Uncanny Valley Week 2 - Duman


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and robots.

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Uncanny Valley Week 2 - Duman

  1. 1. So...yeah. Welcome back to Uncanny Valley. Dont mind the eyecandy, hes just here forshow.This week were checking up on the remaining Duman siblings. No, nobody died, but ifyouve been reading along so far, you know that the eldest sister, Nabila, married theFounder Heaven and moved out. If you havent been reading along, youre going to befucking lost.
  2. 2. When last we left off—whoops! Next.
  3. 3. Right. Last week, Kareema made possible running water and energy for the town, alsomaxing her logic, as seen here.
  4. 4. The chessboard remains the favourite activity in the house—at least among the girls.Nabila still comes around a lot—I think she misses everybody. They did all grow uptogether. Its understandable.
  5. 5. Remember this? Pantsless robot making at 3 am: its fantastic. She basically got thisright at 6 pm.Im so proud. /wipes away tearAnyway, to be honest? I think I mistook the bronze for the gold badge last time. I dontremember. Its been forever.
  6. 6. Flattering.Also, why are you doing that, you have goddamn leftovers in the fridge.Argleflargleblargh.
  7. 7. On the way out to take out the trash, something makes his stomach turn. Is it the garbage,or the neighbor?No, its totally her. Sadly, he doesnt have much in the way of pickings here, so....
  8. 8. She thinks hes pretty fly, though.From here on out its mostly going to be the Lets Watch Ibrahim Mack On All theQuestionably Attractive Townies episode, with brief interludes for Kareema Keeps Hoggingthe Robotics Bench Hour.
  9. 9. Eventually, Nabila wanders back down the road again, with a tag-along in the form ofone of the elderly folks who wander around sometimes now.
  10. 10. Chess. Again with the chess.Ibrahim: Thats a nice sweater.Nabila: Ive had this sweater for years.Ibrahim: Well, it looks good on you.Nabila: Thank you....Youre sure youre feeling okay?Ibrahim: Yeah, Im fine. Hot blooded, you know.Nabila: ...Okay then.:1
  11. 11. Walkby no. 2. Dont expect me to remember all of their names, because I just dont givea shit. Theyre all just aspiration point fodder anyway.Despite the midriff top, he doesnt seem very interested, does he?<Hank Hill> That boy aint right. </Hank Hill>
  12. 12. Desperation getting the better of him, he tries chatting up the jogger. This time, shesthe one who seems uninterested.Maybe she just doesnt like body hair? Or tattoos? Who knows.
  13. 13. Then THIS chick strolls by....Again with the midriff tops. EA, you have a serious problem.
  14. 14. Walkby #5 interrupts to express concerns about the recently build power station. Iguess she lives up in a hermit hole in the hills or something. Who knows wheretownies come from. They spring fully-formed from the ground, after all.Like dwarves.
  15. 15. OK, please excuse me while Ilaugh. You barely know him, lady.Although I guess I shouldnt besurprised; after all they have thefabled Three Bolts.For the non-players in theaudience, 3 lightning bolt symbolsindicates a very strong chemistrybetween two Sims. Two bolts isaverage chemistry, and one ismild. No bolts means nochemistry, and a bolt with a red Xover it is—you guessed it—negative.A relationship between a couplewith negative chemistry is onethat is very nearly doomed tofailure.
  16. 16. Seven daily relationship points, people.She must be another Romance Sim.
  17. 17. His conquest not long over, Ibrahim Duman rapidly moves on to his next target.(Hmyes, chat up all the questionably attractive single women.)
  18. 18. And again...
  19. 19. And again.
  20. 20. This is like, twice in one day. Its a wonder he bothers to put on clothes.
  21. 21. Despite the cold weather, he spots this well known townie walking around in asundress. Certainly keeps the Girls perky, I suppose.
  22. 22. Sandy Bruty. Number 10. She seems just as interested in him.Well save her for later.
  23. 23. One of her brothers conquests offers to introduce Kareema to a friend of hers. Sadly,hes a tourist, not her type, and they have no chemistry, so I sent him on his way again.How the hell he walked all the way back to the vacation destination limbo is beyond me.Its also not my problem.
