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Brochure mullanpur urban estate 1

  1. 1. GMADA BringsGMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHECO CITY ECO CITY Phase-1 at New Chandigarh GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITY (Can also see details and apply online at Please note the important dates and events Scheme Opens - 21 Sept., 2011 Scheme Closes - 21 Oct., 2011 Draw of lots - 28 Nov., 2011 PUBLICATION OF RESULT OF DRAW (OR NOTICE FOR POSTPONEMENT) IN INDIAN EXPRESS (DELHI AND PUNJAB EDITIONS), PUNJAB KESRI (DELHI AND PUNJAB EDITIONS), ROZANA AJIT 2 Dec., 2011 AND WEBSITE *NO INDIVIDUAL INTIMATIONS WILL BE SENT. Submission of documents by those successful in the draw of lots and those appearing in waiting list 2 Jan., 2012 LOI to be dispatched by GMADA by 1 Feb., 2012 30% of the price of the plot (minus earnest money paid with application)to be deposited by 15 Mar., 2012Shopping Plazas Medicity International Cricket Stadium Security Schools Six Lane Road from IT Township Chandigarh to Siswan Contact any of the Designated Banks Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab Gramin Bank, Punjab National Bank, Punjab State Co-operative Bank, State Bank of India, State Bank of Patiala, Union Bank of India
  2. 2. DETAIL OF PLOTS (*SUBJECT TO CHANGE) Size (Sq.yd.) 100 200 300 400 500 Rate/Sq. Yrd. (Rs.) 15000 17000 18000 19000 19000 Size (Sq. Mt.) 83.6 167.2 250.8 334.5 418.1 Rate/Sq. Mt. (Rs.) 17940 20332 21528 22724 22724 Tentative Price 15 34 54 76 95 (Rs. Lac) Earnest Money 10% 1.5 3.4 5.4 7.6 9.5 (Rs. lac) % Number of Plots TotalCategory Category 100 200 200 100 120 120 740 Code A General 59 118 118 59 72 72 439 B Scheduled Caste 15 30 30 15 18 18 111 C Defence Personnel 4 8 8 4 5 5 30 Legal Heirs of Defence K personnel killed on 2 4 4 2 2 2 14 duty Oustees of Mullanpur O Urban Estate, Phase-I 5 10 10 5 6 6 37 (Tentative) 100% Disabled N 1 2 2 1 1 1 7 Soldiers of Punjab R Riot Terrorist Victims 5 10 10 5 6 6 37 D Disabled persons 3 6 6 3 4 4 23 F Freedom Fighters 2 4 4 2 2 2 14 S Sports persons 2 4 4 2 2 2 14 Gallantry Award G 2 4 4 2 2 2 14 Winners
  3. 3. ABOUT ECO CITY GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYWith practically no limitations or limits to its expansion and being virtuallyextension of Chandigarh, the state capital, Mohali has naturally come to be thehub of modern urban growth of Punjab. With clean air, canal water and amplesunshine Mohali region is endowed with all the natures gifts for a healthy living.It is not just chance that this region witnessed one of the earliest civilizations onearth 5000 years back and today has one of the most admired examples ofurban planning in the country with easy grid layout of roads, well plannedmarkets and open areas and has a Cricket Stadium that is known world over.With International School of Business, Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) at 35kms, Indian Institute of Science and Research, Biotech Park, National Institute ofBiotechnology, Quark, Dell, Semi Conductor Complex to name a few and theupcoming International Airport, Mohali region is only regaining the glory due to it.With a current population of 2,50,000 and a rapid pace of in-migration comprisingof professionals and those seeking good education for children and Punjabidiaspora cherishing a nest back home, Mohali is fast becoming the shining starof the region.Eco City is being developed by GMADA, North of Chandigarh in the GreaterMohali Region in New Chandigarh (Mullanpur). New Chandigarh is masterplanned as a spread out, low population density settlement for 400,000 personseventually, with only 100 persons inhabiting an acre. Set in the picturesquebackdrop of Shivalik Hills at 6kms from Madhya Marg Chandigarh, Eco Citypromises to be a spacious, calm abode promoting health, creativity andprosperity of its inhabitants.
