Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Clay


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Well, that was eventful! Let's round out the week.

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Uncanny Valley: Week 2 - Clay

  1. 1. Stephanie: Oh, hi Agnar. Hows the wifey? Good? Yeah, I know shes pregnant.Welcome back to Uncanny Valley. Last time, in a surprise move Stephanie Clay moved outof her boyfriends house and out on her own, Agnar met someone new and got married,Eyulf found a girl who thinks his dorkiness is cute, and was abducted by aliens. If you dontremember any of that, welp, I just gave you major spoilers for last chapter here on the firstpage. Whoops.But you should go read that, its a good one.
  2. 2. Since she moved out on a Tuesday, I went ahead and advanced the calendar up toTuesday afternoon. No sense in giving her extra days, right? I dunno, it made sense to meat the time.
  3. 3. So far, shes just been catching up on her “studies” and starting her garden.
  4. 4. Theres no money yet for a greenhouse, which she is going to need eventually, but so farits not so bad.Bit lonely, though.
  5. 5. Theres no time to dwell on that, though, because theres planting to do. And cleaning. Andother chores.
  6. 6. Of course, theres a quick solution to loneliness: townie walk-bys! This is Johnathan Harris.The only reason I remember his name is because its so effing simple.
  7. 7. ...Yowza! I dont remember what I made him, personality wise or anything, but I guess itsgood!
  8. 8. Of course, Eyulf stops by as well. Shes actually rather happy to see her former almost-brother-in-law.
  9. 9. Stephanie: So, have things settled down over there yet?
  10. 10. Stephanie: I expect things were kinda wonky right after the wedding and everything.Eyulf: No, no, everything went fine.Stephanie: Oh really? Thats good news!Eyulf: Well, the next morning was a bit...odd.Stephanie: So, is it true?Eyulf: Is what true?Stephanie: Youre “expecting?”Eyulf: Well... yes.
  11. 11. Stephanie: Wow. Thats amazing.You sure know the way into a Knowledge sims heart, man.
  12. 12. Eyulf: I dont really remember much of anything, until I was thrown off the ship.Johnathan: Oh? Youve been sailing?… Sure. Well go with that.
  13. 13. Johnathan: So youre Eyulf Tornquist? Ive heard a lot of good things about you and yourbrother.Eyulf: Really?Johnathan: Why so surprised?Eyulf: Oh, no, its flattering, really!
  14. 14. Stephanie: Thanks for coming over! It was nice to have you!
  15. 15. Johnathan: No, thank you! It was nice to be here. You really know how to welcome anewcomer in this town.
  16. 16. After dinner, things are looking brighter.
  17. 17. The next morning brings a new round of visitors, some more welcome than others.Stephanie: Hi! Get off my lawn before I feed you to my cowplant.Ibrahims Booty Call: You dont have a cowplant.Stephanie: You dont know that for sure.
  18. 18. Stephanie: Yeah, Im settling in just fine Heaven. Thanks for asking— uh, give me aminute, I have something to take care of.Well, hes certainly Outgoing, to just walk into a persons house like that.
  19. 19. Home Invader: You have a nice house. Good floorplan.Stephanie: Thanks. Im going to ignore you until you leave now. Please stop staring at me.
  20. 20. Later on, she decides she wants to see Johnathan again, so she calls him up and askshim to come over.Stephanie: And Ill even cook. Hows that sound?
  21. 21. Salad totally counts as cooking, you guys, especially when you dont have one of thosefancy spinner things.
  22. 22. Stephanie: Hey there, fella!Johnathan: Hey yourself!Stephanie: I hope you brought your appetite.
  23. 23. Hey, smile kid, this is the one you want, isnt it? Or are you going to play the uncertaintycard again?
  24. 24. Johnathan: So, I was thinking; what this town needs is a theater.Stephanie: Oh?
  25. 25. Stephanie: The movie kind or the live action kind?Johnathan: The real kind. Live. The best kind of theater.Stephanie: Ive never really thought about it. I suppose we could, though.Johnathan: Thats what Im talking about.Stephanie: I think we could use something a bit more immediate, first. Like a grocery store.Or a library. Or a school.Johnathan: Well of course, but it should be on the list.Stephanie: Ill agree with you there.
  26. 26. Sadly the date was cut short on account of skunk. Did we learn not to pet the funny black-and-white cat, John? I hope so.(Although, not gonna lie, I laughed. I couldnt help it.)
  27. 27. I have them try again the next day, though.Stephanie: You took a shower, right? Well good. Now get over here, Im making food and Icant possibly eat it all myself.
  28. 28. Salmon should do it.
