Watchful Eyes: A Solution Spotlight on Remote Proctoring Technology - ET4Online 2013


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An institution’s online education strategy is only as good as the quality of the degree programs that drive it. Proctoring is a valuable tactic to help institutions protect the integrity of their online offerings, and to provide students with a degree they can be proud of--because they earned it. The strategies that drive proctoring in today’s online learning environment vary widely. In this session, we’ll dive into the technology models that are making it possible to deliver exam freedom to the student without sacrificing integrity -- and empowering educational institutions to do what they do best – educate. Software Secure offers a suite of products tailored to suit the varying security needs of institutions looking to provide online exam proctoring options for students.

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Watchful Eyes: A Solution Spotlight on Remote Proctoring Technology - ET4Online 2013

  1. 1. Secure Testing. Anytime. Anywhere.softwaresecure.comSteve LesserVP Sales and MarketingSoftware Secure, Inc.
  2. 2. 2Founded 1999HQ in Newton, Massachusetts( solutions for secure, convenient and scalable exam integritywherever or whenever exams are administered - with different robust securitymodels for variable kinds of computer-based exam.Solutions for Certification Organizations, Higher Education and K-12- Online Education and Classroom Environments- Assures integrity of test conditions with patented technology- Authenticates test taker’s ID with biometrics and proprietary monitoring system- End-to-end exam administration services
  3. 3. Watchful EyesA Solution Spotlight onRemote Proctoring Technology
  4. 4. Online cheating affectseveryone’s credentials“The issue of online cheating concerns manyeducators, particularly as more students takeMOOCs for college credit, and not just forpersonal enrichment.”-New York Times, 2013"
  5. 5. 72% Admit toOnline Exam Cheating
  6. 6. Diminished degree valueAccreditation at riskTarnished brand
  7. 7. No one wants to goback to old school
  8. 8. Traveling to campustakes a beating on resources
  9. 9. And scheduling a proctor to take anexam is inconvenient
  10. 10. Live Proctoring- Exams are held at a specific time with humans monitoring studentslive via webcam.- Generally speaking, there is one proctor for every 4-10 students;each proctor monitors an array of computer screens simultaneously.On-Demand Proctoring- On-demand proctoring embraces and leverages technology, onlyinvolving humans where they can be the most effective.- Students agree to allow cameras to “watch” them while they takeexams; if the cameras pick up anything out of the ordinary, theanomalous behavior is flagged in the recording by multiple reviewersafter the exam.Two main approaches to remote proctoring:
  11. 11. Pros and Cons: Live ProctoringAdvantages: Immediate correction: Companies that offer live proctoring advertise that because theirproctors observe students while taking an exam, they can correct suspicious behaviors asthey happen. Replicates traditional proctored setting: These vendors also claim the approach is meantto do for online learners what human proctors do in traditional exam rooms.Drawbacks: Requires Scheduling: students need to schedule the exam for a specific time. Expensive: Exams cost more— to cover the overhead of paying for a human to proctor. Risk: Giving an unknown proctor control over test-takers computers might increasesecurity risks for student’s or organization’s computer equipment. “Judge and jury”: Burden on determining what is cheating, and what to do about it isborne by the proctor, who is doing the same for multiple exams/schools.
  12. 12. Pros and Cons: On-Demand ProctoringAdvantages: Convenience : Because students can take exams anytime, on-demand proctoring isconvenient as it requires no scheduling. Affordable: Less expensive for students. Utilization of technology means that cost issignificantly lower (between 30-40 %) than human-based approaches. Scalability: Since no human resources are required to watch the exam in real-time, thesolution is more scalable and can be available for use at any time by student. Effective & Accountable: “Record and review” system records the entire exam session,serving as a record or evidence. System can automatically notify students of prior exam policyviolations next time they log in to take an exam, no need for human interaction.Drawbacks: Timing: Critics allege that this approach doesn’t prevent cheating before it occurs but insteadresponds to cheating afterward. Institutional Responsibility: In cases where video review leads the vendor to suspect astudent of cheating, onus is on the school to review the ‘marked’ integrity events .
  13. 13. Using TechnologyJust Makes Sense . . .“The developing technology for remote proctoring mayend up being as good — or even better — than the liveproctoring at bricks-and-mortar universities”Douglas H. Fisher, Professor - Vanderbilt University-New York Times, 2013
  14. 14. Why On-Demand has a distinct edge:1. As on-demand “record and review” proctoring solution is technology-driven, there’s no limit to the number of exams an institution canmanage at a given time.2. On-demand proctoring enables exams to be monitored without humanskeeping watch, students can take tests from anywhere at any time.3. Affordability is one of the most attractive aspects of online education,the on-demand proctoring model becomes the best/obvious choice asits the lowest-cost option.Bottom Line: Students choose an online course or program for the flexibilityof studying anytime-anywhere. Adding rigid requirements like examscheduling disrupts the anytime learning model. on-demand proctoring ismore convenient and less expensive.
  15. 15. Award-winning technology for online proctoring
  16. 16. Patentedlock down technology
  17. 17. 17Remote Proctor NOW: On-Demand Testing Utilizes student’s own webcam and microphone -they can be taking a test in less than five minutes! Continuously records webcam view and desktop toensure compliant exam conditions No need to schedule time or rely on a proctor’sschedule to take a test Cost effective method to provide remote testproctoring – flat rate, $15 per exam. No hidden fees Each test video is reviewed by 2-3 certified proctorsto catalog report on all exam policy violations You don’t have to just take our word for it, you’ll seeall suspicious video for yourself Can work with any test delivery system, with 24x7tech support Added security strengthens cheat and question theftprevention by disabling applications and processes
  18. 18. How it Works – Test-takerStep 1: Authenticate & Access Exam
  19. 19. How it WorksStep 2: Select Exam
  20. 20. How it WorksStep 3: Verify Identity
  21. 21. How it WorksStep 4: Take Your Exam
  22. 22. Authenticate Record Review ReportHow it Works - BackendAccess
  23. 23. Efficient record and review model
  24. 24. We work with the partners schools do
  25. 25. 26
  26. 26. Why Software Secure? Software Secure’s products were developed tomeet the growing need in the marketplace toprovide a technology approach for proctoringand securing the online exam environment and, To help institutions achieve greater efficiency,lower costs, provide a level playing field, andabove all - deliver convenience withoutcompromising exam integrity.
  27. 27. Secure Testing. Anytime. Anywhere.softwaresecure.comSteve LesserVP Sales and MarketingSoftware Secure,