  4. 4. INDEX GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYSr. No. Description Page No. 1. Eligibility to apply and reservation 1 2. Pricing and earnest money to be paid with the application 2 3. How to apply, draw dates, mode of intimation and waiting list 3 4. Self attested photocopies of documents to be submitted 4 to establish eligibility (GMADA may ask for the originals for verification) 5. Additional documents to be submitted in case of reserved 5 categories (self attested photocopies) 6. Letter of intent (LOI) - acceptance or refusal of allotment 6 7. Payment schedule (No individual notices shall be sent 7 for payment of installments) 8. Ownership and possession 8 9. Dispute resolution 8 10. Disclaimer 8 11. List of Banks 9 12. Application Form 13. Acknowledgement
  5. 5. TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF ALLOTMENT GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHELIGIBILITY TO APPLY AND RESERVATION ECO CITY1. The applicant must be a Resident of Punjab or Chandigarh as defined by Govt. or has been residing in Punjab for the last 5 years and must be at least 18 years old on the last date of submission of the application.2. Those who own or were allotted at any time by a government agency a residential plot fully on lease hold or free hold basis in any of the Urban Estates developed by GMADA, PUDA, Housefed or any other Government Agency or in Cooperative Societies to whom land was allotted by any of the government agencies in SAS Nagar (Mohali) Subdivision or Chandigarh or Panchkula in own / spouse / minor childrens name are not eligible to apply.3. Regular employees of Government of Punjab or its undertakings and Punjab & Haryana High Court are eligible. Adhoc, contractual, temporary or reemployed employees cannot apply under this category.4. NRIs / PIOs / OCIs from the State of Punjab and Chandigarh (Must check GOI and RBI rules on mode of payment etc). They will be considered under the General Category.5. The eligibility regarding reservation shall be determined as on the last date for the submission of applications under this scheme.6. The applicant must not have availed benefit of allotment of plot/ house/ flat under any reserved category in any scheme of any Government agency anywhere in the country.7. Where sufficient number of applications are not received against a reserved category, the excess plots shall be considered as unreserved and transferred to the General category at the time of draw of lots. In case of insufficient applicants in a sub category under the Disabled Category, plots will be distributed equally in other sub categories under the same Category. 1
  6. 6. PRICING AND EARNEST MONEY TO BE PAID GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHWITH THE APPLICATION ECO CITY1. Earnest Money only as Demand Draft in favour of Estate Officer, GMADA payable at Mohali.2. Earnest money shall be refunded on request with 2% deduction before the date of draw, with 10% deduction in case Letter of Intent (LOI) is surrendered within 30 days of issuance, shall be forfeited in case LOI surrendered after 30 days of issuance.3. Interest @ 5.5% per annum shall be paid for the period earnest money is retained by GMADA beyond 180 days after the last date for application, including to those who opt to be retained in the waiting list.4. 5% price rebate is admissible in case of allotments under the Disabled Persons category. Earnest money however shall be as per table above.5. All corner and park/play area facing plots will be charged 10% extra price. Plots with both the features will be charged 15% extra. (The amount shall be payable in case of Plan A i.e. Lumpsum plan within 30 days of publication of the result of draw of lots for allotment of plot numbers and shall be built into the balance installments in case of the Plan B. See PAYMENT SCHEDULE)6. Additional price on account of actual measurement being more than the indicated size, enhancement in compensation of acquired land and/or increase in the cost of development or otherwise due to delays beyond control of GMADA, will be charged extra on pro rata basis.7. PUDA Building Bye Laws as amended from time to time shall govern zoning and permissible covered area.8. Plots are allotted on as is where is basis and GMADA shall not be liable to compensate for any extra expenditure that the allottee may have to incur to level the site.2
