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Amazon Web Services  - Media Use Cases
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Amazon Web Services - Media Use Cases






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  • Before we start, a few very quick house keeping items – request to keep your cell phones on silent, if you have an urgent call to take you can take it by stepping outside. Also we have restrooms right out of there. Hopefully you don’t have to go out too often before my ppt ends since it’s only going to take less than an hour & half.Intro to me. This is also the first 101 event of the year and for those who have been to our other events last year might or might not know that our overall India team has expanded just in order to have greater & better Sales coverage for customers or potential customers like you. To quickly introduce some of them present here --
  • How many of you purchase from Amazon?
  • How Amazon got into Cloud Computing.
  • When we say Elastic, we mean elastic in real time literally. That is scaling up say servers & storage within minutes (not hours or days) and equally importantly scale down in a manner of minutes. Because one can argue that even if it take time, one can scale up in on-premise DC but can you really scale down – no you can’t. Even with virtualized Infrastructure you scale down the VMs but the underlying h/w still remains leased or purchased for the life of it.
  • 2012: 158
  • Archival of old newspapers e-copy.
  • Portals & replicas of digital assets, e-papers AV embedded. E-paper embedded video combining News previous day and newspaper with full analysis.
  • Overhyped term, but what does it mean for you? Gone are the days when I will read Hindu because my dad handed over the physical copy to me. In the online world when talking about print content, digital media published over the web, your end users have a ton of choices to go content & portals that they find interesting. To have stickiness of users to your platform, there is no choice but to proactively provide them with published content that is in line with their interests & changing tastes. Because interests these days can vary with geographies, demographics, age groups & many other factors. My nephew goes to 10 different sites to get news and videos. You understanding his patterns and interests by profiling their history online – that’s the level once you go through that you get create real stickiness with your end users. And it’s an iterative process constantly not really a one time process and this can be received from the various social medias & other sources which means lot of data in not necessarily structured format and lots of processing & lot of iteration.
  • Netflix hasmore than 25 million streaming members and is growing rapidly. Their end users stream movies and TV shows from smart TV’s, laptops, phones, and tablets, resulting in over 50 billion events per day.

Amazon Web Services  - Media Use Cases Amazon Web Services - Media Use Cases Presentation Transcript

