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Plain white t's

  1. 1. Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah
  2. 2. There are six points to Goodwin’s theory. They are:1. There is a relationship between lyrics and visuals2. There is a relationship between music and visuals (either illustrate, amplify or disjuncture)  Illustrate – Music video uses a set of images to illustrate the meaning of lyrics and genre.  Amplify – The meanings of the song are added to by the visuals  Disjuncture – The meaning of the song is completely ignored3. Music video reflects the characteristics of the genre it belongs to4. The record label will want lots of close ups of the artist and motifs of the artist may be present5. There is reference to the notion of looking, and voyeurism6. There may be intertextual references
  3. 3. This video has lots of links between the music and visuals, which is a key feature of this genre of music. The links mostly focus on the lead singers face and the guitar, but occasionally cut to shots of the guitar stood up against a wall, or the singer looking down in instrumental parts. Close ups and extreme close ups are used throughout the video to emphasise this.
  4. 4. Right – Extremeclose up of leadsingers face andguitar, showingperformanceelements. Left – Close up of singers face contrasts with the extreme long shots of buildings in new york, showing their distance.
  5. 5. Left - Hey there Delilah Whats it like in New York City?Right - Hey there DelilahDont you worry about the distance
  6. 6. There are weak links between lyrics and visuals, which makes me think that this video style is Amplify, which means the meanings of the song are added to by the visuals. The bottom left image is a particularly weak link, as it says that times are getting hard, and the mise en scene of a dingy toilet cube and low lighting connotes this idea. This is a common type of video to use, and suits the genre.Hey there Delilah A thousand miles seems pretty farI know times are getting hard But theyve got planes and trains and cars
  7. 7. The genre of this song/video is indie rock, and generally speaking indie rock videos are performance based. The story is usually linked in with the lyrics, and they are often Amplify style videos. Here, there are lots of shots of the lead singer singing, and playing guitar, but no other band members perform. There is no real story being acted out, the visuals are random in order.
  8. 8. There are many close ups of the lead singer throughout the video, which would satisfy the label, but there are only a few shots of the other members of the band. Plain White T’s don’t really have any motifs, as their songs are very varied and so the only things that link their videos are close ups. The shots of his face are always brightly lit, so we can see it well.
  9. 9. Left – medium shots of the other members of the band, who are mostly sat in dim lighting.Right – Two separateimages of the leadsinger, one closeup, and one longshot.
  10. 10. This is not a typical pop song or band, and so there are not many references to looking. Voyeurism features heavily in pop, RnB and rap videos, but rarely more rocky videos. The screenshots below are the few references to voyeurism in the video. The left is a mirror, and the right is a extreme close up image of the womans lips.
  11. 11. There are no intertextual references in this video, which for the genre is quite unexpected. Indie bands usually reference other videos and films in their videos, and there are absolutely none at all in this video.