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Sap2000 v10

  1. 1. SAP2000 v10 - Page 1 / 13SAP2000 v10STATICS, DYNAMICS and EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERINGFINITE ELEMENT ANALYSIS and DESIGN SOFTWARE for STRUCTURESand;; www.computersandstructures.comTel: 8802 9676 269 Mob: 0152 329243 E-Mail: souren@caeplDhaka.comThree Dimensional Static and Dynamic Finite Element Analysis andDesign of Structures;Nonsymetrical and Symetrical Structures;True 3-D fast modeling ,Very Large Models and Fast Run.Reinforced Concrete, Steel and Aluminum Frame Design,Shell R.Concrete Design, Cold Rolled Steel ShapesModal Analysis, Response Spectrum, Time History; Linear andNonlinear Analysis, Pushover Analysis, Base Isolators,Viscous Dampers, Power Spectral Density, Staged Construction,Soil-Structure Interaction, Explosion Analysis,Time dependent Creep and Schrinkage.Design of Bridges, Industrial Structures, Transmission Towers,Machine Foundations, Piled Foundations, Stacks, Cooling Towers,Water Dams, Power Facilities, Cable Structures, Sports Facilities,Performance Venues and other Special StructuresBridge Module
  2. 2. SAP2000 v10 - Page 2 / 13SAP2000 v10 in DetailSAP2000 represents the most sophisticated and user-friendly release of the SAP series of computer programs. Itfeatures a powerful graphical interface unmatched in terms of ease-of-use and productivity. Creation and modificationof the model, execution of the analysis and checking and optimization of the design are all done through this singleinterface. Graphical displays of the results, including real-time animations of time-history displacements are easilyproduced. SAP2000 offers a quantum leap forward in the way models are created and modified, and in the wayanalysis and design are managed.The SAP name has been synonymous with state-of-the-art analytical solutions since the introduction of SAP,SOLIDSAP, and SAP IV over thirty years ago. To these sophisticated numerical techniques, SAP2000 adds atremendously easy and complete graphical user interface linked with powerful design capabilities, providing thestructural engineer an analysis and design program unequaled in efficiency and productivity.The analytical capabilities are just as powerful, representing the latest developments in numerical techniques andsolution algorithms. This release is available in three different analytical versions all sharing the same graphicalinterface: SAP2000, SAP2000 PLUS, and SAP2000 Advanced.SAP2000 BASIC is fully integrated with Windows 2000/XP featuring a powerful graphical interface unmatched inease-of-use, sophistication and productivity, and it includes:2D and 3D Beam, Column and Truss Element, 3D Shell Element, Spring Element, P-Delta Analysis Option,Steel and Concrete Design, Static and Dynamic Response Spectrum Analysis, 1500 Joint CapacitySAP2000 PLUS program adds unlimited capacity, moving loads-analysis capabilities, a complete range of finiteelements and time-history analysis options. Ground motion effects with multiple-base excitations can be included.PLANE Element, ASOLID Element, SOLID Element, Dynamic Time History Analysis, Moving Load Analysis,Bridge Module Add-onSAP2000 ADVANCED extends the capabilities of the PLUS version by adding static pushover analysis and dynamicnonlinear analysis capability. The pushover analysis uses frame plastic hinge elements. The dynamic nonlinearanalysis uses a nonlinear link element to model gaps, hooks, isolators, dampers and plastic hinges. Buildings andbridges with passive energy absorbtion systems and base isolator systems can be analyzed. nonlinear analysisoptions:Frame Plastic Hinge Element, Nonlinear Link Element, Wilson FNA Method, Pushover Analysis, Bridge ModuleAdd-on, Offshore/Wave Module Add-on, Staged Construction Add-on, Soil-Structure Interaction Module(SASSI) Add-on.All of these programs feature sophisticated capabilities, such as very fast equation solvers, force and displacementloading, non-prismatic frame elements, highly accurate shell elements, Layered Shell elements, Eigen and Ritzdynamic analysis, multiple coordinate systems for skewed geometry, many different constraint options, the ability tomerge independently defined meshes and the option to combine or envelope multiple dynamic analyses in the samerun.Powerful and completely integrated design modules for steel, Aluminum, cold formed steel and concrete, all availablefrom within the same interface used to create and analyze the model. The design of steel frame members featuresinitial member sizing and iterative optimization. The design of concrete frame and shell members includes thecalculation of the amount of reinforcing steel required. Members can be grouped for design purposes, and a singlemouse click on an element brings up the detailed design calculations. SAP2000 supports the latest International codesand Eurocodes.