  24. 24. Surely you can find something better to do than to stargaze at this hour.Or just stand out there in the chill in your jimjams, I dont care. Ill just laugh when yoursister has to break out the hair dryer to unfreeze your ass.
  25. 25. Oh look, the ren faires in town.“Excuse me, are you in a play?” —I swear to god, if any of you get that without lookingit up, Im going to have to send you cookies. Actual, physical cookies.
  26. 26. Speaking of frostbite, this poor lady looks like shes already been hit by it.
  27. 27. SINCE I FIGURE that its kinda boring for Ibrahim to be getting all these dates and notKareema, I port in a bunch of townies I made and have her Scope the Room. Theresat least a couple hits, and I like them all.
  28. 28. Sadly, Kareema has a way with men thats about on par with Eyulfs way with womenand... it doesnt go so well.
  29. 29. Not all that well at all, actually. Which is a shame, because these two would makebeautiful children.
  30. 30. Banquet TV dinners: Now with 85% more glitter! With New: SALT!!
  31. 31. He does this nearly every night now.I know what youre asking: did I deliberately replace their cheap, old telescope with thisone, cloned off of the expensive telescope with the hopes of getting Ibrahim abducted andimpregnated by aliens? PISH TOSH!....Okay maybe. Dont you judge me.
  32. 32. Having kept in touch by phone, Kareema has, however, made a fast friend of CountNoir Film Reject here, and invited him over one night. Naturally, he brings Esperanza.The two of them spend the night gossiping on old housemates.
  33. 33. And uh...Well, thats forward of you.
  34. 34. Johans just glad to have someone else to talk movies with.
  35. 35. Curious enough to ask about her peoples home constellation, I guess. Its a nightfull of forwardness.
  36. 36. Which is apparently an aphrodisiac.Protip, guys: if you want to make it good with Kareema, ask her to explain something toyou.
  37. 37. It works really well.
  38. 38. REALLY well....I hadnt noticed it before, but from this angle, Johan has shades of Ripp Grunt. I dontthink I did that on purpose?
  39. 39. Haha, no comment.Also no fertilisation, in case you were wondering.
  40. 40. /Evil giggling.
  41. 41. NO. IBRAHIM, GET OUT OF THAT BED. STOP, DAMMIT. I dont care if it IS your bed,get out of it.
  42. 42. In the morning, Midriff Girl returns, and makes for easy prey.
  43. 43. Ibrahim: /Cheesy one-linerMidriff Girl: /Inane giggling
  44. 44. Kareema: Hi, chick whos making out with my brother on the couch! Im just going to gosomewhere very far away from the living room now and pretend you dont exist!
  45. 45. See that garbage bag? That USED to be a bed. Rassinfrassin stray dogs.After this, I locked the doors to pets.
  46. 46. Walkby # 10.
  47. 47. Verdict: not difficult.
  48. 48. Redhead McCreepyeyes: Whens my turn?Soon, darling, soon. Wait your turn.
  49. 49. Strutting out to meet someone? Must be someone important.
  50. 50. ...Oh..../evil cacklingTHIS, ladies, gentlemen and all persons in between, is one of my custom lady townies,a blonde Romance Sim that I cant quite recall the name of at the moment. Ill look it uplater.
  51. 51. Kareema needed a boost to her Social, so I send her over to have a chat.
  52. 52. And they get on like peas and carrots!
  53. 53. Thats the same “Youre got something on your shirt” trick she got from her FWB backwhen they first met, by the way. Probably learned it off of him.I break them up so it doesnt come to blows. That can wait until next week.
  54. 54. Kareema: So, youre here for the booty, huh?Blonde: Yep. Soon as hes done with the Bruty here.Kareema: Well, dont stay too long, cause were not going to feed you.Ibrahim: BOTH OF YOU. GET. OUT.
  55. 55. Besides, its time for her to head off to her first day of experimenting on herself! Ihavent got the pic, but this time she really DOES have that gold Robotics badge. Yetanother thing Im going to have to get later.
  56. 56. With his sister out of the picture, Ibrahim feels free to woo this lovely young thing.
  57. 57. Lets send this one off for the week. Ibrahim certainly seemed to enjoy it, and I sincerelyhope you did too.Next Friday were back with the Citizens, where some very unusual happenings haveoccurred. OK no, thats a lie. Its pretty obvious whats happened. In fact, you probablyfigured it out already....Im going to go make more popcorn. See yas!
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