Iron Man 3


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Iron Man 3

  1. 1. Iron Man 3By Cesca Haig and CarrieDeans
  2. 2. IntroductionDifferent audiences are targeted by producers by the way thatthey advertise the films. They have to do it differently for differentgenre and in ways that a certain type of audience will appreciatebecause people are different and like different films and will bemade to go and see films by different things.When a producer plans to make films they have to look at whataudience they will be targeting. For example, if you’re going tomake a movie aimed at young children you need to include asimple story line, one that they can follow and interestingcharacters that they will remember and recognise out and about.This way when they are out in different places these things can berecognised, this is all to do with advertisement.The way a film is advertised is key, another example of goodadvertisement is having the actors/actresses from certain genres inyour film as this way people who know they have played acharacter well in this genre will probably know that they will again.And also people who have seen them in different genres and likedthem in that might be made to want to go and see your film,despite its different genre, because of who is in it.
  3. 3. Trailer AnalysisThe film follows the usual codes and conventions of an action movie, it hasthe stereotypical action hero with ‘powers’ or this case a lot of money andbrains to build a suit that he uses to save the world on numerous occasions.It has all the fight scenes and high speed races typically seen in action films,at the end of the film the hero comes out on top.The film has been edited with lots of wide angle shots which show you whatis going on in the whole shot and is all very fast paced. The film features lotsof guns and machinery. It sticks to the codes and conventions of a typicalaction film because of the way that the main character is portrayed, he is agood looking man who dresses well and has very expensive taste, thismakes him seem more appealing.
  4. 4. SynopsisMarvels Iron Man 3 follows on from The Avengers Assembleand the aftermath of Lokis attack on New York. Because ofthese events Tony Stark has been left suffering from insomniaand night terrors, he spends his nights coming up with newideas for his suits but with no intention of actually using themany time soon, that is until a new villain known as Mandarinstages an attack on the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles and iscoming for Tony.Tony decides to face Mandarin face to face, which leads toMandarin attacking his Malibu home and leave Stark withnothing and stranded in Tennessee with no Pepper(GwynethPaltrow) and no suits except for one prototype called theMK42.As he starts work on his one remaining suit, he begins todiscover that the attack on the Chinese Theatre and the smalltown in Tennessee are related. As this pans out he discoversthat far more sinister forces are at work, even greater thanMandarin himself. How does Tonys past fit in with the events ofhis present?
  5. 5. What is the target audience of Iron Man 3?I think that the target audience is boys and men of all ages, although it also appealsto people who enjoy the marvel comics and other marvel films. Also people whoenjoy the action genre.GenreThe genre of Iron Man 3 is Action.Year of productionIron Man was produced in 2013DirectorThe director was Shane BlackProducerThe producer was Kevin FiegeDistributorIron Man 3 was distributed by Walt Disney Studios and Motion PicturesBox office takings$135million - $145millionBudget$200millionBox office takingsFor the first weekend that Iron Man 3 was released in the it made £11.4 millionUK release dateIron Man 3 was released in the UK on the 25th April 2013
  6. 6. T.V.The trailers are on TV on a regular basis and also Iron Man 3 has linked to a car advert,the Audi R8 e-tron and this is on TV regularly also.Web 2.0 such as file sharing and social network sites (You Tube/Facebook)On YouTube a banner was put at the top to advertise the film, this linked to the trailer andother videos to do with Iron Man 3. Also on the side of social website such as Facebook IronMan 3 advertisement s have appeared, linking the Iron Man 3 Facebook page.CinemaThe trailer was shown in the cinema when other films with the same genre were being shown.Also posters and cardboard cut outs of Iron Man and other characters from the film were upin cinemas.BillboardsThe film was advertised on billboards on the side of buildings and around different areas.PostersIron Man 3 poster film were on sale in different shops and also were up everywhere toadvertise the film.Newspapers.. Magazines (interviews/reviews)The film was advertised in some newspapers and also articles on the making of the film werereleased in newspapers and also interviews from the cast and crew members appeared indifferent magazines, this helped advertise the film.The Internet (cinema film listings/review pages)On the cinema websites the film is given a page showing times and little bits of informationabout the film.The internet (official web pages)All over internet little advertisements appeared on different websites to advertise the film. Alsothere is an official website for the film that gives more information on the film.Word of mouthPeople will talk about the film to friends and family and nosey people might over hear this.
  7. 7. How has the audience for Iron Man 3 beentargeted by the producer?The audience for iron Man 3 hasbeen targeted by the producerby having the trailer for themovie in cinemas while otherfilms of the same genre arebeing played. The actors andactresses in the film are wellknown for being in this type offilm and also people willrecognise them from other filmsthey might of seen of theirs anddecide to go and see it.They also used a lot of special effects on the film to make it appeal more to the audience asit adds a more excitement to the film. The colours of the film are go from bright and dark, thiscatches your attention as you can see when a fight is happening or when something bad ishappening in the trailer and you want to know more about what happens to Iron Man. This isan effective way of getting your target audience to go and see your film. The film wasadvertised in magazines and on TV, the poster can be see around town on billboards andbus stops.
  8. 8. Explain the term ‘anchorage’?The term anchorage in media terms means the fixed caption of apicture. The image works as a hook, to pull you in and want toknow more or go and see what it is being advertised.For example if you saw thisimage without any of the textthat accompanies it, you wouldstill know that what you arelooking at is something to do withIron Man.The text that ‘anchor’ you in onhis image would obviously be thetitle and the tagline underneaththe title.
  9. 9. What research methods would a produceruse to find information about the targetaudience, before a film goes into production?Research methods that a producer would do to findinformation out about the target audience would be to setup pages on Facebook, twitter and other social networksites to see what people are interested in. They could lookat their previous films and find out what people liked aboutthem by doing surveys on social networking sites.They would look at other films similar to Iron Man and seehow they were made popular and what It is about themthat people enjoyed and want to see more of.Another method of research that producers use is Post-Production Test Screenings, these are held before the finalediting of the film is completed and is to gain feedback onwhat has already been done.
  10. 10. Star/ReceptionTheoryI think that young males areattracted to this genre of filmbecause it is what they arebrought up believing they haveto be attracted to. They see thattheir male relatives enjoy fast carsand fight scenes in films and fromyoung ages are shown similaraction in the TV shows that theywatch. The toys that are on saleduring the advertisement of thefilm interest young males also asthey like to play a hero andsomeone who is seen to be verypopular and cool and who haslots of weapons.The stars in the film are popular actors/actresses that are featured in magazines and TVshows a lot so young people will recognise them from look if not from name, they may ofseen them in other films or know that a family member who they look up to likes them. Oldermales will know who the actor/actresses are from other films, a reason why they could bepopular with older people is because they are attractive people and sometimes this plays abig part in making people want to go and see a film.