  7. 7. HOW TO APPLY, DRAW DATES, GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHMODE OF INTIMATION AND WAITING LIST ECO CITY1. An applicant can apply only in one category and one size. Multiple applications will be all rejected. Husband and wife and children above 18 however can apply separately. Only one plot will be allotted between husband and wife. Children above 18 will be treated as independent individuals for the purpose of allotment.2. No documents are to be submitted with the application form.3. If the information/documents supplied are found to be false or fabricated such allotment shall be cancelled and entire earnest money forfeited along with institution of criminal proceedings against the applicant. Incomplete/ unsigned applications will be summarily rejected without conveying reasons.4. Public Draw of all applications will be held at PUDA Bhawan ,Sector 62, Mohali in case number of applications is more than the plots available and Result of draw will be published as mentioned on cover of the brochure. No individual intimations will be sent to those successful in the draw.5. Submission of Documents : Those successful in the draw will be required to submit documents (mentioned on pages 4, 5, 6) in the GMADA office in person or through postal means by the date mentioned on cover of the brochure. The only proof of submission shall be the receipt issued by Estate Office, GMADA which shall be updated on the website on daily basis. Applications for which supporting documents are not received in time will be rejected and next in the waiting list will be allotted the plot. No claims whatsoever shall be entertained later.6. Those opting to be in the waiting list must also submit their documents by the date as in Para 5 above. Waiting list in each category in order of priority, equal to 15% of the number of plots in that category or 5 plots which ever is more, valid only for 6 months from the date of draw shall be maintained. The date of operation of the waiting list will not be extended under any circumstance. At the end of 6 months from the date of draw, letters of Intent will be issued in the order of priority, in one go in case any plots become available on account of the applicants surrendering or not furnishing requisite documents. No piecemeal allotments shall be made. No requests to extend the period of operation of the waiting list shall be entertained. 3
  8. 8. SELF ATTESTED PHOTOCOPIES OF DOCUMENTS GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHTO BE SUBMITTED TO ESTABLISH ELIGIBILITY ECO CITY(GMADA MAY ASK FOR THE ORIGINALS FOR VERIFICATION)Residence certificate of Punjab or Chandigarh issued by CompetentAuthority (Tehsildar concerned)OR3 out of the following 10 documents to establish 5 year residence of Punjab orChandigarh as on last date of application:1. Birth certificate2. Voter I card3. Driving license4. Passport with address of Punjab5. Matriculation certificate6. UID card7. Proof of ownership of property in Punjab on the date of submission of application8. Electricity Bill9. Landline Telephone Bill10. Registration certificate of a vehicleORA certificate from Head of Department in case of regular employees ofGovernment of Punjab or its undertakings and employees of Punjab andHaryana High Court.ORValid passport & documentary evidence to prove own/fathers/grandfathers Birth in Punjab or Chandigarh or proof of ownership of immovableproperty in Punjab or Chandigarh on the date of application in case of NRIs/ PIOs / OCIs registered as per law.4
  9. 9. ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHIN CASE OF RESERVED CATEGORIES ECO CITY(SELF ATTESTED PHOTOCOPIES)Code Category Documents B Scheduled Caste- Scheduled Castes Caste Certificate of the applicant notified by the Government of Punjab issued by the competent authority, as prescribed by the Government of Punjab C Defence Personnel - Serving or a Certificate specifying the eligibility of retired personnel either from any of the the applicant under this category Defence forces or from any of the issued by the concerned Deputy paramilitary forces of the country. Director, Sainik Welfare Widows from either of the above forces are also eligible to apply under this category. K Legal heirs of those killed in action Certificate issued to the effect that the from Defence, Paramilitary forces or personnel on the basis of whose Punjab Police inheritance the application is being made was killed in action (war or law and order duty) issued by the competent authority +Certificate issued to the effect that the applicant is a legal heir of such person, issued by the concerned Tehsildar / SDM / DC O Oustees whose land is acquired for Oustee Certificate issued by the Land setting up the urban estate Acquisition Collector N Soldiers and Policemen 100% Certificate to the effect that the disabled on duty applicant is/was a personnel of the defence forces/paramilitary forces and was disabled while on duty, issued by the competent authority, as prescribed by the Government of Punjab. R Riot Victim or a Terrorist Victim Red Card issued by the concerned Deputy Commissioner/ Certificate of being a Terrorist affected person issued by Deputy Commissioner concerned. D Disabled Person as defined by the Disability Certificate issued by the persons with Disabilities (Equal competent authority i.e. Civil Surgeon Opportunities, Protection of Rights and of the concerned District or any other Full Participation) Act, 1995 authority as prescribed by the Government of Punjab F Freedom Fighters- Recipient of Relevant Govt. documents. Freedom Fighter reward pension by Government of Punjab or Tamar Patra awarded by Government of India. (Widow, Children and Grandchildren are not eligible) 5
