The killers – mr brightside analysis


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The killers – mr brightside analysis

  1. 1. The Killers – Mr. BrightsideAnalysis for Goodwin’s features and audience Joe Hindmarch
  2. 2. Relationship between the music and the visuals• There is a relationship between the music and the visuals with lots of shots of the band playing in time with the music. There is also a narrative of a love-triangle to go with performance shots of the band. This is a very common feature of Indie and Rock music videos in particular and Goodwin identifies this as a common feature.
  3. 3. Relationship between the lyrics and the video• The lyrics of the song are represented in the video. It is more the story the lyrics that is being illustrated.• The video and lyrics tell the story of two men and a woman in a love triangle, played by Eric Roberts, Izabella Miko and lead singer Brandon Flower.• This mirrors the lyrics story of how the singer’s girlfriend is with another man because he kissed another girl. “Jealousy turning snakes into the sea” lyrics reflect this.• The artist turns a realistic problem into a more artistic and abstract concept, making the video more interesting and unique. This also supports Goodwin’s theory that there is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals.
  4. 4. Particular music videos may have their own style or iconography• The particular style being represented in this music video is very unique, being set within the context of a Burlesque show.
  5. 5. Close ups of the main artist or vocalist• The majority of camera shots that focus on the band are close ups and medium close ups of the lead singer.• This is most likely due to the popularity of the lead singer and the “face” he creates for the band.
  6. 6. Reference to Voyeurism• There are some references to voyeurism in the music video. The main girl appears to be displayed as a prostitute and being controlled by the other man. There are shots of the girl lifting up her skirt for other men’s viewing, showing the voyeuristic side of men as they observe women as an object of pleasure.
  7. 7. Intertextual references• The story line of the music video is very similar to the film Moulin Rouge, in terms of the storyline consisting of a love triangle. It is also similar to Moulin Rouge in the mise- en-scene and costume.• There are also references to Snow White – with the red apple symbolising poison and the biblical story of Adam and Eve with the apple causing the destruction as a result of temptation. In the ‘Mr. Brightside’ video, the older man chucks the apple towards the woman, making her sleep with other men as a result of the apple’s symbolism.
  8. 8. AudienceThis screenshot of the viewing detailsfor ‘Mr. Brightside’ by The Killersshows that it is most popular withFemales age 13-17 and Males aged 18-24.It also shows that the video is mostpopular in the UK and some parts ofAmerica.The video became most popular whenit is was able to be found when ‘Firstreferral from YouTube searchers’ for‘The Killers’