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Textual analysis of 5 music videos


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Textual analysis of 5 music videos

  1. 1. By Augustine Adeosun 13pTEXTUAL ANALYSIS OF 5 MUSICVIDEOS
  2. 2. SHAKIRA- SHE WOLF Forms and conventions: Video release date: October 9, 2009 Directed by Jake Nava Genre/Sub-genre: Dance-pop, electro pop, Latin pop, world. This music video contains both performance and concept type modes. Performance is seen throughout as we see the artist(Shakira) dancing throughout the whole music video. The concept of this music video is of a she wolf. Mise-en-scene- This includes her outfits, the setting/location (bedroom, wardrobe, and club), props, lighting(manmade lighting) and make up and hair style. Editing- This video includes fade ins, jump cutting(axial cutting), straight cutting as well as crosscutting. Cinematography- This video includes wide shots, extreme close ups, close ups and mediums shots, this video also uses cutaways as well as a point of view shot. A weather shot is also included in this music video. The techniques used subvert from a typical music video from this genre as point of view shot are not usually used but apart from that aspect this vide adhere to a typical music video from this particular genre.
  3. 3. Representations:Shakira is represented as a highly skilled performer as she is even able to useMichael Jackson anti gravity lean which was made famous in his Billie jeanmusic video. She is also represented as a predator through the use of mise enscene, for example her nails growing long which could be suggestive of herpredatory animal like nature within the music video. The use of the cage couldagain suggest that Shakira is a wild animal(She Wolf) that needs to becontained.Cutaways of Shakira nails growing long and sharp as well as the inclusion of apoint of view shot adhere to the representation of her as a wild predatoryanimal(She Wolf).Institutions:Music label: Epic recordsDistributed/Consumption: digital download, iTunes , Sony musicunlimited, through games consoles, You Tube, Vevo and TV.Channels: Massive Hits, Greatest hits, Dance Channels, Mtv, Smash hits andChart Show.Audiences: The target audience would be dance fans as they would enjoy thevideo the most, it could also be said that audience form the same culture as theartists would also enjoy this more as this type of dancing is more familiar withthat culture. Audiences how are fans of the artist would also be included as apart of the target audience.Audiences may watch this video to enjoy the type of dancing being performed.Audience theories do apply her as this video could be associated with malegaze due to the fact that the artist dressed so that she looks attractive.Feminist may argue that Shakira is giving men pleasure through watching themusic video due to the way she dances and how she is dressed.
  4. 4. JAY-Z FEAT ALICIA KEYS Forms and conventions: Video release date: October 20, 2009 Directed by Hype Williams Genre/Sub-genre: Hip-hop, R&B This music video contains both concept (the theme of New York City) and performance (Alicia keys playing the piano) type modes, so in this case this video is a hybrid. Mise-en-scene: this would include the setting/location New York City, props which are present in many scenes during the music video (piano), the use of man made and ambient lighting and the various different outfit/costumes which have also been used throughout the music video. Editing: This music video uses fast cutting to quickly show the various scenes of New York City, this video also use straight cuts and jump cuts, this video also use a lot of fade ins and outs (dissolve). Camera techniques: medium shots are mainly used in this video, close ups are also include and during the end of the video a wide/two shot is used to capture both artist. The techniques used here adhere to a typical music video of the same genre as this video contains a lot of editing as well as various shot of both artist.
  5. 5. Representation:Both artist are represented as highly knowledgeable about the City of New York, they both lookhighly fashionable, they are both represented as highly talented at what they do, JayZ(rapping) and Alicia Keys (Pianist and singer).Mise-en-scene could suggest both artist patriotism of New York City, for example Jay Z wearsYankee hat.Camera and editing contribute to the already constructed representation of both artist ashighly patriotic about New York City. For example the use of fast cutting to show a lot of scenesof new york as possible, this could also seen through the over head panning of the variousskyscrapers in New York City.Institutions:Music label: Roc Nation, AtlanticDistributed/Consumption: digital download, iTunes , Sony music unlimited, through gamesconsoles, You Tube, Vevo and TV.Channels: Channel AKA, Aassive R&B, Flava and Mtv.Audiences:The target audience would generally be the mainstream audience but more or lessteenagers, audiences who are a fan or then genre or the concept or audience who are fan of theartists.Audiences may watch this video to see the breath taking shots of New York City.No audience theories can be match to this music video.
  6. 6. Beyoncé – Single Ladies Forms and conventions: Video release date: October 12, 2008 Directed by Jake Nava Genre/Sub-genre: R&B and dance-pop This video only contains a performance type mode, the whole video show Beyoncé and her back up dancers dancing for the whole video. Mise-en-scene: the setting is just a white background, props used include the ring on Beyoncé finger a well as the robo-glove, the outfit used is a leotard and lighting was also used. Editing: this music video uses fade in, straight cuts and fast cutting near the end of the video. Camera techniques: This video mainly use wide shots but also shows extreme close ups, close ups, medium close ups and medium shots. This video also use a three shot (As they are 3 people present in 1 shot), this video also use a lot of zoom ins and outs as well as panning. The shot also only appear in black and white only. The techniques used subvert from a typical music video with a female from the same genre as the video contains only simple editing.