  10. 10. GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITY S Sports Persons - Medal Winners in Certificate to the effect that the Olympic Games(Gold,Silver, Bronze), applicant was a recipient of either of Asian Games (Gold/Silver/Bronze) the medals in either of the three /Commonwealth Games Games issued by the competent (Gold/Silver/Bronze)/Mountaineers who authority OR a Certificate to the effect scale mount everest in that order of that the applicant has scaled Mount preference. Only the Games organized Everest issued by the Indian by the International Olympic Mountaineers Federation duly Committee/ Olympic Council of Asia/ countersigned by the Ministry of Commonwealth Games Federation Sports and Youth Affairs, Government held every four years shall be of India, as the case may be recognized and shall not include any other championships. G Gallantry Award Winners from the Citation or a certificate to the effect defence forces / paramilitary forces that the applicant has been accorded subject to the following order of a Gallantry Award issued by the preference : competent authority. (a) Param Vir Chakra (b) Maha Vir Chakra (c) Vir Chakra (In case of any posthumous award, (d) Ashoka Chakra the widow shall be considered as the (e) Kirti Chakra next of kin eligible under this category (f) Shaurya Chakra and in case such awardee was (g) Presidents Police Medal unmarried, the mother or father shall (h) Police Medal be eligible in that order) (i) Sena Medal / Nau Sena Medal / Vayu Sena MedalLETTER OF INTENT (LOI) - ACCEPTANCE OR REFUSAL OF ALLOTMENT1. The letter of intent to the successful applicants shall be dispatched through speed post and posted on the website as per schedule given on the cover of brochure.2. Irrespective of the postal delays, it shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant to obtain a copy of LOI from the Estate Officer GMADA in time if he does not receive it.3. The Letter of Intent shall be transferable by way of sale, gift or otherwise with the prior permission of Estate Officer, GMADA, SAS Nagar after payment of 30% of the price of the plot and in addition a transfer fee @ 2% of the price of the plot.6
  11. 11. PAYMENT SCHEDULE (No individual notices shall be GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHsent for payment of installments) ECO CITY1. 30% of the tentative price (minus the earnest money paid) shall be payable as per schedule given on the cover, failing which the amount paid shall be refunded with 10% deduction and allotment cancelled. Delays up to 30 days may be condoned with 2% penalty, up to 60 days with 3% penalty and up to 90 days with 5% penalty on prior written request. Balance 70% of the tentative price would be payable as per either of the payment plans.Plan A Allottee can opt to pay the balance 65% of the tentative price within 60 days of the issue of LOI with a rebate of 5% on the balance amount payable.Plan B Balance 65% of the tentative price can be paid @ 12% interest in 6 half yearly installments from the date of the issue of LOI. *Balance 5% amount shall be payable within 30 days of the issue of allotment letter.2. Delays in payment of installments shall render the plot liable to resumption. However, on request establishing genuine grounds, delays up to 24 months may be condoned by the Estate Officer, by charging 18% interest for the period of delay. Delays beyond 24 months shall not be condoned under any circumstance and shall result in resumption of the plot and refund of the amounts paid after forfeiture of 10% of the amount.3. In case of fully paid plots, the enhancement of price due to reasons mentioned, shall be paid within 60 days without payment of any interest of such demand or in 3 equal six monthly installments along with an interest @12% per annum. In other cases the enhancement shall be built into the installments. In case of reduction in area, the excess amount shall be refunded/ adjusted, as the case may be, on pro-rata basis. 7
  12. 12. OWNERSHIP AND POSSESSION GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH1. Allotments shall be on free hold basis. ECO CITY2. Possession of plot shall be handed over to the allottee after completion of development works at site in a period of 30 months from the date of issuance of Letter of Intent. In case for any reason, the Authority is unable to deliver the possession of plots within stipulated period, allottee shall have the right to withdraw from the scheme by moving an application to the Estate Officer, in which case, the Authority shall refund the entire amount deposited by the applicant along with 8% interest compounded annually. Apart from this, there shall be no other liability of the Authority.3. The ownership of land shall continue to vest with Greater Mohali Area Development Authority until full payment is made of outstanding dues in respect of said plot.4. The allottee shall be required to execute a Deed of Conveyance in prescribed format and manner within 90 days of payment of entire money. The expenses of registration and execution of Conveyance Deed shall be borne by the allottee.DISPUTE RESOLUTION Subject to the provisions of the Act all the disputesand/or differences which may arise in any manner touching or concerning thisallotment shall be referred to the Sole Arbitrator, Chief Administrator, GreaterMohali Area Development Authority (GMADA) or any personappointed/nominated by him in this behalf. The award of such Arbitrator shall befinal and binding on the parties. Arbitration shall be governed by the Arbitrationand Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time.DISCLAIMER : In case for whatever reason this scheme fails, GMADAs liabilityshall be limited to refunding the money deposited with it @ 8% interestcompounded annually. CHIEF ADMINISTRATOR, GMADA, SAS NAGAR8