  • Cloud Computing on AWS+Media Use Casesamazonweb servicesHyderabad
  • 2Before we start][2 Silence your phones Restrooms / Emergency ExitsSantanu DuttAmazon Web Services, India
  • 3Who is Amazon.com? ][3
  • 4Amazon.com’s three businesses[ ]Consumer businessSeller businessIT Infrastructure business}4
  • 5Our plan for today ][51) Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS)2) AWS’ Global Infrastructure & Service Offerings?3) What is unique about AWS?4) Media Use Cases5) Success Stories6) Customer Talk
  • 61.Amazon Web Servicesamazonweb services6
  • 7What is Amazon Web Services?_ Reliable, Scalable, Low-Cost Infrastructure_ Every service offers APIs_ You can use only the components you need_ All the important “building blocks” are provided][7
  • 81. Elastic Capacity ][8
  • 91. Elastic Capacity ][9_ Scaling up and down in minutes_ No need to provision_ Optimize resources based on your needs_ Can easily manage unexpected peaks
  • 102. No CapEX, no Initial Investment[ ]10
  • 112. No CapEX, no Initial Investment[ ]11_ No investment needed_ No termination fees_ No commitments_ Clear pricing model (on the website)
  • 123. Pay as you go, for what you use[ ]12
  • 13[ ]3. Pay as you go, for what you use13_ Pay for servers “by the hour” (on-demand)_ Pay for storage “per Gigabyte” per month_ Pay for data transfer “per Gigabyte”_ Easy to turn resources on/off (running costs)
  • 144. Automation14[ ]
  • 15_ Automation, less repetitive tasks (“70/30” rule)_ Better management tools_ Leverage the scale of AWS_ No need to build from scratch, but instead “reuse”154. Automation[ ]
  • 162.Global Infrastructure& Servicesamazonweb services16
  • 17Region GovCloud RegionGlobal AWS Infrastructure ][(as of April 2013)17
  • 18Availability ZoneGlobal AWS Infrastructure ][(as of April 2013)18
  • 19Edge LocationsGlobal AWS Infrastructure ][Dallas (2)St.LouisMiamiJacksonvilleLos Angeles (2)Palo AltoSeattleAshburn (2)NewarkNew York (3)DublinLondon (2) Amsterdam (2)StockholmFrankfurt (2)Paris (2)Singapore (2)Hong Kong (2)Tokyo (2)Sao PauloSouth BendSan JoseOsakaMilan(as of April 2013)19SydneyHaywardMadrid
  • 20The Amazon Web Services universe[ ]SDKAPIWeb ConsoleCommand Line20
  • 21The Amazon Web Services universe[ ]Management +InterfaceCrossServiceFeaturesCloudFormationSimple WorkFlowCloudWatchElastic BeanStalkIAM21
  • 22The Amazon Web Services universe[ ]Management +InterfacePlatformBuildingblocksRDSEMRCloudFrontSQSSNSSES22CrossServiceFeaturesRedshiftTranscoder
  • 23InfrastructureBuildingBlocksThe Amazon Web Services universe[ ]Management +InterfacePlatformBuildingblocks23CrossServiceFeaturesEBS S3EC2Virtual Private Cloud
  • 24The Amazon Web Services universe[ ]Management +InterfaceRDS SQS SNSEMR TranscoderSES CloudFrontRedshiftElastic BeanstalkSimple WorkFlowCloudFormationCloudWatchIAMVPC EC2EBS S3(some services are omitted here)24InfrastructureBuildingBlocksPlatformBuildingblocksCrossServiceFeatures Command LineWeb ConsoleAPIsSDK
  • 253.What is unique about AWS?amazonweb services25
  • 26Flexibility, Freedom of choice[ ]26
  • 27_ Multiple Operating Systems (Linux, Windows...)_ Multiple Platforms (SAP, IBM...)_ Multiple Databases (Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL...)_ Many licensing options[ ]Flexibility, Freedom of choice27
  • 2828High Volume, Low Margin Business ][
  • 2929Lowering Costs ][We have lowered prices 31 times in the pastwithout any competitive pressure
  • 3030Pace of innovation ][
  • 31312007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012924486182New Services/Features158
  • 32Global Partner Ecosystem32][
  • 3333Global Partner Ecosystem ][
  • 34Indian customers on AWS[ ]34ramco
  • 35[ ]35Global customers on AWS
  • 364.Media Use Cases on AWSamazonweb services36
  • 3737Customers change viewing habits fast
  • 3838So you need to build and adjust fast
  • 391. Storing & Managing your Media Library ][39
  • 4040Amazon S3_ Durability SLA: 99.999999999%_ Lifecycle Management_ Infinite Scale_ Low Cost_ Quick & Easy to DeployAmazon GlacierStorage Gateway
  • 41411,000,000 Media Files 1,000,000 Media Files1,000,000 Media Files
  • 422. Transcoding ][42
  • 4343Amazon SQSRaw MediaJobEC2 SPOTFarmResults / FailuresTranscoded O/PWebsite / CMSAmazon SQSAmazon S3Amazon S3Reports WebsiteTranscoding Workflow
  • 44Amazon Elastic Transcoder44_ Fully Managed Transcoding Workflow_ Elastically Scalable_ Cost Effective & Pay/Min._ Integration to AWS Services
  • 453. Streaming & Content Delivery ][45
  • 4646
  • 47Content Delivery with Amazon CloudFront_ Global presence and Fast_ Elastic and Cost Effective_ Can be used for static, dynamic and streaming content_ Supports variety of protocols and devices47
  • 484. Big Data & Analytics ][48
  • 4949When your data sets become so large that you haveto start innovating how to collect, store, organize,analyze and share itBig Data
  • 50501 instance for 500 hours=500 instances for 1 hour
  • 5151From one instance …
  • 5252… to thousands
  • 5353… and back to one
  • 54Amazon Elastic Map Reduce_ Managed Hadoop Offering in the Cloud_ Integration with AWS services and 3rd party tools_ 1000s of customers ran over 5.5 million clusters on EMR last year54
  • 555.Success Storiesamazonweb services55
  • 56_ One of the largest aggregator & publisher of Bollywood content_ Transcoding, mps3s/videos, gamebox, bollywoodhungama_ Benefited with faster time to market & the pay per use modelHungama ][56
  • 57_ Started with a greenfield project NDTV Video_ Site serves close to 10 million video requests per month_ Moved other properties like ndtv.com, NDTV Profit, NDTV Social_ Benefitted from Elasticity & saved costs upto 30%NDTV ][57
  • 58_ 26 Million subscribers_ Netflix is ~25% of US Internet traffic_ They are ~100% on AWSNetflix.com ][58
  • More than 25 Million Streaming Members50 Billion Events Per Day
  • 6060S3EMRProd Cluster(EMR)~ One PB of dataAd-hocanalysisPersonalizationRecommendationEngineNetflix.com[ ]
  • 61How to get started?amazonweb services61
  • 62_ Create an AWS account_ Subscribe to services (EC2, S3, CloudFront, Transcoder...)_ Use the AWS Management Console to try them out_ No termination fees, no commitments_ You might be eligible for the free tierGetting started with AWS ][62
  • 6363
  • 64http://aws.amazon.comamazonweb services64Santanu Duttsantanu@amazon.com@san_dutt
  • 65Introducing PressMart…65
  • 66_ 400+ Media Customers across 60+ countries in 33 languages_ 2.5 million subscribers WorldWide_ Leveraged on the scalability of the AWS Cloud and cost savings of 43%PressMart ][66
  • 6767Why AWS ?
  • 6868What on AWS ?
  • 6969What more is coming ?
  • 7070Questions ?