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The Importance of Data Centers


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Data centers are an ever growing part of the business world. With this new growth means more opportunities in relation to your solutions.

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The Importance of Data Centers

  1. 1. Data Centers Why Companies Are Using Them All Over The World
  2. 2. What Are Data Centers? ?
  3. 3. Data centers are closets, rooms, or sometimes even entire floors of storage for a company’s processing, distribution of large amounts of data, and server information
  4. 4. What’s their purpose?
  5. 5. A data center is usually responsible for the entire online infrastructure of a company… bad data center = bad infrastructure
  6. 6. Why Does This Concern Me?
  7. 7. Most if not all companies need or want a facility to store their information and run their on and offline servers and networks
  8. 8. How Important Could These Companies Really Be?
  9. 9. Well…
  10. 10. Google is the front runner in the realm of businesses using data centers
  11. 11. Google has an entire building under lock and key dedicated to their advanced data storage techniques
  12. 12. Why Does Google Need Them? Google’s entire premise requires the use of a monster data center For extreme amounts of online traffic to work, a data center is key for Google
  13. 13. So it’s Just Google?
  14. 14. Not at all. Google is just the pioneer in data centers Every business has a data center no matter how big or small
  15. 15. So Take Advantage of This Knowledge Knowing that companies need these data centers… LEARN what type of data center they need
  16. 16. Your solutions may just be the key to constructing their perfect data center
  17. 17. Want More? For more information on data centers and deep dive information into the Fortune 1000 visit us at