Uncanny Valley Week 2 - Lindemann


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Beginning round 2 with the town Founder, Heaven Lindemann.

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Uncanny Valley Week 2 - Lindemann

  1. 1. Why, hello there. Are you ready to get started on Week 2? I know I am!Lets go!
  2. 2. If you read the recap, youll know that last week Heaven hooked up with Nabila here, andalso Stephanie, whos now living with the twins. Nabila won this one, seeing as I like thispair better.Heaven invites Naibila over, all friendly and neighbor-like, and she asks if she can bring afriend. No problem, right?
  3. 3. What would make you think a silly thing like that? Hi Trouble and Trouble 2. Why am I notsurprised youre here?Really, I cant even blame her for this one, I know its all him.
  4. 4. Since the gangs all here, we might as well make a day of it. Lot of socialising to go around.Everybody wants to congratulate Kareema on getting the utilities hooked up. Thats a bigload off their minds.
  5. 5. Eventually, everyone else is sent home, though, and these two get to spend some timealone together.
  6. 6. She even spends the night.
  7. 7. When she isnt spending time in the office or skilling like a fiend, Heaven likes to greetevery neighbor who walks by and hang out for a while. As you can see, Euphies stilltremendously pregnant. Eventually, one of these days, she wont be pregnant all week,I promise.
  8. 8. See? Everybody everybody. Euphies everywhere. I think she gets bored easily.
  10. 10. Nabila: Oh! A dog! Where did you come from?Pack Leader: Yes, come closer, tasty morsel. I mean, mortal.Nabila, no. Nabila, stop. Nabila, dont touch that.And then, Heaven decided she wanted to be a werewolf. Head, meet desk.
  11. 11. Aside from truly horrifying notions of what animals are safe to be around—or what animalsare even actually animals—shes still a real joy to have around. Heaven invites her over acouple times a week now, so we might as well go ahead and make it official.
  12. 12. I go ahead and direct Heaven to ask her to move in.
  13. 13. The magic picture. Whered you get that shiny rock, anyhow?
  14. 14. Perfection.
  15. 15. In a town this small, where everyone knows everyone, theres little else to do butsocialise. And its the best way to keep in touch, really.Come to find out they shouldnt have phone lines right now? Because the town is toosmall. So, yeah, Im going to be fixing that next week. Ill get the hang of this eventually.
  16. 16. /throws hands in airI give up.
  17. 17. Son of a bitch!
  18. 18. Gary: AAAH! NAKED PEOPLE!Get out, Gary.
  19. 19. Agnar: /obliviously does balletRAAAAARGH I AM SELLING THAT BARRE..
  20. 20. Gary: NAKED!OMG, everybody get out youre all terrible.
  21. 21. Damn you all!
  22. 22. Dinner and a show, gentlefolk.
  23. 23. See? She even does the dishes and everything. You beautiful woman, you.
  24. 24. Sometimes they get together and do yoga. Whats this one called? Downward-facing Dog?I dont have a clue. Help a sista out?
  25. 25. In the morning they share breakfast....and paper airplanes. Not sure how the Sim City Chronicle gets delivered way out here,but it comes in handy.
  26. 26. So they borrowed the Hsias arch and set it up in the yard.Yall know what this means.
  27. 27. It means we teleport every in town to the lot to have a big ol shindig....Agnar. RUDE.
  28. 28. Break out the hors dourves, cause its weddin time.Heaven: Guys, stop playing on the ballet barre, Im getting married here!Stephanie: Who invited this guy? He keeps sniffing me, and its creepy.Pack Leader: Are you wearing Channel? I fucking love Channel!
  29. 29. And thats that.Nabila: Sweetheart, stop playing with Spot and come help me cut the cake.Heaven: Just one nibble, thats all Im asking for.Pack Leader: Keep wiggling those fingers and you might get it.Ibrahim: ...Are its eyes glowing? Is that normal?Dude, nothing about this town is normal. Especially not anyone in it.
  30. 30. The moment of truth: will she shove that piece of cake in her wifes face, or politely offerher a bite?
  31. 31. Nabila Duman is not a cake-shover, thank you very much.That does look tasty, though.
  32. 32. Indoors, everyone gets jiggy. This is kinda sad, watching Agnar watch her dance withsomeone else, especially Ibrahim, of all people.Esperanza: Cant the dishes wait until after the honeymoon?Nabila: No sense getting bugs!
  33. 33. One things for sure: love is in there air tonight, and everybodys spreading it....okay, that. Metaphor kinda got away from me there, uh. Sounds really wrong. Lets moveon.
  34. 34. Well, at least she throws the guy a bone.
