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Socials assignment #1
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Socials assignment #1


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Our Socials 10 assignment #1 top 10 Confederation events. …

Our Socials 10 assignment #1 top 10 Confederation events.
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  • 1. Socials 10
    Assignment #1
    Larisa & ArieFebruary, 8, 2011
    Canadian Confederation Top 10 Events
  • 2. 1.- First European was not Christopher Columbus; it was actually BjarniHerjolfsson (985 or 986 CE)
    - We think that this is the most important time in Canada's confederation because the Europeans played a great role. We think that it is unfair to BjarniHerjolfsson that Christopher Columbus gets more credit even though Bijarni was actually the first to discover Canada.
  • 3. 2. - Canada was born July 1st1867, because the British wanted Canadato be independent!
    - We always celebrate Canada day July 1st, knowing that this was when Canada was born, but we never really knew any background on it or really how it became independent. We think that this point was important and interesting to us because now we know the background of Canada being born and how it became independent.
  • 4. 3. -1965 Canada got the maple leaf flag!
    -Canada getting the maple leaf flag is a very important part of Canadian history because it is our national flag. The maple leaf makes us Canadians who we are today, and is something that we can be proud of!
  • 5. 4.-British Columbia formed in 1858
    - To us British Columbia being formed is a major part in Canadian history because we live is this beautiful province. 
  • 6. 5. -Canadian troops earned a good reputation from WW1
    -We shall never forget those brave souls that fought for our freedom in the war, therefore this is a very important point in Canada's history.
    “Lest we Forget” –Rudyard Kipling
  • 7. 6. -After the signing of the ‘treaty of Paris’ the war (American Revolutionary War) ended 1783. Borders were formed between Canada and the USA.
    - The border being formed between Canada and the United States of America is an important time because we feel that it makes Canada more independent a because we have different flags, the border just shows us more that Canada and the USA are two different countries.
    Border between Canada and USA
    Border between Canada and USA
  • 8. 7. -1995 Quebec took a vote to see if they would stay a part of Canada. The votes ended up being 50.6% to 49.4%, so they stayed a part of Canada.
    - Quebec deciding whether it is going to stay apart of Canada or not is a big part in history because if they did not stay apart of our country, Quebec would become a small little country on their own in the middle of Canada with a population of around 7million. This would completely change the layout of Canada.
  • 9. 8 . -1866 colony of Vancouver Island and British Columbia became one (British Columbia)
    British Columbia
    - We chose the merging of BC and Vancouver as number 8 because it is important to know that Vancouver is in BC but it does not really effect Canada as a whole.
  • 10. 9.-Durham Report suggested form of responsible government.
    Lord Durham
    - The Durham Report is an important part in the founding of our government because it is an important part of Canada; it’s what keeps us together .
    Excellent responsible government 
  • 11. 10 -In 1949 the British gave the Newfoundlanders a choice to either:
    • Remain a crown colony
    • 12. Return to dominion status (be independent)
    • 13. Or to join Canada
    They ended up joining Canada!
    -We chose this as number 10 because without Newfoundland as a part of Canada we would not have some of our beautiful east-coast.
    YAY! 