  3. 3. MODELING and USER FRIENDLY GRAPHICAL INTERFACE:New physical object based modeling enviroment •Automated templates for typical structures • Easy andEnhanced drawing tools with several new snaps •Automatic creation of various direction wind loadings forASCE 7-02• Enhanced selection options • Enhancedextrusion routines • Curved frame, cable and tendonelements • Shell and solid internal meshing • Enhancedshell mesh editing • Auto line constraints for mismatchedshell meshes • Auto transfer of area loads to frames •Open-structure wind loads • IBC 2003 seismic and windloads • Chinese Building Code seismic and wind loads •Lane definition independent of frames • Area-objectthickness and joint offset overwrites • Powerful new 2D and3D model builder • 3D model generation using plans,elevations and developed views • Editing with move,merge, mirror and replicate • Accurate dimensioning withguidelines and snapping • Cut, copy and paste options •Unlimited levels of undo and redo • Quick draw options tocreate elements with one mouse click • Powerful grouping, selection and display options • Onscreenassignment of properties, loading and supports • Multiple views in 3D perspective with zooming and panning •Orthographic and user defined views • Copy/Paste to and from spread sheets and Access Database • Multiplerectangular and cylindrical coordinate systems • Detailed context sensitive online help • Analysis integrated withpostprocessing and design • Right button click for instantaneous current element or joint information •FastOpenGL graphics now available for drawing and display windows • Enhanced OpenGL viewer • Enhancedanimation capability • Enhanced tabular display options • Enhanced lane displays showing lane loading points• Influence surface displays • Display of automated loads • Graphical section cut definitions for forces andstresses • Analysis case tree display • 3D rendering and flythrough views • Interactive spreadsheet input ofmodel geometry, loading and assignments• 3D perspective graphical displays of undeformed and deformed structural geometries • Static deformed shapesand mode shapes • Bending moment and shear force diagrams • Stress contours • Animation of deformedshapes and mode shapes • Animated stress contours • Multiple windows displaying different parameters •Instantaneous graphical and tabulated output details for specific joint or element with right button click • Staticand dynamic load combinations and envelopes.IMPORT – EXPORT OPTIONS:Import: ACCESS (.mdb) file, EXCEL (.xls), CIS/2 STEP, FrameWorks Plus, IGES (.igs), Nastran.dat,Strudl/Staad (.std/.gti), Prosteel, IFC - TEKLA (Xsteel)Export: AutoCAD (.dxf), ACCESS (.mdb), EXCEL (.xls), CIS/2 STEP, FrameWorks Plus, IGES (.igs), SteelDetailing Neutral File (SNDF)-Xsteel, Prosteel, IFC-TEKLA (Xsteel), Capture graphics of any SAP2000 Window.SAP2000 v10 - Page 3 / 13
  4. 4. POST TENSIONINGTendons in frame, shell, solid elements • Creep, shrinkage, relaxation, anchorage slip, elastic shortening losses• Tendons can be placed with arbitrary geometrySTEEL AND CONCRETE DESIGNStrength & drift controlled optimization • Concrete Shell Design - Display showing required rebar intensity andmaximum concrete stress • Layered Shell Element • Fully interactive and graphical steel and concrete framemember design • AISC (ASD and LRFD), ACI, British and Eurocodes • Design for static, moving and dynamic(response spectrum and time history) loads • Ductile and non-ductile design • Member grouping for designenvelopes • Detailed onscreen design information with right button click • Steel member selection andoptimization • Graphical section builder for built-up sections and concrete rebar location • Biaxial moment-axialload column interaction diagrams.Concrete Design Codes: AASHTO Concrete 97, ACI 318-05/IBC 2003, ACI 318-02, ACI 318-99, BS 8110 89, BS8110 97, CSA CSA-A23.3-94, EUROCODE 2-1992, Indian IS 456-2000, Italian DM 14-2-92, KCI-1999, MexicanRCDF 2001, NZS 3101-95, UBC 97, Chineese.Structural Steel Design Codes: AASHTO Steel 04, AISC-ASD01, AISC ASD89, AISC-LRFD99, AISC-LRFD93,API RP2A-LRFD97, API RP2A-WSD2000, ASCE 10-97, BS5950 90, BS5950 2000, CISC95, EUROCODE3-1993, Indian IS 800-1998, Italian UNI 10011, UBC97-ASD, UBC97-LRFD, IBC 2003 Wind and Seismic loads,Design of power transmission towers and similar structures (ASCE-10-97 2000), API Tank Design, InternationalBuilding Codes, European Codes.Aluminyum Frame Design: U.S.A. Alum. Assoc. ASD 2000, LRFD 2000Cold Rolled Steel Shapes Design: AISI – ASD 1996 (Ek 1999), AISI – LRFD 1996 (Add. 1999)Section Designer:Integrated generation of arbitrary steel and concrete cross sections • Parametric shape generation • Sectionproperty calculations • Three dimensional axial force and biaxial interaction diagrams • Moment-curvaturerelationships.Customable Report Writer:Generation of analysis and design reports in customizable format • Output to Word (RTF), Internet Explorer(HTML), text editor and printer • Any input or output table may be added to report • Information in the tables may befiltered and sorted • Display units may be user specified for any numerical field in a table.SAP2000 v10 - Page 4 / 13
