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What is Polyurea Presentation brought to you by Blast It Clean It Paint It. It also provides a brief company overview of services. FAQ's & Client uses are included in this Slideshare

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BCP What is Polyurea Presentation

  1. 1. Phone: 61 2 9659-4611 Fax: 61 2 9659-4622 E-Mail: info@blastitcleanitpaintit.com.au
  2. 2. About our Company – Est. 1994 • Blast It Clean It Paint It Pty Ltd is Australia’s leading speciality in Sodium Bi-Carbonate Technology. Our company is leading the way in regard to Polyurea Coatings, Spray Foam for all industries • OUR AIM is to provide a consistently high level of service that meets your industrial abrasive blasting, cleaning and painting requirements. • Our motto, ON SITE ON TIME ON BUDGET, is more than our statement of intent; it is one of the standards by which we judge our performance and the reason why our clients keep coming back to us.
  3. 3. PhotoofBCP’sWork Airless Spraying of a Russian Submarine in the middle of the Pacific Ocean en route Los Angles, USA.   No other company in the world has undertaken this task. “A world first in June 1998.” – NBC America. Blasting & Painting of Russian Submarine – En Route USA - 1998
  4. 4. Armex®/Wadu Cleaning of the Susie O’Neil PhotoofBCP’s Work
  5. 5. Company’s BackgroundBlast It Clean It Paint It expanded into Polyurea Coatings for all our clients in 04/05 which has now led us into the field of Road & Railway Bridge, Rail & Road Tunnel Lining & Waterproofing Service Systems. These systems are also provided for the Primary & Secondary Containment within the Water Industry. These systems provide rapid, abrasion & chemical resistant solutions for waterproofing these critical infrastructure projects. We are able to provide a holistic turnkey solutions for major & minor infrastructure projects. Bomb Blast Mitigation as well as Structural Strengthening of Critical Infrastructure is something that can be provided on a needs basis using these systems. Blast It Clean It Paint It we the first Australasian contractors to introduce Sodium Bi- Carbonate Technology (Bi-Carb) abrasive blasting & cleaning in the early 90's. Since then our company has taken this technology into the Marine, Defence, Petrochemical Industry & local Government with great success. From CUI (Corrosion Under Insulation) projects in the Petrochemical Industry to abrasive blasting & painting of a Russian Foxtrot Class Submarine whilst in transit between countries and sealing of Dams with Polyurea prior to spilling has put our Company among pioneer leaders when it comes to undertaking extremely large & difficult logistical projects. With that in mind our systems combined with our knowledge on major projects is why we can achieve a successful outcome for you.
  6. 6. Industries Serviced • Defence Food/Beverage Industries • Railway Infrastructure Petro-Chemical • Marine Restoration Metals Foundries • Architectural/Heritage Building Restoration Mining • Pulp & Paper Mills Power Generation • Road & Bridge Infrastructure Hi Pressure Gas Lines • Critical Assets Protection Printing Industry Services Provided • Bridge & Tunnel Deck Preservation & Waterproofing • Remediation Surface Technologies (Captive Water Blasting) • All forms of Abrasive Blasting • High Pressure Water Cleaning (up to 5000psi, new systems on line soon up to 7,500psi) • Application of Enviro-Prep® System for Lead Based Paint Removal • Defence Coating Application • Graffiti Abatement • Bomb Blast Mitigation • Commercial/Industrial Painting – utilising our many spray systems • Railway Deck Preservation & Waterproofing • Water/Wastewater Coating Solutions • Plural Component Spraying (Polyurea Coatings)
  7. 7. What is Polyurea Polyurea is a thick, elastomeric urethane coating which needs to be professionally sprayed-on by experienced applicators between 762µm to 50,800µm (30 mil to 2,000mil).
