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Ncris and the virtual labs


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NCRIS and the Virtual Laboratories, A lightning tour. Presented by Dr Tom Honeyman at ResBaz Sydney 3-5 Jul 2018

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Ncris and the virtual labs

  1. 1. NCRIS and the Virtual Laboratories A lightning tour Dr Tom Honeyman • NSW Outreach Officer Australian Research Data Commons (formerly ANDS, RDS and NeCTAR), an NCRIS Facility
  2. 2. NCRIS National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy A national network of world-class research infrastructure projects that support high-quality research that will drive greater innovation in the Australian research sector and the economy more broadly NCRIS supports approximately 40,000 users each year
  3. 3. NCRIS - Summary 27 facilities supporting research across 9 focus areas: 1. Advanced Physics and Astronomy 2. Complex Biology 3. Digital Data and eResearch Platforms 4. Earth and Environmental Systems 5. Biosecurity 6. Therapeutic Development 7. Platforms for HASS 8. Advanced Fabrication & Manufacturing 9. Characterisation
  4. 4. Virtual Labs and Science Clouds Domain-oriented online environments that draw together research data, models, analysis tools and workflows to support collaborative research across institutional and discipline boundaries. What domains do they support? ● Astronomy ● Climate ● Ecology ● Economics ● Geosciences ● Humanities ● Life Sciences ● Marine ● Social Sciences Explore the VLs
  5. 5. Data aggregators ● Knowledge Network: ○ ● Trove: ○ ● Research Data Australia: ○