  13. 13. LIST OF DESIGNATED BANKS FOR SALE & RECEIPT GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARHOF APPLICATION FORMS FOR ALLOTMENT OF ECO CITYRESIDENTIAL PLOTS AT ECO CITY, MULLANPURANDHRA PRADESHAndhra Pradesh Hyderabad SBI Main Branch HyderabadBIHARBihar Patna SBI PBB West, Gandhi Maidan, PatnaCHANDIGARHChandigarh Chandigarh Axis Bank Ground Floor and Basement, SCO 168 & 169, Sector 38, C&D, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Axis Bank Jeevan Prakash Building,Sector 17,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Axis Bank S/C/O/ 41-42,Madhya Marg, Sector 8-C,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Axis Bank Sco 343-344,,Sector 35-B,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Axis Bank SCO No.1, Sector 16 D, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Axis Bank S co N o / 9 1 6 , Po c ket N o / 6 , C h a n d i ga r h - S h i m l a Road,ManimajraChandigarh Chandigarh Bank of Baroda Sec-17 B , ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Bank of Baroda Sec-22 B , ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Punjab State Cooperative Bank Civil Sectt. Punjab, Sector:- 1, Chandigarh.Chandigarh Chandigarh Punjab State Cooperative Bank SCF:3, Sec:27D, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Punjab State Cooperative Bank SCO:175-187,Sector 34A ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Punjab State Cooperative Bank SCO:51-52, Sec:17,Bank Square, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Punjab State Cooperative Bank SCO:79, Sec 38C ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO 218-219 SECTOR 34 A ,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO 23, Sector 19C , ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO 485-486 Sector 35C ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO 9-10-11, SECTOR 9-D. ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO 99-100,Ground Floor, Sector 17 B, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO-36, POCKET-1, MANIMAJRA, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh ICICI Bank SCO-82- SECTOR 46C- ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 335-336, Sector 35B, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Oriental Bank of Commerce SCO No. 44, Sector 21C, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Oriental Bank of Commerce SCO No. 44, Sector 21C, Chandigarh.Chandigarh Chandigarh SBI All BranchesChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP HIGH COURT, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP MANIMAJRA,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SCO 125-126 SECTOR 17-C ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SCO 99-102 SECTOR 8-C,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SECTOR - 10 D, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SECTOR 16,GMS HOSPITAL,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SECTOR 22DChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SECTOR 35-C ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh SBOP SECTOR 7-C,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh HDFC Bank SCO 371-72 Sector 35-B,ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh HDFC Bank SCO 77-78 Sector 8-C, ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh PNB Sector 17 ChandigarhChandigarh Chandigarh Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 153 -154 -155, Sector 9-C, Madhya Marg, ChandigarhChandigarh Mani Majra Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 826, Ground Floor & Basement, NAC Mani MajraHARYANAHaryana Amabala SBI Ambala Cantt.Haryana Ambala Axis Bank Khanna Motors Building, Manav Vihar, Hissar Road, Ambala CityHaryana Ambala Union Bank of India. Sanjay Gandhi Marg, Ambala.Haryana Ambala Kotak Mahindra Bank Ground Floor, Plot No. 5359, Nicholson Road, Ambala Cantt. AmbalaHaryana Faridabad SBI Main Branch FaridabadHaryana Gurgaon Axis Bank Sco 50 & 51, Old Judicial Complex,Civil Lines, Sector 15, Gurgaon 9