  7. 7. Representation:Beyoncé is represented as sexy through the choice of outfit (Leotard) which show of herlegs, the robo-glove could suggest she is strong or powerful, from the video we can tell thatshe is highly skilled at dancing as the video incorporates J-Setting choreography .Mise-en-scene could suggest that Beyoncé is confident in her body as she can dance in aleotard.Camera and editing empathizes how skilled Beyoncé and her back up dancers are at dancing.For example camerawork has been use to capture the performers as they dance at differentangles which could also be suggestive of how good of a dancer Beyoncé is.Institutions:Music label: Columbia RecordsDistributed/Consumption: Digital download, You tube, Vevo and TVChannels: channel aka, massive R&BAudiences:The target audiences could be dancing enthusiasts as well as fans of the artist or people whojust enjoy the genre.Audiences may watch the to enjoy the type of choreography being performed.Audience theories such as feminism could apply here as the outfits that have been used are abit revealing. This video could attract a male gaze due to the fact that all women present in thevideo can be considered attractive.
  8. 8. KANYE WEST FEAT RIHANNA & KID CUDI Forms and conventions:- ALL OF THE LIGHTS Video release date: January 18, 2011 Directed by Hype William Genre/Sub-genre: Hip-Hop Modes used in this music video include concept and narrative. The concept is the music video theme of lights while the narrative is told through the lyrics of the song and scenes within the music. Mise-en-scene- This video contains the use of props(Police car), the setting and location seem to varies from black background to streets and an urban landscape, this music video mostly uses manmade lighting, this music video also uses filmstock as parts of the video is in black and white and there are also parts in the music video were scenes appear multicolored, some of the setting and props could have also been computer genreated. Editing- This music video starts with an intro, editing techniques which are present are straight cuts and jump cuts. In the actual video editing techniques which have been used include straight cuts, jump cuts, cross cutting, fast cutting and dissolve (Fade ins and outs). Cinematography- This video seems to consist of mostly medium close ups, although medium shots, wide shots, establishing shots and close ups are also include. This music video also include cutaways and cut ins, a two shot is also included. This music video follows the typical conventions for a music video of the same genre as the editing is fast paced, most of the shots are close ups and the outfits are fashionable.
  9. 9. Representation: The artist in this music video are represented as highly fashionable due tothere costumes, they also appear to be good at what they do in terms of music, for exampleKanye West(Rapping), Rihanna(Singing) and Kid Cudi(Singing).Mise-en-scene could suggest that the artists are fashionable, it could also suggest that Kanyewest is above the law as he is seen standing on top of a police vehicle.Camerawork and editing help construct a representation of the group as cool and fashionableas through editing we are able to see the group in many different ways, camera work capturesthe artist at many different shots to make them more appealing to the audience.Institutions:Music label: Roc-A-Fella and Def Jam.Distributed/Consumption: digital download, iTunes , Sony music unlimited, through gamesconsoles, You Tube, Vevo and TV.Channels: Channel Aka, Massive R&B, Flava, Mtv, Smash hit, Chart show and 4Music.Audiences:This music video would probably be targeted at the mainstream market as all the artists in thevideo are largely know around the world.Audience would watch the for the narrative as well the opportunity to see the beautifulRihanna.Feminist could argue that Rihanna is being objectified as she is the only artist that is wearing ascanty outfit, this could also be linked to the male gaze as men would find Rihanna attractive.
  10. 10. WILEY- HEATWAVE Forms and conventions: Video release date: 27 July, 2012 Directed by Rohan Blair-Mangat Genre/Sub-genre: Eskibeat/Grime and Dance Modes which are present in the music video are concept and aspects of performance. The concept of the video is summer, performance can be seen through the various women which are seen dancing in the music video. Mise-en-Scene- This includes the setting/location, ambient lighting, props such as the pool and the costumes which are mostly bikinis. Editing- This music video uses straight cuts, fast cutting and cut ins. Cinematography- This music video mostly use extreme close ups, cutaways are also used a lot in this video, this video also includes close ups, medium close ups, middle shot and wide shot, this video also includes a weather shot. Techniques that have been used adhere to a typical music of the genre, editing is fast paced so that audiences do not lose interest, while camerawork is show a lot of cutaways so that this video adheres to it concept of summer.
  11. 11. Wiley is represented as cool and young as the props used in the video would mostly appeal tothe younger generation.Mise-en-scene is used to suggest the theme/concept of the video to the audience, the propsand location used here suggest that the actors are enjoying the summer weather.Both camerawork and editing are used to contribute to the artists representation as cool andyoung due to the fast cutting and the use of cutaways and a weather shot which are also use toconnote the theme/concept of the music video.Institutions:Music label: Warner recordsDistributed/Consumption: digital download, iTunes , Sony music unlimited, through gamesconsoles, You Tube, Vevo and TV.TV Channels: channel AKA, Massive R&B, Starz music and Flava.Audiences:The target audience for this music video would have been teenagers but more specificallymales from the age of 16 to 24 due to the fact that this video contains a lot of females who areonly wearing bikinis.Audiences may watch this video to gain satisfaction from viewing many females in bikinis, theyalso might have watch this video if they have an interest in the genre of the artist.Audience theories do apply here, for example feminist may argue that women are beingviewed as the object of men desires as they are not dressed in very much, what could also beconsidered is that the main artist is male and appears to be fully dressed, this could suggest thewomen are alone present to attract the male gaze.