  5. 5. SAP2000 v10 BASICSTATICS-DYNAMICS, BEAM, COLUMN, FRAME, PLATE, SHELL, SPRING,RESPONSE SPECTRUM. REINF. CONCRETE, STEEL, ALUMINUM andCOLD ROLLED STEEL DESIGN, P-DELTA ANALYSISTHE BASIC OBJECTSLINE OBJECTS: The 2D and 3D Beam and Truss ElementCurved beam element • Multiple non-prismatic segments over element length • Point, uniform and trapezoidal loadingin any direction • Temperature and thermal gradient loading • Prestress loading • Automated end offset evaluation •Moment and shear releases • Built-in steel sections • Frame member cardinal points and joint offsets.AREA OBJECTS: The 3D Shell ElementGeneral quadrilateral or triangular element • Layered Shell Element • Orthotropic materials • Six degrees of freedomper joint • Shell, plate or membrane action • Gravity, uniform, pressure, temperature and thermal gradient loadingPOINT OBJECTS: The Spring ElementJoint to ground (support) spring • Automatic spring calculation from foundation surface • Global and skewed springs •Coupled 6x6 user defined spring stiffness option (for foundation modeling) • Fully-coupled 6x6 linear spring anddashpot • Link degrees of freedom can be rigid to act as constraints or restraintsANALYTICAL OPTIONSNumerous enhancements have been made in the analysis to increase efficiency and minimize memory usage. Newanalysis features added include: New Solver - Added alternate solver for extremely efficient runtimes and storageutilization • New Eigen Solver - Added alternate Eigen solver for efficient solution of systems with large variations instiffness and mass properties • Static and/or dynamic response spectrum analysis • P-delta analysis with either staticor dynamic analysis • Blocked active column equation solver • Automated fast profile optimization • Generalized jointconstraint options including rigid bodies, diaphragms, rods and welds • Applied force and applied displacement loading• Gravity, pressure and thermal loading • Eigen analysis with an accelerated subspace iteration algorithm • Ritzanalysis for fast predominant mode evaluation for earthquake loads • Multi-directional response spectrum analysis •Multiple response spectrum cases in single run • Modal combination by the SRSS, the CQC or the GMC (Gupta)method • Directional combinations by the ABS or the SRSS method • Static and dynamic response combinations andenvelopes • Control over selective execution of analysis cases • Automatic multiple run batch capability from insideGUI • Variety of built in response spectrum input functions .SAP2000 v10 - Page 5 / 13
  6. 6. SAP2000 v10 PLUSUNLIMITED CAPACITY, SOLID ELEMENTS, TIME HISTORY, MOVING LOAD ANALYSIS,FREQUENCY DOMAIN ANALYSIS, BRIDGE ADD-ON MODULESAP2000 PLUS ELEMENTSSAP2000 PLUS extends the capabilities of the BASIC version with unlimited capacity and followingadditional analytical capabilities.3D-OBJECTS:ASOLID ELEMENT3 to 9 nodes axisymmetric element • Orthotropic material properties • Gravity, thermal, surface pressure andpressure gradient loading optionsSOLID Element:Three dimensional 8 node brick element • Anisotropic material properties • Gravity, thermal, surface pressure andpressure gradient loading options.DYNAMIC TIME HISTORY ANALYSIS:Ground acceleration excitation • Multiple base excitations • Load forcingfunctions • Transient or steady-state • Multiple Time History Cases • Timehistory Windows AVI file • Graphic displays of nodal and element timehistory records • Functions vs time or function vs function displays •Generation of response spectrum curves for any joint accelerationcomponent • Results can be combined with other loads for enveloping orstep by step steel and concrete design • Variety of built in input functionsfor time history analysis .FREQUENCY DOMAIN ANALYSISSteady state analysis • Power Spectral Density (PSD) analysis •Frequency dependent properties for links/supportsSAP2000 v10 - Page 6 / 13