  14. 14. GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYHaryana Gurgaon Oriental Bank of Commerce 37/2/1, Opp. H Block, Palam Vihar, GurgaonHaryana Hissar SBI Main Branch HissarHaryana Hissar Union Bank of India. URBAN ESTATE -1,HisarHaryana Kaithal SBI Main Branch KaithalHaryana Karnal Axis Bank 3/250, 1-Shakti Colony,Mall Road, KarnalHaryana Karnal Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 246, Sector 12, KarnalHaryana Karnal SBI Main Branch KarnalHaryana Panchkula Axis Bank Sco 10, Sector 10,PanchkulaHaryana Panchkula ICICI Bank Showroom no 6 sector 11 panchkulaHaryana Panchkula Oriental Bank of Commerce Sector 11, PanchkulaHaryana Panchkula SBI Sector-10 PanchkulaHaryana Panchkula SBOP SECTOR 8,PANCHKULAHaryana Panchkula HDFC Bank SCO 409 Sector 8, PanchkulaHaryana Panchkula Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 331, Sector 9, Panchkula, HaryanaHaryana Panipat Axis Bank Gaylord Hotel Building,G/T/ Road, Panipat.Haryana Panipat Kotak Mahindra Bank Premises No. 1181, Royal - II, G.T. Road, Near Gurudwara, PanipatHaryana Panipat SBI Main Branch PanipatHaryana Rohtak Kotak Mahindra Bank Ground Flor, Premises Nos. 406-408/28, Roopalya Complex, Model Town, New Delhi Road, RohtakHaryana Rohtak Oriental Bank of Commerce GCW, Civil Road, RohtakHaryana Sirsa SBI Main Branch SirsaHaryana Sonepat SBI Main Branch SonepatHaryana Yamunanagar Axis Bank Model Town,Mela Singh Chowk, Sardar Mela Singh Ke Kothi, ,YamunanagarHIMACHAL PRADESHHimachal Pradesh Dharamshala SBI Main Branch DharamshalaHimachal Pradesh Simla HDFC Bank Janki Dass building The Mall ShimlaHimachal Pradesh Simla SBI Main Branch SimlaHimachal Pradesh Simla SBOP Mall road, SimlaHimachal Pradesh Solan SBI Main Branch SolanJAMMU & KASHMIRJammu & Kashmir Jammu Kotak Mahindra Bank Ground Floor, Hotel Jhelum Resort, Rail Head Complex, Bahu Plaza, JammuKARNATAKAKarnataka Bangalore SBI Main Branch BangaloreMAHARASTRAMaharastra Mumbai SBI Dadar (West) MumbaiNEW DELHINew Delhi New Delhi Axis Bank A-11, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Axis Bank C3/21, Janakpuri, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Axis Bank Ground Floor And Basement, G 12A, Vikaspuri, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Axis Bank Kirpal Plaza, 4 A/1, ,Tilak Nagar, Nazafgarh Road, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Kotak Mahindra Bank A-3/12, Janakpuri, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Kotak Mahindra Bank A-3/14, Paschim Vihar, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Kotak Mahindra Bank G-9, Vikas Puri, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Kotak Mahindra Bank J-13/65, Rajouri Garden, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi Oriental Bank of Commerce 4, N Block, Market GK Part I, New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi PNB Connaught Place L Block , New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi SBI Parliament Street,New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi SBI Dilshad Garden New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi SBI Lajpat Nagar New DelhiNew Delhi New Delhi SBOP SAFDARJUNG ENCLAVE,New DelhiPUNJABPunjab Abohar Axis Bank Adjoining Street No . 11 Circular Road AboharPunjab Abohar SBI Main Branch AboharPunjab Amloh Kotak Mahindra Bank 24/52, Byepass Road, Amloh, Distt. Fatehgarh SahibPunjab Amritsar Axis Bank 29, Kennedy Avenue, Court Road, Amritsar.10
  15. 15. GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYPunjab Amritsar Bank of Baroda Town Hall, AmritsarPunjab Amritsar HDFC Bank 1st Floor , 26- Kennedy Avenue Court Road, AmritsarPunjab Amritsar ICICI Bank 361, M.C International The Mall, AmritsarPunjab Amritsar Kotak Mahindra Bank Eminent Mall, 10, Kennedy Avenue, Mall Road, AmritsarPunjab Amritsar Oriental Bank of Commerce Plot No. 10, Distt. Shop Complex, Ranjit Avenue, AmritsarPunjab Amritsar PNB Hall Bazar AmritsarPunjab Amritsar Punjab Gramin Bank Akash Avenue,AmritsarPunjab Amritsar Punjab Gramin Bank Dina NagarPunjab Amritsar Punjab Gramin Bank Shivala Colony,AmritsarPunjab Amritsar Punjab Gramin Bank Zila Parishad,AmritsarPunjab Amritsar SBI Town Hall AmritsarPunjab Amritsar SBOP East Mohan Nagar,AmritsarPunjab Amritsar Union Bank of India. Chownk Fowara,AmritsarPunjab Barnala Axis Bank “Meghraj & Son’S Building”,College Road, BarnalaPunjab Barnala HDFC Bank Pacca College Road, BarnalaPunjab Barnala SBI Main Branch BarnalaPunjab Batala HDFC Bank SCF 173-174 Jalandhar Road BatalaPunjab Batala Punjab Gramin Bank Aliwal Road,BatalaPunjab Batala Punjab Gramin Bank Umarpura,BatalaPunjab Beas Punjab Gramin Bank BeasPunjab Beas Punjab Gramin Bank BehrampurPunjab Bhathinda Oriental Bank of Commerce F - 77, Civil Lines, BhathindaPunjab Bhathinda SBI Main Branch BhathindaPunjab Bhatinda Axis Bank The Mall,BhatindaPunjab Bhatinda HDFC Bank 3027-B, Guru Kashi Marg Near Bus Stand BhatindaPunjab Bhatinda ICICI Bank 2928E/34, Bibiwla Road, Opp Clock Tower, Bhatinda.Punjab Bhatinda PNB Bank Street BhatindaPunjab Bhatinda SBOP M.S.C.BhatindaPunjab Bhatinda Union Bank of India. The Mall, BhatindaPunjab Dera Bassi Axis Bank Sadashiv Complex,Chandigarh – Ambala Road ,DerabassiPunjab Faridkot Axis Bank B-1/359, Faridkot Road,KotkapuraPunjab Faridkot Axis Bank B-VI/65, Circular Road,FaridkotPunjab Faridkot HDFC Bank Circular Road Adj. Duke Hotel, Near Bus Stand, FaridkotPunjab Faridkot SBI Main Branch FaridkotPunjab