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Media Studies CD Cover Montage

Media Studies CD Cover Montage



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Cd Cover Montage Cd Cover Montage Presentation Transcript

  • CD Cover Montage
  • 50 Cent – In Da Club
    • Genre: American Rap
    • This cover displays 50 Cent with a menacing approach – displaying himself as some line of security/bouncer. Given the title of the CD “In Da Club” he’s protecting the “Club” that’s behind him which projects the message of “to get into this club you’ve got to get past me, I’m the authority here, not you.”
    • His arms are covered in tattoos which also brings across the “American thug” stereotype but he has some large pieces of jewellery on his arms and neck which signify that he’s making a decent living from what he’s doing.
    • 50 Cent appears to be wearing a bullet-proof vest. So clearly the area of which the club is in he is protecting/guarding is a high risk area and he’s preparing himself for the worst case scenerio.
  • Will Smith – Greatest Hits
    • Genre: American Rap
    • This CD Cover displays a lot of different colours a large image in the top left as well as several smaller images of Will Smith in different predicaments and situations. Each picture has significance and are taken during a different time period of his life, featuring various facial expressions and body language.
    • The largest picture on the top left is an image of Will Smith looking settled, happy and pleased with himself.
    • The name of this album is “Greatest Hits” which could signify where the smaller images come from – his highest and lowest moments of his success. Each image has meaning to his life, success and most likely have paved the way to where he is featured in the larger image on the top left.
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  • Lady Gaga – Love Game
    • Genre: Pop, Electronic & Dance
    • This CD Cover displays Lady Gaga looking very seductive. She’s covered in diamonds, crystals and different shades of purple and blue. Her hair is made up to possibly make her figure look like Marilyn Monroe.
    • The title is “Love Game”, Gaga is putting across the image of trying to make people fall in love with her. She’s looking very exotic, almost dream-like and it easily catches the eye of the male audience because her attire is clearly not something you see every day walking down the street.
    • The font used in the words “Lady Gaga” – even though feminine in colour, the letter-style isn’t feminine and is almost a brave and bold statement stating that she is an independent woman and knows what she is doing.
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