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Music video analysis 1 misteeq

  2. 2. MIS-TEEQ SCANDALOUS<br />ABOUT THE BAND<br />Scandalous was the 2004 hit single of girl band Mis-teeq. The band consisted of Sassy Sabrina Washington, Female mc Alesha Dixon and sweet girl Su-Elise Nash. This song and band most relate to my music video because of the type of music they produce and the formation of the group. <br />SABRINA WASHINGTON<br />ALESHA DIXON<br />SU-ELISE NASH<br />
  3. 3. THE VIDEO OVERALL<br />This music video is a concept/narrative video. The lyrics suggest that the song is addressed to a love interest possibly seen a public place such as a club or at a party. The majority of the video is filmed in a club with scene’s in an abandoned garage. The music video itself rarely links to the lyrics however some scene’s do relate to some parts of the lyrics. This is one of Andrew Goodwin’s theory that the lyrics/music will either amplify, contradict or illustrate the visuals.<br />
  4. 4. TARGET AUDIENCE<br />The target audience ranges between 12 and 17. The girl band produced music which appealed to both young teens and old teens (mainly female). The way that the song attracts young teens is by the costume and scene. The clothes worn were fashionable clothes which would appeal to teens of the 12-17 age group. The clothes created an innocent yet ‘cool’ look for young girls which appealed to the target audience. The idea of having a party scene mimics target audience experience allowing the audience to relate to the video.<br />
  5. 5. GOODWIN’S THEORIES<br />
  6. 6. CONVENTIONS AND GENRE CHARACTERISTICS<br />The music video follows the conventions of a typical R&B dance video. The girls dancing in a trio is a common convention found in girl bands which produce R&B music. This can be shown in similar girls bands such as Destiny’s child and TLC. They also have similarcostume designs which also follow the conventions of an R&B girl band. Another convention is the formation of the girls, they usually perform in their videos (and live) in a certain formation with the main girl in the middle and the other two members either side. This uses the rule of thirds as the main member stands slightlyforward and centre, where as the other two band members stand a bit behind in the first and third, thirds.<br />Destiny’s child-Lose My breath<br />TLC-No Scrubs<br />Mis-Teeq - Be with you<br />
  7. 7. LINKS BETWEEN LYRICS/MUSIC AND VISUALS<br />MUSIC AND VISUALS <br />LYRICS AND VISUALS<br />The lyrics illustrate the visuals. The song is about a love interest and how the person feel about that love interest. The visuals in the video show this with scenes of people in the club dancing together and embracing each other. The colour also changes when these scenes are shown from the club like lighting to a red glow which is associated with love/Romance but also danger which is also said in the lyrics.<br />The introduction to the video is of a man running from somebody (assumed to be the police) and as this is being seen a siren plays in the music. At this moment there are no lyricsso the music is illustrating what is going on in the visuals and in some ways amplifies the visuals as its showing that the individual running is dangerous. The cuts are on the beat of the party sirens which show sexual body parts of the female singers which amplifies the visuals. The choreography also amplifies the music. The artists make sharp movements on the beats of the drum (these also include the cuts on the beat.)<br />
  8. 8. ADVERTISING THE ARTISTS & RECORD LABLES<br />VOYERISTIC TREATMENT OF THE FEMALE BODY<br />CAMERA ANGLES AND MOTIFS<br />A common motif that is used for the music video is the colourful and bright club lights which flash over every layer. These are used to excite the audience and also contribute to target audience experiences making the song easier to sell to the target audience. These are coupled with close ups of the band members which also sell the music through the make-up and costume.<br />Immediately the audience see’s the voyeuristic treatment of the female body. The music had 4 strong drum beats every 12 counts. On these beats there are 4 cuts each showing a piece of the female body, as the body parts are shown the movement is slowed down so that the audience can take in the image. The voyeurism matches the lyrics to the video as the music suggest that the song is about dangerous and risky romance. This advertises the artists to male audiences and makes them more appealing to the female target audience as they are role models for girls who want to look a certain way. In the introduction to the song there is a CCTV camera and throughout the video the audience feels as though we are looking through this camera at the females in the video which may be interpreted as scopophilic.<br />