  8. 8. What is Polyurea  Polyurea is a truly remarkable coating, lining and joint sealant technology, being successfully used for a large variety of commercial/industrial applications. Polyurea coatings and linings are commonly applied over concrete and steel for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. Why? They have tremendous advantages over conventional coating materials, as they can be used to repair cracking in concrete, the coating is dry in 10 seconds (even at below 0°C), capable of expanding up to 700% and has proven extreme durability/abrasion resistance. It outlasts, out performs all previous coating methods.  Polyureas major benefit is its fast set nature. Application time is significantly reduced, enabling the owner to put the facility back into use immediately, rather than waiting days and weeks for old fashion coatings to cure, meaning less down time.  Down time for maintenance and coatings on water tanks, waste-water clarifiers, parking garages and chemical storage tanks and bunds etc, costs the facility owners a great deal of money since these areas must be taken out of service. Polyurea significantly reduces this down time.  Polyurea, perfect for applications in Industrial environments, where large scale, heavy duty coating solutions are required.
  9. 9. Application of Polyurea
  10. 10. Technical Data • Professionally sprayed-on polyurethane - polyurea elastomer. • A flexible and tenacious bond to metal, fibreglass and wood surfaces, just to name a few. • Remains flexible from -40º to 160º C. • Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. • Coating thickness from 762µm to 50,800µm including walls and overhead surfaces. • The seamless membrane can be walked on or handled within 30 seconds of application. • 105% up to 700%+ stretching without adhesion loss.* • *We have a variety of Polyurea products that deliver performance in this range. You will be provided with technical data specific to your application.
  11. 11. Environmental Compliance • Polyurea is 100% solids by weight and volume. • NO solvents. NO V.O.C.’s • Meets all EPA Emission Levels for V.O.C.’s • Fire retardant.* • USDA approved for secondary and incidental food contact.* • Potable water approved.* • * We have a variety of Polyurea products that deliver performance in this range. You will be provided with technical data specific to your application.
  12. 12. Physical Properties • Dries to the touch in 10 seconds. • Full, unrestricted use in 24 hours or less. • Tensile strength at 24Cº from 1,500 to 6,600psi • Shore hardness from A to D 75* • A spray-on monolithic-elastomeric membrane. • * We have a variety of Polyurea products that deliver performance in this range. You will be provided with technical data specific to your application.
  13. 13. Polyurea Advantage over Paints Epoxy Paint/Powder Problems One application - thinning (shear loss) at corners Unlike paints, there is NO REDUCTION OF THICKNESS (shear loss) at edges or corners with Polyurea
  14. 14. Reasons for choosing Polyurea • Improved Corrosion Protection • Lower Repetitive Preservation Costs • Increased Safety for the Crew • Ability to Customize Formulations • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) • Reduced Down Time Due to Instant Set • Proven in a Variety of Industrial Applications • Approved for Incidental Contact with Food • Approved for Contact with Portable Water • Blast It Clean It Paint It has the capability to provide this service
  15. 15. Advantages using Polyurea Polyurea is a permanent solution to your problems. It’s thick, full coverage application typically requires little or no down time, unlike paint products which have a short performance life and require your assets to be removed from service again and again. Polyurea is more than a maintenance-free solution to your needs... it’s a great looking coating! When image is important, Polyurea will make you proud of your assets. And most important, Polyurea keeps your investment looking new longer.
  16. 16. Pilings, Slipways & Ramps at Rozelle Wharf Pilings Sprayed At Low Tide (Fast Curing) 85 tonne Crane driving across top of coating (Abrasion Resistant)
  17. 17. Polyurea on Piers & Wharves In addition to the benefits provided by the physical properties of Polyurea, BCP can set up coating facilities at the project site reducing excessive transportation costs. Pilings coated with Polyurea can be put into service within hours of coatings & are virtually damage proof during installation. The installed pilings are easily capped with the same polymer, producing a seamless coating to protect the piling well beyond the expected life of other coating options. In retrofit applications the extremely fast cure times allows for application in the splash zone during the tidal shifts. For port restoration projects, Polyurea is an ideal choice.
