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NetflixOSS meetup lightning talks and roadmap

NetflixOSS meetup lightning talks and roadmap






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    NetflixOSS meetup lightning talks and roadmap NetflixOSS meetup lightning talks and roadmap Presentation Transcript

    • Lightning talks Season 1, Episode 2 March 13, 2013
    • Overview● Lightning talks: 7:00 - 7:20● NeflixOSS Roadmap: 7:20 - 7:30● Announcement: 7:30 - 7:45● Demo Stations and Q+A: 8:00 - 9:30
    • Karyon https://github.com/Netflix/karyon● The nucleus of a Composable Web Service.● Container Agnostic with extensions for frameworks/containers.
    • Karyon https://github.com/Netflix/karyon● Bootstrapping ○ Dependency & Lifecycle management via Governator. ○ Service registry as Eureka. ○ Property management via Archaius.
    • Karyon https://github.com/Netflix/karyon● Administration (Auto-Discovered Embedded console) ○ Environment ○ Eureka ○ JMX
    • Karyon https://github.com/Netflix/karyonRuntime (Coming Soon)● SLA● Throttling● Request tracing and more ....
    • Karyon https://github.com/Netflix/karyon● Sample Service using Karyon available as "Hello-netflix-oss" on github● Recipes ...
    • Netflix OSS Recipe: RSS ReaderFirst sampleapplication that Karyon Turbine Ribbondemonstrates how Servoto build scalableedge and middle Hystrix Archaius Eurekatier applicationusing the NetflixOSS components.Accelerate yourlearning curve !
    • Netflix OSS Recipe: RSS ReaderFirst sampleapplication thatdemonstrates howto build scalableedge and middletier applicationusing the NetflixOSS components.Accelerate yourlearning curve ! https://github.com/Netflix/recipes-rss
    • Netflix OSS Recipe: RSS Reader
    • ● Ephemeral Volatile Cache ○ Based on memcached/spymemcached● Highly Scalable ○ Over 2 MM RPS at peak within Netflix ○ Over 100 K RPS / instance● Fast ○ Average latency ~ 1 ms● Elastic ○ Dynamically add/remove clusters, zones and/or instances● Heavily Used @Netflix ○ Fronts services & stores (Cassandra, S3, SimpleDB, RDS)
    • ● AWS Zone Aware ○ Clusters by zone ○ Replication by zones ○ Eliminate cross zone traffic● Connection Pool ○ Separate pools for Read and Write Operations● Zone fall through● Resilient to zone outage● Upcoming OSS ○ EVCache Server, Admin and Monitoring https://github.com/Netflix/EVCache
    • Denominator● Portable Control of DNS clouds ○ DynECT, Route53, UltraDNS and mock providers● Java Api and CLI ○ idempotent commands against record sets● GSLB Functionality in progress ○ Load Balanced and Directional (GEO) record sets github.com/Netflix/denominator
    • Aminator
    • Aminator● What ● Evolved from Bakery● Why● How ● AMI creation tool● When ○ CLI● Who ○ EBS AMIs ○ Redhat/Debian OSs ○ Python 2.6 & 2.7 ○ boto
    • Aminator● What ● Experiment with other● Why distros at scale, like● How Ubuntu● When● Who ● Remove embedded customizations ● You asked for it!
    • Aminator● What ● Customize existing AMI● Why ○ Create volume from base AMI● How snapshot ○ Attach volume● When ○ provision package● Who ○ snapshot volume ○ register snapshot
    • Aminator● What ● Coming soon, really.● Why● How● When● Who github.com/Netflix/aminator
    • Aminator● What ● Brian Moyles● Why ○ @bmoyles● How● When ● Karate Vick● Who ○ @kvick ● Michael Tripoli ○ @mtripoli
    • NetflixGraph● Compact in-memory data structure used to represent generic data sets.● Reduce the size of your applications memory footprint ○ Potentially by an order of magnitude● Remove I/O bottlenecks by holding data in RAM● Simple, easy to use API● Built-in serialization helps to transmit your data sets across your infrastructure
    • NetflixGraph - Memory Reduction● Drastically reduce the size of your data sets in memory ○ Eliminate Access Latency - Pull more into RAM ○ Reduce Cost - Use Less Hardware ○ Stabilize your application
    • NetflixGraph - Memory/CPU tradeoff● Easily select and test your memory-CPU tradeoff for different parts of your data sets.● Choose between tighter memory or faster access times on a per-type basis. ○ Mix and match, or just use the defaults!
    • NetflixGraph - Memory/CPU tradeoff● Tighter memory requirements? Use compact sets. ○ Variable-byte integers encode connections between nodes Wikipedia: Variable-Length Quantity
    • NetflixGraph - Memory/CPU tradeoff● Faster access times required? Use hashed sets! ○ Still RAM-efficient, provides O(1) access for contains() operations.
    • NetflixGraph - Built-in Serialization● Transmit data sets across your infrastructure● Build the data set on one server, then distribute. http://netflix.github.com/netflix-graph
    • Netflix OSS Continuous Integration● Make current state of code visible to all● Build & test on public Jenkins, hosted by our friends at CloudBees● Each push or merge to master is built and status shown on the GitHub project page
    • Netflix OSS Continuous Integration
    • Netflix OSS Continuous Integration● Build & test all pull requests● Isolated environment to protect against malicious code● Jenkins adds a comment to the pull request
    • Netflix OSS Continuous Integration● One-click creation of build jobs for new projects https://netflixoss.ci.cloudbees.com http://bit.ly/jobdsl