St Final Hsiq Questcon Sales Presentation 092006


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St Final Hsiq Questcon Sales Presentation 092006

  1. 1. Assuring Software Value Questcon Capabilities Overview Presented to: 01 September, 2006
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Our Mission 2. Market Landscape 3. Risks 4. Triggers for change 5. Questcon Solutions 6. QuestAssured Methodology 7. Client Experiences
  3. 3. Our Mission Questcon maximizes the value of software, by assuring its development is done right.
  4. 4. Market Landscape Onslaught of corporate mandates to improve software quality. Constant pressure to increase productivity- do more with less resources. Need to justify all investments. Tie to saving bottom-line expenses and/or driving top-line revenue growth. Must understand the specific needs of business units. Align perfectly. Manage multiple scope changes. Deliver the right application. Pressure to increase speed to market- faster development cycles- all the while assuring higher levels of quality. Renewed emphasis on lowering testing costs and lead-times through automation- results go only to those who do it correctly. Stiff penalties for failing to meet new regulatory compliance requirements. Exuberance to leverage offshore resources without fully understanding risks, lacking all proper preparation, while still being expected to assure all of the above.
  5. 5. Risks Software failure is predictable and avoidable, yet project failure rates range between 15% and 70% depending on specifics. Visibility is higher than ever. Dependence on software to conduct ever more mission-critical business functions drives far greater Total Costs for Failure. If a failure is large enough, it can rob a company’s complete future. Companies are trusting large portions of their development to others. Wrong choice of outsource/offshore provider can be costly. Add to that poor upfront preparation and the result can be disastrous. Changes in the regulatory environment now lay down huge penalties to companies and their executives when found not in compliance. Rapidly evolving technology and constant business shifts make the need for a highly skilled workforce more important than ever. Lack of expertise will absolutely result in cost overruns and missed deadlines.
  6. 6. Triggers for change  New,different or expanded software development efforts.  Increased number of end-client facing applications.  Mergers/Acquisitions/Divestitures.  Outsourcing/Offshoring/Backshoring.  Downsizing/Re-organization. “Critical events that trigger  Regulatory requirements and their impact. the need for  Changes to existing operating systems or change and user interfaces. outside  Identifiedlack of a well defined software delivery process. expertise.”  Persistentongoing problems with software product quality. Dissatisfaction with product delivered.
  7. 7. The Questcon Difference Our Credentials Assuring Software Value  Long history of delivering measurable client results.  Experience with a broad range of clients “ Questcon and all types of implementations. employs a  Proven, practical expertise. pre-emptive  Independent and objective third party. approach to  Solutionsthat improve business & IT finding defects processes while assuring an environment that delivers of continuous improvement. substantial  QuestAssuredTM set of methodologies. results”  Atthe forefront of thought and market leadership.
  8. 8. The Questcon Difference QuestAssured™ A superset of proven, practical industry best practices QuestAssured™ Methodologies Designed to maximize software value:  Requirements Management  Based in Expertise- Practitioner developed. Battle-  SCM tested. Evolving on continual experience.  Test  Practical- Focus on application. Based on real- world projects with real risk approaches.  Test Management  Highly Effective- Drives measurable client results.  Metrics  Process-Oriented- Templates exist but not  Tool Evaluation template driven. Tool indifferent.  Test Automation  Modular- Customizable to fit client-unique  Performance Testing processes. Clients take only the practices they need.  Turnkey- Training, mentoring, implementation available. Series of methodologies that can be implemented independent of one another.
  9. 9. Solutions QA & Test Process Improvement Assuring Software Value QA & Test Process Improvement Comprehensive assessment, process improvement and Test Automation IV&V implementation services that assure maximum efficiency of Outsourcing Services software development, with measurable results. Education & Mentorship Assessments Cost Benefit Our Cost Benefit Assessment will identify, prioritize and justify the best process changes for Assessment your specific needs. You’ll clearly understand your options to move forward. QA & Test An independent view of how effective your development processes are and arm you with a Assessment cost benefit analysis to justify improvements. Certification Proprietary network of certification experts are proven professionals that you can rely on. Referral Software Configuration Our SCM service delivers a phased plan that establishes a client-centric standard for scope, Mgmt resources, responsibilities, processes, tools & maintenance procedures for development projects.
