Lynn Legacy 3.1.3


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Lynn Legacy 3.1.3

  1. 2. A becoming-big-(wo)man-on-campus montage: (P.S. About the painting shown in some pictures- yes, it's a teleporter painting. But it was just so I didn't have to wait for them to walk over for these pictures! It's not like Chrysanthemum got to interact with any of them, so it just impacted spares anyway.) When you’re down and troubled
  2. 3. And you need some love and care
  3. 4. And nothing, nothing is going right
  4. 5. Close your eyes and think of me
  5. 6. And soon I will be there
  6. 7. To brighten up even your darkest night
  7. 8. You just call out my name
  8. 9. And you know wherever I am
  9. 10. I’ll come running
  10. 11. To see you again
  11. 12. Winter, spring, summer, or fall
  12. 13. All you have to do is call
  13. 14. And I’ll be there
  14. 15. You’ve got a friend
  15. 16. If the sky above you
  16. 17. Grows dark and full of clouds
  17. 18. And that old north wind begins to blow
  18. 19. Keep your head together and call my name out loud
  19. 20. Soon you’ll hear me knocking at your door
  20. 21. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
  21. 22. I’ll come running, running yeah, to see you again
  22. 23. Winter, spring, summer, or fall
  23. 24. All you have to do is call
  24. 25. And I’ll be there, yes I will
  25. 26. Now ain’t it good to know you have a friend
  26. 27. When people can be so cold
  27. 28. They’ll hurt you, yes and desert you
  28. 29. And take your soul if you let them
  29. 30. Oh, but don’t you let them
  30. 31. You just call out my name and you know wherever I am
  31. 32. I’ll come running, running yeah yeah to see you again
  32. 33. Winter, spring, summer, or fall
  33. 34. All you have to do is call
  34. 35. And I’ll be there, yes I will
  35. 36. Oh yes I will
  36. 37. You’ve got a friend
  37. 38. You’ve got a friend
  38. 39. Ain’t it good to know you have a friend Ain’t it good to know Ain’t it good to know Ain’t it good to know Ain’t it good to know
  39. 40. That you’ve got a friend Oh yeah now you’ve got a friend Yeah baby you’ve got a friend Oh yeah you’ve got a friend
  40. 41. Blog Entry #2 I did it again.
  41. 42. Brooke reminded me I'll get to reroll my aspiration at the end of the year. That would help me stay faithful.
  42. 43. But... I like it. Being a romance sim, being unfaithful without getting caught- all of it. Good thing I have another year to think about it. Hummingbird
  43. 44. I've done it. I got into the secret society.
  44. 45. I'm not alone though. But if I can get to the society and take what I need while Otieno's not looking... Well, it won't matter that he's keeping an eye on me.
  45. 46. I finished learning all my skills, and now I can do what I want to do.
  46. 47. I made friends with everyone except Natalie. I still don't remember anything from before, but I've been managing.
  47. 48. I got in the secret society, too! “You can't talk about it to anyone, though! Except everyone here. We're all members.” “Are you sure it's secret? Seems everyone knows about it.” “Yeah, that's because one of our members keeps blabbing.”.
  48. 49. I'm pretty bored lately.
  49. 50. Thanks to the snapdragon that always is by me I hardly ever have to energize anymore.
  50. 51. And I'm saving flower-making for my last year. If Brooke got it in one year, so can I!
  51. 52. So I was so happy when Brooke showed us the salon she'd bought. _____ I bet you thought she'd open a toy shop. Nope! I decided on a nice little salon. And that black-and-white thing is an electronic cashier. You know how some sims leave without paying? That's to prevent that. As soon as they step out they pay for anything they bought that they haven't already payed for.
  52. 53. It was small, but I knew it'd be a success.
  53. 54. Dear Diary, I said that was silly before, and I'll say it again. But I can't be bothered thinking of another greeting. Anyway, I opened my first business! Tosha and I are the stylists...
  54. 55. And Chrysanthemum handles sales. Tosha and her still aren't big women on campus, so that's why they're helping out rather than, say, Otieno and Hummingbird, or any other combination. The work they do here will help them meet some potential friends.
  55. 56. My first make-over was a disaster! And everyone comes to me first, rather than Tosha. _____ I have a hack that makes the clown make-up invisible for cosmetic purposes, but I'm betting that she has that on. Unfortunately, it also apparently eliminates the possibility that the player can actually do something.
  56. 57. Chrysanthemum's a fast learner, though. She got a bronze badge pretty quickly.
  57. 58. We saw a lot of familiar faces. First was Jay. _____ He doesn't have the same face he had in the old neighborhood- I don't think any of my remakes do. Most just have Ani/Almond's face, depending on whether or not they had elf ears. I say they had to have plastic surgery because their faces were messed up thanks to the glitches of Emerald Arch.
  58. 59. Told you Chrysanthemum was quick! She got a silver badge out of Jay.
  59. 60. And I got to make him over!
  60. 61. Chrysanthemum even got her gold badge! I was so glad I chose her for my salesperson, she was obviously perfect for the job.
