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Cloud Orchestrator - IBM Software Defined Environment Event

My presentation on SDE Event, 2015 August. IBM Cloud Orchestrator.

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Cloud Orchestrator - IBM Software Defined Environment Event

  1. 1. IBM Cloud Orchestrator 19th Aug | InterContinental Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia Denny Muktar IBM Cloud Advisor © 2015 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. So What is Orchestrator ? Orchestration enables fast, more efficient delivery of IT service  Orchestration works across all process and domains  Orchestration is the move from manual to automated  Orchestration is customizable and extensible  Orchestration is fast ! VM Provisioning Real customer example
  3. 3. Server and Storage Infrastructure To-Be Architecture : Cloud Computing Business Scenario To better understand the benefit of cloud computing in most companies, it is better to illustrate some example of the business scenario for provisioning server by business users, as depicted in the figure below. Without cloud computing adoption, there are high overhead when users starts new project with many manual processes. If your organization utilize cloud computing, the steps can be significantly reduced by implementing automation and self-service web portal. To-Be Architecture : Cloud Computing Benefit Scenario VM administrator de-provisions the VM after it expires Email is sent to users that VM is now can be used Email is sent to helpdesk that VM is provisioned Helpdesk send request to VM administrator Application specialist answers back Helpdesk request details from the application specialist Request received by helpdesk User request server / virtual machine User utilize the VM/LPAR and de- provision manually or let expire when done VM/ LPAR is automatically provisioned with requested appliance and specified resource with email notification Request approval using the cloud administrator features on the web portal with email notification User request VM / LPAR using self service web portal from list of available appliances with resource specifications Hardware, OS and application installation and testing Hardware shipping Procurement call vendors and negotiation begin until price is agreed Request received by procurement User request server 1-2 weeks 1 – 3 months 1-2 weeks 1 Week – 1 Month Minutes - Hours Traditional Data Center Virtualized Data Center Cloud Based Data Center
  4. 4. What is IBM Cloud Orchestrator ? 4 IBM Cloud Orchestrator provides cloud management for your IT services, allowing you to accelerate the delivery of software and infrastructure. Based on open standards, it reduces the number of steps to manage public, private and hybrid clouds by using an easy-to-use interface. IBM Cloud Orchestrator gives you access to ready-to-use patterns and content packs – helping to speed configuration, provisioning and deployment. It integrates management tools such as metering, usage, accounting, monitoring and capacity management into your cloud services . Go live as quickly as you develop and test applications.
  5. 5. Orchestration Engine Network Domain Storage Domain IT ManagementMonitoring Domain Data Availability Domain Compute Domain Monitoring IT Asset Management Service Portal Storage Domain Service Usage and Accounting Provision Pattern Network Domain Workload Orchestration Workload aware placement, optimization and operation Resource Orchestration Onboard, provision, manage CPU, Storage and Network Service Orchestration Manage the lifecycle of business applications DBAppWeb What can IBM Cloud Orchestrator do ?
  6. 6. ICO Dashboard
  7. 7. • Simple and intuitive modeling tool to create new patterns or modify existing patterns • Customers define patterns using virtual images, software packages and automation Simplified Pattern Modeling
  8. 8. Cloud Business Service Orchestration Palette of library assets enable easy workflow composition through drag and drop Access to rich libraries (toolkits) of reusable automation assets that enable to speed automation creation Rich set of actions types, flow control, data handling primitives that simplify creation of complex automations Easy workflow action editing for managing: data mapping, error recovery options, implementation details , etc. Graphical editor for composing and connecting workflows Rich tooling functions to edit, version, debug, optimize workflows
  9. 9. Cloud Offering Catalog
  10. 10. IBM Cloud Orchestrator – Accelerating time to Value with a library of automation packages from IBM Cloud Marketplace OpenStack IaaS Virtual System Patterns PureApplication System Tivoli Service Automation Manager WebSphere DB2 Mobile Business Intelligence Juniper F5 Over 250 IBM and industry patterns SharePoint SQL Server Approval processing Scripting utilities IEM Fixlets (00,000s) Email Database Java Web Services Brocade Communications Lifecycle Management • IBM Endpoint Manager • Chef server (000s) • Urban Code uDeploy • Microsoft SCCM • Puppet Service Desk • SmartCloud Control Desk • ServiceNow Integrations with Service Management Domains Disaster Recovery • Tivoli Storage Manager Environmental Services • Active Directory • LDAP Support • Windows Scripting • Persistence *New! *New! *New! *New! • 20,000+ IBM Endpoint Manager automation ‘fixlets’ • Over 1500 Chef automation packages
  11. 11. IBM Cloud Orchestrator Stacks Automate deployment of Virtual machines to multiple virtualization infrastructure and public clouds. Configure Compute, Network, Storage resources. Automate deployment of Applications: whole application blueprint made of composable multi- node patterns Self service, multi-tenant platform. Automate everything for production-ready . Workflow engine to automatically configure policies (backup, patching, monitoring) and integrate with service management tools (e.g. service desk) *) Advance System Monitoring and Cost Management required Enterprise Edition License Composable and integrated application development platform Pattern Management Enabling business transormation Self Service Catalog & Orchestration Workflows Service Orchestration Workload Orchestration Infrastructure as a Service Public Clouds Private Clouds Software Defined, Enterprise class, optimized infrastructure Infrastructure Management NetworkingCompute Storage Hardware Infrastructure (Computer, Storage, Network) CloudOrchestratorHypervisorInfra Patch Management Advance System Monitoring Cost Management
  12. 12. Introducing IBM UrbanCode Deploy  Design once, deploy anywhere – Deploy full stack environments to multiple clouds  Environment lifecycle management – Manage infrastructure change and easily apply changes to existing environments  Delivery process automation – Automated delivery process with integrated full stack environments Design and deploy full stack application environments for multiple clouds IBM UrbanCode Deploy Application Middleware Config Middleware OS Config Hardware Environment Blueprint
  13. 13. Thank You