  7. 7. MOVING LOADS ANALYSIS:Vehicles can load frames, shells or solids • Three dimensional influence surfaces • Vehicle width effects included• Live-load analysis includes transverse positioning of the vehicles • Alternate Moving-load analysis using Multi-step loading (static or dynamic) • Support for AASHTO-LRFD and BS 5400-2 • Moving-load response availablefor section cuts • AASHTO, User-defined truck, lane and train loads • Determination of maximum and minimumdisplacements and reactions • Capable of handing complex lane geometries • Automatically calculates allpossible permutations of traffic loads • Results can be combined with other loads for enveloping or correspondingcomponents for steel and concrete designSAP2000 v10 - Page 7 / 13
  8. 8. SAP2000 v10 ADVANCEDSTATIC PUSHOVER, BASE ISOLATORS, VISCOUS DAMPERS, STRUCTURAL POUNDING,LARGE DISPLACEMENTS, CABLE ELEMENT, NONLINEAR TIME HISTORY, SHELL BUCKLING.SAP2000 NONLINEAR ELEMENTSSAP2000 Advanced extends the capabilities of the PLUS version to include following nonlinear analysisoptions.The Frame Plastic Hinge Element for use with Static Pushover AnalysisAxial, flexural, shear and torsional hinge • Axial load - biaxial moment interaction • Multilinear behaviorincluding softening • P-Delta optionsPushover Analysis OptionsStatic Pushover Analysis starting from gravity loads • Force or displacement control • User defined lateral loadpatterns • Effective damping computations • Capacity Spectrum computation • Demand-Spectrum computation• FEMA 356 Hinges • Force Controlled Hinges • Caltrans Column Section Hinges • Fiber Hinges • ImprovedPushover Hinge Results Display • ATC 55/FEMA 440 supportThe SAP2000 Nonlinear Link Element for use with the dynamic time history analysis optionLink may be placed between any two joints or from joint to ground • Viscous damper with nonlinear exponent onvelocity term • Gap (compression only) and Hook (tension only) • Uniaxial plasticity (all 6 degrees of freedom) •Base isolator with biaxial plasticity behavior • Base isolator with friction and/or pendulum behavior • AVI fileoption for creating real time displays of nonlinear deformation behavior • Force versus Deformation plots ofnonlinear systems for energy dissipation studies.Other features: Large deformation cable element • Tensiononly/compression only frame elements • Nonlinear dynamic directintegration time history analysis • Static and dynamic largedisplacement analysis across all element types • Stiffness and massproportional damping • Nonlinear buckling analysis • Steady-Stateanalysis with damping • Frame and shell property modifiers forcracking .SAP2000 v10 - Page 8 / 13
  9. 9. SAP2000 v10 ADD-ON MODULESOBJECT BASED BRIDGE DESIGN MODULE Add-on forSAP2000 v10 PLUS and for v10 ADVANCEDThe Bridge Design Module adds capability to easily modelcomplicated bridge geometry using Bridge Designer’sterminology. Specifically included are: Layout-linedefinition for bridge elements and lanes using bearingsand stations • Layout-line has horizontal and verticalcurves and transitions • Parametric cross-sectiondefinitions • Cross-section parameters can vary alonglength of bridge • Bridge definition includes spans,abutments, hinges, bents and superelevation • Abutments,bents and hinges can be skewed • Post-tensioning layout• Automatically creates spine (frame), shell or solid-element models • Structural model can remain linked toBridge objects for quick editing • Display of integratedforces and stresses along bridgePARAMETRIC BRIDGE MODELING: Parametric Bridge ModelTemplates • Model Auto-updates with Parameter Changes •Parametric Cross Section Variations • Parametric BridgeLayout Lines • Super-elevations, Curves and Skews • LaneDefinitions Independent of Structure • Abutments, Bents andHinges • Improved Bridge Modeler for Steel Bridges • DisplayBridge Results on a Girder by Girder BasisBRIDGE MODEL GENERATION WIZARD: Guided step-by-step creation of complete bridge model • Detailedinstructions for every step • Finished model is ready to runSAP2000 v10 - Page 9 / 13
  10. 10. ADVANCED ANALYSIS OPTIONS: Pushover analysis using fiber models • Isolators, dampers, plasticity, contact-friction • Pounding effects at skewed abutments • Buckling analysis • P-delta and large deflections • Nonlinearcables • Nonlinear dynamics by modal, implicit, or explicit methods • Frequency-domain analysis • All analysesuse the same model • Analytical Power of SAP2000 ADVANCED • Segmental Construction Analysis • TimeDependent Creep & Shrinkage Analysis • Pushover Analysis using Fiber Models • Bridge Base Isolation & Gaps •Nonlinear Large Deformation Cable Analysis • High Freq. Blast Dynamics using Wilson FNA • Nonlinear Dynamics& Buckling Analysis • Multi-Support Seismic Excitation • Animated