Smart school


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Smart school

  2. 2. What is smart school?• A Malaysian education system which the education system in school including the management are reinvented.Goals :1) To provide all-round development of the individual like intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual2) To provide opportunities to enhance individual strengths and abilities.3) To produce thinking and technology-literate workforce and apply technology in teaching and learning.4) Democratized education1) To increase the participation of stakeholders
  3. 3. Four Waves of The Smart School Implementation
  4. 4. • Pilot phase • Is the plan of the original implementation1999- Plan2002 • Post Pilot Phase2002- • Involved ICT as a key enables learning.2005 • Making all schools smart2005-2010 • The consolidate and stabilized technology become an integral part of nation’s learning process .2010- • technology becomes key enable in teaching and2020 learning and the computers will be made available for
  5. 5. How Smart School is differ from a normal school? The smart school is differ based on their characteristics which does not have in normal school. The characteristics were included the process of: 1) Curriculum 2) Pedagogy 3) Assessment 4) Teaching and learning material
  6. 6. 1) Curriculum• Will be designed to help overall and balanced development of the student achievers.• The integration of knowledge, skill, values, correct use of language and attitudes suitable.• Allowing for self-paced leaning across grades.2) Pedagogy• Involved specific learning• To ensure mastery of basic comperencies and promotion of holistic development• Classroom atmosphere is compatible with different teaching –learning strategies.
  7. 7. 3) Assesmen• The integration of technology as a tool enables the on-line assessment and conducted in order to show the strength and the abilities of the student.• The teaching and learning material provide an accurate picture of the student’s performance.4) Teaching and learning material• Five main criteria for the selection and evaluation for teaching and learning materials: 1. The cosmetic adequacy, 2. Technical adequacy, 3. Instruction adequacy 4. Cost effectiveness and
  8. 8. The use of the technology as enables contained in smart school concept• In order to support the country’s ICT master plan and in line with the country’s drive to fulfill vision 2020, the education system has to be transform.• The catalyst for this transformation will be ICT-enable Smart School.• As to reduce the digital divide that exist in different part of the country, the computer laboratories were provided to thousands of school.
  9. 9. • The ministry has formulated three main policies for ICT in education, such as: First policy : ICT for all student. Second policy: Emphasises the role and function of ICT in education as a teaching and learning tool. Third policy :Emphasises using ICT to increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness of the management system.
  10. 10. • ICT is a key enabler for learning.• The uses of ICT in Smart School: 1) As supporting tool in teaching and learning practices. 2) Facilitates group work within the class and across the class. 3) Distance learning can be convenient. 4) Help the student to stimulate learning in experimental learning process through courseware provided. 5) Enable to create interactive and enjoyable classes.
  11. 11. Overview of TheProgression of Smart School So Far
  12. 12. 28 September 1992: proclamation ofMalaysia become a develop nation in itsmould by 2020 Early 1996: Discussion about Smart School by the Ministry of Education on the concept and it implication on the Malaysian education system Late 1996: Smart School become one of the seven flagship application of Multimedia Super Corridor February 1999 until June 1999: production of the vision of the Smart School in the document “Smart School in Malaysia: A Quantum Leap”.
  13. 13. 1999-2002: 88 schools wereselected to run as smart schoolprovided with 5809 computer setsand 261 computer technicion 2003: the education system had started the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English and the using of interactive courseware during class 2006-2010: the government has implemented the “in cultured school with smart technology” program as an agenda in the education development master plan (EDMP).
  14. 14. Overview on the Bestari training
  15. 15. 1998-2000: Duration of Bestariteachers training was 14 weeks. 2001-2003:The training become in-serving course (KDP) of 12 week to satisfy teachers training requirement in Sarawak. 2004-2005: The training period once again changed from 12 weeks to 8 weeks because teacher being away from school 2007: the training mode changed to 4 weeks. Two week at institute teachers education (IPG) and another two weeks at school
  16. 16. Challenges Since TheImplementation of Smart School
  17. 17. 1) Most of the teachers are still using the traditionalways of teaching and refuse to integrate the teachingand learning with ICT2) There were also voices of rejection ,they are worried ashow far the Smarts school can ensure the achievement ofexcellent student because the last thing being evaluated isthe achievement in examination3) Software which is currently used since theimplementation of Smarts school. It has been criticizedby the parents and teachers because the softwareprovided were sub-standard and did not suitable for thehigh achieving student .
  18. 18. 4) There were many complaints about the shortage ofcomputers.Due to the increasing of students which cause eachcomputer have to be shared by two students and this mayreduce the opportunity of using computer equally5) Exam centered learningOne student said: “Learning using the computer is onlydeepening your knowledge but it does not help you inyour examination”.
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