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Networking training


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Networking Briefing Cork 2012

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Networking training

  1. 1. Networking Briefing Sponsored byDate: November 20th 2012 Speaker: Peter Cosgrove
  2. 2. Is Technology the answer?
  3. 3. We need technology but… “Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” Bill Gates
  4. 4. Why Network...the old fashioned way.
  5. 5. 1. Recruitment is a people business Ultimatum game
  6. 6. 2. Sales is emotive...In a recent survey 67% of clients move from onesupplier to another because of...The indifference of their current supplier.
  7. 7. 3. Threats to Recruitment Agencies• Clients cut out the “middle man”.• In-house Recruitment specialists.• Technology platforms that do everything automatically.
  8. 8. Why networking will help with these threats...Focus on what is not easy to replicate:• Advice.• Perspective.• Knowledge.
  9. 9. How to network
  10. 10. I hate networking!Our biggest fears ACTION: Shout out all the worst fears you have about networking
  11. 11. Our biggest fearsI have nothing to sayI don’t know the subject matterI don’t know how to go up to peopleI feel a but stupidI am not a natural conversationalistI am shyI get stuck with the loser every timeNo one talks to meI find it awkward/ false
  12. 12. Have you ever done the followingUsed a tradesmen based on a referral from a friend.Know anyone who has been offered a job that was not advertised.Gone to a restaurant because you know the owner or someone who works there.
  13. 13. What is/ is not networking NOT Selling – it’s a PLATFORM for future sales What is it: The ability to create and manage professional relationships
  14. 14. Why network To gather market information To create prospects – a growth strategy To Build Visibility To Build Relationships To reinforce relationships Because the competition is doing it
  15. 15. Where to networkAccept InvitationsPrioritise it – easy client meetings“Crocodiles at the watering hole”
  16. 16. The Biggest problems with networking People do not work the room People are in the wrong roomWith so many events the key is to: Go to the right events Do the right things at these events Networking is hard – don’t make it harder by not knowing who you are looking for.
  17. 17. Who are you there to meet? Make a list of your ideal customers:  Who pay you the most  Who you’ve enjoyed working with  Who you’ve had most success with  What companies are suppliers to your industry  Is there a relevant professional body…things are much easier when you know who you are looking for.
  18. 18. Reticular Activator If you do not know what you are looking for, do not be surprised if you do not find it.
  19. 19. First steps Choose an objective – make it activity based Plan your route (when to arrive, who to sit with etc) Research the group and the dress code Business cards Read newspapers
  20. 20. Tool-kitYou need to have good mannersYou need to be able to talk…EASY!!
  21. 21. The fear…Never compare your inside to someone else’s outside- because you will always lose.
  22. 22. Entering the room… Pause and survey the room Targeting groups Eye contact and smile Maintain Distance Ask Permission – Please may I join you? “Hi I am FIRST NAME – make it easy Use an open question – Where have you come from today Badge – put on right lapel
  23. 23. Ref: The Jelly Effect
  24. 24. 5 Steps1. Getting into the conversation2. Talk about them3. Talk about you4. Chat5. Get out of conversationQuestions to ask Where have you come from Who do you work for What do you do When did you get into this business Where are you based How long have you been doing it How any staff/ branches have you got
  25. 25. Have something to say
  26. 26. Help others!“Understand the universal law of reciprocity. This basically states thatwhat you give out comes back tenfold – if you want referrals – startgiving them to others.”
  27. 27. The Big Question What professions are good contacts for you?
  28. 28. Your 30 second introductionExamplesTraditional “Afters based”I am an accountant I help people pay less taxI work in real estate I help people buy the property of their dreamsI’m a personal trainer I make my clients more attractive to their ideal partnerI’m a nutritionist I help people who are sick & tired of feeling sick & tiredWhat can you say as opposed to I’m a recruitment consultant or I’m in recruitment”
  29. 29. Always Do… The Business Card: Ask, Look, Comment, Ask Permission to make a contact call. Note time when you are going to call Call when you say you will Sell the meeting is the next stage Now you SELL!!
  30. 30. Leaving… Be Respectful – Provide an exit Moving on Parking
  31. 31. Quick Summary on Networking • Accept invites to events. • Build a list of who you want to meet • Have an objective every time • Know what you are looking for. • Have something to say. • Help others. ...and you can look to charge higher prices. Now lets revisit our fears….
  32. 32. Revisit our FearsI have nothing to sayI don’t know the subject matterI don’t know how to go up to peopleI feel a but stupidI am not a natural conversationalistI am shyI get stuck with the loser every timeNo one talks to meI find it awkward/ false
  33. 33. Thank You @petercosgrove