  10. 10. Solutions QA & Test Process Improvement Assuring Software Value QA & Test Process Improvement Comprehensive assessment, process improvement and Test Automation IV&V implementation services that assure maximum efficiency of Outsourcing Services software development, with measurable results. Education & Mentorship Process Improvement, Metrics and Tools Management Best Questcon has observed countless companies succeed and fail and from that we’ve built the Practices most comprehensive set of Best Practices in the industry. Methodology The right methodology assures the software does what its supposed to do, in the most efficient manner. Questcon can assure THE best methodology, based on a proven process. Test Measurement Questcon defines which key software development processes can be objectively measured and Metrics and develops a plan for the base information to be tracked, who will track it and when. Implementation & Questcon has vast experience implementing a wide range of projects with very successful results. Consulting QUESTASSUREDTM QUESTASSURED Metrics is a comprehensive set of data that help you make the right decisions Metrics and assures the software you develop is done right and is on budget.
  11. 11. Solutions Test Automation Assuring Software Value QA & Test Process Improvement Assessment, feasibility, evaluation, framework and Test Automation IV&V implementation services to assure you have the proper tools Outsourcing Services and optimal models for test automation. Education & Mentorship Test Automation Determine the current state of your testing process, environments involved and data Assessment approach. Get a recommendation for an automation framework best suited for the application. Test Automation Select and prioritize which manual processes are best candidates for automation and know Feasibility Evaluation how to minimize the effort it will take to maintain them. Test Automation Match the unique requirements of your application with the right testing tool and making a Tools Evaluation solid recommendation. Framework Design & Let our experts design and develop the best automation framework and test strategy for Development your specific needs. Test Automation We work with your test team to implement the automation framework, including setting up Implementation the environment, data approach and framework. Test Automation Questcon will make sure you have the tool configured properly. Be sure you are tracking Metrics the things that matter most and offer the greatest return.
  12. 12. Solutions IV&V Independent Verification & Validation Assuring Software Value QA & Test Process Improvement Test Automation Independent Verification and Validation services for objective, IV&V vendor neutral, third party audits that protect your interests Outsourcing Services Education & Mentorship and investments. Comprehensive Questcon’s IV&V Audit examines both project and test components, assuring that product is IV&V Audit built right and the right application is built. Savings through such early detection approach 200%. Project-based Our Project-based Audit helps clients deliver top quality applications on time and within budget. Audit Deficiencies are identified and corrected before they can cause harm. Our Test Services provide an independent check and balance to ensure that your Third-party Testing organization or outsourcer is delivering a product that will not surprise and frustrate users at a later time. Risk Management Questcon can help balance your portfolio and assess risks before failures cost you lost share and revenue.
  13. 13. Solutions Outsourcing Services Assuring Software Value QA & Test Process Improvement Services that provide resources and unlock value Test Automation IV&V for offshore developers and their clients. Outsourcing Services Education & Mentorship Questcon offers a full range of outsourced capabilities from planning to implementation to Testing Services measurable results. Whether on-shore or off-shore, we provide experienced professionals and flexible staffing Resource Staffing options where you need it, when you need it. Mitigate the risks associated with outsourcing by evaluating the proficiency of offshore suppliers Offshore Quality and maximize savings through solid process improvement and vendor education.
  14. 14. Solutions Education & Mentorship Assuring Software Value QA & Test Process Improvement Training and mentoring services delivered by leading Test Automation industry experts, tailored to meet your unique needs- IV&V Outsourcing Services on site or at our facilities. Education & Mentorship Questcon delivers one of the most complete curriculums for those seeking to develop practical Questcon Courses and highly effective skill sets. Our instructors deliver value to our clients every day. Whether you need certification in QuickTest Professional, WinRunner or TestDirector, Questcon Mercury Courses provides leading edge knowledge, combined with years of practical experience. Boot Camp Questcon Boot Camp is the perfect answer. We bring our experts to you in your facilities and instantly educate your company on a host of topics, custom-fitted to your particular needs. Mentorship Our mentoring services instill the wisdom and expertise your organization and people require to perform well. Our approach of ‘quiet competence’ and respect yields lifelong professional value.