  18. 18. Before & After of a Concrete Hydrofluoric Acid Bund Coated with Polyurea
  19. 19. Polyurea for Waste Water Treatment Applications Polyurea physical properties are tailor made for the Water supply & treatment plants. No VOC content ensures no effect on potable water systems when used internally with tanks or pipes. Polyurea has the ability to withstand corrosive chemical conditions (Hydrogen Sulphide) allow it to outperform other sewage treatment coatings. Polyurea can be used in manholes, concrete bunds & concrete sewage & wastewater piping systems
  20. 20. Oil & Gas Industries Usage  Polyurea is a unique product that can serve the oil and gas industry in many ways. These services are currently being used overseas by such companies as Chevron, Conoco-Phillips and Shell Oil Company to name just a few. They have all discovered the wonderful product of polyurea and the many advantages it has for their individual operations.  What can polyurea and Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L do for your company? This innovative product can save oil and gas companies, lease owners and refineries money! Pipes, pipelines, tanks and equipment are expensive to replace once they have been corroded and disfigured. Prevent corrosion and, renew damaged surfaces, at a fraction of the cost of replacement with polyurea coating . Most common uses in the oil and gas industry to be coated include, but not limited to:  · Pipes and pipelines  · Interior and Exterior Coating of primary and secondary containment  · Fuel storage  · Repair of leaking tanks and pipes  · Flooring and decks  · Oil Field Compressors
  21. 21. POLYUREA THE IDEAL CHOICE Polyureas’ strengths are tailored to fill the gaps left by traditional coating products used in the oil and gas industry and is therefore the ideal coating product for the oil and gas industry’s many coating needs from pipelines to primary and secondary containment. The main physical properties of polyurea explain their success overseas in the oil and gas industry.
  22. 22. What is the Cost? In a total cost analysis including: asset protection, total life, application time, re-application time, loss of use of asset, etc. Polyurea is the most cost effective long term solution.
  23. 23. Concrete Tank Coatings Application
  24. 24. Ready for Use Polyurea is ready for full, unrestricted use in about 24 hours. It can be handled and/or walked on in about 30 seconds! Your assets are put back into money- making service quickly; and since only one application is required to meet any mil-spec thickness, your scheduling and planning to have anything Polyurea protected is extremely easy and convenient.
  25. 25. FAQ’sCan it be easily repaired? Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L can repair the Polyurea if damage or wear has occurred, repairs can be carried out by simply buffing back or high pressure cleaning to rough up the surface. Then re- apply the product. Thus minimises down time Does it provide a Watertight Seal? The products from Polyurea are all water resistant and 100% solid material, not allowing any water impregnations to the under side surfaces. Is it easily Repairable? Blast It Clean It Paint It P/L Polyurea product will easily mould on to existing Polyurea products to giving you a brand new surface. Why is it Cost Effective? No undercoats or waiting for additional coats to dry before application and repairs. To rebuild on wear areas it is as simple as respraying on existing material, saving on plant down time and application costs. Does it dampen Vibrations? Polyurethane thermal plastic helps dampen vibrations. The product is flexible enough to absorb a degree of movement between components.
  26. 26. FAQ’s Does Polyurea have Unlimited Thickness? Polyurea can be sprayed on from a 1mm thickness to 200mm, depending on your requirements. What is the Drying Time? Professionally applied, the surface dries in 3 to 5 seconds. In the first five minutes the product achieves 90% of its hardness and tensile strength. Within 24 hours the product has achieved 100% of its curing requirements. What type of surface preparation is required? Polyurea requires a clean surface to bond to. The surface will require sand blasting, high- pressure cleaning or acid etching prior to application. The product can then be applied with an airless spray unit giving it a 1000 microns (1mm) thickness in only one pass. Thus enabling quick application time. What type of Chemical Resistant does it provide? Polyurea is resistant to most solvents, acids, pool chlorine, auto fuel, diesel fuel, paints, bleaches, organic solvents, fertilisers and much more. What type of bonds does Polyurea adhere to? Polyurea can bond to most surfaces - steel, aluminium, timber, concrete, fibreglass, rubber, polystyrene and plastic surfaces.