,” The reports fram g careg ins theafonua ni Inof ts giving to addition providers also needfeedback on the propo e ri thS: st me ng, d offer owrespon improved. o ould dbe rde ov r the seProviders 1. tenan local e a setting out how your demonstrate how thein which eachhas been sed are also expected etailed tenants pr uc w erSTA nancndA explains the TSA document. ed theod ure ve stan an w ation fo erties. to the oths. ways information standa in hous 2010a st . te r e G xa ov nts t foleth te ) ha iba inform covers,set ofdo no set byeir tena e Are SI n essar and t d to show pr fut how t ne landlordser meimprovedstandabenchmarked and validated andcredible,ted.rd has been “Theset invol dards. we r the reported on by nt an em rds ove “ thisd ou ion on prop nt (eo er o andardcceve leea it werment operties policies to th will continue xc pe p 1 Apr il All stan 8 m sThnep dard illi nershy Stip 1 to put the ncial Viabilit nt invs shement th t outd empo a an how Fin compares with ressed concer offers25 pr a [are] annual exp grt The n to po rmen t ntly meetin directnex nts ce note states that: “Theindependent external organisations. to get tenants’ feedback repo guidan ly to example, be valuable presen It would, for t and their tenants that relate w tenat year. new forma d ow na er olv all u are curreseparate se report abos he their peers. outcomeut how they s aim and Fir sharet1. 0 provid o na Te nted iremen ,80 at r th r tenant yo s and in local circumstances.” l deta w shall detail how ho on the prefer hoshal Thisil prveucing andandtenants have been involved • such as tablesred ways of presenting figures andard andard andport involved incoodsudppcingthis, scrutinising the report”. th The st in social re requaffect 1 offeonme ei r fo the st er quiredt e re rs: in produ “Und e annualrentsspecific stshould“Thene locframework s, Consult with t, charts or graphs. live ey ico2. ti Ho ol. Th eir ngrvsse cia commitmen ts. 5 Th al.” the consu ur thatstome defi • Cu shape the pa measuringsiyo nothingProvidtenantsvicneches er range ort heir tenants a ements who contr th se a During have, r ser rt rs, To reasonably in nd acting s. e yoin eache munity tions,tiniThis gisprovidithtoandehhousingprannual oicea and of ways gim to tenand rd’s tions.”at need to new housi eet thes uding then mALMO Tenanc October u ar ng in older ng the coersstak ers shoulde, ch Careful management of providing the a “Any y consid housi 3. regula scru housin should already include information reportsork w mplaintsp ap oa this process needs m with s incl ls and opportunities ndlord ing counci all tion’ 1 re la by urhood mnt iance. sed e TSA willabout howto develo this involvement which should s na com expres teandpl ts w oecta ade will should be seen as concern carry out they should to take place to agrng that ensuri ee local offer ts have exlp m s shu tenan r prst id lf-re report this,th co w they la r rdsbegin ovseer 4.g Neighbor ei fromdother,is olvemat thetheir t stage repor e the land.” th • Inv addressed in the service delive s fo own fo landlooften assienproviders. local, in earlies their say at key stages but ry. 2 n All bu blish sapart of st t and r. stock e ore define local. nts an h this s that anc on possible. It should an mf tenaThoug e• on ho man em do not slow down o ‘ro ar pu nd a your perform re rt begin atorytenanne powerment stand up to th opportunity sis is ye rs a e a A) uding h thceTS money reporting on work it remainspo work-regulwithss. al “no the progre • Provide te s by becom the proces Inyou •event,de new framework should in produ When cl annuanytoaUnte rstanding ants being involved in decisions Tenant award for Optima will b ocument mpha ncillo ed witValue for dards, in frame ing nants with a ra an editorial panel The e d cou (and share to the TSeeting TSA also–to nts av 5. m A stan standards, be l viability wa aration in a div. the formateach style ofing to co d respond nge to influence h vetting every of opportunities se scrutiny o about approving and ards a n sh an the want to cia the ns” erse findinrchallenge rovement pla opportunity fogs and the annual by bo ndlord eeting are We to notand fin of associated prepbe seen as anwhen theportto s of ten report onimp way though report re need its ow providers draft. inten to provide more do ce key d ey meet all the T sing la onehmw th l offers.nvernan any gaps ent toHelp is on theorganisations annual as well as adecontent.ts ar o 6. Go ce formm and at an standards an SA’s l hou a nts their loca rform ve butto thequire expets that the TSA are loole s involvedch shallTSA further by – for kingthe to takethe be m in this even d to scrutinise socia is no re sugges ct from 37 organietab e r.” their performa the regulatoaccessible and r tena s on p escripthere tint as This e w Tim sation, whatM accessibleeeTS moreno 6positive spinng more arwill updatandA) by useful against all sta nce rep ort fo eport erlyn importa as possible s. R ov ee pr stand ard. providing 31We will th di re than pilot Custome alnts (a . Many nd assume the report ndards and in the developm ndard s b port. illsbfar e A thise th n eth is yeargonpublic r of en somthating mostandardsandcomparative naserviCe, forma appraisinformation. es will be in a the annual re ent of useful“Tenants should be a io ope e to te newsletter ChoiCbut other port. the st alwaythis re ey w rmatts in tenan they want sedthe toolkit when this laints ld . est Comp information becom t e and options should availabl things cou er ore ‘u is an hon te nants have new e th pr ent, n t use tofo regim ovidersotoonly and is theref comparative ctob s out is teere an 1 Obe considered ers 2010, we wh r th that housing provid including video, that