  15. 15. Company Snapshot Description Services Comprehensive assessment, process Assuring Software Value • QA & Test Assessments improvement and implementation • Process Improvement services that assure maximum • Metrics and Tools QA & Test Process efficiency of software development, with measurable results. • Assessment Assessment, feasibility, evaluation, Improvement • Feasibility Evaluation • Tool Evaluation framework and implementation • Framework Design & Development services to assure you have the • Implementation proper tools and optimal models for test automation. Test Automation • Metrics and Tools • Comprehensive Audit Independent Verification and Validation services for objective, IV&V • Project-based Audit • Test-based Audit vendor neutral, third party audits • Portfolio Risk Management that protect your interests and investments. Outsourcing Services • Testing Services • Resource Staffing Services that provide resources • Project management and unlock value for offshore Education & Mentorship • Offshore Quality developers and their clients. • Questcon Courses • Mercury Courses Training and mentoring services • Boot-camp delivered by leading industry • Mentorship experts, tailored to meet your unique needs- on site or at our facilities. ERP, Oracle, Open Source, SOA, etc
  16. 16. Client Experiences Process Maintainability and Portability Client Needs “I would recommend Expertise- Minimal testing experience for IT projects Questcon to any company Move from mainframe to more current platforms seriously interested in establishing a QA & Testing Establish documented testing process Group. Your consultants have Train new and existing test team members mentored, demonstrated, and coached us through processes Questcon Solution based on QUESTASSURED™ Develop a QA Department Methodology. Thanks to Develop a tailored testing process based on the established metrics, our management and project QUESTASSURED™ Test and Test Management teams can make better Methodologies decisions on budgeting time Improve the Overall Failure Rate and estimating costs for new Establish standard method for gathering and analyzing metrics and modified software Measured Results products and services.” Realized Savings: 33% of budgeted project costs Patricia S . Lambert Quality & Security Manager Overall Failure Rate: reduced by 43% Volvo Information Technology North America, Inc. Enduring Benefit: Post implementation, Volvo’s realized savings on the next IT project was greater than the cost of this engagement.
  17. 17. Client Experiences Test Outsourcing Client Needs Reduce the cost of testing. “I expected Questcon to do its Reduce the workload of AT&T Managers job well but what I did not expect was its pre-emptive Improve the overall testing process. approach to finding defects. Reduce the number of severe defects. Questcon became involved in the [software development] Questcon Solution process, asking pertinent Outsource entire Human Resource Department’s testing questions that made the function to Questcon. development team reflect on Provide training, mentoring and knowledge transfer to testers. their approach. This tactic has more than once uncovered Best practices and methodologies for improved performance. defects before the first test Management. case was even created ” Measured Results Curt Atkinson Realized Savings: Significantly reduced the cost of testing. QA Manager AT&T Overall Failure Rate: In three years of test outsourcing to Questcon, no severity 1 or 2 defects. Enduring Benefit: AT&T has attributed the prevention of errors before coding to Questcon’s involvement in the entire process.
  18. 18. Client Experiences Test Automation Maintainability & Portability Client Needs “By using a ‘keyword’ approach, Automate 1200 regression test cases on Quick Test Professional. we were able to help Misys Automation Methodology that would be expandable and portable meet their automation initiative. when moving applications to .NET platform. The approach decreased Sufficient amount of skilled resources necessary to complete maintenance time on existing project in required six month timeframe scripts and development time on new test cases. It also allow Questcon Solution the client to migrate the Assessment of client test environment, strategy and processes. automation framework to work with the .NET platform. We Developed a “keyword” automation framework, designed to were able to put together a ensure flexibility and ease of maintenance. skilled automation team in a Utilities to covert manual testing to automated. short period of time that worked Supplement client resources with skilled Questcon consultants. closely with the client to ensure both current and future success Measured Results of the project.” Realized Savings: Completed project on-time & on- budget Luke Yuan Significantly decreased new automation test case development Senior Consultant time through “keyword” approach. Questcon Technologies Enduring Benefit: Trained client’s testers in India to maintain and create automation test cases.
  19. 19. HSIQSalesppt.10112006-1