  35. 35. Breakfast is, of course, leftover wedding cake! Its likely that theyre going to be eating thisuntil the village children are married themselves.No sense wasting food, I say. And its quickly eaten, and fills a Sim up quite nicely. Win-win. The cavities? Not so much.That is, if Sims got cavities. Lucky bastards.
  36. 36. Everyone in towns an art critic. Although really, Euphied know, shes painted enough ofthese. Beats the alternative.Euphie: Remember your proportions—symmetry is the bane of an artist. It makes for aboring picture. The golden ratio is a 2:3 weight to one side....(And this is why shes going to be the towns teacher.)
  37. 37. SURPRISE! Who saw this coming? I sure didnt!Finally. You go, Eyulf!
  38. 38. Gary: Uh, guys? Youre sort of standing in the way.Kareema & Eyulf: (OBNOXIOUS MAKEOUT NOISES)Gary: ...Guys? I have to use the toilet.
  39. 39. So they took it outside, instead.
  40. 40. By now, its very late fall. The trees, were there any, would have dropped every leaf by now,and it has started to rain fairly regularly. Obviously, this could be a problem, what with livingin a flood plain, so everyones keeping a close eye on the FREDs.....For those of you not trapped in Tornado Alley, FRED standsfor “Fracking Ridiculous Electronic Device”—basically, a NORAADradio. FRED is an SCA term—or at least, thats where I firstheard it.
  41. 41. Nabila: I dont believe it!Kareema: What? That its raining?Nabila: No, youve magically forgotten how to knock. Or call before coming over.Kareema: Dont be silly! Id never do that.Nabila: Yeah, I know.
  42. 42. Heaven: Again?Yes, again. Dont worry, the ground seems to be absorbing most of it.Oh, dont forget to pay the bills, while youre out there.
  43. 43. Its actually gotten cool enough that some people have started to break out their winterclothes. You probably noticed Nabilas new sweater earlier. Ibrahim...goes a little further.Personally, I would have gone without the giant mittens and ear muffs, but to each his own.Dashing scarf, Agnar.Yes, those are crush hearts. Yes, I am ignoring them. No, he does not have any for her.Yet.
  44. 44. So, does anyone remember how I said that I had an idea about how to get Heaven andNabila to have kids, even though theyre both women? Yeah, this is that idea. I want afew flat-faced green children running around town.Dont judge me. 8D
  45. 45. In the background, canoodling. CANOOOOOOOODLING.You might want to try morse code, babe.
  46. 46. Crap.Also, notice whos missing? Yep. I had the game on ultra speed and I missed the pickup,but shes abducted.(A note: normally, its not possible for a female sim to be impregnated by aliens, but I have a hack thatmakes it work. Otherwise Id have to fall back on the SimBlender (another hack), and I dont like to do that.Most people who play the game know this, but I have people in the audience who dont play. This is forthem. <3 )
  47. 47. Dateline: Uncanny Valley, the wee hours of the morning...
  48. 48. Heaven: /GIBBERINGHey, Id be horrified if they dumped meface-first on the pavement, too. Youbastards could at least give a person acoupon for a meal or something!
  49. 49. Being a Knowledge Sim, Heaven gets a kick out of the prospect. But sadly, theres nochime! It seems I have a problem.
  50. 50. A quick search through my Downloadspinpoints the problem: Im missing thecharacter files for my multi-PT hack.Whelp, thatd do it, all right.Heaven: YOURE A HORRIBLE DAAAAAAAAAATE! (whomp)Second times the charm.
  51. 51. Heaven: The experiment—did it work?Yes. Yes, it did.
  52. 52. In celebration, she promptly makes friends with the excersize machine I bought to replacethe ballet barre.HAHA NO, IM KIDDING. Im pretty sure she just got off the phone is all. Although with asmuch time as she spends on this thing, Id be surprised if they didnt have tea partiestogether.
  53. 53. Heaven: ...Honey. Is there somethingyou want to tell me?Experiment: Successful. She wonthave the baby before the end of theweek, but its a swell start.Plus she looks adorable in her littlesweatshirt. ~Baby bump!~
  54. 54. Kareema still comes over every time she has a spare minute, and its good to have her.Sometimes, they even know shes coming.For the record, this isnt inaccurate, either. It does actually snow in the desert, it justdoesnt tend to snow all that much, and mostly only in certain areas, but its notuncommon. Just check out pictures of the Great Salt Lake sometime!
  55. 55. Kareema: So! Hows being pregnant?Heaven: Not feeling it. Mostly it just sucks. But I hear theres an important development inyour life?Kareema: Eh, maybe. I dont know yet. Well see.
  56. 56. Whoops. So close, and yet so far.And were out for the week! Ill catch you guys on the flip side with the rest of the Dumanclan. We can see what kind of mischief theyre up to. ¡Adios!