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Zine History


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Zine History

  1. 1. A Short History of Zines (Barnard College Zine Library)
  2. 2. Zines Are... mostly photocopied different from magazines - no barcode or ISSN arise from the concept of self publishing topics usually too far out of the mainstream for traditional media Sticky Institute, Melbourne
  3. 3. Names And All That zine is not short for magazine comes from fanzine, which is a combination of “fan mags” and “letterzines” the opposite of a fanzine was a “prozine” Librarian at Papercut Zine Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts
  4. 4. In the Olden Days 1930s - the duplicating Mimeograph makes reproduction possible The Comet, the first scifi fanzine is also published
  5. 5. I Love My Photocopier 1942 Xerography is patented by Chester Carlson in 1942 Electrostatic printing with photography Used in photocopiers today
  6. 6. The Underground 1960s Beat poets make chapbooks, hippies make radical underground newspapers 1970s Rise of punk zines e.g. Maximum RocknRoll, Punk, Sniffing Glue
  7. 7. Getting the Word Out 1982 Factsheet Five is published - thousands of zine reviews and contacts spreads zine culture pre internet
  8. 8. Riot Grrrl 1990s From the zine Bikini Kill comes the band of the same name, 1st Riot Grrrl band Riot Grrrl = Pro queer, anti sexism, against sexual abuse, pro choice From Bikini Kill zine #1
  9. 9. Riot Grrrl Combining DIY ethos of punk scene to create own music, art & zines more females become involved in traditionally male zine scene, also rise of “perzine”
  10. 10. The Internet Arrives 1994 Internet begins to become more widespread Usenet and alt.zines E-zines Internet causes both boom (exposure) and decline (webpages & blogging)
  11. 11. And Now... Zine revival? Art zines often referred to as “zines” today (e.g. small press such as Nieves) Advantages to paper over screens? Like books, zines are tactile Nieves 100+ Zines Exhibition
  12. 12. MCA Zine Fair, Sydney Zines have the tang of truth about them. They're unabashedly passionate and sell nothing but ideas Chris Dodge, Utne magazine