Frightful Learning! Zombies, Monsters, Oh My!


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Frightful Learning! Zombies, Monsters, Oh My!

  1. Frightful Learning! ! Zombies, Monsters, Oh My! !
  2. “Where there is no imagination, there is no horror.” - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.
  3. Magic Haunting Monsters Sci-Fi Zombies Fantasy Vampires Legends
  4. MusicTV BooksMovies Video Games Comics
  5. Magic Ghosts Monsters Sci-Fi Zombies Fantasy Engaging reading material … Wizards
  7. HistoryofHalloweenbyMariaLuisaTariMunguia
  8. Study various cultures & their traditions
  9. Photo by Carlos Adampol, Make a scary movie
  10. Photo by, Learn how to create suspense from famous writers & directors
  11. Photo by driving in heels, Design and make costumes
  13. Video Creation Tools Youtube Capture Plotagon Directr Camtasia QuoFX Creatures FX Foteo IOS CineBeat iMovie Magisto Powtoon WeVideo Action Movie @Video Videolicious Game Your Video
  14. Add Special Effects Action Movie FX Creature FXQuo Movie FX
  15. Photo by jurvetson, Learn the science of making slime, fake blood, etc.
  16. Create a book or video of trick or treating safety tips
  17. Play & create spooky games Photo by Blakespot,
  19. Prepare for a zombie apocalypse
  20. STEM Hollywood Lesson Plans
  21. Research a local haunted place to write about
  22. for audio, visual stories
  23. Animate spooky characters!
  24. Blabberize & Yak It For Kids
  25. Photo by L. Whittaker, Spells & potions
  27. Class Spell Each adds an instruction & ingredient Fun items- gummy worms, noodles, etc.
  28. Spell chants Eye of toad, Ear of bat, Leg of frog, Tail of cat. Drop them in, Stir it up, Pour it in a silver cup. - The Worst Witch Strikes Again by Jill Murphy Allison & Busby, spells98.htm
  29. Photo by jacilluch, Spooky Apps
  30. Horror Fingers iOS App
  31. Zombie Physics Lite iOS App
  32. Mash Halloween iOS/Android App
  33. Get your copy of Learning to Go!