Andy Steven_Overview of TERN's Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facility


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Andy Steven_Overview of TERN's Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facility

  1. 1. Australian Coastal Ecosystem Facility: Delivering data to help manage Australia’s coastal ecosystems Andy Steven, CSIRO ACEF Facility Director
  2. 2. Our Coastal Zone Source: C.Roelfsema, DERM and Google Images
  3. 3. ACEF AimsGoal:Provide national and enduring access to coastal data of nationalimportanceObjectives1. Establish a coastal community of practice to bring together researcher managers, industry and the community to identify key coastal datasets, improve technologies and identify further funding opportunities.2. Identify key national datasets that need to be collected, and fund strategic research that address key gaps in these datasets.3. Enable improved digital access to quality-assured coastal observational data and methods for analysis & visualization.
  4. 4. ACEF themes
  5. 5. ACEF collaborations• Queensland, New South Wales, Victorian and other state Governments• Geoscience Australia• Healthy Waterways• QCIF• AODN• SEWPaC (ERIN)• CSIRO• Universities and many other researchers
  6. 6. ACEF Communities of Practice: National Estuaries Network• Building on existing community of practice• ACEF will continue to support NEN• Prime opportunity to communicate to coastal experts around the country• Helping to clarify the message around TERN and other national investments
  7. 7. NCRIS CollaborationsSupersites• Assisting in data visualisation• Linking data to ACEF portalAustralian National Data Service• Integrated Coastal data in SEQuITOR projectIntegrated MarineObservation System• Using AODN portal code• ACEF Discoverable through AODNAtlas of Living Australia• Biological Data Recording System used for seagrass and turtles
  8. 8. ACEF Portal
  9. 9. Coastal Research• Over 100 research projects uploaded to the portal• Total of 98 registered users• Portal is receiving between 50 and 100 unique visitors per week
  10. 10. Coastal Information- Enhancing OzCoastsWorking with Geoscience Australia to enhance OzCoasts • OzCoasts datasets (estuaries and geomorphic habitats) now hosted by ACEF • ACEF’s Drupal system used to allow researchers to edit coastal indicators and conceptual diagrams pages online • More datasets and mapping upgrades to come
  11. 11. ACEF Data Portal infrastructure• Mix of data and portal solutions: • Geoserver, GeoNetwork, THREDDS Data Server • AODN Portal • ALA Biological Data Recording System• Virtual machines based at CSIRO and QCIF• Range of data types • Discrete, time series, maps, images • Real-time data
  12. 12. Seagrass• Using the ALA system to capture seagrass data from researchers• Integrating with ACEAS workshop series (Australian Seagrass Habitats)• Test system released and first dataset uploaded.• Will result in a national view of seagrass datasets
  13. 13. Coastal satellite imagery• New satellite imagery being made available through ACEF• Hi-res WorldView-2 (50cm)• Raw data can be made available free of charge to project partners• 10m imagery to be made fully available
  14. 14. Beach morphology• CoastalCOMS data is now available through a custom data portal• 17 full analysis locations around the country (shoreline, wave, video)• Many more video locations to come
  15. 15. Beach morphology• Shoreline (kml, reports, csv)• Video time sequences (Timex)• Raw data (video)• Wave height (videos, csv, reports, etc)
  16. 16. National Marine Turtle Database• Collating state-based marine turtle datasets• Initially focusing on beach nesting data• Utilising the ALA’s ‘Biological Data Recording System’ – BDRS• Data products delivered through ACEF’s geospatial servers
  17. 17. Water quality times series data• Ongoing discussions with Queensland, New South Wales and Victorian Governments • Draft data received from Queensland and New South Wales• Data to be made accessible using time-series data services and advanced graphing tools • Developing re-usable, configurable time-series data services • Will result in extremely fast visualisations of water quality and other time series data
  18. 18. What next?
  19. 19. Australian Coastal Ecosystems FacilityOur Resilient Coastal AustraliaDr Andy Steven Jonathan HodgeDirector Deputy DirectorAustralian Coastal Ecosystems Facility Australian Coastal Ecosystems Facilityt +61 7 3833 5570 t +61 7 3833 5515e e