How to Trump the Gatekeeper


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Tips and tricks on how to get past the gatekeeper on your everyday sales call.

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How to Trump the Gatekeeper

  1. 1. How to Trump the Gatekeepers
  2. 2. Who is the Gatekeeper? They are not angry trolls… Not this… More like this
  3. 3. Gatekeepers are your first line of contactwhen speaking to a new company Hi, how may I help you today?
  4. 4. They are Highly Trained Agents… Ok they’re not “highly trained agents” but a part of their job is to sniff out sales peopleitching to get to their superiors
  5. 5. What This Means for You You’re going to need to develop a way of getting around the gatekeeper
  6. 6. Why? The gatekeeper is your fatekeeper They hold in their hands the future of your sales pitch
  7. 7. If you don’t get past the gatekeeper, your call and your sale is dead before it hits the ground Your SaleYour Sale
  8. 8. So what do you do?
  9. 9. Don’t Script A lot of sales people fall victim to reading off a script….DON’T! It won’t work out too well because you’re probably not Ben Affleck
  10. 10. Plan Be prepared to answer the question “What is this in regards to?” Respond but do not pitch to the gatekeeper
  11. 11. The Golden Rule Treat the gatekeeper like you would like to be treated Be polite! Rule
  12. 12. Ask for Help Everyone feels good about “helping” someone By asking for help the gatekeeper gets fooled into thinking you are a lost little puppy
  13. 13. Sympathize Understand that both the gatekeeper and the person you want to talk to are usually busy Don’t get mad at the gatekeeper for this
  14. 14. Develop a Rapport Be charismatic and friendly to the gatekeeper Remember they are people too!
  15. 15. What to Say Ask for the client by their first name only, not full name This makes it sound like a more personal call and less questions may be asked But what do I say?
  16. 16. Ask for the director of “X” and say you believe they will want to talk to you This makes it sound like a request that requires authorityGatekeepers respect authority
  17. 17. When All Else Fails… Don’t leave a message with the gatekeeper Ask for the prospects voicemail, this assures they get your call
  18. 18. And Don’t Forget… Kill them with kindness Develop a rapport Be understanding At least get the voicemail Don’t Forget
  19. 19. Come Check Us Out! For more information about how trump the gatekeeper and make your way to the finish line, check out our blog about “Top 10 Must Have’s for Sales Phone Calls” http://blog.salesquest .com/2013/03/20/top-10-sales-phone-calls/