Fazilka HDFC Bank Gaushala Road FazilkaPunjab Fazilka SBI Main Branch FazilkaPunjab Ferozepur Axis Bank Circular Road, Abohar 152 116,FerozepurPunjab Ferozepur Axis Bank Harji Niwas,1-The Mall,Ferozepur CityPunjab Ferozepur HDFC Bank The Mall Road FerozpurPunjab Ferozepur Punjab Gramin Bank DharampuraPunjab Ferozepur Punjab Gramin Bank Jandwala Mira SanglaPunjab Ferozepur Punjab Gramin Bank Ferozepur CityPunjab Ferozepur Punjab Gramin Bank Tahliwala BodlaPunjab Ferozpur SBI Ferozpur CanttPunjab Garhshankar Punjab Gramin Bank GarhshankarPunjab Gurdaspur Axis Bank Tibri Road,GurdaspurPunjab Gurdaspur HDFC Bank Improvement Trust Market, Hanuman Chowk GurdaspurPunjab Gurdaspur Kotak Mahindra Bank House No. 198, Ward No. 6, Gian Singh Transporter, Tibri Road, GurdaspurPunjab Gurdaspur Punjab Gramin Bank GurdaspurPunjab Gurdaspur SBI Main Branch GurdaspurPunjab Guru har Sahai Punjab Gramin Bank Guru Har SahaiPunjab Hoshiarpur Axis Bank Main Court Road,Hoshiarpur.Punjab Hoshiarpur HDFC Bank Opposite Maharaja Palace Chandigarh Road, HoshiarpurPunjab Hoshiarpur Punjab Gramin Bank AdampurPunjab Hoshiarpur Punjab Gramin Bank HoshiarpurPunjab Hoshiarpur Punjab Gramin Bank KartarpurPunjab Hoshiarpur Punjab Gramin Bank Nangal Sirsa 11
  16. 16. GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYPunjab Hoshiarpur Punjab Gramin Bank SahauranPunjab Hoshiarpur Punjab Gramin Bank TandaPunjab Hoshiarpur SBI Main Branch HoshiarpurPunjab Hoshiarpur SBOP PIPALAN WALA, (Hoshiarpur)Punjab Jalalabad Punjab Gramin Bank JalalabadPunjab Jalandhar Axis Bank SCO 30-31, Guru Ram Dass Divine Tower , Opp Mini Secretariate, Ladowali Road , JalandharPunjab Jalandhar Bank of Baroda GT Road, JallandharPunjab Jalandhar HDFC Bank 1st Floor Shop No 911,Adjoining Narendra Cinema Jalandhar.Punjab Jalandhar ICICI Bank Opp Kings Hotel 22 23 G T Road JallandharPunjab Jalandhar Kotak Mahindra Bank Upper Ground Floor, MIDAS Corporate Park, G.T. Road, JalandharPunjab Jalandhar Oriental Bank of Commerce SCO No. 44, Ladowali Road, JalandharPunjab Jalandhar PNB Civil Lines, JalandharPunjab Jalandhar Punjab Gramin Bank JalandharPunjab Jalandhar SBI Main Branch JalandharPunjab Jalandhar SBI PBB JalandharPunjab Jalandhar SBOP Ambedkar Colony, JalandharPunjab Jalandhar Union Bank of India. 12,Param Market,JalandharPunjab Kapurthala Axis Bank Mall Road, Kapurthala.Punjab Kapurthala HDFC Bank MGM Public School Mall Road, KapurthalaPunjab Kapurthala Kotak Mahindra Bank Ground Floor, Simmi Plaza, Plot No. 51, Mall Road, KapurthalaPunjab Kapurthala Punjab Gramin Bank KapurthalaPunjab Kapurthala Punjab Gramin Bank LakhpurPunjab Kapurthala Punjab Gramin Bank MDonaPunjab Kapurthala SBI Main Branch KapurthalaPunjab Kapurthala SBOP KapurthalaPunjab Khanna HDFC Bank 2nd Floor Rani Eye Hospital Building G T Road KhannaPunjab Kharar HDFC Bank Kurali Chandigarh Road, Kharar.Punjab Kharar ICICI Bank Sco-8-9,Basan Wali Chungi, Chandigarh Kharar Highway, KhararPunjab Kharar SBOP KhararPunjab Kotkapura HDFC Bank B X/740 Faridkot Road KotkapuraPunjab landran Axis Bank Landran-Kharar Road , Village Landran, MohaliPunjab Ludhiana Axis Bank Lower Ground Floor, The Boulevard, Plot No.105, Mall Road,Ludhiana.Punjab Ludhiana HDFC Bank SCO 54, Phase -2 Urban Estate , Dugari Ludhiana.Punjab Ludhiana ICICI Bank G.T.ROAD, MILLER GANJ, BEHIND FIRE STATION, LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana ICICI Bank SCO 146 / 147, Feroze Gandhi Market, LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana Kotak Mahindra Bank Floor 1/150 A, Ferozepur Road, Mullanpur Dakha, Distt. LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 120, Ground Floor, Feroze Gandhi Market, LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana Oriental Bank of Commerce 3E, Near DMCH, Tagore Nagar, LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana PNB Near Manju Cinema LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana SBI Gurdev Nagar LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana SBI Main Branch LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana SBOP MILLER GANG,LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana Union Bank of India. Civil Lines, LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana Union Bank of India. Dugri Road, LudhianaPunjab Ludhiana Union Bank of India. SSI Branch LudhianaPunjab Mandi Gobindgarh Axis Bank Near G/P/S/ College & School, G/T/ Road, GobindgarhPunjab Mandi Gobindgarh HDFC Bank Main Post Office Road, Mandi Gobindgarh Fatehgarh SahibPunjab Mansa Axis Bank Water Works Road, Mansa.Punjab Mansa HDFC Bank Kothi vaid Sham Singh, Water Works Road, MansaPunjab Mansa SBI Main Branch MansaPunjab Moga Axis Bank S/C/F/ No/ 26 And 27,G/T/ Road,Moga12
