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Natural language processing for Requirements Engineering

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Visure Quality Analyzer - Visure Solutions - Requirements Engineering

  1. 1. Requirements Visure Quality Analyzer uses a metrics-based model for measuring and improving the quality of the Requirement Specifications. These metrics include both textual and non-textual measurements for the individualNatural language processing requirements and for the complete specification.for Requirements Engineering“Right the first time“The effort required to correct an error introducedin the requirements phase grows exponentiallythroughout the lifecycle.However, mistakes are still being introducedwhile writing requirement specifications, fromambiguous and unverifiable terms toover-specified, inconsistent, or overlappingspecifications, forcing project managers toreassess specifications again and again. Image 1. Result of individual requirement semantic analysis, highlighting low quality aspects.A tool to help writebetter requirementsThe Visure Quality Analyzer aids qualityassessment and improvement, allowing youto define, measure, improve, and managethe quality of individual requirements, as wellas complete requirement specifications. Image 2. Specification overlap analysis result, highlighting elements with similarities.This assessment is based on the evaluationof quality metrics over individual requirements Flexible customizationdescriptions. Visure Quality Analyzer is preconfigured to be used out-of-the-box in all domains, but metrics can also be configured to fully support domain representations, including domain-specific language inolving terms,Benefits verbs and abbreviations. Additionally, quality metrics can be tailored to each specific step of the lifecycle, raising different low quality issues depending on the level of the Quality Assurance requirements (customer, system, component, or any other). Visure Quality Analyzer allows you to Quality User verify the quality of the requirements and requirements the specifications within the organization, introducing specific quality policies and checking the evolution. 20 200 Text length in characters Project Manager System Visure Quality Analyzer prevents errors Quality requirements from being introduced in each phase of the requirements lifecycle, alerting you to low quality work, tailoring the required 30 400 Text length in characters quality to the project needs and the teams involved. Component requirements Quality System Engineer/Business Analyst Visure Quality Analyzer helps you write better requirements by highlighting 30 400 Text length in characters incorrect terms, verbs, structures, Image 3. Quality metrics may be configured to each different element type, establishing and finding inconsistencies and appropriate criteria for the level of detail. contradictions with other requirements. 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Quality Analyzer is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.
  2. 2. Role-basedVisure Quality Analyzer supports Visure Quality Analyzermultiple configurable roles: QA Team (defines the reference quality policies) Defines a set of quality functions for every metric Defines the quality ranges (values) for every metric Defines the default assignments of active metrics to engineer profiles Project Managers Define the particular assignments of active metrics for particular projects Define their own quality results to measure (graphs) Image 4. Results of the complete quality analysis may be evaluated to define actions to improve. Analyst Generates a numerical value for every requirement and Metric list every metric Defines every metric as high, Specification metrics medium or low quality, using a set of quality functions Inconsistent units The use of dissimilar units in different requirements (e.g. meters and inches, pounds and kilograms, Celsius and Fahrenheit) is checked and Generates an aggregated notified quality value for every requi- Overlapping matrix Measure the possibility to include similar or overlapping requirements rement in the same or different projects Individual requirements metrics Size Expressed in paragraphs, characters, nouns, or verbs. Long requirements will be difficult to understand Readability Analyzed using number of letters between punctuation marks and other formulas that indicate whether the requirement will be easy to read. Easy to read requirements generate fewer problems throughout the project Conditional sentences Avoid the use of would, and support the correct use of shall, should, vs. imperative sentences and will Optional sentences Maybe… Optional requirements must be stated by an attribute, never in the body of the requirement Ambiguous sentences Fast, user-friendly… What do the analyst, the coder and the customer understand by the same ambiguous sentence Subjective sentences In my opinion, I think that… Avoid ideas and focus on but what the system should do Implicit sentences It must be provided by them… Too many pronouns make requirements difficult to understand Abuse of connectors And, or... Connectors can be a warning of different needs enclosed within the same requirement, losing the autonomous characteristic Negations No, never… Two or more negatives in the same sentence make it difficult to understand Speculative sentences Usually, almost always… Tentative terms make the requirement imprecise Design terms Loop, hash… Avoid how; concentrate on what Flow terms While, if, else… Avoid How, concentrate on What Number of domain nouns While domain terms and verbs should be involved in the requirement and verbs specification, too many different terms in the sameContact requirement may be a warning of multiple needs Acronyms Avoid those that don’t belong to the domain representationVisure Solutions Headquarters Hierarchical levels Don’t complicate your specification with too many indentation levelsAvda. de los Labradores, 1Tres Cantos, Madrid 28760 Volatility Be very careful with requirements that undergo many changes+34 91 806 17 13 Number of dependences Be very careful with requirements that are the source of 2012 Visure Solutions, S.L. Visure Quality Analyzer is a registered brand of Visure Solutions,S.L.