set It This is vidlikely meetings, • Provide su pport to tenan unde r the rd’s ke m y docualready co tor. llected ’. This shouform involved per ld: ance available. la• Proclearlyezines , inOctthat figures s e choices in es ober good practice as information.” in decisions some rt and other newnd report be improved. will already be offering st reposerviccan often r plan communicatio se th fir form th n a presented in isolation t ouatioei bemedia approaches. t capacity to be ts to build the more effective ly involved. ir landlo the regulaand useful ed by tly Forof e local offers. is curren could form partdiv the ationers n that is approoffers o th and, also ovid about the format 7 part of Thesered priate t This to munic eed is one of discussion, blish the prthis er udbegahow test for compeersprovAs s of their andthe areas wheree eration ct e n supportedtailo this understan ding and report but pu how ue in big ex s wh may lly ten a ideconsid responding to be ssessrst one d daots, s will Thi incl would be in areas suchand ng loca given,antprov apparent, as honestyvelooopenness willle on s in the delivery ion andpi should be ib be most to how the divers to have • A e fi The re ports ach y ear, meetisaidtheey ave do rd th ng th stan n professione. within org r compl and style of the of a anisatr ll st ards. ianc als sheltered housintg,de positivnot poss proper comparison unicate fo lettingsis just is policie s, estate providers shouldemake aed r nants. with exclud • sen here th nsration r theiorte re thei efeel under pressure to pre plans, an approate foprojects,other hard to reach groups. ut th to Wecomm • Treat all te e needs of nants with fair tenants ber e TSA h ey measu bo Have regene w ited 1 Octo year, 2010 . The y pre thscripti ve a a ed only associattion. In all ere isps and infot. n rma annual report.” managour communicatioupda ch to complapt lim presen ement Ensuring the information ce simple ress acc budgeto ac ints that isar ted is prog and ested ared ts etc. e st ye clear, voluntary transfers, devolvprepible thaall needs fir be strate nd an honaccess ess • Demonstrat e that they un ness and respe ct. “overl and th y ga t conte arewould beieve date in ays recomme resolved to thisto t ensures that complaints th to central to derstand the to be an port” ote n abou plans. rk, we alw bel promptly, po can demon different need want N the re • formatioement wo nts is taken andnsionsdiscussion.ider ly and fairly.s ch te the lite s of their ten ants, includin at of in im prov and ferethical approa involex information prov to tena of ly, where th e vi sed it relation to the seven equalit g in form nt of ider’s of balancedxt sentation vement and empo ha d s ad y strands and amou e prov thatover the ne a pre on able an wermen tenants with small ude th rds • more credibility on reas nce. t additional su pport needs. • Incl andagives your offeanisation Offer all teisilitate d usde adva org rs. this nants a wi in t the st rvice likely to fac s an range of oppo agains local seis ultimately more to be intenant in the volved rtunities cluding and management year, in housing, includ of their engagement. strategic prior ing the ability to influence ities, the formu housing-relate lation of d policies and of housing-re the delivery lated services. 8
  9. 9. Facilitating tenant involvement LHA Co-ops TSA Annual Report Survey Annual Report Residents Focus Group Agenda 1. Please  rank  in  order  of  importance  to  you  the  six  TSA  standards  in  the  regulatory framework?  (Score  the  most  important  1  and  the  least  important  5) 1. LHA  Co-­ops  and  annual  reports  –  some  background   Governance  and  financial  viability Home Neighbourhood  Management  and  Community   2. Who  is  the  report  aimed  at?  –  our  residents   Tenant  involvement  and  empowerment Tenancy Value  for  money 3. What  do  we  have  to  report?  –  the  TSA  guidance   2. How  would  you  prefer  to  read  the  text?  (choose  one  option) Chatty  and  informal  (friendly,  aimed  at  you) 4. What’s  the  message  to  our  readers?   Plain  and  formal  (lots  of  short  sentences) 5. What’s  going  to  be  in  it?     3. How  would  you  prefer  the  design?  (choose  one  option) Creative,  something  a  bit  different Neat  and  clear 6. What  do  we  want  to  sound  like?  Chatty,  informal  or  something  else   4. Do  you  think  graphs  and  charts  make  figures  easier  to  understand? Yes   7. What  do  we  want  it  to  look  like?    Compare  with  others   No 5. Other  than  a  printed  report,  are  there  any  other  ways  you  would  like  to  receive  this 8. Making  figures  easy  to  understand,  what  works  best  for  you?     information ….................................................................................................................................... 9. How  have  you  been  involved 6. Tell  us  something  about  how  you  have  been  involved  in  the  production  of  this  annual report  and  what  you  felt  about  this  session 10. How  we  know  we’ve  done  a  good  job   ….................................................................................................................................... 11. Other  ways  to  get  our  message  across   ….................................................................................................................................... ….................................................................................................................................... 7. Any  other  comments ….................................................................................................................................... 9