  17. 17. GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYPunjab Moga HDFC Bank Aggarwal Barat Ghar Chamber Road MogaPunjab moga Punjab Gramin Bank MogaPunjab Moga SBI Main Branch MogaPunjab Mohali Axis Bank SCF 113 & Scf 114,Phase-Vii, Sector 61, Mohali.Punjab Mohali Bank of Baroda Desu MazraPunjab Mohali Bank of Baroda Phase-5, MohaliPunjab Mohali Bank of Baroda Phase-9 Mkt, MohaliPunjab Mohali HDFC Bank SCF 69, Phase 3B2 MohaliPunjab Mohali ICICI Bank SCF 21 22 Phase VII SAS Nagar MohaliPunjab Mohali ICICI Bank SCO 15-16-17- SAS Nagar- MohaliPunjab Mohali PNB Mullanpur Garibdass, MohaliPunjab Mohali Punjab Gramin Bank MohaliPunjab Mohali Punjab Gramin Bank BakarpurPunjab Mohali Punjab Gramin Bank JhanjeriPunjab Mohali Punjab Gramin Bank KhararPunjab Mohali Punjab Gramin Bank TeorPunjab Mohali SBI All BranchesPunjab Mohali SBOP PHASE 10 MohaliPunjab Mohali SBOP PHASE 7 MohaliPunjab Mohali SBOP SECTOR 70, MohaliPunjab Mohali HDFC Bank SCF 20-21 Phase 10, MohaliPunjab Mohali Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.F. 108, Phase 3-B-2, MohaliPunjab Mohali PNB SCO 26-27 Phase 7 MohaliPunjab Morinda Punjab Gramin Bank MorindaPunjab Muktsar Axis Bank Ground Floor, Shop Cum Flat No. 2, 3 & 4,New Grain Market, Muktsar.Punjab Muktsar HDFC Bank HDFC BANK LIMITED Kotkapura Road MuktsarPunjab Muktsar SBI Main Branch MuktsarPunjab Nabha HDFC Bank SCF-14,15 Patiala Gate Nabha.Punjab Nakodar Kotak Mahindra Bank Ground Floor, Amrik Chambers, Nurmahal Road, NakodarPunjab Nakodar Punjab Gramin Bank NakodarPunjab Nangal HDFC Bank Near Shivalik Road Ajoli Mour, Naya NangalPunjab Nawanshahar HDFC Bank HDFC Bank Ltd. B/148, Banga Road NawanshahrPunjab Nawanshahar SBOP NAWAN SHAHARPunjab Nawanshahr Axis Bank Mohalla Hira Jattan, Banga Road,NawanshahrPunjab Nawanshahr SBI Main Branch NawanshahrPunjab Nawanshehar Punjab Gramin Bank NawansheharPunjab Nawashahar ICICI Bank Near Rai Filling Station Opposite Bus Stand Banga, NawashaharPunjab Pathankot Axis Bank Patel Chowk Siali Road, Pathankot, Dist. Gurdaspur.Punjab Pathankot Bank of Baroda PathankotPunjab Pathankot HDFC Bank SCF -5, Block A Imrovement Trust Complex Patel Chowk PathankotPunjab Pathankot ICICI Bank SCO 5 & 6, BLOCK B, IMPROVEMENT TRUST COMPLEX, PATEL CHOWK,pathankot.Punjab Pathankot Punjab Gramin Bank Pathankot (KC)Punjab Pathankot Punjab Gramin Bank Pathankot (PC)Punjab Pathankot SBI Main Branch PathankotPunjab Patiala Axis Bank 1-2, Caliber Market ,Rajpura.Punjab Patiala Axis Bank 4464/5, Rajwara Road, Opposite Head Post Office, The Mall Road, PatialaPunjab Patiala Bank of Baroda Chhoti Baradari, PatilalaPunjab Patiala HDFC Bank IST FLOOR LEELA BHAWAN MARKET NEAR GOPAL SWEETS PatialaPunjab Patiala ICICI Bank SCO 134, CHHOTI BARADARI, GROUND FLOOR,PatialaPunjab Patiala Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 116-119, New Leela Bhawan, PatialaPunjab Patiala Oriental Bank of Commerce 170/2, Chowk Purani Kotwali, PatialaPunjab Patiala PNB Inside Seranwala Gate,Patiala 13
  18. 18. GMADA-NEW CHANDIGARH ECO CITYPunjab Patiala SBI Main Branch PatialaPunjab Patiala SBOP MALL ROAD,PatialaPunjab Patiala Union Bank of India. The Mall, PatialaPunjab Patti Punjab Gramin Bank PattiPunjab Phaghwara ICICI Bank GT ROAD OPPOSIT BUS STAND, PhagwaraPunjab Phagwara Bank of Baroda GT Road, PhagwaraPunjab Phagwara HDFC Bank Kalra Complex Opp. Hanumangarhi Mandir GT Road PhagwaraPunjab Phagwara Kotak Mahindra Bank UGF, Milap Towers, Opp. Ohri Towers, G.T. Road, PhagwaraPunjab Phagwara Punjab Gramin Bank Phagwara (Banga Road)Punjab Phagwara Punjab Gramin Bank Phagwara (Satnampura)Punjab Phillaur Kotak Mahindra Bank Banga Road, PhillaurPunjab Rajpura HDFC Bank 1st Floor # 11-12 B Calibre Market, RajpuraPunjab Rajpura Kotak Mahindra Bank Ground Floor, G S Tower, D-9/ D-10, Caliber Market, Patiala Road, RajpuraPunjab Rayya Punjab Gramin Bank Rayya,AmritsarPunjab Ropar Axis Bank Dashmesh Nagar,,Near Bela Chowk,,RoparPunjab Ropar HDFC Bank Raj Hotel Complex College Road RoparPunjab Ropar Punjab Gramin Bank RoparPunjab Ropar SBI Main Branch RoparPunjab Ropar SBOP Ropar.Punjab Sangrur Axis Bank Scf No/ 19 (Ground Floor), Kaula Park Market ,SangrurPunjab Sangrur HDFC Bank HDFC Bank Ltd. SCO 1-2-3 Kaula Park SangrurPunjab Sangrur Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.F. 9/10, Kaula Park, SangrurPunjab Sangrur PNB Patiala Gate SangrurPunjab Sangrur SBI Main Branch SangrurPunjab Sirhind HDFC Bank #44/25 Bassi Road SirhindPunjab Sirhind SBI SirhindPunjab Sultanpur Lodhi Punjab Gramin Bank Nangal LubanaPunjab Sultanpur Lodhi Punjab Gramin Bank Sultanpur LodhiPunjab Tarn taran HDFC Bank G.T Road Opp OBC Bank Tarn Taran.Punjab Tarn Taran Punjab Gramin Bank Tarn TaranPunjab Tarn Taran SBI Main Branch Tarn TaranPunjab Verka Punjab Gramin Bank VerkaPunjab Zirakpur ICICI Bank AMBALA – Chandigarh HIGHWAY,ZirakpurPunjab Zirakpur Kotak Mahindra Bank S.C.O. 24, Kalghidhar Enclave, Zirakpur - Kalka Road, Baltana, ZirakpurPunjab Zirakpur Punjab Gramin Bank ZiraUTTAR PRADESHUttar Pradesh Kanpur SBI Main Branch KanpurUttar Pradesh Lucknow SBI Main Branch LucknowWEST BENGALWest Bengal Kolkatta SBI Park Street Kolkatta14
  20. 20. Price - Rs. 500.00 Master Plan of Eco City (New Chandigarh) SITE FOR ECO CITY New Chandigarh BHARAUJIANGREATER MOHALI AREA DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY PUDA Bhawan, Sector 62, S.A.S. Nagar, Mohali EPABX: +91-172-2215308, 310, 311, 2215202, 204, 206 or 94787-98167