  61. 62. The next familiar face was the witch Holden met. Her face was a bit different and she had new skin, hair, and clothes, and she wasn't a witch, but otherwise she was pretty much the same, I guess. _____ My face is more face-one like because the old one I made in bodyshop and I made this one in CAS. And yep, my simself bought some stuff!
  62. 63. Chrysanthemum got back into the habit of hanging out with Madame Energizer. Everyone else didn't have to move as much, so snapdragons did the trick. But she moved around frequently, and that and all the dazzling she did really took a toll on her. She says it was worth it, though. ____ The term Madame Energizer was first used in the Fitzhugh Legacy I think. The author, smoothiequeen, is now working on the Villainous Apocalypse. Read it!
  63. 64. Amar Legacy, one of our customers, was the next familiar face. We didn't actually know him, but his face seemed awfully familiar... _____ Cookies for whoever guesses right!
  64. 65. Then Cardinal payed us a visit. She seemed kind of down, and her clothes were not her at all. Then again, I hardly knew her, so what would I know? _____ A little side-story of the recreated sims: I put the eight of them (Yew, Aspen, Woodpecker, Cardinal, Eagle, Hawk, Jay, and Robin) in an asylum! Aspen was the controllable sim. He got them all out, but close to elderhood. And their clothes were one of the first 5, so most of them are not what I'd normally have picked for them.
  65. 66. I did another bad makeover. Spiky Hair (I forgot his name) didn't tip me, needless to say.
  66. 67. We got a reporter, but she didn't write up a review on us.
  67. 68. And I turned Jay bald!
  68. 69. We even got thrown some negative stars from some jerks.
  69. 70. Still, we were moving up the ranks quickly, and Trista came around to see how we were doing. Apparently James decided to start a bachelor challenge when he was resurrected and found out he wasn't still married to Amy, and Trista won. She's pregnant, though she's not showing yet.
  70. 71. That witch visits pretty regularly, and Chrysanthemum (shown here complaining about being tired) found out she's the creator. The creator shops at my store! I'm so happy!
  71. 72. I'm learning how to do good hairdos, too. As in not turn Chrysi's cousins bald and give old guys spiky hair.
  72. 73. See, I got a bronze hairdressing badge!
  73. 74. Amar's wife, Gaia Legacy, who's heavily pregnant, came by. _____ Her face is the same face as the foundress of my unpublished legacy. She even had the same name and eye color. The real Gaia's an alien, though.
  74. 75. We got another simself, too. Puddinroy came when she heard from our creator how great the shop is. _____ Hi puddinroy!
  75. 76. Robin popped by, too.
  76. 77. Along with James, which was awkward for Chrysi. She didn't know her great-grandparents of course, but the fact that her great-grandpa had decided not to remarry her great-grandma after being resurrected was a bit awkward. She still dazzled the heck out of him.
  77. 78. Seriously, I ought to give them a pay raise- or a pay at all, for that matter. They're working for free right now. Jay came back, and Chrysanthemum convinced him to give the makeover stations another try, and Tosha managed to give him back all his hair.
  78. 79. He convinced Woodpecker to visit us.
  79. 80. Eagle, too. Yew, Aspen, and Hawk never did show, though. Neither did Amy.
  80. 81. But Spiky did! Don't know why, though. I wouldn't come back if I were him. Jay only came back because we're family, and Spiky is the only other one with a bad haircut- the others only had messed-up makeup they could easily wash off.
  81. 82. Tosha worked her magic, though, and Spiky's hair isn't so spiky anymore.
  82. 83. It was the creator who gave us the 125 th star we needed to be level 10. I did it!
  83. 84. Poor Cardinal won't be getting any help. We're closing till college is over!
  84. 85. To: A. B. <> From: Tosha <> Subject: Re: College I went to the secret society while no one was looking.
  85. 86. It's huge, but no one really goes there, and it was late at night. It was almost too easy.
  86. 87. I got what you wanted. Let me know how I should get it to you fast, it's kind of hard to hide. Tosha 56
  87. 88. It's too easy to convince others to do what you want.
  88. 89. I got Hummingbird to kiss Ocean...
  89. 90. And of course Chrysanthemum saw.
  90. 91. It was fun watching Ocean's attempts to win Chrysanthemum back. “ I didn't mean to, she just came up and kissed me!”
  91. 92. “Yeah, right. It takes two to tango, and you weren't exactly telling her to stop.”
  92. 93. “But Chrysanthemum, he's telling the truth! Please forgive him, I couldn't live with myself if I knew I'd been the reason you two broke up.” Hummingbird was even blaming herself.
  93. 94. Ah, victory is so close I can almost taste it...
  94. 95. Yes, I'm sure I can get Chrysanthemum right where I want her...
  95. 96. LlamasFTW: hey, i saw erin Blueiscool68: and? LlamasFTW: i think she was hitting on brooke Blueiscool68: ...
  96. 97. I went to the secret society to get some things for my plan.
  97. 98. Unfortunately, one very important one was missing.
  98. 99. I hope I can get another one- I only have one more year left of college.
  99. 100. The End! Goals left to reach before graduation: - Tosha: Big woman on campus - Chrysanthemum: Big woman on campus - Chrysanthemum: Gold flower-making badge - Roof-raiser graduation party