  29. 29. Johnathan: Hi there.Stephanie: Hey, handsome.Johnathan: Thanks for inviting me over again. And for not thinking badly of me because oflast night. I hated to run, but...you know.Stephanie: Thats fine, I prefer you not smelling like rotting eggs. Ill be right back, though, Ihave to go fiddle with dinner.
  30. 30. Thats okay, I think he can amuse himself for the time being. Someone has to, since thetownies cant.
  31. 31. John: —They even have a TV! Its been weeks since Ive seen a TV!Lilly Do: Oh man, Im gonna have to check that out.Gee, I wonder what his One True Hobby is.
  32. 32. Lilly Do: I hear they even have video games there! Its only the skiing one, but man thatsounds like fun.John: I havent played that one yet!
  33. 33. Stephanie: Foods ready. Had a good time on my lawn?John: Actually, yeah.
  34. 34. I do so love it when that happens.
  35. 35. Stephanie: Oh, I forgot to tell you! I mentioned your theater idea to Heaven, and she said(and I quote), “Since hes so gung ho about it, have him start the volunteer work for it.”John: Oh...Stephanie: Then she started complaining about her ankles and retaining water. Shes notusually that grumpy, shes just pregnant.John: That does seem to be going around out here. But I guess we get the go ahead?Stephanie: As good as its going to get.
  36. 36. Stephanie: Anyway... would you like to come in and eat now?John: I tremble with anticipation.Stephanie: Good.
  37. 37. John: What is that intoxicating aroma youre wearing.Stephanie: Baked salmon. But Im going to actively chose to take that as a compliment.
  38. 38. Haha, I guess its a hit??
  39. 39. John: This is amazing.Stephanie: Thanks. The secret is a pinch of tarragon.John: Really? Where did you get that?Stephanie: Youd be surprised what you can get out here.
  40. 40. After the dishes are done and the leftovers put away, they retire to the privacy of thebedroom.
  41. 41. Whether its the chemistry or just hormones, shes at her best tonight. And just in time too,since its a Saturday night.
  42. 42. Stephanie: So he says “Thats no shellfish, thats my wife!”John: Hahaha! Oh, thats hilarious!Uh, sure. Okay.
  43. 43. Stephanie: But enough jokes. I want to be serious now.John: Are you being serious about something in particular?Stephanie: You.
  44. 44. Stephanie: How about we get a little more comfortable?John: Well, if you insist, how can I say no?
  45. 45. Stephanie: There, isnt this better?
  46. 46. John: Youre not going to hold the skunk thing against me, are you?Stephanie: Already forgotten.John: Glad one of us can forget it.Stephanie: Shush. Just come here.
  47. 47. Much better.
  48. 48. Stephanie: So you—mpf!John: /smootch
  49. 49. Stephanie: Come back tomorrow night?John: Okay.
  50. 50. HAH, what a place to fall in love. The bathroom of your bootycall.
  51. 51. The next day is fairly uneventful. A few walk bys, a few phone calls.Stephanie: Oh man, words just cant do it justice. Hes amazing. ...Dont tell Agnar I saidthat.
  52. 52. One of the walk bys was Eyulfs new wife May. Its a welcome distraction from things likemoving the cauldron to the front lawn and building the greenhouse.
  53. 53. Then who should stop by but Agnar and Eyulf!Agnar: Shes still hot.Dude, dont. You will regret it for the rest of your very short life and you know it.
  54. 54. Stephanie: See? Youre glowing, you look wonderful.Eyulf: Haha! No. Im wearing running pants all the time now. I cant wait for it to be over.May: But theyre cute running pants!Eyulf: Youre not the one stuck in them.
  55. 55. Seriously, like, everyone stopped by today.Euphie: —And then she threw up on him. It was hilarious.May: Haha, thats what he gets for tossing her.Stephanie: Indigestion? Oog. Not feeling well.
  56. 56. May: Fried eggs? At this time of day?Eyulf: I know. Its the strangest thing.Stephanie: Could just make a fried egg sandwich.Agnar: You can do that?May: You can put literally any food in a bun and call it a sandwich.
  57. 57. Eyulf: Curry?Stephanie: Seen it done.Eyulf: Spaghetti?Stephanie: Used to do it as a kid.Agnar: Chinese food?Stephanie: Anything.
  58. 58. Eyulf: Agnar, put the pillows back! This isnt our house!Stephanie: Uh, guys? Im going to have to kick you out now, Im not feeling so hot.Eyulf: See what you did?Agnar: It wasnt me!
  59. 59. And this is what happens when you play with your sound off, kidlets. Its a decent question,granted, but I think you need to think a little more recently, girlie.
  60. 60. Stephanie: Man, I think I might be in trouble.And thats it for Week 2! I hope to see you back here soon, despite my delays.The last slide is the final breakdown for the week--
  61. 61. Not too shabby! Although nothing really happened yet. I need to open up Journalism andLaw Enforcement sometime soon, but its not like I can control burglars and fires. Oh well.See you next time, and happy simming!