Views of Moving Load AnalysisBRIDGE OBJECT DEFINITION: Quick definition of bridge geometry • Spans with section variations along length• Abutments with linear/nonlinear support conditions • Bents with single or multiple columns • Hingeswith linear/nonlinear behavior • Abutments, bents, hinges can be skewed • Post-tensioning definitions • Autogeneration of bridge structural model • Structural model remains linked to bridge objects for quick editing3-D INFLUENCE SURFACES: Influence surfaces can be plotted for all displacements, reactions, forces, andstresses • Multiple Display options are available • Tabular data can be exported • Influence surfaces are used formoving-load envelope calculationSAP2000 v10 - Page 10 / 13
  11. 11. BRIDGE POST TENSIONING: Quick post-tensioning layout • Tendons in frame, shell, solid elements • Creep,shrinkage, relaxation, anchorage slip, elastic shortening and friction losses • Prestress tendons can berepresented as loads or elements for analysis • Explicitly model time-dependent effects using tendons representedas elementsBRIDGE LAYOUT DEFINITION: Quick Definition of Highway Layout • Layout line definition for bridge componentsand lanes using bearings and stations • Layout line has horizontal and vertical curves and transitions • Super-elevation definitionsBRIDGE LANE DEFINITION: Quick definition using bridge layout line or existing frames • Lane width effects •Auto application of lane loads to bridge structure • Lane influence lines and surfacesSAP2000 v10 - Page 11 / 13
  12. 12. PARAMETRIC BRIDGE CROSS SECTIONS: Quick definition of variety of bridge cross sections • Concrete boxgirder sections • Concrete tee beam sections • tSeel composite bridge sections • Section parameters can varyalong length of bridge • Automatic generation of frame (spine), shell or solid model from parametric section •Model automatically updates with change in parameters • Easily switch between different types of modelsSTAGED CONSTRUCTION ANALYSIS: Add and remove objects, supports,and loads in arbitrary sequence • Behavior may be linear or nonlinear •Consideration of time-dependent effects: aging, creep, and shrinkage • Multiplestaged-construction scenarios are possibleBRIDGE RESULTS AND DESIGN: AASHTO LFD and LRFD design checks •Influence lines and surfaces display • Forces and stresses along and acrossbridge • Displacement plots • Animated stress plots • Graphical and tabulatedoutputs • Moving Loads with 3D Influence Surface • Moving Loads with Multi-Step Analysis • Various Standard & User Defined Vehicles • P/T Concrete BoxGirder Design • Composite Steel Deck Bridge Design • Straight & CurvedGirder Design • AASHTO, LFD & LRFD Codes • Dynamic Effects of MovingLoadsENHANCED FRAME HINGE MODEL: P-M-M interaction with load-dependentmoment-curvature relationships • New Section Designer considers Mandermodel for confined concrete • Caltrans shapes and hinge behavior • Fibermodel options • FEMA 356 recommendationsADDITIONAL NONLINEAR LINK BEHAVIOR : Pivot-hysteresis and Takedamodels for plasticity • Double-acting friction-pendulum isolatorsSAP2000 v10 - Page 12 / 13
  13. 13. SAP2000 v10 - Page 13 / 13SAP2000 v10 ADVANCED ADD-ON MODULES:SAP2000 Staged Construction ModuleThe Staged Construction Module adds capability to consider staged construction sequencing for anymodel. Time dependent effects such as creep and shrinkage can be included in staged constructionanalyses. Specifically included are:Staged construction sequencing allowing Adding or Removing members • Staged constructionsequencing allowing Adding or Removing loads • Staged construction sequencing allowing Adding orRemoving supports • Time dependent concrete age effects (FIP-CEB) • Time dependent creep andshrinkage (FIP-CEB) Time dependent prestressing steel relaxation (FIP-CEB) • Explicitly model time-dependent effects using tendon elementsSAP2000 Offshore/Wave moduleThe Offshore Module adds capability to easily apply wave loading to offshore structures and includesAPI design. Specifically included are:Wave load generator • API steel frame design • API punching shear checks • API Simplified fatigueanalysisSoil-Structure Interaction Module (SASSI)• Multi-linear springs (e.g., P-y and T-z curves) can be assigned per-unit-length on line objects, suchas piles, and per-unit-area on area objects, such as retaining walls.• SAP2000 models can be exported directly as House models to program SASSI. This allows thesame model can be used for both SAP2000 and SASSI analyses.• SAP2000 can create animated deflected shapes (*.AVI files) for the time-history results fromprogram SASSI.